Police Work


Alia woke up to the phone ringing and rolled out of bed. She looked down at her sleeping husband then at the clock.

It wasn't even four in the morning and she was leaving for work. She barely had time to throw her hair into a pony tail before she was racing out the door. She got in the car and drove to an alleged domestic violence case. She arrived just in time to see a man and a woman pushing and slapping at each other not even caring about the cops being mere feet away from them.

Alia was the first to take a step forward. The two broke apart but the guy was quick to pull out a small hand gun and point it at her. He shot and Alia threw herself to the ground. A couple other officers rushed in and fired a couple shots, hitting the man in the arm making him drop the gun. He was quickly handcuffed and brought to the police car. The woman was also arrested and put into a separate car.

The last officer walked over to Alia and helped her up. She stood up and seemed almost oblivious to the bleeding wound on her shoulder where the bullet must have skimmed her. She saw the officer staring and looked over. She put her hand on top of the wound and pulled it away, There was a line of blood.

"I think I might have been hit."

"Alia we need to get you to a hospital."

"No I'm fine."

"Come on you're bleeding."

"I didn't even feel the bullet so that just means that it barely hit me."

"Just go to the hospital make me feel better."

"Fine I'll go."

The officer walked Alia to his car. She was quick to shrug him off and open the door. She got in the front seat and waited patiently for the officer to get in. He drove her to the hospital where she got a few stitches and a bandage put on her shoulder. She was then driven back to get her car.

Regardless of her injury Alia kept going through the day like any other. When she got home her husband greeted her with a quick kiss. He had no idea about the wound under her shirt and when he put his hand on her shirt Alia pulled away.

"Hun what happened?"

"Nothing, Josh. Just a little accident at work."

"What happened?" Josh tried to pull the shirt aside to look at the wound but she pulled away. He grabbed her by her wrist and held her for whatever amount he could. He pulled the shoulder of her shirt aside and looked down at the gauze from the hospital. "How did that happen?"

"Some psycho guy and his wife were fighting and the guy shot at me."

"Okay I don't want you doing that anymore."

"What, my job?"

"I don't want to have to keep worrying if you're gonna come home to me."

"Just because I'm a woman you dont want me doing it. If you were the one in my position and you had the same thing happen to you you would tell me that it didn't matter. You would keep doing your job no matter how many times I told you to quit. And that's how I'm going to treat the situation."

Alia pushed her way passed Josh. He turned to watch her as she made her way to the bedroom. Josh decided that this was his moment. He could let it pass and just let his wife pretty much walk out of his life or he could do something about it. He rushed after her and in a swift movement he slid behind her and grabbed her hands. He held them behind her back and reached for the handcuffs located at her waist. Once he had her hands behind her back and knew that there was no escaping he placed his hands back on her waist. He felt around her hips then down her thighs. While he did this he groped her ass then raced her hand up to fondle her breasts.

Alia was still in a cop state of mind. She wanted to fight Josh away and get free. She wasn't in the mood for sex and now it was being forced upon her. She struggled as Josh groped and fondled her. He kissed her neck then placed his hands around both of her wrists. He walked her to the bed.

"Josh what are you doing?" Alia asked angrily.

"What the fuck do you think I'm doing."

"You're assaulting an officer of the law that's what I think you're doing."

"Well I might as well get my times worth then, right?"

Josh pushed Alia down to the bed. With her hands behind her back she had no means of catching herself and fell face first into the comforter. She tried to turn over but Josh was quick to push her back. He grabbed her wrists again and pulled her up. He climbed onto her and straddled her legs. He pulled her up and grabbed the front of her shirt. He ripped it open watching as a couple buttons fell to the bed. Only a few of them stayed intact.

Josh looked down and smiled. He leaned over his wife and saw as her eyes were still ablaze with fire. He ran his hands down her sides and grabbed at the sides of her pants. He placed his hand under her waist and she stuck her ass in the air where he was able to pull her pants down. Josh threw the pants on the floor and quickly removed her socks before getting back on top of her.

