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Poker Night


It was a Saturday night and it was the same as always. The guys would come over, flop into their favorite chairs at kitchen table and play poker all night. Us wives would sit in the den, watching TV or gossiping.

“My turn.”

I got up and made the rounds, serving beer, emptying ashtrays and refilling the snack bowls.

“You know, I don’t think I even got a nod that time.”

“This has got to stop!” Christina blurted, hands on hips. “This isn’t fair. They have fun and we sit here like mold. We have got to do something.”

We all gave her nods of approval and then they all turned to stare at me, expectantly. Like suddenly a light bulb was going to light up above my head. I looked at each of them wondering how I got to be the leader of the revolt.

“What? You are all looking at me like I’ve got some great idea. I have no idea what to do.”

Sigh, we turned back to the TV and spent the rest of the night serving the guys more beer and chips. Week after week went by and our frustration grew. Finally I thought of an idea, but it was pretty daring. The following Saturday we met again and I told the ladies what I thought we should do.

“So what do you think?”

Christina was the first to speak. “I’m for it, absolutely. Actually sounds pretty damn good.”

“Well if she’s willing I am. It might be fun.” offered Karen with a sly smile.

“Are we in agreement?” I asked.

Nods all the way around in approval.

“Good let’s start planning.”

We spent the rest of the evening making our plans and creating our to do and to buy lists. This was going to more fun than I thought it would. The following Saturday everyone arrived and the guys headed straight for the table. Us women looked at each other and smiled.

“You guys are on your own tonight.”

My husband turned to me looking puzzled.

“Why you going to the movies?”

“Nope, we got a class to attend, one that will enrich all of our lives.”

I hadn’t finished my sentence when I had already lost his attention to the first hand being dealt.

“Have fun.” Then he kissed the air, missing my cheek by a mile.

We went to our classes for the next three weeks and bought everything we needed. The following week, everyone arrived right on time. Christina with her husband Steve in tow, Katie being led by her husband Rob, Karen and Dave almost fighting to see who walked through the door first. Bill and I greeted them all, but I swear if the guys could have, they would have shoved us women aside and went straight to the table.


The ladies and I retired to the den as usual.

“You all bring everything?”


“Okay, let’s get started.”

We all pulled out the contents of our bags, pulling lingerie . I saw one dildo and just had to pick it up.

“Jesus, Katie, is this big enough?” It had to be at least 10” long and 6” around, the biggest one I’d ever seen. “You actually use this?

“Yep, Rob is bigger than that.”

“My God, doesn’t it hurt?”

“Nope. I like it.”

I stared at it thinking if Bill whipped something this size out, I’d run from the room screaming.

“I guess I like average sized men.” I said still staring at the “log”.

We put the hot rollers in our hair and began to apply our makeup. Once done we looked each over. We looked like high class strippers. Each of us had chosen an outfit that fit our personalities. Christina wore a navy blue push up bra, boy cut panties, stockings, garter belt and the highest heels I’d ever seen. They had to be 6” high.

“How are you going to walk in those?”

“I don’t plan on doing to much walking tonight.”

Her long dark hair hung down her back in long luxurious curls, just barely brushing the top of her ass. Almost like a sign pointing straight to it. She was a beautiful woman, her dark hair offset her baby blue eyes and full lips. Her confidence intimidated many men, including I suspect her husband at times.

Karen, the baby faced blonde of our group, wore a pink lace baby doll nighty that barely covered her ass and no panties. I thought I bet if she bends over even slightly, you could see everything. She was bare legged, her hair in little ponytails and no shoes. She looked just like a little girl-a very naughty little girl.

Katie, well she surprised us all. She was wearing a black leather corset, red stockings, black leather thigh high boots and a black half mask. Her long auburn hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she looked every bit the dominatrix.

Me, well I’ve always been partial to black lace and I went all out with my outfit. Sheer black lace corset, that if you got close enough you could see my nipples through, thigh high stockings and black high heels. My hair tumbled in a mass of curls down my back. We all looked at each other satisfied with the results.

“Ready ladies?” I asked.

Yes, we were all ready for the best night we’d had in a long time. I lead the way to the living room and the ladies followed. I walked over to the stereo and turned it on, playing the music we had all picked out together. Without looking up, my husband yelled “Turn it down some, we can’t concentrate” With that Christina walked over to her husband, leaned down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He didn’t look up right away, but she stood there for a moment, leaning into him, making sure that her tits were level with his eyes. He finally looked and then looked again.

“What the hell are you wearing?”

All them looked up now, mouths open, eyes bugged out, each looking us over, not saying a word. I turned the music up and she danced seductively towards the rest of us in the living room. See those classes we were taking, it was with my friend Sheila, who just happened to be a stripper at the local Spearmint Rhino Club. We weren’t professional strippers by any means, but we figured we had learned enough to do the trick.

As Christina joined us, each of us began to dance to the music using the moves we had tried to master. Christina had her back to them, bending down then rising, her ass in the air. I couldn’t resist and reached out and gave her ass a good smack, then let my hand slide down her ass to her thighs. I looked over to see that Katie had Karen kneeling in front of her, running her fingers through her hair. Karen leaned forward and began to run her tongue up Katie’s thigh high boots. When she reached the top, she licked at her thighs get ever closer to her pussy. Katie pushed her gently away and told her to stand. She grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around.

“Bend over.”

