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The Hood had captured Sinsin at the Plunderbirds base camp by the mysterious lagoon that hid the treasure. She was no match for his potent hypnotic gaze and she had easily succumbed to his insistent chant. The thief in him said that he should leave her while he went and recovered the gold and jewels, but the animal in him saw her vulnerable young form underneath the loose fitting shirt and lustful passion surged through his loins.

She wore a buttoned up khaki shirt with a bright red scarf around her neck. She had matching khaki skirt and canvas walking shoes completing her outfit. Her dark brunette hair complemented her picture book face. He closed the caravan door and quickly moved past her, plotting his actions as he turned the radio to a distant Egyptian music station.

"Sinsin listen carefully!" he ordered.

She replied "Yes, Master."

"Stand up" he demanded.

She obediently stood.

"I want you to listen to the music that fills the room. It is beautiful music. The beat of the music is irresistible. It is making you feel wonderfully free. You must dance to the music. Feel the beat awaken the primitive native within you."

Sinsin has succumbed to his will, yet she was self aware and realised that she could not resist her body obeying his instruction and willingly she started to move - at first swaying from side to side in a graceful rhythm then back and forward with the beat of the exotic music.

"The beat is synonymous with your soul. It is passionate, lovely, exotic and wild. You must dance. The rhythm has captured your emotions and you feel delicious. Dance and be one with the music" he ordered.

Within her yielding body she felt herself responding to his instruction. She raised her arms in a passionate gesture and spun around then weaved about the small caravan in a mystical dance routine.

He added "You are feeling wildly free, but your clothes are stopping you from enjoying the music."

The expression on her faced changed from one of pleasure to discomfort and her hands moved to her shirt as she tried to find freedom from the constraint that she believed that she felt.

He told her "Take off all your irritating clothes while you dance to the beautiful music, Sinsin. You will feel so much better" and he smiled openly as she removed the red scarf then started to undo her shirt and an expression of rapturous happiness returned to her face. The Hood sat on a canvas chair and closely watched her performance.

She started to unbutton her shirt from the sleeves and then from her neck button down, tugging it free from her skirt. She wore a black lacy bra, he judged it to be a large C or D cup that she filled to the brim. While she discarded the shirt onto the nearby lounge, she continued her dancing and he noticed that she hummed to the tune as she moved.

He told her "I want to hear you sing while you dance."

She started to sing without words but with a "la, la" lyric, with a fast pulsing rhythm that drove her body to its dance. She squatted on down to pull off each of her shoes and then stood to remove her pants. She reached to her side and unzipped the skirt and then pulled it down her legs, revealing matching lacy underpants, cut high on her thighs. Her skin was an unblemished milky pearl colour, a rosy pink glean on her face as the effort of the dance raised her body temperature and the throbbing music inside her mind coursed through her being. She deftly removed the scarf from her neck and then her hands reached to between her breasts and she unclasped her bra and released her large breasts from their support. They swayed free and her hands immediately pulled down her panties and kicked them free across the floor. She was pleased with the freedom from her clothes and returned to her passionate dancing while he ogled her young, naked body.

His dick twitched and swelled at the delicious sight of this young, naked and beautiful woman.

"Sinsin, the music is fading and you may rest" he said.

She ceased her provocative dance and sat her naked body down onto the lounge in a relaxed posture. Her hands resting on her lap and her breathing deep, as she caught her breathe. He studied her naked form. Her breasts we firm and her nipples were delightfully pink, large aureoles with big nipples that he knew would grow erect with whatever stimulation he was able to apply. Her legs were well shaped and her pubic hair was wavy and not too thick. It was clear that she had waxed, as the narrow strip of dark curls did not meet her thighs. Her face was extremely pretty, her eyes a dark green and her lips full and rosy. Lust filled his mind and he felt erotic excitement at the control he had over this beautiful young woman.

"Sinsin, you must stretch your muscles after such strenuous exercise. You may stretch out here in front of me."

Sinsin stood and move directly in front of where the Hood sat. She went through a series of warm down stretches consistent with a professional dancer. If the Hood was not so intent on looking at how her breasts rose and fell and how her pussy gaped as she spread her legs to stretch her thigh muscles, he would have been impressed at her suppleness and flexibility. After she had sat on the floor, crossed her legs in front of her then pressed the soles of her feet together so that he could see her vaginal lips glistening with beads of moisture he could resist his lust no longer.

