tagNonConsent/ReluctancePolicewomen's Ball

Policewomen's Ball


Constable Jane Lawler was in the patrol car with her partner, Constable Mary Porter when the call came through. It was a few days before Halloween and the two women were on the late shift in the sleepy West Sussex village of Abbey Meadow, not far from Hastings. Nothing ever happened here. That's why it was a surprise when the call came. Neighbours called about a house in the village where students from the local technical college had gathered for a half term party. As they turned into the street they could hear the loud din even from the top of the road. Jane pulled the car right outside the offending house and was about to get out.

"Perhaps we should call for back-up Jane?"

Jane smiled. " Back-up? Don't be silly Mary. They're only students having a good time. We've all been there ."

They both got out of the car and putting on their caps, they headed for the front door. Both women were almost six feet tall, and of slim build. Jane rang the door bell accompanied by a firm knock. After a few seconds the door was opened by a young woman of about nineteen or twenty.

The two policewomen identified themselves.

"What's the problem, officers?" asked the girl.

"Are you the tenant, Miss?"

"I'm one of them, yes."

"The noise from this house is in breach of noise regulations. May we come in?"

"Sure," said the girl reluctantly and opened the door.

As the Constables looked around they became aware of one strange fact, there were no males. The young woman seemed to sense what they were thinking. "It's an all girl party. We're just celebrating half term break up."

Satisfied there nothing amiss but the noise Jane turned to the young girl. "Just keep the noise down Miss."

"Sure thing officer."

It was when they turned into the hall that the policewomen noticed a young woman at the bottom of the stairs. She was clearly high on something.

"What have you taken?" asked Mary with concern.

The young woman looked up and smiled. "Oh, it's just wonderful. Why can't you pigs just leave us alone."

Jane went to her radio. "We'll have to call this in."

Neither Constable noticed the woman at the top of the stairs. She was at least thirty-five and clearly the leader of the gang. She gave a discreet nod and suddenly the two Constables found themselves surrounded and restrained forcefully.

"Get off us," yelled Jane. She looked up and to her horror recognised the woman descending the stairs.

"I don't believe it."

"Don't believe what?" asked Mary.

Jane didn't get a chance to respond as woman stood before her. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Janey Lawler?"

"Diane Felton. I never thought I'd see you around here again."

"I'm flattered you remembered me. It's been what? Seven years?

"Eight," corrected Jane.

Mary spoke up. "Jane, who is this person?"

"This, Mary, is 'former' Constable Diane Felton." Jane laid heavy emphasis on 'Former.'

Mary recalled the story about Felton. She and Jane had been on patrol eight years ago. She had gone to a pub to 'relieve' herself. When Felton resumed driving it was clear to Jane that she had taken something. She started driving fast and erratically. Only because Jane grabbed the wheel and swerved the car did they avoid a wall. Jane reported the incident. Diane Felton tested positive for illegal substances and after a disciplinary hearing she was dismissed in disgrace. She disappeared soon after and now she was back.

"You made absolutely certain of that didn't you Janey? Too bad it didn't bring a promotion, 'Constable'" Diane was sarcastic on the latter word. "What did you get for your trouble? Did you get to fuck the Chief Constable?"

"You bitch," Jane spat at her.

Diane retaliated by slapping her hard across her face.

"Jane, what the hell is going on here?"

"You mean she never told you? How your precious partner here betrayed me and had me dumped from the force?"

"You were on drugs, Di. You could have killed us both that night or others. You fucked up your own career. Are you going to blame me for that too?"

"Why not? You were a major factor. Take them upstairs," ordered Diane with authority.

"Wait. Constable Porter has nothing to do with this. This is between you and me. Release her and I'll do what ever you want."

"No Jane. Don't..." Mary was silenced as Diane put her hand to her mouth.

"What sort of a fool do you think I am Janey dear?" Diane said no more and as she signalled with her head the policewomen were dragged upstairs to a bedroom.

In the room a frightened Constable Mary Porter spoke. "What are you going to do to us?"

"Nothing you won't enjoy dear. I promise."

There was a chorus of laughter from the group of young women gathered.

"You're in big trouble Felton."

"Perhaps, but believe me Janey, it'll be worth it because by the time we're through with you, you'll regret you even knew me."

"I already regret that."

