tagLoving WivesPole Position Ch. 01

Pole Position Ch. 01


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"Honey, Nick has a really big cock."

I was lying in the living room on the couch. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was watching the ball game somewhat half listening to the statement my wife had just made.

"What was that?" I replied.

My wife stood in the doorway to the kitchen. She had been inside cleaning up a little and finishing up some breakfast dishes.

"I said Nick has a big cock. Really... really big."

It was one of those moments where you should be able to do a spit take. My eyes opened wide and I half turned to face my wife in the doorway.

"What! What did you say? Nick has a big cock?"

Deb and I had been married for almost six years now, I was a few years older than her at 32 and Deb was in her late 20's (27).

To say that I had lucked out was an understatement.

Deb is the prize, the kind of girl who turns guy's heads because she had has this innocent, girl next door quality which is so appealing. Deb is 5' 7". Really leggy, she has skinny hips and a flat tummy. She spent years studying dance (ballet) up into her teens when she gave it up because she grew breasts. And what incredible breasts they are, Deb's assets are a full D cup capped off with the most delectable nipples that puff up and stand off the breast itself. I loved watching them puff up and her nipples draw out into hard nubs when she got aroused.

So here was my prize telling me about some other guy's cock!

"Yes... yes John, Nick has a really huge cock."

After my initial shock of the subject matter of the discussion passed and I had calmed down a little, I turned back to my ball game.

"And how is it you come by such a personal piece of information if I may ask."

"I saw it the other day when I was running."

Deb is obsessed with fitness. Like many of us she works in an office all day and as a result finds herself sitting for prolonged periods of time. When after the first year on her current job she started to go up a dress size, she became preoccupied about doing everything in her power to win the battle of the bulge.

Here is where we differ because as I stated earlier, Deb really is quite spectacular and the added weight was not noticeable but then she's the one looking in the mirror with the hyper critical eye.

"So, what? Nick was running through the neighborhood naked? What? He was streaking?"

"No, he was at the reservoir doing laps but his shorts were a bit shorter than they probably should have been."

Thinking Nick had been wearing something akin to cager's shorts from the 70s, I replied, "Well honey just because Nick wears a pair of short shorts doesn't mean he has a really big cock. Probably more along the lines he's a bit of a pervert and an exhibitionist."

"No dear, you've got the wrong idea. He was wearing shorts that came down to just above his knee and his thing was just peaking out of one of the legs."

"Deb, that's impossible." I said. "First off, the guy can't be more than 5' 8" and the proportions would just be way off."

Nick our neighbor from a couple of houses down the street seemed to be a nice enough guy. He was approaching 40 and lived by himself. He had been married and even had a sizeable family having had four kids with his wife but they had problems and she wound up suing for divorce. She was from out of state and decided after things were final that she wanted to be around her family so she packed up the kids and moved back to the town her parents lived in.

Nick meanwhile stayed in the house.

I wasn't sure why he stayed. I didn't talk to the guy much, he was friendly enough as a neighbor and would wave when passing our house or when we were passing his but, since we didn't have kids yet we didn't move in the same circles. One of the neighbors had intonated Nick stayed in the house because he wanted there to be some consistency for his kids on the rare occasions he had them with him. They would have their old rooms and still be able to keep a connection to the friend's they made before the divorce.

In the meantime, Nick had kept to himself for the most part. He' d be out in the yard to do maintenance and yard work but the guy worked and I had to imagine he had a big monthly nut between the house and whatever settlement he had to fork over to the ex-wife. The only time he seemed to break schedule was when he would go running at the reservoir which was at one end of the neighborhood and a popular destination for many local joggers.

Nick wasn't an Adonis in any way. As a matter of fact if anything, he was more unremarkable than anything else. He was average height, a bit on the lean side and like Deb he had brown hair. I mean nothing about the guy screamed ladies' man in any way.

I was silent for a moment while I ran all this over in my mind in light of what Deb had said.