He stood up from his chair and told her to come to him. Again he ogled her as she stood and her breasts swayed as she moved to stand in front of him. He stood a full head taller than her and as she came close he could smell perfume that had wafted from her warm skin.

"Take off my shoes and socks" her ordered and she immediately crouched down at his feet and undid the laces, then removed his shoes and socks.

"Undo my belt" and she unbuckled the thick black belt from his waist.

"Take off my shirt" and she unbuttoned the front, pulled the tails from his pants and moved behind him to take the shirt from his broad shoulders. Like his shaven head, his torso was hairless and his chest muscles gleamed as the sweat from the warm desert air and the visual excitement caused his skin to tingle and moisten.

"Now my pants and underwear" he said and she obediently unbuttoned his pants and drew them down his legs so that he stepped out and then she eased his underwear down, pulling the material forward over his cock that was bulging within and as it was freed, it sprang forward in half tumescence. She hesitated momentarily as her eyes saw the large pink penis pointing forward toward her and he thought that his control over her may have faltered, but then she continued to remove the underwear and return to her position, standing naked in front of him.

He returned to his chair and sat, never taking his eyes of her naked breasts. "Sinsin, your skin is feeling dry, there is some moisturiser in the kitchen. It has been mislabelled as olive oil. Bring the bottle here and use the moisturiser over all your body."

Sinsin walked past him to the kitchen cupboards and soon found the small bottle of olive oil. She returned to stand in front of the Hood, opened the bottle, poured a small amount into her hands and started to apply the oil over her. She started with her feet and legs, then her buttocks, stomach, back, arms, breasts and neck. Throughout this time, the Hood played with his cock, gently wanking it to full erection. The nine-inch beast, a rigid pole capped with a bulbous circumcised knob, with his hairless scrotum dangling between his parted thighs.

Her body glistened with the oil and he felt pre-cum ooze from his knob, which he used as lubricant on the shaft.

"Sinsin, turn around and bend over, I want to see your arse." Sinsin obediently turned to bend forward, her legs straight and her bum spreading to show her puckered anus and her vagina, the lips slightly spread as her posture caused her crack to part.

"Sinsin, you have not applied enough moisturiser to your bum and your pussy, they are itchy and need more moisturiser to relieve the itch. Stay like this so I can watch and make sure that you do a thorough job" he instructed.

She diligently applied a generous amount of the oil and spread it over her cheeks and her vagina lips, spreading it up and down her crack and her labia. She gasped and cooed as she sought to relieve the itch that he had told her was plaguing her rear. Her palms slipped over her round arse and they rubbed up and around her labia that was swelling with the continued stimulation being applied to that intimate region.

He took her to the next level by telling her "The itching over your arse has eased, but you are now feeling desire and you feel a need to masturbate. Show me how you masturbate yourself."

Her hands paused in their motions only momentarily and then they moved deliberately to her vagina and started to rub the outer lips of her pussy.

"I want you to tell me your intimate fantasy that will make your masturbation the most satisfying" he instructed her. "Tell me who are your fantasies about?" he asked as she rubbed her finger up and down her slippery slit.

"I fantasise about a man who is a stranger to me" she started. "I am naked in front of him and he leers at me. I am embarrassed by my nudity and I know that he should not see me naked and yet I'm filled with a desire to show off my body." Her labia had swelled larger to look like the fat lips of an African woman. "He wants me to touch myself in front of him. He wants to see my breasts and my vagina. He wants me to spread my legs so that he can see all of me. I'm embarrassed but I feel myself getting hot with desire. I want him to take me and make love to me but he wants me to stand in front of him and show off."

The Hood's breath caught in his throat as he realised that Sinsin's conscious mind was enjoying the event that was occurring and, far from resisting, was stimulated as her own fantasy was realised.

"Tell me what you would like your Master to order you to do next?" he asked her, unashamedly wanking his pole.

She hesitatingly replied "I want him to make me pleasure his ...., his... big,.. schlong!" She gasped as she was finally able to put into words the expression for his penis, but clearly she was affected by the vision of his dick, as she never removed her eyes from his glistening member as she spoke and he continued squeezing and rubbing his fat cock while she stumbled over her words.

