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Poetic Justice


Nikki Had been working at the modeling agency for over a year, she had just gotten married shortly before, and life was going good. She was getting good money even though they didn't need it, Her husband Carter was the 3rd shift plant foreman, and his salary took care of their needs. But as time went on the spark suddenly vanished in their marriage. Nikki wondered if it was something she may have done, but dismissed it, he would let her know in time.

She settled into her usual routine, One mile jog, followed by an hour of Pilates. Then off to work, Her best friend Nicole was a gossip but she was awesome. So at lunch Nikki said to Nicole,

"Hey, what's new hun?"

"Ohh wait until I tell you. Your not going to believe this."

"This sounds like it's going to be good, What is it? Oh my God, You got laid I can see it all over your face. Tell me, tell me, tell me! Come on don't keep me in suspense. Tell me every juicy detail."

"Yeah, but nothing to get excited about, he wasn't that good. It was like it was his first time, maybe he was just nervous. It was that bad, plus he won't bring me to his house. We had to go to a motel. It's so strange, I wonder what he's hiding."

"Oh no, He probably lives in his mom's basement or something weird like that. As for bad sex, I know what you mean My husband is terrible still. Not that we do it often anymore and even when we do, it feel like every times his first time too. "

They both ate and chatted their free time away, As they were saying their good bye's Nicole said "Oh, about that guy I'm seeing him again tomorrow. I'll call and tell you how things went the second time around."

"You better, hun, or else. I hope for your sake he just had an off night."

And with that they parted ways. Later at home as her husband left for work she kissed him goodbye at the door. As he walked away she thought she smelled something, "was he wearing new cologne?" she thought. Nikki's days followed that pattern for 2 weeks, her suspicions rising, she was sure it was perfume, and it wasn't hers. The perfume she wore, Lucky You, was more of a flower fragrance punctuated by citrus,sandalwood, amber and musk. She couldn't yet place this smell, but Nikki knew it wasn't hers, and he wouldn't answer he questions at all.

One afternoon Her and Nicole discussed this strange man of hers, and his continued lake of prowess in his love making while sitting outside the cafe down the street from their agency when a gentle breeze blew a familiar scent across the table, the smell of Vanilla fields, that was Nicole's brand of perfume. Suddenly like a bolt it all clicked, They had been talking for days about this guy but she never heard a name, and up until now it wasn't important to her.

"Nicole, What is this guys name!?" Nikki asks leaning closer "I never thought to ask before,"

"Oh, I didn't tell you, He's has the same last name as you. He said he was like your cousin or something, related through marriage. Carter, Carter Hall."

"Really!?" Nikki says opening her purse and quickly search for her wallet, pulling out a picture and showing it to Nicole. "Is this him?"

"Yeah, that's him. Why?"

"Yeah that's right we are related by marriage," Nikki says with a laugh "He's my fucking husband. That bastard!"

"Oh my God, Nikki, If I even suspected. What a lying prick, And all this time I've been telling you he's so bad in bed. He can't even eat pussy right."

"Ha! Tell me something I don't know, To tell you the truth, I'm better than him on my worse day. I've been bi-sexual all my life, and I'm twice as good as any guy out there."

"Oh my god, really!? I've always been curious about it, I just didn't know, how to approach someone with it. I'd love to find out what it feels like."

"You know what? One good turn deserves another. He wants to cheat, I'll show him. You really want to find out what it's like, I'll show you, I'll rock your world. We'll call it "Poetic Justice"."

After talking it over, after they had made plans, Nicole said, "Okay then, call me and let me know when, You got yourself a deal."

Later in the week Nikki called Nicole to tell her Carter would be tied up at work, that he had just left and was pulling an extra shift, so they had more than enough time to really enjoy themselves. With that Nicole said "Okay, I'll be right over!" Her excitement high, she rushed over, but as she arrived it had become very real. She walked up to the door and knocked, suddenly nervous. Her stomach felt full of ice, but before she could think to leave the door bursts open.