Again Diane nodded. This time the young women proceeded to strip the Constables. Both tried to resist. Diane discreetly raised her hand and both Policewomen received an electric shock that seemed to drain them of energy and at the same time stunned them.

Each of the young women seemed to have an individual task as one unbuttoned and removed Jane's tunic. Another removed her cravat and unbuttoned her blouse. Simultaneously her pants were loosened and rolled down. This and the removal of her blouse exposed Jane's red lace underwear. It contrasted to Mary's simple whites.

"Hold it," commanded Diane and she walked over her prisoner. "Very sexy knickers. Expensive too. We couldn't afford that when I was in the force. What were you planning to do? Fuck Sergeant Hammond's husband?" Again there was a roar of laughter from the others.

"Go to hell," screamed Jane with venom.

Diane nodded her head and again Jane received a severe jolt.

"Uuugh," was all Jane could utter as she winced in pain.

Diane put her hand inside Jane's knickers and began to rub her pussy. "Oh that is smooth Janey."

Some of the women giggled.

"Please, Don't do that," begged Jane breathlessly.

"Why Jane, I thought you'd enjoy it." Suddenly Diane's expression turned to anger and twisting Jane's knickers, she ripped them from her lower body by sheer brute force.

"A nicely trimmed pussy Janey."

Both naked policewomen were led to the centre of the room and their arms were extended upwards. Their own handcuffs were used as they hung suspended from a cross beam facing each other. Despite their tall stature their feet barely touched the ground.

"What the hell are you doing?" screamed Mary Porter.

"Oh shut them up," responded Diane with anger.

They were gagged with tape.

Diane walked in front of a helpless Jane Lawler and poked her pussy with a riding crop. "You know Janey? I'd say your pussy has seen some action."

There was a roar of female laughter.

Jane shook her head and muffled a protest through her gag.

Diane began to caress Jane's pussy with the whip. Jane couldn't resist moaning.

"I told you you'd enjoy it but I have something else in mind for you both."

Diane turned to one of her companions and whispered something. Diane began to play teasingly with Jane's huge breasts running the riding crop around her hardened nipples and then around her breasts. She went between her breasts and down her well toned body. This teasing excited Jane. Her sexual arousal was beginning to build. As suddenly as it started it stopped as Diane withdrew her riding crop.

Diane took pleasure in seeing Jane's disappointment. "No Janey, dear. You're not getting away it that that easily." Diane grinned.

"How old are you Janey? Thirty-two, thirty three? You kept your shape well. You were always a tease. Those magnificent tits." Diane squeezed them and Jane gave a muffled scream.

"Those long slender legs turned many a head Janey. Even some of the girls were turned on. Have you ever been with a woman Janey? No? Well we'll have to change that. Won't we?"

Jane again began to scream and struggled.

Diane signalled and Jane was again subdued.

The young woman returned to the room with a strange looking device. To Jane it looked like a large rubber dildo with two heads.

Jane was pushed to within touching distance of her naked partner. Contemplating what was about to occur both women began to protest violently until electric jolts once again subdued them.

The large dildo was pushed into each pussy and some of the young women held Jane and Mary by their hips, pushing them back and forth while the others cheered in delight.

Both nude police officers felt their pussies being pounded for what seemed like hours although in reality it was only several minutes. They felt they were going to orgasm but the dildo was withdrawn leaving them sexually disappointed and frustrated. They didn't know it yet but their torment was only just beginning. Diane Felton intended it to be a long night, especially for Jane Lawler.

Diane turned to another girl and whispered to her. When she disappeared Diane continued to rub Jane's large breasts with her whip.

The young woman returned with a bowl of whipped cream.

"I was saving this for dessert but I think this will be better fun." Diane began smear the cream around Jane's breasts, down her waist and on her pussy.

She pointed to Mary and she was released from her bonds and her gag violently removed.

"You maniac," screamed Mary. She was held back by the women. Diane simply laughed.

"Your partner is very dirty. I suggest you lick her clean."

Mary stared at Diane in horror. "Go and fuck yourself," she yelled defiantly. She felt a sharp stabbing pain that numbed her legs and she crashed face down to the floor.

Diane pulled her up by her hair. "Now you listen to me, you stupid bitch. Stubbornness will bring you nothing but pain. I'll make you suffer so much you'll beg me to let you lick her. If you don't believe me, ask your partner. She knows I mean what I say." Mary's head was turned towards Jane. Her head was bowed in total resignation.

