Poker Night


Todd's poker night was tonight. Friday at 8:00. Always Friday, so the guys could get good and loud and drunk on scotch and beer, and not worry about work the next day. And as the dutiful girlfriend, I felt obligated to make up a big batch of nachos and rollups to keep them from falling off their chairs. And if they really were too drunk to go home, they could sleep it off on the rug in the living room. That's the bad news.

The good news is that the poker game was at our condo only once every 4 months. And I liked the guys (Dave, Ray, and Terry, Terry being a former boyfriend who introduced me to Todd. That's another story). And once I get the guys settled, I go upstairs to the bedroom, take a leisurely bath, get into bed early, read or watch TV, and fall asleep totally relaxed.

So, tonight Dave and Ray arrived first, followed by Terry. The poker table was already set up, and I got the nachos out of the oven, and served them. They started on the beer and scotch right away, and within 10 minutes, the cards were dealt, and I was on my way upstairs.

I got undressed, sunk into the bubble bath, opened my book, and breathed a big sigh of relief. I could hear the guys laughing and busting each other's balls, and it gave me a good feeling that Todd had maintained his male friends, and, frankly, that I got some time out.

A half hour later, I dried off, wiggled into some panties, put my short nightie over me, got into bed, and pushed the on button on the remote. Five minutes of surfing and I rolled my eyes: 150 channels and absolutely nothing worth watching. I shut it off, and went back to my book.

The noise downstairs got quiet. I figured they were tiring. It was about 10:30. A few minutes later Todd came quietly into the bedroom. That never happened, so it scared me a bit.

"What's wrong, Todd?"

He replied, "OK, Linda, don't get mad. Here's what's going on. Terry bet me $100 that you would not come down and play strip poker with us."


"Are you crazy? No way, buddy. You just lost $100," and I put my nose back in the book.

"Please, Linda, it's not the $100. You know I really like these guys, and you know how I feel about your previous relationship with Terry. So I need you to do this for my self respect with my friends, not for the $100."

"Todd, why would you get yourself into this? Why didn't you just say, I'm not taking the bet?"

"Because I can't refuse a dare or I would lose face."

I thought for a minute. I am a poor poker player, but the idea had just a little bit of appeal to me. I found all 3 guys very attractive, and I'd love to see any one of them, including Terry, naked, or at least bare chested.

I said "Here's the deal. I'll do it on one condition: you have to sit next to me and guide my strategy for drawing cards so I don't end up naked in the first 5 minutes."

Todd smiled "Thanks, Linda. This means a lot to me. I'll be right at your side."

I got out of bed and pulled my nightie over my head and walked to my dresser to get some clothes on.

Todd said, sheepishly, "Uh, Oh, Uh, one more thing. You have to play in what you are wearing right now."

Shit, now what? I put my nightie back on, and said "on the condition that I can put on socks and slippers, so that I have at least a fighting chance."

Todd said "I'm sure Terry will agree to that."

I put on socks and slippers and Todd and I went downstairs.

At the table, Terry, Dave, and Ray were all smiling. Terry pushed a $100 bill across the table.

"Well, Todd, you did it. Here's your $100. You won it fair and square."

Terry turned to me: "As a consideration of the fact that you are a lousy poker player, we have all removed our socks and shoes to make it more fair."

"And," I said, "Todd will be sitting next to me helping me with my poker. That's the deal, take it or leave it."

Terry stopped smiling, looked at Dave and Ray, and then said to me "That's not fair, but I suppose it further evens the odds, so why not?"

I sat down at Todd's place, and he pulled up another chair next to me. I poured some scotch and downed it in one swallow. Then another. I was going to need fortification if I was going through with this.

I'll skip the next ½ hour of playing except to say that at the end of it, I was minus both slippers and both socks, and Dave, Ray, and Terry were all shirtless, and we were all pretty shitfaced. Ray was down to his boxers, or at least I assume they were boxers, as he didn't stand up when he took his jeans off, he just wiggled out of them. It was funny to see him blush bright red. Todd was fully clothed, as technically, he was not in the game.

Next hand, and Ray had the worst hand. He blushed and said "I gotta pee before I take off my undies."

We all laughed. He got up. Yep, boxer briefs, and a nice bulge, I might add. He headed for the bathroom, and we just kept on drinking and laughing. When he got back, he sat down, and didn't move.

I said "well, what are you waiting for?"

He wiggled his bottom, and pulled his briefs down, reached down, brought them up, and dropped them in the middle of the table.

"EEWWW" I said.

He laughed, picked them back up, and threw them across the room. They landed on top of the TV.

"Hey, this isn't a barn. Go get those and put them on the floor," I bellowed.

I didn't think he would, but he actually got up, walked across the room, got the briefs, turned around, and SLOWLY returned to the table, where he sat down and dropped the briefs beside him.

Whoa. This was getting very interesting. Ray had a beautiful body, and gorgeous cock to match. Despite the fact that I was very drunk, I could feel myself getting wet.

Next hand: I was loser. Uh, Oh. Panties or Nightie? I got up, and stood in front of the guys. They probably thought I was going for the nightie, and they were all eyes. I reached under and dropped my panties to the floor. My nightie was very short, but just covered my pussy. I stooped down VERY carefully and picked up the panties. I walked over to Ray, stared into his eyes, dropped the panties on top of his briefs, and sat down.

The level of sexual tension was elevating in the room. Who knows what else was elevating? Next hand: Terry was loser. He got up, unzipped his jeans, and pulled them off. He was wearing tighty whities. No big deal for me, as I'd spent plenty of time with him, both of us naked. He sat back down.

