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Poker Night Servant


The phone rang and it was Jeremy. He and I had just met at a motel and he was so sweet to me. I must have had his nice 6" cock in my lips for hours, enjoying the taste and his wonderful huge load of yummy! He had teased me about being his French maid for the next poker nite at his place.

I found out the next day returning home from work he wasn't teasing. I came home to find a package on my steps. Inside was a very sexy French maid uniform and a note from Jeremy. I was to be at his house on Friday nite in this sexy maids dress.

All week I couldn't think of anything to say to him, I couldn't possibly do this.

Thursday evening he called and assured me it would be a great time for us. He gave me directions to his place and said see you about 7'ish.

The dress fit well and I did my makeup, corset underneath didn't show any lines. Black fishnets with white bows on the back. 5" Black heels and a black thong that tied at the sides. No jewelry I decided as I was to be hired help and should look the part.

He told his buddies he had hired a maid for the evening so they wouldn't have to take turns fetching beers. They were going to be there around 9 and Jeremy took me into the kitchen and instructed me on how to serve the snacks. He didn't seem to be very interested in me other than as a maid for the evening. I prepared trays and put them in the fridge till his guests would arrive as he went online chatting with a girlfriend. I heard him say tonight is my poker game hon, come over in the morning.

Jeremy came into the kitchen and asked if I was prepared. Nervously I replied yes. He undid his jeans and immediately I dropped to my knees, I so wanted to taste him! As I began to get his cock fully at attention the doorbell rang. Five of his friends came in, get us some beers maid he yelled. I opened up the beers and took the men their desires. They sat around the poker table, lighting up cigars. As I put their beer down each of them had grabbed my bottom. Jeremy said he would call for me when someone needed anything and I should go to the kitchen. He put a bell on the table to ring for my service.

No sooner getting to the kitchen the bell rang! Entering the room I was motioned to one of his friends. How may I service you I asked. On your knees maid, and suck my cock! It was my duty, and as I was sucking his nice cock I felt a hand on my bottom. His feel was almost as nice as the cock in my lips! He came rather quickly and said to Jeremy can I have this bitch over to my place? Each time as I got to the kitchen the bell would ring. It was getting later and it took much longer to make them cum. As it became early morning there were only 3 men there and they were staying over. Jeremy said it was ok for me to go and lie down in the guest room as they wouldn't be needing my services till breakfast.

It felt so good to lie on the bed. I awoke to a hand on my bottom. You are a great cocksucker he said, how are you with that tight ass of yours! He pulled my panties off and then I realized all of the men were in the room. Jeremy tossed a bottle of lube to Drew and I soon felt his finger in me, he wanted it so much he pulled his finger out and placed his throbbing cock in me, it hurt, so big! Marcus pulled out his cock and put it to my lips, suck it whore! I obediently served and wanted his cum! They continued until the wee hours using my asspussy and coming in my lips all over my face, hair, and I felt like such a whore! I awoke, with dried cum all over my face and went to the bathroom to clean up. Jeremy was in the shower, I used the sink to rinse my dried cum face off and he came out of the shower.

You still look so hot Gen he said and took me by the arm to his bedroom. You really gave my friends what they wanted, now come to the bed, on your knees and suck my cock. I took his cock in my hand and began licking and caressing his balls. Jeremy has a great tasting cock! Here I am on my knees servicing the finest tasting cock! When he came he said Gen you are the best cocksucker, swallow this!

Gen, Nickko is having a party next weekend and would like to have you serve, I told him it was ok. Do you mind me hiring you out for catering services?

I would be pleased to serve your friends!

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Can I help you with your catering service?

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