The following is a fantasy of how I imagined a first meeting would be with an e-mail/chat friend named Lisa, who was also a submissive, like myself. We often talked about getting together with her husband who was a Dom. Lisa wanted me to have my first bi experience with her and her husband. We would arrange to meet at a convenient neutral location somewhere half way in the middle of Michigan and NY, maybe in Ontario some place. We'd meet for dinner, just to get acquainted then go back to a hotel room for the long awaited night of fantasy fulfillment.

After a light dinner, a few drinks, and some cautious conversation, with sexual tensions running high, we finally get to the hotel. We all just kind of shrug and stare at each other at first, none of us quite sure how we should start. The men are especially nervous since the two of us are a little uneasy about the events that are about to unfold!!

I suggest that we start with a game of strip Poker: One card draw, the person with the lowest card has a piece of clothing removed by the person with the highest card, (having another person do the removing makes it that much more fun!!) the loser must stand up, in front of the player with the highest card and let them remove a piece of clothing,

Any hands that result in a tie would just be a push, shoes and socks count as one each, and all clothes have to be removed in succession, (shoes, socks, shirt, pants, bra, panties or whatever,) no jumping ahead to a piece of clothing with higher stakes, jewelry and other accessories don't count.

Once the loser has lost all their clothes the stakes get higher. If the player with the highest card is still wearing clothes, the person with the lowest card must stand naked in front of them. The winner gets to grope, feel, touch, prod, and generally explore the loser's body with their hands, however they wish for 60 seconds, this is to be timed by the person not involved. If the player with the highest card is also naked, then it gets even better, the loser must go to them and perform oral sex for them for 60 seconds, again timed by the third person.

Well, everyone agrees to the rules and we set up a short table at the edge of the bed and move a chair up to it. Lisa and David sit on the edge of the bed and I sit in the chair, the table is only knee high so no one can hide behind it.

The game starts slowly, we each remove each others shoes and socks so we're all just barefoot, then Lisa looses again, and I get to remove her shirt, we all smile, because we know the stakes are getting higher. Next Lisa removes my shirt, then she has to remove David's, and all is still pretty even. We each have pants & underwear and Lisa's still got her bra as well.

On the next hand, I loose to Lisa again and she gets to remove my pants. As she slides them down, my semi erect cock starts to peek out the front of my boxers. When I go to adjust myself, she informs me that "that won't be allowed" and I must leave them the way she left me. My purple head sticks up from my fly for all to see, not willing to retract into my shorts. This is more awkward for me than being naked, and Lisa really seems to enjoy my discomfort in the situation thoroughly!!

Next Lisa looses to David, and he gets to remove her pants. He tries to get her panties with them but she scolds him and tells him he'll just have to wait. He agrees and finishes removing them, but sneaks a little kiss just above Lisa's panty line in the process.

On the following hand things really heat up, I loose again, and this time its to David, all that I have left is my boxers!! I stand somewhat unsteadily, nervously waiting in front of him, this is the first time either of us have really touched and we're both noticeably uncomfortable with the situation, but after a brief delay he deftly pulls at the waste band of my boxers, just allowing my still hard dick to slip back inside the fly and then he smoothly drops my shorts to the floor with almost no further contact. "Well that went well," we both think to ourselves, but as I return to my seat, I now have a raging hard-on and realize I am far more exposed than either Lisa or David, totally naked actually!

Lisa proceeds to loose the next hand again to David and he removes her bra. As he snickers at Lisa's misfortune, she warns him that he will soon get his. She is obviously excited by all this as is evident by her puckered and ever hardening nipples, I show my pleasure by humming with approval, and she sharply replies "look who's talking, you knows what's next, don't you?"

Excitement is now electric in the air, there is surely soon to be some serious sensual touching going on, and sure enough, just as Lisa predicted, I loose again, to Lisa this time, now naked, with no clothing to give, and nowhere to hide. I stand before Lisa, waiting for whatever she has planned. Before she can begin, David looks at his watch and tells Lisa to be sure to wait for his signal; he pauses for a moment then gives her the OK. Lisa begins slowly, teasing me by running her fingers lightly in a big circle all around my bare legs and stomach staying just beyond my balls and dick. Pleased with my discomfort, she giggles at me a little and then finally gives in, "oh, all right, I suppose you earned it," she says, and she begins to gently stroke my straining cock with one hand while she rubs the under side of my balls with the other.

"15 seconds left," David announces, and with this Lisa raise the stakes again by guiding my upturned cock between her tits.

"Is this allowed??" she teases to David, as she presses her breasts together, allowing me to titty-fuck her.

He simply replies "sure, but times up!!" She finishes by giving me a quick kiss on the tip of my dick, removing the pre-cum that's formed around it's opening.