Karen did as she was told and we all watched as her baby doll nighty lifted, exposing her pussy then her ass. Katie ran her hands across Karen’s ass, lifting the night gown higher. She slowly slid her fingers into Karen’s pussy and began to fuck her. I watched as her fingers slid in and out of her with ease, her pussy so wet. She stopped, raised her hand to her mouth and licked at her fingers, then offered us each a taste. Karen’s husband Dave jumped out of his chair and almost ran to Katie, taking her hand, slowly licking at her fingers. Dave let her fingers slip out of his mouth and knelt behind Karen. He wasted no time in sliding his tongue into her pussy, lapping at her wetness, almost burying his face in it. He licked his fingers and slipped them into her ass and began to fuck her with his tongue and fingers. He opened her ass widely, then slipped his tongue right into her ass, driving it into her. She moaned loudly, leaning into him, forcing his tongue in deeper.

Katie walked to her husband, stood in front of him for a moment, then reached down and started to undo his pants. By the time she got the zipper open, Rob’s cock jumped out at her. His cock was enormous and it was almost plastered against his belly. She knelt in front of him, and forced his knees open widely. She leaned into him, running her fingers up and down his cock, licking only at the head. I thought she was about to give him head, when she stood up and walked over to the table that had all our toys. She grabbed the dildo she brought and waved it at Rob. He said nothing only waved his finger at her, inviting her. As she stood in front of him, he stood, turned around and leaned forward, exposing his ass to her. Lubing the dildo up, she began to play with his ass, working the head into him. Slowly she pushed the huge dildo into his ass and it disappeared inch by inch. She worked the dildo all the way, then reached down and began to stroke his balls, squeezing them gently. Christina sauntered over to them and knelt before Rob. She took his cock in her hand, playing with him. She looked up at Rob and said “I’ve always wanted to suck a huge cock like this” and slid his cock into her mouth. Rob groaned as Christina sucked and licked him. Katie worked the dildo in out of his ass. As his cock disappeared into Christina's mouth, the dildo slid deeper into his ass.

Bill and I had been watching and I had begun to worry that he might not have liked this idea, when I felt his arms wrap around me. He leaned into me and began to kiss my neck as his fingers pinched at my nipples. He urged me forward towards the table and as soon as I was near enough, he simply bent me over it, moved my corset out of his way and slammed his cock into me. He rammed his cock into me again and again, pinching my nipples harder as he shoved into me. I lifted my leg up onto the table to give him some room and he drove into me harder. I was pressed against the table while he fucked me harder than he’d ever before. I reached down and started to play with my clit, and he placed his hand over mine, rubbing my clit with me. As he fucked me I watched Christina almost swallow Rob’s cock, playing with his balls, urging him to cum. Karen had stripped down to nothing and Katie and Dave took advantage of it. They were both taking turns licking at her pussy and ass, Dave holding her pussy open for Katie. Steven, got behind Katie and worked his cock into her pussy. Katie turned to him and asked that he lay down. As soon as he did, she was straddled across him, and lowered herself onto his cock. She was slamming back and against him, fucking him like she’d never been fucked before.

Rob came first, shooting cum down Christina’s throat but she couldn’t swallow it all and it shot on her face and lips. She licked the cum off her lips and wiped the rest off with her fingers, licking them clean. The first wave of my cum hit me as Bill shot his cum inside me. Karen began to tremble, barely able to stand as Dave shoved his tongue inside her as she came. Katie’s back arched as she let out a moan and came. Her pussy squeezing at Steven’s cock set him off and he shot his cum into her. We didn’t moved for a few minutes, trying to recover. I looked over at Christina and she almost looked disappointed.

“What’s wrong?”

“You all came, but I didn’t.”

Enough said. I grabbed Christina’s hand and led her to the living room, guiding her to the floor.

“Am I the only one that’s going to do something about it?” as I kissed her gently, my tongue slipping inside her mouth. I’d never kissed woman before, and this was better than I’d thought it would be.

Bill already had a raging hard on, he’d always fantasized about me being with another woman, and I was about to make that fantasy come true. I laid down on the floor and asked Christina to straddle me, “Put your pussy in my face.” Her sweet pussy was only inches from my mouth and I gave it a tentative lick. Mmmm, nice. I spread her open a bit more and slid my tongue inside her. She pressed against my mouth, pushing my tongue in deeper. I began to lick at her clit, taking it into my mouth, nibbling at it, flicking my tongue across it. I opened my eyes as I watched Bill kneel behind her and spread her ass open. He slid his cock into her pussy slowly, then pulled out. He pushed her ass open even further and slipped into her ass. She shoved back against him, almost forcing his cock into her.

Dave must have liked the way Christina sucked Rob’s cock because he knelt in front of her and offered his cock to her. She took it, sucking on him. Katie, Karen, Steve and Rob joined us and Katie took turns with Christina and Karen, sucking their cocks. I was busy tongue fucking Christina, while Bill fucked her ass hard. He rammed into her again and again, forcing her to take more cock into her mouth. While Katie sucked cocks, her fingers began to play with my pussy. She slipped two, then three fingers into me, her thumb rubbing against my clit. I felt my legs being opened, and Steven slid between them. He lifted my legs, resting them against his shoulders. I felt his cock slip inside me and he began to fuck me. The position he had me in had my pussy right in front of Christina’s face and she didn’t hesitate at all, She licked and sucked at my pussy as Steven’s cock fucked me. The pleasure was overwhelming and I drove my tongue deeper into Christina. We all came again, cum shooting everywhere and on everyone. I lay there thinking what a great idea this was, almost congratulating myself when Bill finally spoke.

“So next Saturday night, Poker?”

I couldn’t believe he just said that.

“You are kidding aren’t you?”


“Okay, next Saturday, 8 sharp. Strip Poker.”

That devil.

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