"Well come on in," Nikki says gently taking a hold of Nicole's hand and drawing her inside. "no need to worry hun, just relax. I've made us something to eat, no need to rush things."

"Oh that's nice, " Nicole says "it smells really good."

"Let's have a few drinks and eat, the see where this leads, okay? Just relax, and have fun."

They sit down and eat, chatting as usual, drinking and laughing the whole time. With the meal done, they clean up, Nicole's nervousness calmed. They playfully brush past one another as they clean up. With the dishes taken care of they take their drinks into the living room, and sit on the couch, chatting, occasionally patting each other or brushing a stray hair out of the others face. Slowly Nicole sinks into peace with what's going to happen, and as if Nikki saw Nicole's acceptance of what was to come, she leans in and softly kisses Nicole's lips tenderly. A small gasp escapes Nicole at the new and different feeling of a girls kiss. The feeling of it, like warm, sweet light flowing into her soul. Then Nikki's fingers brushed Nicole's neck, illiciting another gasp. Nikki Sits up and takes Nicole by the hand and looks into her eyes, and asks "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" giving Nicole a chance to back out if she felt uncomfortable.

"Hell yeah I do! You're a very beautiful woman, and I couldn't wish for a better woman to be my first introduction into being Bi-sexual."

So grabbing her hands Nikki pulled her towards herself, and tenderly placed her hands on Nicole's cheeks she leaned in and started kissing her softly, and sensually, with all the skills she had. It didn't take long for Nicole to start responding, to Nikki's deft and practiced kisses. Her sensuality sparking a lust and fanning it to bright hot flame inside of Nicole. Nikki guided he lover gently back onto the couch without ceasing her kissing. Their need for each other grew with each kiss, each stroke of a hand, every sigh drawing more need from the other. Slowly they slid their hands inside each others clothes. Chests heaving with excitement they begin to undress each other relishing each inch of skin exposed.

"I want you so bad right now." Nikki says "let's take this to my bed."

Taking Nicole by the hand she helps her off the couch and leads her towards their goal. Kissing and stripping each other along the way, leaving a trail of clothes across the living room and down the hall to the bedroom. The sexual energy between the two gorgeous nubile vixens was palpable. Lost to their lust for one another their eyes could only see each other. As they went on Nicole's kisses became more needful and insistent. By the time they reached the bed she was beyond excited, every fiber of her being yearned for Nikki's touch, her kiss, her very breath whispered across her skin made her heart beat faster.

Nicole's body throbbed with her need for more. So when Nikki laid her down on the bed with just her panties left, Nicole's anticipation was peeked, she was a sexual powder keg waiting for a spark. Nikki deftly ran her hands across her caressing up Nicole's smooth skin along her thighs, barely touching her with her fingertips, up across her sexy toned stomach, until she reached her perfect 36c breasts teasing her closer to the edge. Slowly Nikki began kissing her way up Nicole's body, slowly raining kisses randomly across her lovers skin. She kissed her way to Nicole's mouth and began her passionately. Breaking the kiss Nikki looked into Nicole's blue gray eyes.

"There's no going back hun, your sure you want this?"

Unable to speak and with lust in her eyes she bit her bottom lip and moaned nodding her head. Nikki Squealed with delight and started by kissing Nicole on the lips passionately, she moaned into Nikki's mouth with need. As Nikki began to kiss and nibble her way down to Nicole's neck she lovingly caressed and stroked Nicole's face occasionally running her finger through her hair as she softly bites her neck. Nikki trails kiss down Nicole's perfect skin, kissing, and licking past her breasts, stopping briefly to suck and nibble her perfect little nipples. Nikki mouth expertly travels across Nicole's stomach to her side. As Nikki slowly slides down Nicole's body to her goal her hands stroke and fondle her friends body.

As Nikki runs her nails across Nicole's skin kissing her way even farther down her body Nicole begins to moan with anticipation. As Nikki kissed her way along Nicole's lower abdomen she used one hand to slide of her panties. Kiss down from below her navel and Nikki slowly licked down Nicole's pussy, making her squirm and moan like no one else ever could. Nikki delighted in the sounds her innocent new lover made. She was more than aroused herself and they had just started. She kissed all around Nicole's sex, teasing her, kissing and licking her inner thighs. The squeals that it drew out of her thrilled Nikki in ways that were hard to define, but none the less exciting. It pushed her need for Nicole to new heights.

