tagMaturePolly and J.C. Mess Up the Bed

Polly and J.C. Mess Up the Bed


After a morning of light, friendly flirtation at work, J.C. made his move. He followed Polly into the small utility room claiming he needed to bring a patient a snack. The door slammed shut and she bent over into the fridge to obtain some thickened liquids from the bottom drawer for a patient. He grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock into her. She dropped the containers back into the drawer and pressed back into him. She reached back and grabbed his hips pulling him tightly to her. She then straightened up and laid her head back onto his chest and looked up at him saying, "You cannot breathe a word of this to anyone."

"I know," he said quietly, as he rested the front of his chin on top of her head. "But today, I am seeing those red panties. I am ready to lose my job over it." He then ground his crotch against her more, still maintaining a tight hold on her hips. He leaned back slightly, pulling down on the back of her waistband until the panties were just in view, then thrust his hand down to grasp her right ass cheek, squeezing it fully.

Polly breathed in as she let the wave of ecstasy wash over her. However, she had to maintain a responsible head in this. She reminded him that they could go no further at work. It would be better when he was done with school, obtained his license, and no longer worked for the same company as her. He seemed disappointed, but nodded affirmative.

Polly worried that J.C. would become bored waiting for that "perfect time" to arrive. But she did have a family and reputation to consider, and so did he.

J.C. missed a few shifts, stating personal issues. Polly worried that he was avoiding her. He wasn't reading her messages, and never replied back. She worried his wife may have found out, so she stopped texting altogether.

He showed up on his last scheduled day before switching to on-call status. He seemed just like his old self, maybe a little more carefree, but colder toward Polly. In a quiet moment with Polly, he admitted that he was feeling guilty about how it might affect his wife, and asked her to stop texting him.

Polly reassured him that she didn't take it personal, that he was just in a different place than her on the subject of "responsible non-monagamy". She invited, "If that ever changes, and you would like to move forward, I trust you know how to contact me. I assure you that this doesn't go away for me. Once I set my sights on someone, I WILL have them. I can be very patient. I will not contact you as you asked. Just know you will always be welcomed."

J.C. sucked in his breath at that statement. His eyes dark with lust, his cheeks flushed just above his auburn, bushy beard.

They both went about their day. J.C. hugged all the staff when he left, including Polly. He whispered, "Give me some time."

It was more than a month later, and Polly gave up hope. She had heard no news about J.C. other than one person who said they heard his new job was going well, but he missed seeing his family as he could only travel home on weekends. Polly tried going out to a bar with co-workers to find a new conquest. She found a reasonable facsimile of J.C. named Adam. She approached him, introduced herself and asked if he would like to star in her latest erotic online story. He seemed intrigued, and they talked for a while. He bought her a drink, they groped on the dance floor. They went outside to smoke, but instead Polly pressed herself against him, pinning him against the wall of the bar. They kissed briefly, before he trailed down, desperately freeing her breasts from their confinement. He claimed her taut nipple in his mouth, sucking fiercely, and Polly's sex became wet. She caught hold of his cock over his jeans, judging the size of it with her grasp. He moaned and offered to take her to his place. She agreed, but as she was walking to his car, her worried friends approached and told her they were heading to another bar. As she was hoping to keep her friends in the dark about her behavior, she left with them instead. He appeared confused and Polly mouthed, "I'm sorry," knowing she would never have the opportunity to explain herself to him. She could barely make sense of it herself.

Two days later, she received a message on an app she barely used. "How's the girls?" it read. Polly's breath stopped. It had to be J.C. No one else knew about their code.

"Tired and rejected" she replied.

"It's not that I didn't want to" the message appeared. Polly sighed relief, as she knew this was J.C., as this conversation was the exactly like the first texting message between them.

"How are you?" Polly asked.

"Horny and available," he shot back.

"I am still interested," she assured.

"Meet me. Soon. Today" he insisted. He sent her the address and asked how soon she could be there. Polly did the math and told him she would be there within 2 hours.

She left a note for her husband that she had to attend a meeting in the city and wouldn't be home until after 9 pm.

The two hour drive was nerve wracking. Polly's thoughts raced, but couldn't keep pace with her pussy. It throbbed, ached, and was dripping wet with anticipation.

She knocked on the door he indicated. The door opened to him in a towel only, having just had a shower. She smiled, and puzzled asked him, "A towel? That's rather cliche, isn't it?"

He eyed her outfit as an easily removed ensemble and replied, "I think you can catch up to me quickly."

Polly was amazed at how comfortable she was in his presence, realizing that she had felt so lost and out of place since he left. She immediately peeled off her leggings and top, revealing the lacy red bra and panty set she had teased him with all along. J.C. smiled and said, "Even better than I imagined. Do you still want to be 'dominated' like you told me before? I won't hurt you, I promise."

Polly sucked in her breath and nodded. The moment felt surreal and amazing.

He approached her from behind and lightly traced his hand down her side, resting his hand on her left hip. He then grasped her ass cheek and whispered quietly, "Get on the bed. All fours."

She did as he stated, shaking with sexual energy. He approached her and grasped her hips. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and she observed that he must have dropped the towel, as she felt his hot, hard cock, pressed against her wet slit. She pushed back against him, rolling her hips. He pulled back and took hold of the crotch of her panties in both hands. Polly shook at the feel of his hands against her sex.

He quickly ripped the crotch stating, "I'll buy you a new pair," and pushed fully into her. Polly cried out with ecstasy as his cock fit perfectly. She could feel the bulbous head of his cock entering her and pulling back out fully with each measured stroke. She grasped the comforter of the bed tightly, pushing herself back against him. His grip on her hips tightened as he increased his speed. The sound of their bodies colliding had Polly ready to come. She cried out, pleading him to fill her up with his come. She felt his cock grow as she tightened around him. Her pussy began the throes of orgasm as she felt his hot cum fill her up. Breathing quickly and shallow, she fucked him back harder and lost herself in climax. His cum mixing with hers as their bodies locked together.

They both collapsed onto the bed, eyeing each other with pure lust. Polly joked, "We can't go back now."

J.C. smiled, appearing satisfied, and replied, "We were well past the point of going back. It's not over. It's just beginning."

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Your best one so far!!!

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