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Politics Make Strange Bedfellows


The saying that "Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows" was proven true in spades in a real life situation. The basic facts are a matter of public record and many of the details (the rest are my embellishments) were told to me by one of the two main "characters." In the following almost entirely true story the names, state, and political office have been changed, and I the story is as if related by the main male character. The ages are as of the time the activities related actually took place, several years ago.

My name is Kevin Smith, forty years old, married to my wife Margaret (also forty) for eighteen years. The first eight years of our marriage were great; sex five times a week, many erotic trips together, etc. Then Margaret got into politics. Over the last two years especially it had become clear that me, and sex, were way behind politics in her list of priorities. I had become one horny dude, and my eye had started to wander, especially after she announced as the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

Her opponent, the Republican candidate, was Brian Jones, about forty five years old. We lived in Arlington, he lived one suburb over in Alexandria. Brian and my wife had a very contentious relationship – both are very ambitious, intense, and truly believe in the basic principles of their parties. I, on the other hand, am only mildly interested in politics, and though I would never tell my wife I am actually an Independent.

Although the election was still a good seven months away the League of Women Voters scheduled a "meet the candidates night" – not a real debate but public remarks by the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, and then a "mixer" afterwards where everyone could mingle. Of course I was expected to attend and did so. Fortunately, none of the spouses were introduced, and I could blend into the crowd.

At the mixer part of the evening, while my wife was working the crowd, I saw a woman eyeing me on more than one occasion. While I didn't want to have an affair until after the election was over, so as not to potentially embarrass my wife, I was on the lookout for potential "candidates" for the future so I sized her up. She was a big boned woman – and I don't use that as a euphemism for "fat" because she definitely was not fat, just big – I'd say about 5 feet 10 inches tall, 150 lbs., probably a year or two older than I was. She had a nice face, though too much makeup. She also had enormous tits and a truly, truly spectacular ass, big and round. In both tit and ass size and shape she was very different from my small-chested, flat-assed wife. While I had always liked big tits and big round asses I overlooked those "deficiencies" when I fell in love with my wife.

I went up to the "big" woman and introduced myself as Kevin, just Kevin. She introduced herself as Carol, just Carol. We started talking, making eye contact except when our eyes strayed to various body parts. I was as pleasant, charming, and gentlemanly as I could be to her, and we talked and laughed for a good hour, before the mixer started to break up; clearly we had some chemistry. When we both realized that the event was winding down, we mutually said we needed to say goodbye. I said "you know I don't even know your last name. I'm Kevin Smith."

She got a quizzical look on her face and said "I'm Carol Jones."

"Is your husband Brian, the person running against my wife Margaret for lieutenant governor?" I queried.

She laughed, and said "I guess so," resulting in me laughing even harder.

I don't know what came over me, but as we were laughing I said "Well I don't know about Brian's politics but at least he had the good judgment to marry a charming woman with an A+ ass."

Oh Shit! Immediately after I said that I couldn't believe that I had. Carol's jaw dropped, and she turned red. I could feel that I was getting flushed too and was sure that my jaw had also dropped. I stammered out an apology, something like "Oh geez, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean any insult. Sometimes the filter between my brain and mouth doesn't work right."

Carol smiled at that and said "Does that mean you really do think I have an A+ ass?"

Not knowing what else to say I said "Actually, yes, but it was inappropriate for me to say it."

Just then her husband Brian walked up and introduced himself. He was clearly shocked to find out that I was Margaret's husband. As we parted ways I smiled at Carol and said "Very nice meeting you," which got a really big, genuine, responsive smile from her.

Not being too good at multi-tasking the next two days I thought of nothing but Carol's charming personality, big tits, and especially that world class ass. I shockingly was even able to seduce my wife the day after (the first time in a month) and really pounded the shit out of her thinking about Carol's ass.

Then a plan hatched in my pea brain. If I had an affair with Carol I wouldn't have to worry about hurting my wife's chances at getting elected since if the affair were exposed it would hurt Brian as much as it would my wife. So I called Carol up a couple of days later. I asked her to lunch, my excuse being to apologize for my comment and also to try and see if we could come up with ways to convince our spouses to keep the campaign as positive as possible with no personal attacks. She agreed – and I could hear genuine excitement in her voice when she accepted my invitation. Maybe she was thinking of me as much as I was of her, I dreamed.

Carol greeted me warmly, with a big smile and hug, when we met for lunch. She looked great – less makeup than the first time I met her, and in a more revealing outfit, one that honored that famous army officer "Major Cleavage." Her outfit also was so tight on her hemispherical ass that you could bounce a quarter off of it. While we talked politics a little – I found out that she also was an Independent – mostly we talked about personal matters such as how difficult and lonely it was to be the spouse of a candidate. Before we knew it we had talked for three hours.

As we hugged to leave with an impish look on her face Carol said "This was a lot different than the first time we talked. You never mentioned my ass once."