Mary was pulled over to her partner. "Oh God. I-I'm sorry Jane," and her mouth was forced to receive Jane's cream covered breast. Reluctantly she began to lick Jane's nipple in a slow circular movement. Each circle became wider as she made her way around her breasts. Mary could see from Jane's reaction that each tongue movement excited her. She wanted to stop but didn't want to suffer more pain. Jane's reactions brought amusement to the young women. "The bitch is really enjoying herself," yelled one of them. They all laughed in unison. Only tears came to Mary Porter's eyes.

She made her way between Jane's breasts and onto her left. Jane's arousal was at fever pitch and almost made her crazy. Mary made her way down her partner's waist to her cream covered pussy. There she hesitated. She could see they were about to apply the painful prong. "No please. Don't hurt me. I'll do it." She began to lick the cream and penetrate Jane's pussy lips. She was amazed how wet her partner was. Although she had removed the cream Mary continued to lick with relish. She could feel the Jane's clit was excited. She herself found it a turn on and just couldn't stop. The cheering of the young women was almost hypnotic. Finally Jane's love juices flowed and she gave a sigh sexual satisfaction through her gag.

Pulling Mary by her long black hair to her feet, Diane spoke. "I told you you'd enjoy it. Didn't I sweetie?" Once again their was a chorus of laughter from the young women. Mary suppressed the desire to yell back at her.

Diane turned to another of the women. "Well Jo. What do you think? You wanted to fuck a real policewoman. Now's your chance. What are you waiting for?"

"Oh boy. Thanks Di," and the other young women dragged Mary to another room screaming. "No please. I'm not lesbian."

"What are you talking about sweetie? You made your partner cum," grinned Diane.

Diane turned to a limp and exhausted Jane who was still suspended from the beam. "I'm going to let you rest, Janey dear, while your beautiful partner gets the fucking of her life."

Jane Lawler sighed helplessly as she could hear Mary's pleas for help. Then she could hear nothing as she closed her eyes and sheer exhaustion made her sleep.


As Jane woke up she was startled when she felt her face was splattered with cold water. She still felt tired. She couldn't have been asleep long. She soon realised she was no longer suspended from the cross beam but was restrained by two young women.

"Come on Janey dear. Wake up."

Jane recognised her tormentor's voice. When she was fully awake she could see Diane standing in front of her. She used her riding crop to raise Jane's chin. She spoke to her like a mother scolding her daughter.

"My, my, Janey. You're very dirty. You need a shower badly. Don't you agree girls?"

"Oh yes Di. She does," responded one of the young women and the others laughed.

"Well. Off you go."

About half a dozen young women lifted Jane and carried her towards the shower, cheering as they went. Jane was so exhausted she neither had the strength nor will to resist. She was forced to stand up and the steamy jets of hot water was a shock as it hit her naked flesh. Several of the young women stripped and joined her. One stood behind her and began to soap her breasts. Another soaped her flat stomach and began to wash it off. She then knelt and gently inserting her tongue she began lick through her pussy lips to her clit. Jane gave huge moan of excitement in response.

At the same time, Jane's breasts were being gently squeezed and fondled. These two young women were certainly experts in Sapphic enjoyment. For the first time Jane became lust bound. She wanted this feeling to last forever. Jane also felt something hard being gently pushed between her arse cheeks. The young woman behind her wore a strap on. She began to pound Jane gently, gradually building up speed with each stroke. Jane enjoyed the sensation although she would never admit it. Soon her love juices began to gather as her pussy continued to be tenderly licked and suck. Finally her huge orgasm brought with it a deep sigh of sexual gratification. She was taken from the shower and the young women, like maidservants, dried her with tender care and perfumed her body. When they dressed her in a silver robe they led her back to the bedroom where Diane sat waiting patiently.

Diane stood up and faced Jane. She took a deep breathe. "Wow Janey. You smell nice."

"What have you done with my partner?"

"Janey, I'm impressed by your concern. Too bad you didn't care eight years ago."

"My name is Jane and you didn't answer my question."

"Your partner is safe for the moment."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Diane put her hand to Jane's mouth and squeezed her lips. "I mean Jane dear, that if you don't start doing what you're told I'll make sure you both suffer severely." She released her hand.

