tagIncest/TabooPoker Night

Poker Night


Daddy's weekly poker-game had started about an hour ago. He and 5 of his friends met every Thursday -- rain, shine, or other -- to play low-stakes Texas Hold 'Em. Generally the buy in was $20, and they played a $2 per hand limit. Doug was once a professional card player, but he would let the guys win, or would sit out hands if it was looking like no one else was winning.

Meg's job, since she was 21 and living with Daddy while attending college, was to keep the snacks and the drinks full. Daddy said they appreciated having a beautiful woman to keep them entertained. She didn't know that beautiful is how she'd describe herself. She was tall, 5'9", and had enough tits and ass to be useful. Her hair though, that was her favorite -- long, silky, and dark brown, which set off her green eyes and long eye lashes.

Daddy and his friends also enjoyed their alcohol, which really decreased their inhibitions around her. And she -- well she had always been a bit of a tease. After her mom left her dad when she was fifteen, she would parade around the house in short t-shirts and tight panties, or leave the door open to her room when she was changing, just to give her dad something to look at. She would also tease guys in high school by wearing skirts that were a little too short which is something she continued to do...including tonight.

His friends were all pretty hot for older guys. John was 32 and the youngest, a firefighter with a seriously cut body, and a cock that looked huge straining against his jeans on poker nights. Eric, Joe, and Rob were all 43, the same as Daddy, and Chris was the oldest at 51. And of course, Meg's dad, Doug, had the same dark hair and green eyes as his daughter.

While some were a little overweight, Meg wouldn't mind letting ANY of them bend her over and fuck her. And she knew they wanted to as she pranced around in a little black skirt that just skimmed under the curve of her ass and a red button up blouse that showed off her cleavage. She had conveniently left her panties upstairs, and undone a few extra buttons.

Each time she leaned across the table to grab something, the guy behind her got an eyeful of her ass and cunt, and the guy in front of her saw her tits straining to get out of the top. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy dripping after the first hour of playing the cock tease. She planned on masturbating later after everyone left.

She also made it a point to brush up against the guys, then move away as they tried to grope her ass. The guys would slide their hands up her thigh, reaching for her pussy but always getting denied as she moved away. This was pretty standard for Poker Night at the house, and the guys always left with huge hard-ons.

She had been teasing for three straight hours, and her daddy's friends were driven to distraction, losing a lot of their money. In fact, Doug had just won his eighth hand in a row. Meg also noticed the chip basket was empty on the far side of the table. She got up close to the edge right next to Eric (who was probably the horniest man she'd ever met, and who had NO filter on his words or actions). She stretched and leaned all the way across, giving him a show, and the button on her shirt popped open.

Meg winked at Daddy, pretending not to notice. Rob sitting directly next to Meg's dad let out a gasp, moaning "Damn fine tits, and look at that nipple!" Meg grinned at Daddy across the table, momentarily forgetting that Eric, the horndog, was right behind her. He grabbed her ass, moved forward, and ran his tongue along her wet, dripping slit. She stifled a moan and turned to look at him, shocked...or at least pretending to be as she moved her ass back toward him.

"Dayum, Doug. That is the snack I've been wanting all fucking night," he said to Daddy when he came up for air.

Meg turned bright red and straightened up, fixing the button on her top and stalking past her Dad on the way to the kitchen, empty basket in hand. She could barely hear Daddy as she stood there, trembling and blushing, but doing her best to make it sound like she was refilling the basket.

"Well, that was interesting, guys. What do you think of my slut daughter?" she could hear him ask, and a general mumbling of male voices that sounded pleased. Then Doug yelled: "MEG! Get back in here!" She chose to ignore her father.

"Meg, goddammit, get back in here, NOW!" he bellowed. She considered continuing to ignore him, but instead finished fixing her shirt and strolled back to the doorway. Leaning on the doorjamb, she innocently says, "Yes, daddy?" He motioned her closer, curling his finger, waiting till she was right next to him, sliding his hand up around her thigh and caressing her ass. "More drinks and snacks, baby. Oh, and unbutton your top. I want the guys to be able to admire those tits of yours." He reached up with his other hand, squeezing as he said this to punctuate the sentence.

Meg looked down at Daddy with pleading eyes and flaming cheeks. He swatted her inner thigh and simply stated, "Do it now, Meg." She pouted and undid just the top two buttons then stomped out of the room. She heard Daddy excuse himself and follow her into the kitchen. Her back was to him as he came up behind her. Doug was about 6'4", very muscular, and had always been a dominant force in the house...and had always towered over her.

