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Plumber's Visit


I knew I was screwed when the toilet overflow the third time that night. I had to call a plumber. I hated to do it since I was in between jobs but I had to have functioning toilets. After searching the phone books I called a local guy to fix my problem. At that moment I envisioned my money going the way my life was, down the toilet.

Until recently, I had always considered myself lucky. Having only average looks, standing 5'11 and a 6" cock I had somehow landed quit a beautiful wife. But when you think you're lucky sometimes you push your luck. I know I did. I kept having fantasies about men and their cocks. I had never had any gay experiences. My wife caught me with gay pictures on our home computer. She was just couldn't accept my explanation and she left me. I gave her almost everything and if our house hadn't been such a dump she would have taken that too.

When she left me I did a lot of soul searching and finally arrived at the conclusion that I was at the minimum bisexual. Alone, I was free to explore my fantasies. I found the rugged macho type exciting. Being shy and unsure, I instinctively knew that I would be submissive. I bought gay videos and magazines. I even tried to fuck myself with a 7" dildo that I purchased. My wife had destroyed my confidence. But I slowly worked up the nerve to experiment with another guy. I was almost ready to try sucking cock when the economy went in the tank and my company laid me off.

Then there's my latest bit of bad luck the plumbing.

I almost broke down while plunging my overflowing toilet. I call the plumber. Bill a 50-year-old plumber showed up at my door with his young 20-year-old helper John. They were both big guys. I guess the hard manual labor either requires or make a person that way. I think Bill was eastern European from his complexion and accent. John was a black guy from the states as far as I could tell.

Bill was pushy in person. If I didn't need help so bad I would have asked him to leave and called someone else.

They examined my sinks and toilets. I led John to the kitchen. Bill went in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom to get access to the pipes. He opened the closet before I return from the kitchen to stop him. Bill found my stash of gay porn in the bottom of the closet.

When I returned from the Kitchen he was looking down at the opened box full of gay videos and magazines. Bill picked up my dildo for a second. He shook it at me and dropped it back in the box. He handed me the box with a smug look on his face.

Bill said, "It looks like you have been having fun."

Embarrassed, I took the box. I wanted to ask him to leave but I didn't have the nerve. I still needed my plumbing fixed. He opened the access and examined the pipes. Bill told me that my pipes looked fine. He sent John for the line cleanout tool.

Bill said, "We need to discuss payment. So far it will cost you $70.00 but the pipe cleanout will cost $450.00."

I didn't have that kind of cash readily available. I asked, "Will you take a credit card."

He replied, "We don't take credit cards. We only accept cash and checks."

"Can I post date the check?"

"I don't think that is a good idea. Look we can leave right now if you just pay me the $70.00."

"I need my toilet."

"You have to pay me for the work."

"Look, Bill is there anyway we can work it out. I just don't have that cash right now. Please."

He got real mad and started yelling about me being deadbeat and trying to cheat him. I thought he was going to hit me. I couldn't understand most what he was saying. Then he went for my porn stash. He grabbed the dildo and waved it in my face.

He said, "You fag cocksucker. You will pay me for my work or I will beat you with this rubber cock."

I was really scared. Then all at once he calmed down.

Bill said, "I tell you what fagboy, you can work off your debt by sucking my cock."

After some back and forth I agreed to suck his dick. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a large 9" cock. It was uncut and the hood almost completely covered his fat cockhead. It was huge. I told him that I had never done this before.

He laughed and said, "Hey boy just get on your knees and suck my meat."

His voice was so forceful my knees went weak. I had dreamed about being made to suck a big fat cock. I went to the floor. I grasped Bill's massive and stroked it. His hidden head appeared. I licked it tentatively. I could smell his sweaty funk. Bill grabbed a hand full of my hair and forced most of his cock into my mouth.

He said, "That's it bitch suck my cock. Swallow my dick cocksucker." He fucked my face.

I gagged on his big fat cock.

Bill slapped me on the face with his slick dick and said, "You had better not choke. You had better play nice or I won't cum down your throat. Now take my cock."

I suck his hard uncut meat like there was no tomorrow. His abuse was just what I had craved. My cock was hard as steel in my pants. I rubbed it while I took on another throat assault from Bill's weapon.

John came into the bedroom. He spoke to Bill like I wasn't there.

He said, "Hey boss, I got the auger are we going to clean out the clog or not."

Bill fucked my face while he answered, "That depends on the cocksucker here. He doesn't have any cash. He is paying for the visit right now. I will ask him."

Bill then explained to me that if I wanted them to clean out my drain then both of them would need to fuck me. He made sure John was ok with that.

John said, "Sure boss. You know I love fucking white asshole male or female."

Bill said to me, "Well I am waiting."

I knew exactly what he wanted from me. I said, "Please Bill would you and John take my ass as payment for the work you have done."

They laughed and Bill shoved his cock back into my mouth.

He said, "John, I will go first when your finished opening up his drain then you can open up his ass."

John left the room. Bill dropped his pants and took off his shirt. He was muscular and had a hairy chest. His balls low hanging and large. Bill made me lick his hairy sweaty balls.

He said, "Stand up and drop those pants cocksucker, I want to see your asshole."

I removed my clothes. He pushed me on the bed on my back and had me hold my ankles. In that position my virgin asshole was fully exposed to him. He lubed his hard uncut cock and pushed it into my tight hole. It hurt like hell.

He said, "Stop fucking squirming so much cunt and it won't hurt so much."

He leaned into me forcing most of his cock deeper in my stretched hole. It felt like my asshole was on fire. Bill fucked my deep, with long strokes. The whole time he kept up the verbal abuse. My ankles somehow ended up on his shoulders as he drove deep into me. At some point the pain eased and the pleasure increased. I was in heaven. I loved the humiliation and the fucking I was receiving. All too soon Bill pulled out of my ass and came on my face.