"You don't seriously think you're going to get away with this?"

Diane laughed. "My dear girl, I told you earlier whatever it costs me it'll be worth it."

"Ok. I understand why you're doing this to me but why Mary? Why my partner?"

"What did we say when we were partners? Guilty by association?"

Diane said no more. She simply waved her hand and pointed to the door. Jane was dragged by two of the young women to another bedroom. There she saw Mary naked on a bed with her arms tied to hooks in the wall and her mouth was gagged.

Jane had never seen Mary nude before. She surprised at how beautiful her partner actually was. Jane's robe was forcibly removed . Her long slender legs, slim waist and large breasts matched those of her partner in detail.

"Well Janey dear. You're about to do something you haven't done before to my knowledge. You're going to fuck your partner."

Jane reddened with anger. "You perverted bitch." She tried to lash out put was held back by the other young women.

"When are you going to learn that no is not an option? I see you still need to be persuaded. Observe your partner's wrists."

For the first time Jane noticed a small electric device with cable around Mary's wrists. Diane had a small remote control. "Now how does this work? Oh yes, of course," she said with a smile and pressed a button. There was a crackling noise and Mary screamed through her gag, clearly in excruciating pain.

"Stop. Please stop. I'll do it. Just stop it," begged Jane.

"I knew you'd come to your senses."

Mary's bonds were freed and her gag removed. Jane reluctantly mounted her. "I'm sorry, Mary," she said with tears in her eyes.

"Me too, Jane," replied Mary also with tears.

For both of them it was their first lesbian encounter. They were taken aback by the fact that the softness of each other's skin and body heat seemed to arouse them. The clashing of their mutually large breasts also stimulated them.

Jane kissed her partner slowly and passionately and Mary held Jane's head as if to prolong this pleasurable feeling. Eventually Jane broke off. She began to kiss, nibble and suck Mary's neck, making her way to her shoulder and then to her breasts.

"Oh my God," sighed Mary lazily as her partner licked and sucked each nipple at alternate intervals. Jane continued this for several moments and Mary's moans became louder and louder. It only abated when she began to travel down her slim body to her pussy.

"No, wait," cried Mary. She pulled Jane up to her and turned her on her back. She copied Jane's actions on her breasts and just like Mary, Jane moaned deeply with pleasure at each stroke. Jane was disappointed when Mary stopped short of her pussy. However she was surprised as her partner turned and assumed a sixty-nine position. They began to lick and suck ravenously. They began to perspire just as each clit was excited by lashing tongues.

At last Jane felt her love juices starting to gather. It acted as a spur as she increased her speed. Finally they orgasmed together with a deep sigh of mutual satisfaction. Not caring for their audience Jane moved up and lay beside her partner. She gave her a kiss of appreciation. Suddenly a damp cloth with a pungent odour was placed over her mouth. She tried to struggle but only a veil of darkness descended.


"Wake up. Wake up, damn you. Wake up."

The female voice was faint at first but became louder as Jane came round.

Her head was pounding. "Oh my God. What happened?"

"That's what I want to know," came the response.

Jane's fogged vision began to clear and realised she was naked and still embracing Mary Porter who was also slowly coming round. Jane was shocked when she saw Sergeant Harriett Hammond standing at the side of the bed. She scrambled to grab the only sheet there to cover them both.

There was a chorus wolf whistles and cat calls. Sergeant Hammond swung around. "What the fuck are you lot doing up here. Get downstairs. There's work to be done," she bellowed.

"Please Sergeant. I can explain everything."

"Save it for the disciplinary hearing."

Jane tried to explain. "The young tenants overwhelmed us..."

"Tenants? What tenants? This house has been vacant for the last three months."

"But Diane..." Jane stopped. She slapped her head with her fist suddenly realising she and Mary had been set up. "Oh Jane. You fool," she repeated to herself.

"It wasn't hard to find where you were. All I had to do was follow the trail from the bottom of the stairs." With that she threw their clothes on the bed.

"Now, get dressed and report to the Superintendent at once."

They did so and were immediately suspended pending the enquiry.


The disciplinary hearing found them guilty of gross misconduct and breaches in police protocol and procedure. They were severely reprimanded and assigned menial tasks. To escape the ridicule of their colleagues they applied for and obtained transfers to other divisions.

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