Short of breath and ready to explode, I return awkwardly to my seat, nervously waiting for the next card. There it is, David has lost to me, and I will have to remove his pants now. He stands up, and approaches the chair, confidently, he instructs me "Why don't you do this from your knees? I think you should start getting used to that position!"

I am startled by his command, but am unable to resist. He has lost the hand, and yet somehow remains in control, I'm naked, and now submissive. Without looking at his face, I drop to my knees and begin to remove his pants. My movements are deliberate, yet eager; belt, button, zipper, I peel back the fly, and start to work his pants off his hips. I find myself excited to see this man's penis, a penis that I will soon be touching, the first man's penis, other than my own, that I have ever touched. I complete my task, but am disappointed that we are still separated by his underwear, disappointed that I hadn't tried to remove his underwear as well. He returns to the bed, and then mockingly instructs me to return to my seat as well, as I am still kneeling almost trance-like on the floor,

It is now clear what the roles will be here, I have let him take the dominant role and he knows it. Lisa knows it, and I know it. Where we go now is clearly in David's control.

We all wait anxiously for the next card; we each hesitantly turn them over, a tie, two jacks and a king. We all sigh, it's our first push, and no one even questions what we should do next. The tension only seems that much higher as we each reach for another card. We turn them again, and, "argh, I've lost again!!" This time to David, I will have to let him fondle and touch me for the next sixty seconds.

Lisa coaxes us on with an eager "come on boys, it's time for the show,"

I stand up slowly, walk over to David and stop. It feels like time is standing still. Lisa asks him for his watch, and he takes it off slowly, making the agony last that much longer. Finally, Lisa tells him to go and he reaches out, and grabs my cock, which is standing at perfect attention, like a beer tap.

He looks at Lisa and asks, "so you'd like to see me put one of these in my mouth, eh?" but he makes no effort to. He simply rubs his thumb around the head, spreading more pre-cum as he examines my cock with genuine curiosity. He places one hand on my hip, as he turns his first hand over, extends his first two fingers outward, and with a scooping action, inserts them between my legs as he wraps his thumb and remaining fingers around my balls and the base of my shaft.

He looks into my eyes and asks knowingly "So Lisa tells me you've got a virgin asshole?" and he firmly presses his fingers against my puckered hole, causing me to jump slightly. He holds them there, exerting his power over me, waiting to see how I'll react. Then after a moment, he instructs me to turn around and squat with my hands on my knees, "so he can see this virgin hole." I obey and turn, and he places both hands on my cheeks, thumbs pulling gently, spreading my crack as he massages my ass up and down.

I close my eyes, gradually trying to adjust to this strange new feeling, starting to relax with the surprisingly pleasant feeling this gives me, then I hear his voice again, stern and commanding this time, "I'm gonna bury my long, hard, fat cock in your virgin ass. I'm gonna make you my bitch. I'm gonna fuck your ass until you like it, and beg for more. Tonight you're gonna feel like my woman, my little cum-slut." He presses more on my hole with his thumbs as he says talks to me and then pulls at my cheeks firmly causing my asshole to begin to stretch. A shudder runs though my body with his words and with his touch; excitement, fear, anticipation.

Then suddenly Lisa sound out "Time,!!" and I reluctantly return to my seat.

The next hand allows all of us to catch our collective breath. David looses to Lisa this time, and Lisa gets to remove his last piece of clothing, his underwear. He stands and turns toward Lisa. She starts to hum a little stripper tune as she slowly wiggles David's shorts down, working them over his semi-hard cock, working them back and forth, riding against his growing erection, then over his thighs, pausing for just a moment, continuing below his knees. As he steps out of his shorts Lisa quickly swings them around behind him like a sling. She pulls him toward her, swiftly until she slips the head of his hard-on in her mouth.

As she begins to suck on his hard cock he informs her "This is not in the rules, not that I'm complaining!!" but Lisa stops anyway.

She teases David, "OK, if you don't want me to..." to which he just shrugs and rolls his eyes, wishing he had been silent, and returns to his seat,

Now the two men are naked, and Lisa is not far behind. We all know that the next hand could be either of our' first male to male blow job. Lisa has an evil look in her eye as she takes special pleasure in the awkwardness of the situation. She begins to tease, almost singing "You know what happens next boys, it's almost time for oral sex, I think some lucky fella's gonna suck a hard dick tonight!"

Much to Lisa's displeasure, she looses this time to David, she stands before him as he will now take Lisa's last piece of clothing. He mockingly hums the same tune back to Lisa as she had to him. He slowly works her panties little by little around and down her hips. He teases as he pulls, showing a little flesh at a time, gently tickling by rubbing his thumbs around her groin as he does this. Working still further, he bends to continue pushing the panties down Lisa's legs. He runs his nose through her neatly trimmed bush, and makes a little sniffing sound as he does.