"John, the proportions looked pretty good from where I was standing. Not that he was showing off or anything either. I don't even think he noticed me staring."

"Staring? You were STARING at his crotch?!?"

"No I wasn't staring at his crotch! At least not at first. I thought something was wrong and then for a second I though he might have a heart monitor or something strapped to his leg. I couldn't figure out what I was seeing which made me all the more curious until I realized it was the head of his cock."

Hearing the word cock even pass over Debs lips was odd. The harshness of the consonants combined with the topic were something I found unusual issuing from my genteel wife but maybe that should have given me a hint of what was to come. As it was, I looked back at the ball game.

"So, are you going to make a habit of looking at strange men's crotches from now on?"

Deb turned back to the kitchen sensing my loss of interest, under her breath she responded... "Maybe. Just maybe I will."

* * * * *

It really was nothing more than a blip in the weekend to me. When Monday rolled around, I had pushed the whole exchange from my mind. Deb didn't bring up the subject again either. After a few weeks had passed I had totally forgotten all about it.

Now, as I said, Deb really was a prize but up until the time we met she had for the most part led a fairly sheltered life. While she was very popular in school the fact was she grew up in quite a small town and her parents were very, very strict with her. Even when she left to go to college, a lot of that restrictive upbringing stuck. She didn't date much in college as her parents had sacrificed to send her off to a good school and she felt compelled to reward their faith in her by giving her studies her complete attention.

Deb is a smart cookie. She graduated in three years with a degree in Business and a minor in Anthropology. She's smart and a hard worker. In a way we are total opposites as I'm much more laid back. So, given our differences in personality I was a bit surprised when I asked her out, she accepted and then it appeared our relationship had legs.

While I might be laid back, I'm no fool either so after a year, I proposed and shortly after that we were married but, the truth was Deb really hadn't dated a lot. While she was happy with our sex life, I knew for a fact that her sexual experiences prior to us getting married had been limited and not entirely good. They involved some back seat groping as a teenager and then a handful of failed relationships as a co-ed. Overall the way Deb described her prior dalliances was as leaving her unfulfilled.

I'm no God of love when it comes to the bedroom but I hold my own and believe in making my partner happy. In the four years of our marriage, we had experimented with a variety of things to keep our bedroom life from becoming stale. So, that was another reason I didn't put much thought into Deb's comment about Nick that one weekend but it would haunt me later.

Deb is a creature of routine, very much an "A" type personality so, she is up early each day and starts her day with a run. As the calendar runs towards fall and winter, this means she will often be up before dawn, out of bed and out running before I've even roused from a night's sleep. Many times I'll wake up after she's returned, once she's put some coffee on and started her shower.

Over the weeks that followed that routine was kept to. Occasionally there was a day or two where Deb returned a bit later than usual from her run, but I didn't give it much thought imagining she had either prolonged her run or just gotten up a little later.

One other thing I noticed too over the ensuing weeks is that Deb was getting (for lack of a better word) "friskier" than she was normally. Especially in the mornings after her runs. I found myself the beneficiary on a few occasions of this improvement in her mood by being awoken with a warm mouth wrapped around me urging me on towards a wake up orgasm - a wake up blow job! Truly a gift from the gods.

Two or three months later, there was one morning where I awoke and Deb was nowhere to be found. As it got later, I started to get a bit worried. I hopped into the shower to get myself ready for the day but through my morning ritual I found myself increasingly worried about Deb's absence fearing the worst and deciding if she didn't return soon, I'd call in to work and go find her. I had visions of her lying somewhere hurt, something wrong with those luscious long legs accidently injured during her run. A twisted ankle, a pulled tendon, something that would mean she needed me to help her home. Worse still something violent, some malevolent stalker or lurker who had taken advantage of the quiet of the pre dawn to attack some lone female runner.

Just as I finished dressing, Deb sauntered in totally nonplussed.

"WHERE WERE YOU! I was starting to get very, very worried!"