Daddy grabbed Meg by the hair, yanked her head back, and kissed her hard on the mouth, his tongue probing her lips, caressing her tongue, while his fingers slid under the skirt, fingering her wet snatch. Meg was whimpering as he molested her, hoping no one was watching. "I love fingering MY pussy, Meg...Whose pussy is this?" Daddy growled in her ear.

"Your pussy, Daddy!" she managed to gasp out. All of a sudden he pulled his fingers out, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. He undid all but the last button on her shirt, then pulled the skirt up higher on her waist, leaving nothing to the imagination. The soft brown hair of her pussy was showing, as was the lower part of her ass. Doug grinned and licked the fingers that were in his daughter's pussy. He stood back, admiring her and said "Great! Now serve the drinks, bitch."

Meg lean back against the counter and looked up at him. "You're an asshole, Daddy," she said. She didn't even see it coming. *SLAP* his hand makes contact with her cheek. It's loud enough that Daddy's friends stopped talking in the next room. He grabbed her hair, yanked her head back, and slapped her again.

"You do NOT fucking talk to me like that, you goddamn little slut!" His eyes were sparking. "Now get your ass out there and serve drinks to my guests!"

Meg glared at her father and decided to push her luck just a little more. "FINE!" she practically screamed at him. "You're a fucking asshole...SIR!" Daddy slapped her again, then turned and left the kitchen to return to his friends. Rubbing her face, Meg slammed cupboard doors and the fridge as she stalked around the kitchen.

As Doug returned to his game with his friends, he gave a conspiratorial smile. "Ok boys, you want her? She's yours. When she comes back in to serve you...well, she'll serve you like nothing before. The little cunt needs a hard lesson. Let's finish this hand and call the game."

As Meg came back in, she noticed a slight change in the men, but chalked it up to the fight in the kitchen that they couldn't help but overhear. Her face was burning and tingling as she looked around, shooting death-glances at her dad. The atmosphere was definitely different but she couldn't figure it out.

As she started moving around the table, the men were openly groping at her, cupping her pussy, trying to slide fingers inside her without any pretense or cute advances. She kept trying to slide away only to be met with another set of hands. Looking at her dad she asked for help with her eyes, not wanting to offend her dad's friends. Doug raised his eyebrow then looked back down at his cards. "Fuck," Meg groaned inwardly.

"Last hand, guys," Doug states, still not looking up. Meg felt a sense of relief that the game night was coming to a close and her dad's friends would be leaving soon. She started to clean up, reaching toward the center of the table for a bowl when she felt fingers buried in her snatch.

Twisting, she saw that Chris, Daddy's 51 year old business partner was grinning. Outraged she pulled away, turned, and slapped him hard across the face. He looked at Doug, then at Meg, and pushed his chair back. At 6'2", he towered over her. And he didn't look anything like his age -- he was a triathlete and incredibly fit. Meg didn't back down, however. Instead she looked him square in the face and asked, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

He knocked the tray out of Meg's hands, sending it flying across the room, grabbed her, and bent her over the table, flipping the skirt up. He slapped her hard across the ass, making her shriek. Looking at all the other guys, including her father, he simply says, "You have been teasing us all night. You have been teasing me for the last five years, wearing next to nothing when you come down to visit your dad at the office. My cock is rock hard, it needs some relief, and you, you little slut, are going to give it to me."

The words hang in the air for a moment, then she realized what she just heard. Her voice rose an octave as she screamed, "LIKE BLOODY FUCKING HELL!" Chris just laughed and stepped back to undo his belt and drop his pants, pulling out a thick, eight-inch cock, already dripping with precum. At the same instant, Joe and John reached across the table, pulling her on top, pinning her down on her stomach spread eagle.

Chris ran his cock up and down her slit, ignoring her cries of protest. Then, with one mighty thrust, rammed his dick into her. She screamed out, not ready for the huge cock, feeling like it was going to split her in two. Doug found it ironic and amusing that his daughter was directly facing him as she got violated by his business partner.

"Ohhhh FUCK, Doug. Her pussy is so god damn tight. You know how many times I've jacked off at the office watching this cunt prance around?" Chris was groaning as he pushed in and out of Meg's wet pussy.

Meg had tears in her eyes. "Daddy! Please! I'm sorry! I get it! Stop them Daddy!" She cried out, begging.

Doug leaned back in his chair, his cock rock hard in his pants and beer in his hand and laughed. "Someone stick a dick in her mouth and shut her up."