He slapped my face with his spent cock and said, "Thanks for the fuck fag boy." He left the room.

Moments later John entered the room. I was still lying on my back with Bill's cum drying on my face. He took off his clothes. John was younger and leaner than Bill but his dark ebony cock was even bigger. It had to be 10" of deep black cut cock. His egg-sized balls were almost hairless. I sucked his throbbing nuts savoring his musky scent. John's massive black pole dominated my vision.

He said, "Lick those nuts white boy. I am going enjoy having you ride my cock." I licked the shaft and head of his black cock. It was so dark in contrast to my hand. John fucked my throat like his boss had only moments early. It was good that I had Bill first so I was a little broken in. After a few minutes of worshiping his black idol, John had me get on all fours as he entered my open asshole. I was worried that it wouldn't fit but he managed to pry my asshole open enough to push his black monster in. He fucked me slower than Bill.

He reached down and twisted my nipples as he stroked my ass. A couple times he slapped my ass. My sphincter involuntarily clenched around his cock. The feeling was intense. Before I knew what was happening my neglected cock started shooting cum. My asshole clenched and released. I kept cumming and John kept fucking.

He said, "Damn you have one hot white man-pussy. I just love fucking tight white holes with my big black cock. John pulled out of my ass.

He said, "Move over white boy." He lay on his back and pointed his cock in the air indicating that I was to climb on. I squatted over his black flagpole and impaled my hole on it. Gravity and my weight forced most of his dick up my ass. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled until my balls rested on his stomach. I was completely full of black cock.

John pushed and I rode that black stud's massive cock. I scream and begged him to fuck my mancunt. I lost track of everything. Eventually he pulled his cock from my wide opened asshole. I felt empty yet satisfied. I only wanted to make him cum. I jacked his slick cock. He came a large hot sticky white load all over my face and chest.

Only moments later Bill returned. He said, "Damn John, I thought you were killing that boy. Come on we got another job to do." He left me with a bill that was marked paid in full. It took me two days before I could walk straight. By the end of the week my drains worked fine but I wanted to call the plumber again. I didn't have the nerve. I thought it was the end until late last Saturday night my doorbell rang. It was John and a friend.

I invited them in. John's friend was named Leon. He looked a couple years older than John. Leon was dark ebony and big. He had to be 6'4" at least. They both had been drinking or something. I offered them a couple of beers. For a few awkward minutes no one said anything, they just guzzled their beers. We watched a basketball game on TV.

Then Leon said, "John here tells me that you like sucking black cock. He says you have a nice tight mancunt that loves to get fucked. Is all that true?"

Meekly, I answered, "Yes it is."

He said, "Good. Now get undressed. Go get me a another beer."

In a matter of seconds I was naked standing in front of the two big black men. I handed Leon and John their beers. They both had removed their pants. Leon's dark black cock was even bigger than John's 10" manbreaker. I crawled between Leon's tree trunk sized legs. He smelled funky and manly. My hardon was raging.

Leon ordered me to use just my tongue and mouth. I bathed his growing cock with my tongue. I sucked on his low hanging balls. I open my mouth wide taking his fat cockhead in. It was too thick. I could only fit about 4 inches in before his meat closed off my throat and I had to ease back.

Leon laughed, "He is choking on my shit."

Determined I tried again forcing more of his cock in my throat. That time I was able to get another 3 inches before having to retreat.

I said, "Dammn, that is one big fucking cock." Leon and John howled with laughter.

John interrupted, "Hey cocksucker come over here and suck my dick some. I need some white boy mouth around my shaft."

I switched to John's hard cock. I found I could better handle it after working Leon's monster. I alternated between the two big black cocks for most the basketball game. The only break I had was when I went to get one of the guys another beer.

When the game ended and John's favorite team won he said, "Since my team won, I get to fuck him first. Besides it will be better if I break him in for your big stick."

I looked up from the big black cock in my mouth at Leon. I had managed to get only about 9" of his massive ebony cock down my throat, and now they were talking about fucking my ass with it. That was just too much manmeat. It wouldn't fit. I was scared as they led me into the bedroom.

John entered my lubed asshole from behind with me on hands and knees. His big cock stretched my asshole. He fucked me slowly at first but quickly pick up his pace. He slapped my ass to make me fuck back on his big black cock. I tried to fuck his dick like he wanted. It must have worked because he came within a few minutes. His large load flowed from my loosened asshole. He continued to fuck my sloppy hole. His cock massaged my prostrate and I came all over my sheets.

Leon flipped me over onto my back. He said, "I love to watch a cunts facial expressions the first time I open them up with my fat ebony cock."

I thought I was loose. I thought I was ready. I was wrong. His fat cockhead wedge itself in my hole. It felt like I was being split in two. Leon lifted my legs pinning my knees to my chest as he tried to forced a few more inches of his steel black rod into my straining hole. With some effort I tried to relax my ass muscles. The assault I was taking hurt like hell. I was beginning to think this wasn't such a good idea. Leon fucked me with his nightstick until I thought I would die from the intense feeling. When I couldn't take it anymore.

I begged him to stop. I was crying. Leon made me suck his cock until he came all over my face. That dick fired powerful shot after shot of hot cum at my face until I thought I would drown.

They dressed. John said, "Thanks for the beer." Leon added, "Next time I come over you will take my whole cock so be ready."

I couldn't even standup my legs were so shaky. The next day, I stayed either in bed or sitting on the shower floor trying to recover. As soon as I could stand it I went out and bought a new larger black dildo. I have slowly built up my tolerance. John and Leon are coming over tonight; I hope I am ready for Leon's big fat black cock.

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