Wally grunted, "Take my cum up your ass slave," and began exploding a large wad of his seed up her rectum.

As he pulled out, Amanda began to really bounce up and down on her husband's best friend's stiff erection never once taking her husband's cock out of her mouth. With each bounce, Ryan's cock disappeared deep inside the horny slut. Her fourth and fifth orgasms shook her body before

Ryan came inside Amanda's willing pussy. Craig followed releasing a load of his own juice down his wife's throat.

As the boys collapsed on the chair and couch, Lisa grabbed her friend and demanded, "Get me off baby."

Amanda, who had very limited experience with women, eagerly went between her friend's legs and began licking. Lisa, horny from the debauchery of her friend, came within only a couple of minutes of her friend's tongue. She then pulled her up and they began a lengthy make out session.

When they were finally done, Amanda looked at her husband and said, "Thank you...I have never came so many times in my life." She then surprised everyone by walking over to Wally and taking his cock in her mouth again. After gobbling up as much as she could and getting the cock as stiff as she could, she straddled his cock, a foot on each strong leg and dropped her still soaking wet pussy on the erect missile. All nine inches disappeared inside her. She began bouncing on the cock moaning, "Oh my god, you are so big. Make me cum, please." Wally then flipped her on her back and slid back into her shaved cunt and fucked her deep and hard.

Ryan taking Craig's advice demanded, "Lisa, get over here slut."

Lisa look briefly startled but obeyed and took Ryan's cock back in her mouth. Amanda saw this and smiled as she was ravished by Wally's manhood. When Ryan was hard he bent Lisa over and said, "I'm going to fuck your ass baby."

Lisa's eyes went big as she pleaded, "No, fuck my pussy, I have never had a cock in my ass."

Ryan smiled and said, "Well let's make that statement a lie for the future," as he reached for the lube. He then placed his rod at her ass. Lisa did not move away and just waited nervously as Ryan slowly penetrated her no longer virgin ass. The pain was intense briefly, but slowly faded as Ryan tenderly pushed inside. "Should I pull out Lisa?" he asked when he was half in her ass.

"No," Lisa responded in a commanding tone, "Go deeper, start fucking me."

Ryan obeyed, moving in slow thrusts, each one going a bit deeper as he watched his best friend's wife get fucked hard. Craig moved over and shoved his semi-hard dick in Amanda's face. Amanda tried to suck his cock, but had difficulty as Wally's thrusts were shaking her whole body.

Ryan's cock now completely filled Lisa's ass and her animated moans echoed the room.

Wally pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Amanda's face. Amanda attempted to retrieve his cum, but instead found Craig's cock back in her mouth. Craig grabbed her head and fucked her lips rambunctiously. Nearby, Ryan watched Amanda's complete submission and smiled, Lisa's ass was the tightest he had ever fucked and he planned to fuck it again and again. Craig gave out a grunt and sprayed his load all over Amanda's face as well. Ryan turned on by the look of his best friend's wife's face full of cum, pulled out of Lisa's ass and moved to the cum covered girl. After a few strokes with his hand, he sprayed a third load of cum on this beautiful, obedient slave.

Craig grabbed a camera and took photos of his submissive slave and then more as Lisa cleaned all the cum off his wife's face. Wally got up and dressed and said, "That was fun. See you at work on Monday."

Amanda looked up and said, "He works with you?"

Craig laughed and said, "Honey, he is my new boss."

Lisa grabbed Amanda and they got into a sexy, sweet 69 and tenderly licked each other's pussies as Ryan headed out as well. After a couple more orgasms, the girl's finished and Lisa got dressed.

Craig walked over to her and said, "You were very good slut."

Lisa blushed and said, "Thanks Craig. It was a lot of fun, but outside of this house, we go back to things as they were before."

Craig gave a little smirk, still completely naked, as he bushed her head down and she fell to her knees. He said, "Beg to suck my cock Lisa."

Lisa looked up into Craig's eyes, his cock just inches from her mouth, and said, "Craig, can I please savior your hard cock." Her voice oozed with sensuality.

Craig tapped her lips with his cock and she obediently opened. Craig began to move his cock in her mouth before he pulled her back up, kissed her and said "Thank me for allowing you to be the whore you are."

Lisa defeated whispered, "Thank you for allowing me to break free of my shell." She paused before finishing, "Thank you are turning me into a slut."

Craig smiled and said, "Now never question me again; I do not tolerate any disobedience."

Lisa shook her head submissively whispering, "Understood."

"Now get out of here and go please Ryan, I am not done with my wife," Craig ordered as he then slapped her ass as she left.

Amanda was still on the floor still exhausted. Craig walked over to her and pulled her up beside her on the couch. "So honey, how was making your fantasy of being our little fuck-toy for you?"

Amanda smiled and said, "Amazing. Thanks for making it happen."

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, because this is only the beginning," he replied.

Amanda looked into her husband's eyes and said, "I wasn't lying, I will do anything you ever ask me too. Anything."

Craig smiled and said reflectively, "You know what?"

"What?" asked Amanda as she stroke Craig's slowly rising cock.

"This would make a great story for the literotica website you enjoy so much, don't you think?"

Amanda's eye went wide as she realized her husband knew her secret. She began to talk, but her mouth was silenced by her husband's growing cock.

As Amanda bobbed up and down on her husband's cock, Craig announced, "Did you know there is a gloryhole downtown at McPherson's adult shop. Would you like that sweetie?"

Amanda moaned a submissive yes as her husband pulled out and slid his cock into her well fucked ass. "I love you Amanda," Craig said sincerely.

"I love you too," Amanda moaned as her husband's cock filled her ass.

THE END ~ For now....

Please take the time to vote and/or comment. It is these comments and votes that keep me motivated to write.

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