Nikki Then began to pleasure her lover in earnest, sliding her tongue ring up and down against Nicole's clit then softly sucking it for a bit. Nicole felt like she would go insane, but didn't want it to stop. She felt like she was ready to climb the walls. As Nikki continued to work her lovers clit over, she slid two fingers into Nicole's wet and willing pussy. It wasn't long before Nicole's moans and screams reached their peek. Surely the neighbors heard, Nicole embarrassed by how loud she was getting grabbed a pillow and covered her face just as the first wave of her orgasm broke over her.

Nikki took her fingers out and sucked them clean. Taking her tongue she stuck it into Nicole's hot spasming and rubbing her clit with her fingers. Nikki starts to plunge her tongue in and out of her lovers receptive pussy, relentlessly driving Nicole wild, making her moan and moan, she soon was grasping the sheets and bucking against Nikki's talented tongue, in a flash she was driven right over the edge again. She cried out loudly as she came hard in Nikki's mouth. Nicole's breathing was hard and ragged,

"You look like you could use a break, hun. How's your first time going luv.?"

"I'll tell you this much, I'm not curious any more. I am so Bi. And I love it. You rock my world!I wanna give some back, you got some toys, lets make it interesting."

"Sure just a second." running to the closet she pulls out a bag from the local sex shop and dumps in to the bed. "well let's get back to it, shall we?'

"You don't need to ask, I'm putty in your hands."

With that Nikki pushed her to the bed and started licking her pussy some more. Nicole was instantly back to feeling the need to climb the walls, moaning and screaming out her pleasure. Soon however Nicole was getting into it and didn't feel so overwhelmed by the sensations. Reaching out she pulled Nikki's body over to her and started sucking on her pussy voraciously, she then reached over and grabbing a dildo slipped it into Nikki, working it into her rapidly while working her clit over with her tongue. It wasn't long before Nikki was cummimng over and over, Finally Nikki cried out.

"I Love it!! Baby don't stop, Oh God! Yes!"

Once again lost to the lust they feel for one another, they pleasure each other like niether has felt before. Getting lost in each others bodies, time was a meaningless concept, seeking to draw out every ounce of sexual energy out of the other one. Their bodies intertwined, writhing and moaning, they brought each other to the brink and beyond several times.

Until their perfect union was shattered, Their moans cut short by a question. "Can I join the party? Or do I just sit back and watch for a while?"

Shoving Nikki off her face Nicole says "Hell no you can't do either! You suck, go fuck yourself you cheating asshole! Your wife however know what it takes, so bring your sorry excuse for a man the hell out of here and let us finish. It won't be long, she makes me cum like no other, and I can't take much more tonight." With that the women delve back in and pick up where they left off. Dejected Carter slinks off to listen in the other room. A half an hour latter a silence falls over the house.

Timidly Carter walks to the bedroom door and knocks. "You done screwing around with my girlfriend now Nikki?"

"Yeah, I'm done pleasing her, We're smoking a cigarette." Nikki yells

"Yeah, and keep your ass out there liar. As far as me being your girlfriend, get fucked! I'm all

Nikki's now, your pathetic!"

"Guess this will teach you to not to cheat again. And I'm filling for divorce in the morning, dear. So maybe you should go stay at a motel, and get the fuck out of my house."

"In that case Nikki, I'll be over tomorrow night for round 2." Nicole said kissing Nikki passionately. "I'm going to leave as soon as my legs stop shaking."

"Same here lover, same here, and your welcome here any time."

Hearing all of this through the door all Carter did was pick up his jacket and solemnly trudge out of they house like the sack-less wonder that he was. Never to be heard from again. But as he left he heard a squeal from inside and someone saying.

"Oh god!, stop I can't take it anymore..."

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