"Pig!" Lisa exclaims.

To which David replies with a pig-like snort and says "yup,"

Lisa sits again, not as confident this time, fully naked now with her legs together, but still humming in the same teasing tone. She is clearly implying that we will soon be having our first bi encounter.

We all anxiously turn our next card, and before either of us can say a word, Lisa taunts us with a triumphant "Yesss,!!!"

Without even looking, I already know that I have lost to David and must now perform the long anticipated act of giving him 60 seconds of head. I look at the cards to confirm my suspicion, only to see what I k now to be true.

David proudly rises to his feet, and issues a one-word command, "knees,!!"

Knowing exactly what he means, I drop to my knees, take a deep breath, and try to remind myself of how I like to be given head. I want this to be good, not wanting to be a klutz!! I subconsciously want this man to want me. I take another breath. I place my hands on his hips, not wanting to move too fast, and I begin by sort of sucking the underside of his upturned shaft. I move up and down its length, sucking at the stiff vein that strains along its length. I continue by cupping his balls with one hand. I suck them into my mouth, one at a time, letting them plop out again as they are released. I work my way back to the head and begin to suck and lick, attempting to get as much into my mouth as possible.

Before I get far, Lisa interrupt, "Time!!" and I let his cock slide from my lips, hoping that I have done well.

I climb back into the chair, sitting on the edge, scanning for reactions. As I glance toward Lisa, I notice her legs are no longer pressed together. She's been subconsciously combing the fingers of her free hand through her pubic hair, lightly nudging her clit with one finger.

David returns to his seat beside Lisa. His erection provides evidence that I have done at least a fair job. He rocks back on his arms, further displaying his full erection.

After a brief pause, Lisa breaks the silence and asks, "Well, are we all ready for the next hand?"

We each turn over our next card, to all of our surprise; David has lost to me this time. The tables have been turned and I wait to see if he will follow through.

Without a word, David stands and walks over to me. He kneels down at the foot of my chair as I lean back to accommodate him, he looks to Lisa, and asks, "ready?" indicating that Lisa should start timing him. He begins by firmly grasping my erection, and inserting it's swollen head in his mouth, in a deliberate fashion. As he fulfills his obligation, he does so in a manner that conveys a message that this is for Lisa's viewing pleasure and has little to do with me. He continues rigidly, allowing me almost no pleasure, simply completing the task before him.

Lisa announces that time is up, and as David rises to his feet and looks down toward me. He does so in a way to let me know that this is the last time he will do this for me.

We take our positions again, and reach for the next card. We turn them over to discover that I have lost to David again. I will have another turn to perform for him, again!

He stands over me as I return to my knees. It's obvious that he likes this commanding position. I go right for the head this time and start to lick and suck in a much more deliberate fashion than before.

David voices his approval and says "That's good, keep going like that, and why don't you finish the job this time??"

Lisa stands up, throwing the watch to the bed and says, "I think you guys rigged the cards, mind if I just grab some toys and join in?" Without an answer, Lisa goes to her bag and pulls out a butt plug. She instructs me to adjust for her as I continue to eagerly service David's cock.

This obviously pleases David too, as he says to Lisa "Good! Get that virgin asshole ready for me. That tight hole will be next after I place a hot sticky deposit here."

With that, he confirms for me that he intends to cum in my mouth, I think to myself about Lisa's request to taste his cum from my lips and I start to prepare myself for his upcoming release. His groans and his thrusts lead me to believe that his orgasm is not far off, and I start to increase the pressure and speed of my sucking to help him along. I try to take more of his length in my mouth, but have not yet mastered the technique. Being careful not to gag and ruin the moment, I bob my head up and down on his hard cock, and reach my hand around and grab his ass cheeks for my balance and his pleasure. He mercifully warns me to get ready, then after several dry thrusts accompanied by loud grunts, his first streams of orgasm shoot into my waiting mouth. Almost instinctively, I place both hands on his still thrusting shaft, swallowing his first releases as I pull back a little to make room for my hands. I continue by pumping his shaft with both hands, milking the additional streams of hot cum into my open and waiting mouth.

As his orgasm subsides Lisa drops to my side and I offer her my mouth, after a brief exchange, I return my mouth to his still hard cock and lick and suck some more, hoping for any drops of cum that I might have missed.

He pulls away and sits back down on the bed. I look down between my legs and realize for the first time that between the butt plug and giving head to David, I have shot my first orgasm. Lisa bends to my lap and licks the remains of cum from my semi-erect cock and sucks gently on the head for a moment. She sits up again, and places her arm around me with her head on my shoulder. We both look at David for his reaction.

Pleased with the recent events, he informs us, "I think I'm gonna enjoy this. Why don't the two of you wander over here and lick me into another good erection so I can go pluck that cherry?"

To be continued...

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