Poke-bond Ch. 05


All characters are over 18—all Pokémon are humanoid.


Sparky and the rest of the Pokémon aside from Ember and Aqua woke up heading out to find their respective breakfasts. However, upon exiting the room, they noticed two bound Pokémon, a Minun and Plusle to be precise, making out on the floor.

"Who're the new guys?" Flame asked. "Though, this looks more like latex than fur."

"Jade!" Sparky jumped on the Minun, nuzzling her as she bit down on her neck. Jade moaned in response, the two trainers noticing the other Pokémon.

"What are you wearing?" Rose asked, moving behind Sarah and running her fingers over her, removing the nipple clamps and squeezing her breasts. "It is so kinky looking."

"Ember and Aqua got them for us." Sarah said through the moans. "It's to make us more Pokémon like so we can have even more fun."

"Well, it's certainly working." Rose untied Sarah's legs, pulling her over to her as Shade joined in feeling her up, a couple of fingers 'accidentally' finding their way into her ass a couple of times.

"So sexy looking." Shade said. "But, what if we have to leave the apartment?"

"The hood is easy to take off." Sarah said, snuggling up to her two Pokémon. "We can just take those off and leave the rest on if we wear shorts and a t-shirt or something."

"But, it doesn't match Jade's skin tone." Shade pointed out. "She's a little more tanned than you so it would look off."

"Well, if she wears a long sleeved shirt, it would be like she's wearing leggings or tights." Sarah said.

"True." Rose said, kissing Sarah. "But, I don't want this armbinder in my way. I want you to feel me as I feel you."

The two took off the armbinder, Sarah eagerly joining them in feeling each other's bodies.

"This latex feels so natural on my skin." Rose let her breath hitch as Sarah rubbed her breasts. "And, you say you can still feel me as if you weren't wearing it?"

"I can." Sarah said. "Whoever made this had the idea that it could be worn forever and not hamper the wearer."

"So kinky and nice." Shade, slipped three fingers into Sarah's slit. "I think we'll have tons of fun."

"Yeah." Sarah said. "I'm yours to command."

"Oh, I love the sound of that." Shade said, kissing her. "Well, I feel like we should go out to eat. Something to do as a group. Not a kinky trip, but I feel like we haven't done much besides be kinky and fun with each other. We haven't done anything as simple friends in a while."

"That sounds great." Sarah said. "But, we'd have to wait for Ember and Aqua to get up so we can see where they'd be interested in going. We gotta get the whole group involved."

"True." Rose said. "What do you three think?"

"That sounds great, right Jade?" Sparky asked excitedly, turning her attention to Jade, who was busy tonguing her. Jade nodded in response, which caused Sparky to .

"I could go for it." Flame said, rubbing her hand over Jade's ass, feeling it.

"Seems we're all in agreement." Shade smirked. "Now, let's return to the feeling."

"Okay." Sarah began to rub her Pokémons' bodies, said Pokémon rubbing hers in response.

Meanwhile with the other three, Sparky pulled Jade up and kissed with her. She then hugged her, letting out a little electricity to shock her a bit.

"This is so cool!" She squealed. "I've always wanted another Electric type and this is just as good!"

"You know, if I didn't know your actual age, I'd wonder if you were actually a large child." Flame pinched Sparky's breast a bit.

"But, I have big boobs, so I'm not a kid." Sparky pouted a bit.

"Guys, let's not have this argument again." Jade pulled them into a hug. "If she wasn't an adult, we wouldn't let her join. But, she is, so we'll let her join us and have her own fun."

"Yay!" Sparky squeezed Jade. "Thanks, Jade!"

"You're welcome." Jade chuckled.

"Having fun?" Aqua and Ember walked into the room, yawning.

"Yeah." Jade said. "Did you guys have a good nap?"

"We did." Ember said. "Missed our warm teddy bear trainers."

"well, ya shoulda said somethin'." Sarah said.

"It's fine." Ember said.

"We're gonna go out to eat!" Sparky exclaimed.

"A normal, non-kinky meal." Shade said.

"Sounds good." Ember said. "I could go for anything."

"Me too." Aqua said. "After that, we're gonna have ice cream."

"Sweet." Sarah said.

"I will say this though." Ember said. "Even though we tie you two up a lot, you two can take the reins if you wanna every so often. I mean, like we said before, we only dommed you the first time to get out our frustrations. I mean, if the trainers wanna become the mistresses a few times, go for it."

"How about we just go equals and then go kinky as we see fit?" Jade suggested.

"Works for me." Ember said. "Now, let's get ready to go eat."

The two trainers and their Pokémon headed into the bedroom to grab clothes to leave, unknowing that soon they would have more to deal with than just their own horniness.

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