"You FUCKING bast—" she started to say, but was cut off by Rob's cock sliding over her lips. Doug watched as both ends of his daughter were filled with his friends' hard dicks, then said, "John, Joe, keep holding her a minute. I'm going to get some rope. We'll tie her to the table." He expertly tied her wrists down to the table legs, then fastened her ankles as well, keeping her spread open.

"C'mon guys, drop trou and let the bitch see all the cock she's been teasing, and all the cock she's gonna take tonight," Doug encouraged the men. Meg meanwhile kept trying to catch her dad's eye and beg for help, but he ignored her muffled pleas. Chris grunted hard as he pounded her snatch, groaning, then let out a breath as he pumped her full of his cum. Rob simultaneously exploded in orgasm in her mouth.

Meg felt her body betraying her as her cunt got wet, her clit and nipples hard as stone. She swallowed every drop of Rob's cum, and got even more aroused doing so.

Joe quickly stepped in and took his place fucking Meg's mouth, while John shoved his dick into her snatch, using Chris' cum as lube. They were easy for her to take, and she hoped they would finish quickly. Both Joe and John came within minutes, their balls too full of cum from the prolonged tease she had performed that night.

Doug decided it was time to be a real bastard. "Hey, Eric. You know that cunt has a third hole you can fuck, right?" Eric grinned as he paraded in front of Meg, showing her his seven-inch long and very thick cock. He grabbed her hair pulling her face up and slapped her with his hard dick. "See this, bitch? Oh yeah, your little ass is taking the WHOLE fucking thing. Not such a smart mouthed cunt now, are you?" Meg's eyes got wide with fear and she looked at her dad. Surely he wouldn't let her be impaled by that monster. Instead, she saw that he was watching her through the lens of a video camera.

The other guys were getting hard, watching as Eric scooped the cum from her pussy and worked first one, then two, and finally three fingers into her asshole. Then he spit on his cock and pushed in, slowly.

"God fucking dammit, Doug! FUCK! She's tighter than anything I've fucked!" he groaned sinking 2 inches in one thrust. Seeing Meg take that cock up her ass brought the other four to full arousal. They took turns fucking her mouth, but none of them cumming just yet. She glanced over to see her father rubbing his cock, grinning, still taping, as Eric slammed her so hard his balls slapped her pussy. Then he exploded, filling her ass with cum. Pulling out, he collapsed in a chair, saying, "Mother fucking piece of shit cumslut! God, your ass is good!"

John and Chris stroked their cocks in front of Meg, and within a few minutes she had given up and decided to be the slut that Daddy and his friends thought her to be. Rob and Joe kept taking turns fucking her snatch, and each time they would pull out to switch she would moan. She pushed back as much as she could and pulled against the ropes to get more cock inside her. Finally all four men came, either inside her or on her face, making her a breathing cumdump.

She licked her lips, looking at the camera, then around at the men who had just cum in every hole of her body. "You guys realize your friend, Dougie," she sneered, "is a perverted fuck? He comes into my room every night and shoves his cock in my cunt. He's been doing it since I turned eighteen." They looked at one another, then at Doug and gave him applause as he took a small bow, knowing they each at one time wanted to fuck their own daughters.

"Yeah, I have been fucking her for the last three years...and the slut can't get enough. She begs for it. And if I miss a night, she comes to my room and rides my dick." They all laugh, beginning to get dressed.

"This has been a good game, guys. We should do it again next week...maybe we can try to get some of your slut daughters in on the action." Meg groaned, and replied to her father, "Don't you DARE! I want all this cock to myself."

"Haha, what a nasty little cumslut you are," Chris laughed.

Doug set down the camera and untied his daughter, then turned her around on the table. He ran the head of his dick over her clit, watching her shudder in pleasure, then slowly pushed into her wide, dripping pussy. At the same time, he kissed her. Her arms went around his neck, her legs around his waist, and she started fucking her father in front of his friends.

"God, yes! Oh GOD YES! Oh Daddy! Daddy!" she screamed as orgasm after orgasm rushed through her, enjoying the guys watching her in this most taboo moment, fucking her father. More than fucking. It was passion and fire and love all mixed. He laid her back on the table, pinning her wrists over her head, and drove all the way into her.

"GOD I'm CUMMING Daddeeeeeeee --" She trailed off into a scream of orgasmic ecstasy as he pounded her.

"Oh god! Me too baby! Yeah! Daddy's gonna fill your slutty cunt....FUCK!" As Doug finished pumping his load into his daughter, the men smiled knowing that they never wanted to miss another Poker Night at Doug's house again.

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