"Sinsin listen carefully" he ordered and Sinsin quickly stood and moved her head closer to his face, still with her eyes looking directly into the Hoods. "Closer Sinsin, I want to whisper a secret." She moved closer until her legs were splayed apart on each side of the chair. The Hood felt the warmth of her body as she bent over him brining her ear close to his mouth.

The door to the room was suddenly crashed opened and a woman in a blue uniform stepped in pointing a laser gun directly at the Hood.

"Hold it right there, Hood" she shouted taking in the situation with a glance. "Sinsin! Are you alright?"

Sinsin looked at the woman and, unseen, the Hood quickly whispered in Sinsin's ear. "Say yes, then get the gun off her."

Sinsin said to the woman, "Yes, I'm alright Sharon" and then stepped off the Hood. The woman gasped when she saw the size of the Hoods member and was momentarily distracted.

In that second Sinsin had walked over to the woman and deftly grabbed the laser gun out of the woman's hands. The Hood quickly stood and told Sinsin "Hand me the gun!" Sinsin passed the weapon to the Hood who directed it at the woman in uniform. "Lie down" he ordered her and she reluctantly lay face down on the floor.

"Do you know this woman?" he asked Sinsin.

"Yes, she is Sharon Tracy" Sinsin replied.

"Why is she wearing that uniform?" the Hood asked.

Sharon cried desperately "Don't tell him Sinsin!" but Sinsin continued;

"She is a Plunderbird and that is their uniform, she has come to rescue me."

The Hood gasped in glee. "At last, I have a Plunderbird in my hands. You must have your craft nearby, pretty girl?"

Sharon again appealed to Sinsin "Sinsin don't tell him anything!"

But the Hood quickly replied "Your appeals are useless, she is under my power and will do only what I ask. Sinsin, tie Miss Sharon Tracy to the bed posts, I want to see what the famous Plunderbird craft looks like."

Sinsin obediently took the rope that the Hood handed her from his bag and bound Sharon to the bed. Under the control of the Hood, her physical strength was magnified and uncompromising. Her hands were strong enough to immobilise the hapless Plunderbird regardless of her struggle and protestations. Each arm was bound tightly to the bed head and each foot to the legs of the bed so that Sharon was spreadeagled face upward on the sturdy camp bed. The Hood instructed Sinsin to gag Sharon and then, both still naked, they walked out of the caravan.

The Hood surveyed the scene but there was no craft to be seen. A breeze was blowing the sand across the vista and the tracks that were obviously belonging to Sharon Tracy, quickly disappeared past the windbreak offered by the caravan. On the horizon a dark cloud was gathering and the Hood commented, "We are in for another sand storm. At least that will delay other Plunderbirds craft and give me time to plan my next move."

The Hood looked at Sinsin, her long hair blowing in the strengthening breeze and the fading sun turning her flawless skin a golden colour, making her a picture of naked beauty. "Lets go back inside Sinsin, you have unfinished business to attend to." They both returned into the caravan and the Hood secured the door closed.

He closely examined Sharon Tracy. She was an athletically built blonde and the Plunderbirds uniform showed her figure off to maximum effect. The wide waist belt featured her hourglass figure. Her face was pretty, with a small scar high on her forehead, doubtlessly the cost of a rescue mission.

"Well pretty girl, you know that I have the power to entrance you and make you tell me all that you know."

Sharon Tracy gasped as she thought of their secret island and her mothers' insistent demand that they never divulge their identity or location.

"But for the moment" the Hood continued, "it will please me more that you are fully aware of what happens..."

"Sinsin, remove her clothes, I want to see the hidden pleasures of this young girl" he ordered.

Sinsin immediately obeyed her Masters command. She unbuckled the belt and placed in on a nearby chair. The Hood picked it up and searched through the compartments. Next her boots were removed, one at a time so that there was no opportunity for Sharon to escape her bounds. Then Sinsin started to unclasp Sharon's blouse as Sharon begged Sinsin to stop, the Hood moved close to watch the young flesh exposed. Under her ultra lightweight and elasticised uniform, Sharon wore a red bra of thin material yet with embroidered pattern across the low cut cups that were so low that her light pink areoles could be seen. Her breasts were large and as she lay on the bed, they bulged out of the bra in luscious mounds.