This time I don't think I blushed, but took her comment in stride, and quickly responded "That's because I've concluded it isn't simply an A+ ass, but world class, and I would never want to take the chance of embarrassing someone who was world class in anything."

That got me a laugh, and another big, tit-smashing, hug. When she turned and walked away it was obvious that she was swinging that thing as provocatively as she could. It was just like I was a trout and that ass was a baited hook; I was snagged!

I made a point of finding out as much about Carol as I could. I found out things like where Carol shopped and what activities she engaged in, and "ran into" her at several stores and twice at a health club. The health club run-ins were actually painful, however, since she was dressed in shorts and a tank top and my suppressed boner was so hard it really, really hurt. We also checked what political events each other would be attending so as to – ostensibly – not be bored when we attended, since we could chat with each other. I had contact with Carol at least four times a week, and we became really good friends.

Despite her apparent attraction to me, I was very reluctant to approach Carol sexually in case I had misinterpreted anything, or in case I was shot down – I am not good at handling rejection, never was, and probably never will be. Then a cataclysmic event occurred about three months after we first met. One of my wife's staffers – I don't know if it was with my wife's knowledge or not – made a comment to the press about an alcohol problem that Carol had had about five years ago. It was a stupid comment that was totally irrelevant to the campaign but it was published in a local newspaper. Carol and I found out about it the same day. I was livid.

I called Carol up – by then I had her cell phone number – but she didn't answer. I left a message telling her I would see to it that the person who made the comment was fired (which I did, despite my wife's reluctance, since I went postal). I apologized even though I had nothing to do with it and begged her to call back. When she hadn't called back by the next morning I took a chance and went over to her house.

Carol answered the door crying. When she saw that it was me, she tried to close it. I wouldn't let her. I barraged in. I begged her to believe that I didn't know anything about it ahead of time, that I got the person fired, and that I was truly, truly sorry. We sat on a couch together, and she continued to sob, saying that the hardest thing she had had to do in her life was to overcome her alcohol addiction, that she had tried hard to put it in the past, and that it was very painful to be reminded of it, especially in a public forum.

She looked so innocent – so vulnerable – so tender – so sensitive – I couldn't help myself. I gently kissed her on the lips. Not meeting any resistance I continued the kiss for a good two minutes. When I finally moved my lips away there were no new tears in her eyes and she had a crooked smile. I told her "I really hate to see someone I love hurt."

Did I just say that? What the fuck am I doing? I said to myself.

Carol looked startled for a few seconds and then seriously replied "You just said that you loved me. Are you just saying that to make me feel better, or is this another case of no filter between your brain and mouth?"

I sheepishly replied "Apparently my brain-to-mouth filter doesn't work around you. It's true, but I didn't mean to say it."

That moment changed everything. Before I could do or say anything else she was on me like a fly on shit. She rubbed her hands all over my body, plastered lascivious kisses on me, and within minutes had removed her top and bra and was going for my pants. Of course I was only too willing, and moved my pelvis around as best I could to help her get to my dick as I sucked and fondled her gigantic tits.

Her tits looked big when she was dressed but when she was topless they looked positively monstrous as they flopped around. They were beautiful, soft, and inviting, and her nipples were oversized even for her enormous breasts, and rock hard. God they were heavenly to suck on!

We continued to tickle each other's tonsils as she uncovered my rock hard Johnson, and vigorously stroked in with one hand while gently fondling my testicles with the other hand. After less than 5 minutes of our mutual mauling I broke our kisses and told her "I've got to eat and fuck you, now." By then I was completely pantless.

Her sly response "Anxious for lunch, are you? Let's go someplace more comfortable."

With that she got up, grabbed my hand and started leading me away. I stopped her, picked her up (not an easy thing to do, but I'm a big guy and weight lift every other day) and said "Me Tarzan, you Jane, Tarzan carry Jane to bed then fuck Jane good," evoking a laugh from Carol as she pointed the way to her bedroom. Fortunately it was on the first floor – carrying her up the stairs may have been really difficult.

I bounced her on her bed then stripped off my shirt and removed her skirt and panties with one swipe. She had an enormous hairless pussy, with craggy swollen pussy lips – I didn't know if it was because she was excited, or because they were always like that. Frankly, I didn't care as I dove into her waiting cunt with both hands, my lips, and my tongue.

To be honest I never ate my wife much – not because I don't like pussy because I really do, but because my wife's pussy smelled like mackerel. Carol's, on the other hand, was the sweetest I had ever tasted in my life, and smelled as good as it tasted. I was licking and slurping up a storm. After a few minutes, between loud pleasure moans, Carol said "I –groan – want your –Oh My God – dick, get –Holy shit, ahhh- it up here – scream."

Not wanting to deny her anything I quickly spun 180 degrees and put my throbbing hard on just above her mouth while I continued to finger fuck and tongue her now sopping wet cunt. When she started to suck me like a starving woman with a lollipop as I slurped up her sweet, honey-like pussy nectar I thought "God, this truly really must be heaven".

