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Poker Party


It was Friday night. We recently started playing cards on Friday nights. We would meet at either Jim or Mark's house, and spend the evening drinking, doing drugs, and playing cards. This is a Friday I wont soon forget.

We met at around 7:30 this night. Jim was married to a beautiful wife, Sharon. They had two daughters and a son, all of them in there teens. His wife was quite tall at about 5'10". She had curly brown hair, long smooth legs, and beautiful brown eyes. Mark was single. My wife, Gladys, came along, she has a very good figure, and quite attractive.

By around 9:30 we were all stoned and it was getting quite hot in there. Sharon suggested we play strip poker, we all agreed that it would be fun. A few bowls and a six pack later we were all completely naked. Sharon's body caught my attention, she was sitting to my right so I had to turn to see her. Her breasts were firm and well shaped, and her dark pubic mound made my erection swell. Out of know where she kneeled down and began to suck my hardening cock.

Her entire body was moving in rhythm of her mouth. I was totally messed up by what was going on, but it didn't prevent me from coming in her mouth with complete abandon. After she had swallowed my load I pulled her down and gave her as good a workout as she had given me. I then remembered where I was and looked around the room, somehow hoping nobody would have noticed. My wife was on her knees blowing Mark, and Jim was eating her pussy. Mark suggested we all join in the bedroom. Sharon and Gladys began going at it as soon as we entered the bedroom. They stumbled to the king size water bed and engaged in a 69 position.

Gladys was on top of her with her face buried in Sharon's pussy. Jim took the lead and entered my wife from behind. Sharon was licking her clit and Jim was stuffing his 8 inch dick deep in my wife's pussy. Me and Mark were standing watching. And suggested we switch positions so we can all get in on it. Before the trio on the bed could answer in walked Jim's daughter. She was about 18. We were all startled, and jumped back into reality.

That is until she approached mark and me and started stroking our tools. She got on her knees and sucked mark while she stroked my dick. Then she would switch and suck me. This went on for a few minutes, and I pulled her to her feet. We stripped the clothes off her young body and laid her down on the bed. Mark straddled her face and she devoured his cock. I got between her legs and positioned my cock to enter her tight pussy. It went in to my surprise with little difficulty and I gave her all I had to give as she screamed for more.

My concentration was broke when Jim announced he was going to come, immediately all three girls surrounded him, My wife was first to his dick as her lips went around it, He came and she swallowed it all not leaving any for the other cum hungry ladies. We switched again and were back at it in no time.

This went on for the remainder of the night. It is now our Friday night thing.

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