Deb just looked at me in shock. Somewhat sheepishly she responded, "Oh, John... I'm so sorry dear."

She closed the space between us seeing the alarm and concern in my eyes and wrapped her arms around me.

"I just lost track of time," she continued. "I don't know what it is sometimes when I run, maybe the endorphins kick in but I didn't even think you'd be worried."

She kissed me.

"Ughhh... sweetheart you have some horrid morning breath," I said.

"John, I'm sorry. I really need to get cleaned up"

And she did have bad breath. She was extremely sweaty too and slightly rank after the run. She had an almost musky smell about her.

"Well, I'm off. Have a good day sweetheart," I said as I walked out the door.

"I'm sorry for losing track of time John. Have a great day!" And with that I went out the door as Deb shed her running garb and headed to the bathroom. I took one quick glance back as I was leaving and thought I caught something odd. Was that a red mark on her bottom?

* * * * *

I had a doctor's appointment for a physical a few weeks after that. My doctor was quite clear in his assessment. I could make a choice, I could get up off the couch or I had a future of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It wasn't overly serious but he made it plain that now that I was in my thirties and had started to put on weight, it would be wise to nip the problem in the bud. Lose the extra fifteen or twenty pounds I had effortless gained over the last few years and take steps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When I talked to Deb about it she was concerned. She started pestering me to take the doctor's advice to heart and get off my ass.

So, I decided it would probably be a good idea to start running -- if only to get Deb to ease up on the nagging.

I'm not much of a morning person, so I would mostly run at night. Whether I had dinner or not I would make a point of getting out and at least walking and jogging for a period in the evening. On those rare occasions when I was truly motivated I got up and made my way out to the reservoir before work to get in a lap or two.

Deb was much more serious about the running thing than I was and she ran a much greater distance than I so if I did go out for a run in the morning it would be well after she had left and towards the end of her run.

Of course Deb's obsession with running over the last few months had really made a great impact on her. While she had strong legs from her dance studies, they now started getting much more defined and that roundness she had was gone, she now had a flat tummy with very pronounced abs. Of course this was still capped off by those gorgeous tits of hers - yes, she had almost become a titsicle (a stick with tits).

Again, I wasn't complaining though because she had also become voracious. Her energy level was way up and so was the frequency of sex. After running in the morning became one of her favorite times to initiate sex and she seemed to be well aroused after her runs. Truthfully, I liked it to. She was sweaty and super wet and it was intoxicating,

If I hadn't gotten out to the track I'd awake and she would be on top of me grabbing my morning wood directing it to a very wet pussy. As Deb continued her running regimen she began to make noise about entering a half marathon. She was regularly running about 6 miles a day and her competitive streak began to show. I kept to the evenings for my running except I would try to join Deb on weekends. On those occasions Deb would take great delight in lapping me around the reservoir. There was no doubt that she could run faster and further than my loping pace.

The running now was really beginning to show, Deb's body was lithe, muscular and well defined. When Deb had started running, she was likely to wear a baggy oversize t-shirt and loose fitting shorts but a month or two in Deb went out and purchased some proper running attire. Accompanied by the changes in her physique, this had the effect of being pornographic.

Most days Deb's outfit would consist of very tight black lycra (or spandex) pants that she would wear very low slung on her hips. They fit her like a glove and every inch and fold of her skin was apparent to even the most casual glance. If it was chilly, she would wear some kind of snug purple top that had a hoodie on it but as the weather got more temperate, she would just wear a hot pink halfsie that doubled as a sports bra which though it provided support, did nothing to hide Deb's rather meaty nipples.

I can only imagine what the neighbors thought of it seeing her dash through the streets practically naked in the pre dawn hours of the morning.