Once I drove her to two 8.0 on the Richter scale climaxes, and was about to spew cum all over the place myself, I spun around 180 degrees again and then buried my pulsating beet-red tool in her cunt. While I am 6 feet 3 inches tall, my dick is only a little longer and bigger around than what I have read is average, and it seemed to get lost in her cavernous fuck hole. I remember thinking Shit, she needs nine inches to fill her up, but I put my feelings of inadequacy aside, lifted her legs onto my shoulders, put a pillow under her ass, and literally pile-drove her. I guess I wasn't as inadequate as I thought because I drove her to another, even larger orgasm, and thankfully came at virtually the same time that she did, depositing the biggest load of joy juice into her that I had produced in at least ten years.

After our essentially simultaneous over-the-top orgasms we lay together with my dick still in her and kissed and rubbed each other. I got the better of that deal since I had easy access to the phenomena on her chest, suckling her nipples like a piglet on a sow. It was probably fifteen minutes before we said anything. Carol spoke first: "Wow, that probably was my best pussy fuck of all time. To be honest, though, what really pushes my button is getting fucked in the ass. I hope you like anal."

In actuality, I hadn't done anal since I got married because my wife wanted nothing to do with it, and since she had a tight cunt I didn't mind. However before I got married I had a girlfriend who wanted anal half the time, and I really liked it. With Carol's statement I got steel hard again within a few seconds and said "Would you like to find out right now if I like anal?"

This elicited an enormous smile from Carol. She placed another lascivious kiss on me and as she was turning around to get on all fours said "You don't need any lube except my pussy juices."

When she was on all fours I scooped up copious amounts of both her pussy nectar and my cum – which was then oozing out of her snatch – and rubbed the liquid on her rosebud and my cock. I inserted one finger, then two, then three into her anus, each eliciting a higher level of pleasure groaning from Carol. After I had the third finger in her only a few seconds she started moaning "fuck me now, stick your prick in me, fuck me, dick fuck me now..."

Happy to oblige I buried my dip stick into her poop chute. It felt great. It was really tight and moist, and she had excellent control over her strong sphincter muscles. Not only that but now I had the best view possible of her world class ass. WOW. It was breathtaking. Naked it was even rounder and smoother than it looked when she had a tight skirt on. It had a pinkish hue, was really firm but like a hard object with a thin soft foam covering. I grabbed a luscious cheek with each hand as I started jack-hammering her ass.

Not only were her ass and anus beyond comparison but when I started whacking her exuberantly her mammoth tits started smacking into each other seemingly clapping to encourage me on. Not only could I hear the delicious flapping of her tits but by bending my torso and head to the side a little I could see them. After a while I was compelled to release one of her incomparable ass cheeks and grab one of her tits with one hand and squeeze it in sync with my whacking. My brain was overloaded with a combination of sight, sound, and tactile sensations like I could never remember having experienced before. Needless to say I soon rocketed another load of seminal fluid into her and – unprecedented for me – a volume as large as for the first fuck.

When I blasted her anus with my load Carol started convulsing, including an undulating squeezing of her sphincter muscles on my cock like a milking machine on a cow's teat. I thought her other three orgasms were earth-shattering. If they were, this one was solar system-shattering. We were both shaking, tossing, and bucking for a good three minutes before we started to come back down. I then collapsed on top of her, with one hand still on a tit and the other on an ass cheek as my cock popped out of her ass. We lay sweating, moaning, and in semi-consciousness for what was probably a good half hour before we stirred.

We then kissed, showered together, dressed, and sat at the kitchen table eating a sandwich and drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. Between bites Carol asked "Where do we go from here dude?"

I swallowed, held her hand, and said "I'm more compatible with you than any other woman in my life, by far. Let's fuck each other almost daily through the whole campaign, and then get divorced and marry each other."

Without missing a bite of sandwich she nonchalantly responded "Sounds like a plan to me."

In fact, that is what we did. Since our spouses were on the campaign trail every day, seven days a week, and at least five nights a week, we had a four month fuck fest. With Carol I had no trouble getting it up twice almost every day, six days a week, and if she still needed more I ate that sweet pussy for as long as she could take it. We really were much more compatible – both sexually and in our personalities – with each other than we had been with our spouses for at least ten years, maybe ever.

We waited a respectable two weeks (maybe it wasn't long enough, but we didn't give a shit) after the campaign was over before we told our spouses that we were divorcing them and moved in together. Several months later our divorces became final in the same week. That weekend we flew to Las Vegas, got married, and I fucked her pucker hole so hard and often she finally begged for mercy. To say that we've been wonderfully happy and sexually fulfilled ever since would be a gross understatement.

As far as the election was concerned I voted for Brian and Carol voted for Margaret. It was the least that we could do.

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