"Josh we're not having sex. I'm not in the mood."

"Oh really?" Josh asked slyly. He moved down Alia's body and looked down at her nice firm ass. He ran his hand over the silk panties that barely covered her butt cheeks half way. He gave Alia a quick spank then ran his down into the crotch of the panties. He didn't even need to insert the finger into her pussy to feel just how moist the area was. He decided however that if he was going to get his wife really revved up he would need to finger her. He rammed his fingers inside her now dripping wet pussy and moved them in and out of her.

Alia tried to maintain her tough composure. She held in her sighs and moans of satisfaction as best she could. Josh however wasn't fooled by her fake displeasure with the act. He could feel Alia's pussy becoming wetter and pulled his fingers away. He looked at the juices which were glistening on his fingers. He licked one finger clean then put the other in front of his wife's face. She pulled her head away but he grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head. He forced the finger into her mouth and she obediently sucked on it until Josh pulled it away from her.

"You still saying that you don't want it?"

"Josh I am going to kill you once I get free."

"Well I'll have gotten what I want by then so it really doesn't matter."

Josh pushed Alia's face into the bed and with one swift motion pulled her panties down. He watched as Alia stuck her ass in the air slightly but he acted as if he hadn't noticed. He pulled his cock out of his pants which was now rock hard. He rubbed it a little. He could see Alia lifting her head and trying to look back to see what he was doing but every time he would push her face back into the comforter.

It was clear that Alia was through with waiting. She impatiently threw her hips back and Josh gave her a spank that was a little harder and rougher this time. She pulled her hips forward again.

Josh leaned forward again and pressed his body against Alia's back. He put his head beside hers and said, "I decide what happens and when it happens. Are we understood?" He lifted her head back up by her hair and she just shook her head in agreement. Josh released her head with a quick fling of the wrist and kneel behind her. He rubbed his cock a little more before running it lightly against her wet slit. He pushed just the head in between her lips and felt as Alia again tried to push her hips back to make him fully penetrate her. He pulled away and waited until her hips went back to the position they had been.

Alia was biting her lip with her face in the comforter. She turned her head to the side to get a little more air. She was breathing rather rapidly and she could feel a slight trickle of liquid going down her leg.

Josh saw this and figured that it was the perfect time. With a quick thrust he rammed his rock hard dick into her wet juicy pussy. The penetration was such a relief that Alia squirted making a small wet spot on the bed. Josh started thrusting in and out of Alia. He would occasionally spank her and pull her head up by her hair. Alia would let out moans and sighs of satisfaction and then would have her face pushed back down.

Finally Josh felt his own orgasm erupting and he released a large load into her. He fell on top of her exhausted. He could feel Alia's pulsating vagina contracting as she herself had her own orgasm. Josh slowly pulled out of her and rolled over to fall on the bed. He looked over at Alia who was still helpless and panting overcoming the waves of ecstasy that flushed over her. She looked at Josh.

"Okay." she panted. "Now that you've gotten what you wanted, can you please get the key and unlock these things?"


Josh rolled off the bed and searched Alia's pants. Finally he found the key. He walked back over to his wife and unbound her hands. She looked at him with the same wild eyes. However the enraged fire had died. No this look was different. She got on her knees on the bed and made perfect eye contact with her husband.

"What?" Josh asked.

Alia snapped the hand cuffs out of her husbands hands and grabbed the key. "I have a job to do." She got off the bed and started walking toward her pants which were only a couple feet away. Josh watched with slowly saddening eyes.

"You can't seriously be going back to work?"

"No." Alia quickly grabbed Josh's hands and held them behind his back. She put the handcuffs on him and stood on her tiptoes. She kissed him on the cheek then said with a smile. "It was my understanding that you assaulted an officer of the law and now you have to spend the night with her."

Josh turned his head to look at her and the couple kissed. "I guess you do have a job to do."


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