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Poker Party, Adult Style


My sister, who, if you look at my pictures, is a taller, skinner version of myself (with the same bust, but not nearly the hips and bum I have), is single. As such, she holds legendary parties. Legendary! She's been trying to get me to go for ages, but as I am married, with two small children, it is difficult for me to find the time to go to a party that is likely to run well in the small hours of the morning, as hers often do.

We were living in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2006, and my sister was living in New Braunfels, which lies south of Austin along the I-35 about 45 minutes from us. My husband was on a duty assignment in Hawaii for three months, and I was a little lonely. So, when she invited me to one of her parties and offered to pay the babysitter for the whole night, I just had to agree.

I arrived at Beth's (my sister's) house about 6:00, and there were already a lot of people there. All were friends of my sister's in one fashion or another, and nearly all were enlisted military, most in their mid-twenties. Maybe 8 or 10 guys about and six women, including my sister and myself.

I was wearing a skirt and a light cotton blouse, and had spent a lot of time doing my makeup and my hair, as a lady is allowed to do when going out for the first time in a while. The first two hours or so were fairly uneventful, and I pretty much kept to myself as I didn't know anyone save my sister, making idle chitchat when it was called for. Dinner was good, the guys cooking up ribs on the barbeque. I guess it was about 8:00 or so (the sun had gone down) when someone pushed two of the tables together and the broke out the pokerchips and cards. Not sure what was going on, I was tentative when approaching the table, but was encouraged to join. Actually, I was told in no uncertain terms that I HAD to play.

The game was Texas Hold'em poker, adult style. The rules were exactly like Texas hold'em (if you haven't played, it a shared poker game where everyone has two cards of their own and play a community hand of 5 more. I'm terrible at poker). The difference was, everyone was only given 5 chips to start with. If you ran out, you had to 'buy in' by using a piece of clothing, which you could exchange for a varying rate (1 chip for a shirt, shoe, or sock; 2 chips for pants or skirt, 3 chips for underwear). With the amount of encouragement (and perhaps the couple of margaritas) I was getting, I agreed and sat down to play.

Since there were 12 people playing (7 guys, 5 girls), the first couple of rounds went slow. I didn't quite understand the betting rules, but you apparently don't have to bid ever round, and can fold without committing any money. It doesn't really matter, and doesn't really have any bearing on the story. As the game progressed, I'm pretty sure some new rules were made up on the spot. One of the girls had already sold both her shoes, did not have socks, and was reluctant to sell her shirt for a chip. One of the guys offered to sell her a chip for a kiss, which she smiled and took him up on.

Things like that started happening a lot, and, not unexpectedly, mostly to the girls. My first experience with it was when I was out of chips and didn't want to remove my shirt. I sold a kiss to a very hot guy for two chips (I didn't open my mouth when he kissed me, and he protested, saying I cheated him. Everyone agreed that I never specified that he could use his tongue. I am fast learner!).

Eventually though, when it came to me, there reached a point when no one would sell me a chip, not even for a tongue kiss and over the shirt boob squeeze. The guys wanted my shirt off, so I finally obliged. I will say, without exaggeration, I had the best rack in the room. My sister was close, but my boobies were the best, and the guys clearly picked up on that. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and peeled it off. My black lace bra hid the fact that my nipples were rock hard by the act.

I clearly became a target, as the guys in the room (and perhaps a few of the women) wanted me out of my bra as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for them, I actually won a few hands and kept my clothes on a while longer. Beth pretty much gave up her clothing early, having hosted (or been to) these parties a number of times, and reveled in the eyes taking in her naked body.

By 10:00 or so, the game had pretty much lost any semblance of poker. I had given a number of kisses and a few guys and felt me up. It became of game sort of like dares for chips or something. Some one would offer to do something, and people would offer chips to get them to do it. If you ran out of chips, you were out of the game. I did crazier and crazier things. Finally took my bra off (to cheers in the room), let guys suck on my nipples. Deep throated a cucumber. Let two guys kiss my breasts at the same time. Lots of that kind of thing. It was when one of the girls offered '5 minutes in the closet' that I started to get nervous about where the night was leading.

One really cute guy, Tommy, had been trying to get me to do the back room for nearly a half an hour, and I finally gave in. When he got me in the room, I made it clear that I would not have sex with him, or let him into my panties. He looked crushed, but I squeezed my tits together and said he could have his way with them, and he looked much happier. He took me quit literally, too. He attacked my breasts, pinching and twisting one nipple while he sucked greedily on the other. He pushed me back on my sisters bed, enjoying my titties like no one had in a while, and before I knew it, his cock was between them.

I protested, but he assured me that he wouldn't do anything more, and that I had said he could have his way with my breasts. I relented, and held my titties together for him. His fingers roughly twisted my nipples as he tittyfucked me, and his cock head gret closer and closer to my mouth. I knew he wanted me to take him into my mouth, but I was not willing to let him. In and incredibly short time, he shot his load all over my chest, then let me use his shirt to clean up.

When we got back out into the livingroom, he promptly announced that he had 'fucked the titties!" and won a side bet the guys had going. LOL. Bastards! I let two other guys tittyfuck me that night, and did give Tommy a blowjob later in the evening. He really wanted to have sex, but I stood firm and never lost my panties. I have yet to ever go back to one of my sister's parties, but my husband really wants us to both go. Perhaps one of these days!

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