Next hand: I couldn't believe it. I was loser again. Now it was put up or shut up. I got up from the table, backed away so that everyone could see me (I stumbled once, and my nightie came up over my hips. I pulled it back down. WTF?). I stood still, looking from one guy to the next, and abruptly pulled my nightie over my head, and dropped it on the couch. I was now totally naked, facing four hot guys, and wondering what was going to happen. I had an idea.

"Listen, that's it for me, since I have nothing else to remove. You guys keep playing. I'm going to dance."

Todd jumped up and said "Linda, this has gone too far. Sit down."

I looked at him and said "No way. You started this. I'm finishing it."

He sat back down, none too happy. I went over to the stereo and put on Santana Smooth. It's one of the sexiest songs I know..I pushed the repeat button. I looked over at the guys, who were NOT playing poker. They were staring at me wide-eyed. I closed my eyes and began to dance.

I did all the moves I could remember from strip clubs. I raised my arms over my head and swayed them side to side, I swiveled my hips slowly around, I reached for my breasts and massaged them suggestively. I lifted my legs one at a time to the side, so they could clearly see my pussy. I squatted and leaned back on my arms so my cunt was pointing straight at them. I opened my eyes a couple of times, and I surely had their complete attention. I was wet as hell, and I knew that I was dripping into my pubic hair so that they could see it darkening. There was no doubt what was going on.

At one point, I spun, and fell. Dave, the only one with pants still on, leaped up from the table and came over to help me up. I stood in front of him and thanked him. I reached out for his bulge and squeezed.

"Why don't you take those jeans off?"

Todd was SO pissed, but losing face was such a big deal to him that he just sat there. Dave unzipped, sat on the couch, pulled his jeans over his legs and off. He stood up with his boxers still on. His hard on was peeking from the front opening. I moved to him and reached inside to grab him. I pulled his hard on out, and began to dance again, with my hand around it. He got the message, and began to dance with me. I never once let go of his cock, and we went into a sort of slow sexy rhythmic movement. I knew he'd like me to do something more than hold him, but I really liked the tease.

After a minute, I said "OK, Dave, sit down."

He began to protest, but I simply pointed to his chair, and he sat.

I danced some more by myself. It was so freeing to be naked in front of all these men. I knew how much they were admiring my body, and how much they wanted it. They weren't going to get it, but they didn't know that. I can be cruel.

After I had done every strip move, I put my hand down to my pussy, and began to massage it, lips and clit. I continued to dance as sexily as possible, all the time rubbing myself. I was so horny by this time, and the rubbing was making me thrust out my hips as though having sex right there in front of them. I glanced over and I could see that something was going on under the table with Ray and Dave. Terry just watched bemused. He had seen this before, and frankly, I think part of him felt bad for Todd, who was sitting back from the table and sulking.

"I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves as much as I am."

No comment, which made me think they were.

"As you may have guessed, I'm quite aroused. I'd like to finish myself off. Would you all care to watch?"

No words would leave their lips, so they just nodded in unison.

I backed up toward the couch, and sat down. I spread my legs wide. Santana was still playing in the background. I took one hand and began to caress my thighs. I moved closer and closer to my slit. I could feel the soft hair, wet with juice. I took two fingers and inserted them into my cunt. I began to rub the g-spot. I was breathing heavily now, becoming less aware that I was being watched.

I took my other hand, wet my finger, and began to massage my clit. I was undulating, but I wasn't there yet.

"Which one of you wants to come and sit on the floor right in front of me?"

Some hesitation, but Dave got up. He still had a rock hard erection pointing out the front of his boxers, and he came forward, sat on the floor with his legs crossed, looked at my face and then at my genitals. His hard on stood straight up. He wasn't even touching it. The sight just added to my excitement.

"Hey, Dave" Terry said, "You're blocking the view".

He moved slightly over so that all could see.

I continued to massage myself as all eyes were glued to me. Except maybe Todd, but I didn't care at that point. I was working myself into a frenzy. I could feel tiny ripples deep inside me. I opened my eyes briefly to see Dave stroking himself. I closed my eyes again. I was moaning now. I slid my ass down so my pussy was actually off the couch, not 2 feet from Dave's face, and I leaned back, my head against the couch pillows. The ripples were growing into convulsions, that were growing into imminent spasms. I rubbed and massaged harder. Waves of pleasure overtook me, and I came with one giant tremor following another.

I was screaming "yes, yes, yes" the whole time.

I shuddered intensely. I kept rubbing, and a second wave overcame me. I convulsed again, and came even more intensely than the first time. I kept my hands where they were, enjoying the afterglow.

At this point I was spent, and I removed my hands and just lay there, spreadeagled for all to see, wetness dripping on the rug, breathing hard. After a minute I opened my eyes. Dave was still in front of me, eyes glazed, rubbing his cock vigorously.

I said "don't do that here, Dave. If you need to finish, please go in the bathroom."

He looked very disappointed, but got up, and hand still on cock, moved off to the back of the house.

I looked at the others. They were stunned and silent.

"Well, Terry, was this what you really had in mind?"

He didn't answer, he just smirked.

I got up, shut off the stereo, and picked up my nightie and panties.

I didn't bother to get dressed, and said "I'm going upstairs to bed. Todd, you and the guys clean up. Oh, and Todd, don't bother coming upstairs. You can sleep on the couch tonight."

I turned, wiggled my ass, and ascended the stairs. I fell on the bed and was asleep in about 20 seconds.

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