tagBDSMPoker with His Friends

Poker with His Friends


So, he had planned a great "evening" I thought, sarcastically, But I wasn't really interested. I tried everything to keep from going.

I told him I didn't have a problem with staying home alone, I even promised him lots of dirty sex if we stayed home together.

He didn't listen.

I suggested I could have an evening with my girls while he hung around with his boys.

Nothing. Whatever I tried didn't work out.

The reason I was not excited about this evening had to do with the last time I'd gone there with him. I just stood behind him the whole evening. No one was talking to me. If I said anything, everyone looked displeased. It seemed I was just the silly girl no one invited.

I told him all that. His response?

'You will go there with me! No more discussing!'

I'm sure you can imagine how much I looked forward to this night.

When we arrived at his friends house, I tried again. Before I opened the car door, I looked at him, touched his leg, stroking it slowly, while saying,

"We could also spend the evening on our own. sir." accompanied by a devilish sexy smile.

When he smiled back at me, I thought I had made progress.

Then he said,

"Nice try baby girl!' and took my hand off his leg.

It appeared as if I couldn't get out of it anymore.

We stepped out of the car. I walked behind him. When we arrived at the door he rang.

'Come in guys' one of his friends said, as he opened up the door.

I don't remember his name. I never remember their names. I know that's bad, but I'm not really interested in them. And we usually don't spend much time with them.

We stepped inside and went downstairs into the cellar.

I'll never understand why dens always are in cellars. From my last visit, I remembered this wasn't even to be a nice one.

It's dark and dusty, because it has never been redone.

The only thing its owner did was putting in table and hang a lamp over it.

Half of the room still lay in relative darkness, but I know that there were more beams in the ceiling.

Sir greeted his friends and introduced me to the ones that I don't know.

Then, they sit down. "Let the game begin." one said.

I hope this is over soon.

Sir looks at me.




'Do I look as if I am joking?'

'No, of course not. I'm sorry sir!'

I kneel down. As a positive, I think, at least I don't have to stand in high heels the whole evening.

The game begins and everything is a usual, until...

'Ok guys, let's have a break!' the houses owner says.

'Great idea!' the others say.

Everyone is leaving the room. The only ones staying are me and Sir.

'Get up!' he says-

I do as I'm told

The next instruction. 'Take off your dress!'

'Sir?' I'm a little confused.

'Take off your dress!' he repeats.


'No buts! Take it off!'

'Of course, Sir.' I don't want to risk a fight. Not here, in his friends house.

I take it off. Of course, I didn't wear underwear, like he told me.

He stands up, takes out a scarf and grins as he blindfolds me.

I'm surprised and a little nervous about what happens next.

I never tried that out, and it definitely makes this evening more interesting than I thought it would be.

I just hope we are done before his friends come back.

He takes my arm and leads me to the dark side of the room, with all the beams.

'Put your arms over your head!' he says.

I do so, and feel of cold metal on my wrists, followed by two little clicks.


We tried them out before. Nevertheless, I'm surprised.

He asks, 'You didn't expect that, did you?'

I reply 'No, Sir, I didn't.'

I can't deny it, I am wet at the thought of his friends coming in here any second.

Seeing me naked, wearing just high heels, hands bound over my head. The thoughts running through my head create a stunning feeling in my pussy.

Then he pulls on my ass a bit and tells me to open my legs. I do, and standing in front of him, exposed.

It's great, I love him seeing me this way. Inspecting what is his.

He takes his hands off of me, and his warm body leaves.

I turn my head as far as possible, in the direction I think he went.

He's says 'The next time, you'd better think about discussing my requests for your company with me that much.'

I hear a chair. He sits down. I hear his friends! I panic!

He says 'Don't worry, they knew that this would happen a long time ago!'

His friends enter one saying 'Oh! What do my eyes see? I guess we have a new jackpot now!'

'OK, guys, you know the rules!' Sir said. "The one that wins the round is allowed to whip her, the one that wins the pot will fuck her mouth first!'

'What about her pussy?' one of them asked.

Sir replies 'I am the only one that fucks her pussy! Forget about that!"

Another one says 'Ok, deal.'

'Then let's go' the owner of the house says.

Should I worry about the fact that the thought of his friends whipping me and taking my mouth has me dripping? I mean, two minutes ago, I was scared for them to see me here.

And now I feel good about it? That's confusing.

On the other hand, I shouldn't worry that much. Sir is always looking after me. I trust in him. I have a safeword if it's going too far for me to take.

They play. I can hear the coins and the cards. Sir is winning the first round.

I forgot how good he is with this game.

He comes to me, touches my face gently and kisses my cheek.

Seconds later, I feel the sharp bite of the flogger on my ass.

'Ah! Thank you sir!'

The boys are yelling.

'Good girl' he says, and goes back to the table.

It goes on like that, round for round. Sir is not the only one that wins, so it is always somebody else coming to whip me. Sir is the second best in the end. He didn't win the pot.

The house owner won.

'Congratulations! Your reward.' sir says, pointing at me.

They close on me. Sir takes my chin in his hands and raises my face, then he kisses my forehead and lets my head fall back down. He frees me from the handcuffs.

'Hands on your back!' he says.

I do as I'm told.

And as fast as they were gone, the cuffs are are back on.

The next order. 'Kneel down!'

Again, I do as I'm told.

'Now you will show my friends what you learned so far!'

I feel the touch of a glans on my lips and open my mouth.

'This tits could need some punishment too, don't you think?' one of his friends asks Sir.

'Yes, you are right. Go for it! Use the crop.' he replies.

While I suck on the ones dick, another slaps my tits. I don't know how, but he makes it always meet my nipples.

A third one treats my back with the flogger.

I show everything I learned from teasing with my tongue and sucking hard to swallow it down. I get my reward quite quickly.

He comes into my mouth and I swallow every drop.

The next one doesn't wait long. He uses my mouth, and it goes on and on.

No breaks for me. To be honest, I don't want a break anyway.

All of them cum into my mouth or all over my face. One cums on my tits.

After his seven friends are satisfied, Sir steps in front of me.

'Well done, little one!' he says.

He frees me from the handcuffs, throws me on the floor and fucks me hard!

He pumps inside me as I scream!

'Sir?' I'm asking.

'Yes slut?' he's replying.

'May I have permission to cum?'

I hope he says yes. I'm so close, I couldn't keep it back anyway.

I'd have never thought it could turn me on to be used by so many men.

'Yes, go ahead!' he says.

I scream it out, every cell of my body feels alive! He joins me in release. I can hear his feral scream as my orgasm slowly finds its end.

While the waves become ripples and I'm slowly pulled back to earth, Sir covers me in a blanket and brings me to the bathroom.

He is weary, but always strong enough to take care for me. I like that about him, a lot.

He sits me on the toilet. He takes of all his clothes, unwraps me, takes me in his arms and we sink into a warm bath together.

He washes me and I fall asleep in his arms.

In the end, I think, the night has been better than expected. The next time, I will probably not discuss his suggestions that much anymore.

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