Sinsin did not slow in her task and methodically proceeded to unzip Sharon's trousers and pull them down to her ankles before again going through the routine of undoing one binding at a time to take away the pants. Sharon's panties matches her bra in colour and pattern, but the Hoods pulse quickened as he noted that the panties were a high cut thong and that the material at the back would be almost imperceptible to the eye.

"That will do Sinsin" he said and Sharon perceptively relaxed as Sinsin moved away from the bound prisoner.

"I'll finish the job" the Hood continued and again panic filled Sharon's eyes as she realised that she had not been given a reprieve.

The Hood stood naked next to Sharon his penis touching against the smooth skin of her hip. In his hand he held a pair of strong scissors that Sharon recognised were from her Plunderbird belt. They were strong enough to cut tin and leather, necessary in rescues to cut seat belts or other interfering materials. Now, in the Hoods hands they had a sinister appearance that she had never before noticed.

Beads of sweat broke out across her forehead as she feared the worst from the bald headed and naked man who had her at his mercy. Her head shook from side to side and her eyes pleaded with him as he moved closer.

The Hood reached forward and slipped the cold scissors under the wide shoulder straps of her bra that were needed for her "C" cup size and smoothly cut each strap. The elastic sprung away, but as she lay the cups remained in place over her ample breasts. He cut the thin straps at the sides of her bikini pants and she squeezed her thighs together to stop them springing off her most private femininity.

The Hood grabbed her bra and threw it across the room. Sharons nipples stood erect under his powerful gaze as he lecherously ogled their pink upturned form. He lowered his head to within a centimetre of her right tit and blew cool air across the aureole causing her skin to goose-bump and her nipple to bulge further forward. She wanted to squirm but knew that any movement would raise her nipple into his mouth.

His opened his mouth and looked in her eyes as his tongue poked out and licked around and over her erect cherry. She groaned in both disappointment and relief as the sensation of his tongue caused electric shocks through her breast and started to break her resistance. He placed his mouth over her aureole and started to suck while still teasing and tweaking her nipple with his tongue. She could not stop the reaction of her body to his erotic stimulation and her nipple sent pleasurable pulsations across her chest and into her mind. Again she groaned and tested the bonds that held her, but this groan was one of only pleasure.

He tugged the destroyed bikini brief out from between her thighs and threw it to the floor. Then he ran his fingers across her pubis, never ceasing in his oral assault to her breast. He felt no pubic hair and his fingers kept lightly caressing, moving slowly across and down until he touched the top point of her slit.

Around it was bulging as her uncontrolled arousal swelled her erogenous zones. His finger stayed at the very top of her slit and he gently massaged this start of her opening. Her eyes drilled holes in the ceiling as her pulse raced and beads of sweat broke out across her face and chest. She knew what was coming but could not stop his incessant exploration of her body. His suckling on her tit was having an uncontrollable effect on her self-control.

Suddenly he moved to her other breast and sucked hard, bringing another wave of pleasure and causing Sharon to gasp out "No, no."

But tone of her voice betrayed her words and he knew that she really meant "Yes, yes!"

She knew that Lips would be able to talk her way out of this situation. Lips was so smart and always had an answer for everything. But she doubted that Lips had ever found herself in a predicament as dire as this!

"Sinsin, come here" the Hood ordered. "Suckle these breasts, stimulate them, she wants you to make her come."

Sinsin bent over Sharon and sensuously started licking and sucking Sharon's nipples, her hands squeezing and kneading the large youthful orbs. Sharon gasped as the sensation of the soft girls lips and teasing tongue bought her to higher levels of erotic stimulation.

The Hood stood behind Sinsin and spread her buttocks apart and teased his large prick against the outside of her slippery quim. She shuddered as it slid up and down her widening slit. The Hood grinned as his knob spread ger lips apart and then he eased it into her hot wet hole. It slipped in easily, yet spread her tight hole wide around his bulging cock. He slowly pushed it in to the hilt and pulsed his loins so that his cock throbbed deep inside her. Then he equally slowly withdrew, relishing every centimetre. His dick came out with a wet sucking noise and it stood proud in the air, glistening with Sinsin's pussy juice.

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