Deb decided to enter a half marathon. This required her to follow a strict running program to prepare for the race. I was very impressed with Deb's dedication and wanted to show support whatever way I could. One way was to try and get out there with her in the morning to give her some company on those morning runs. I didn't tell her I was going to do this though and waited until the morning I decided to start accompanying to surprise her. I heard her leave and rapidly started to get prepped myself to get out there on the track. Deb had been gone not more than ten minutes when I left the house and made my way to the reservoir. I started running figuring she would lap me as she normally did when we ran together on the weekends and as things turned out just as I got to the track I could see Deb unmistakably up ahead of my a bit of ways but much to my surprise she wasn't alone.

The two figures quickly outdistanced me and I was left with a jumble of my own thoughts.

Deb had never before mentioned a running partner? Then again, it might simply have been the fact of her having gotten out to the path today, finding someone else already here and welcoming the company. Most likely the simplest excuse was the correct one. So, I continued my lap.

I had finished one circuit and was halfway through the next when I heard a male voice call out, "Coming through!" As I edged of to the side of the trail Deb and her running partner dashed by. There was a delayed response as it registered to Deb I had made it out to the track this morning and they slowed and stopped to let me catch up.

"John? What are you doing out here so early?"

I stopped and there was Deb with our neighbor Nick. Nick didn't seem the least bit alarmed by my presence and greeted me.

"Hey John."

"Yeah honey. I know you are getting ready for this half marathon and I wanted to show my support by coming out and keeping you company on your run," I said.

Deb relied, "Oh, John... that's so sweet!"

"I just didn't know you already had someone running with you today or I would have waited until a day when you were alone."

"Oh, Nick has been running with me for awhile now. As a matter of fact he's was the one encouraging me to enter the half marathon. He's been a big help in my training."

"Really?!" I'm sure en eyebrow raised when I heard that.

"I have to tell you John, Deb's really hard. I mean she's got amazing stamina. A lot of mornings I simply have trouble myself keeping up with her," Nick added.

I looked over at Nick and took note of his running attire which consisted of running shoes, a somewhat loose fitting sweatshirt and a pair of bicycle pants. Like Deb's running clothes the big pants molded themselves to Nick's lower body and you could see overall he had a true runner's physique, wiry and lean, tautly muscled. The thing that stood out, and that was truly the best way to describe it, was what looked like the inside of a paper towel roll running down the inside of his left leg. The pants were so tight you could see the ridge of the head of Nick's formidable junk.

I bought my eyes back up after catching myself and not wanting to get caught staring but it was too late. As I met Nick's eyes the corners of his mouth crept up in a knowing smirk.

"So John, are you going to join us? I have to caution you, Deb's makes it difficult to keep pace..."

They were quite the pair at that moment, my wife the stick with tits, and this short mutant with an elephant's trunk running down his thigh. Both of them standing there nude but for the thin spandex covering them.

"Honey? Are you going to keep pace?" Deb asked. "If you can't keep up while I really would like it if you joined us, I am training for the race and I need to stay on my program."

"No, that's alright you just go ahead, "I reluctantly replied. "I'll just get my work in, you two keep to whatever schedule you've established and I'll walk back to the house with you after you're through."

And with that they were off.

It left me with quite a bit to think about. Neither one seemed at all alarmed that I had shown up at the track that morning. If something had been going on between them I would have expected at least a bit of nervousness but as far as I could tell there was none. Still, it concerned me that Deb had never mentioned running with Nick before now and I was bothered even more by Nick's showing off. Deb was a loyal wife but if they had been working out together for awhile, it meant that she was getting a daily dose, up close and personal of what Nick was carrying around between his legs and I was reasonably alarmed her curiosity might get the better of her.

They lapped me three more times that morning and while I was finishing my last lap they were already done. As I came up on the part of the track that is near the house, I could see in the morning light that Deb was laying down on a blanket on her side as Nick pushed her thighs stretching her out after the run. Deb had one leg bent at the knee and was twisted as Nick pushed down on it. He was straddling on leg that was lying straight and in that position his crotch was pushed up against the back of Deb's thigh. There was no doubt he was pressing himself against the back of her thigh!

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