tagMaturePolly Has More Than Her Daughter Ch. 02

Polly Has More Than Her Daughter Ch. 02


Ian tried to compose himself. He took deep breaths as he changed his shorts and trousers which were drenched in his thick cum. He had to get the image of his girlfriend's mother and her huge firm tits out of his mind. Ian went downstairs and talked absent mindedly with his girlfriend Vicky and her boring father. He waited nervously for Polly to appear.

Polly laughed to herself as she heard the babble of conversation downstairs. Her daughter's boyfriend had become so excited at the sight of her cleavage that he had erupted in his trousers. "How gratifying," she said to herself. What to wear to tease the poor young man further, she asked herself. She slipped out of her "tease dress" in which the buttons popped open under the strain of her solid big tits bursting out of the top.

She was mindful that she could not go "super slutty" as her husband and daughter would be downstairs having dinner too – she would save that for later. She looked at her cut off jeans and some tight skirts but she knew she couldn't get away with them in front of her family. All her low cut tops looked pornographic with her huge tits. She ended up wrapping her big tits in a push up bra and then squeezing an ordinary, but tight, black t shirt over them. Tight jeans and calf high brown boots finished the image.

She strolled down the stairs. Ian's heat jumped in his chest when he saw her. She smiled warmly at him and turned to the casserole. Ian felt his hard on pressing against his trousers. He felt guilty, embarrassed, trapped and yet very aroused and excited by recent events.

"The casserole should be ready," Polly said.

"Great mum, thanks. You changed for dinner. Ian, I noticed you changed your trousers too. Dad, do you think we are underdressed for the occasion?"

"I think we are fine love," he replied quietly.

"I made Ian change his trousers after he spilled stuff all over them. It was my fault though wasn't it?" Polly asked Ian mischievously.

"No, not at all," he answered, a bit flustered by her indirect reference to his ejaculation in his jeans.

Polly turned quickly to face him, she folded her arms under her great tits and the t shirt strained to contain her massive jugs as her arms pulled the material yet tighter to them. She said sharply:

"Don't lie, I caused your accident, didn't I?"

"Did she Ian?" asked Victoria.

"Uh yes but I didn't mind."

Polly smiled warmly at him and said:

"I didn't say you minded honey".

Ian's dick remained rock hard throughout the meal. The wine flowed and when they finally retired to the lounge Ian had to try to hide the tent in his trousers and the small wet spot from the pre cum that had soaked through his shorts.

"My husband and I have a strict rule that Victoria does not sleep with a boyfriend under our roof – separate bedrooms. I hope you understand?"

"Yes of course, Victoria and I do not ..."

"Oh I don't need to know that kind of detail Ian" Polly said looking at her daughter with a slight smile as if to say "So he hasn't nailed you yet, never mind darling."

Polly stood up, before bending forward and slowly zipping her boots undone and easing them off. Victoria and her father were deep in conversation but Ian only had eyes for Polly. From the side profile he realised that this woman who must have been around 40 had the tightest arse he had seen locked in those tight jeans. Her tiny firm waist carried no weight and then as she bent forward he savoured the full meaty size of her jugs. Not an inch of sag, even when she bent forward to remove her boots. She smiled across at him, her tits locked in the black t shirt but only inches from her chin. The look on his face was one of anguish, lust and desire.

"Well I don't know about you all but I am ready for bed" said Bernard, Polly's husband.

"Well I am going to bed for my beauty sleep" said Victoria.

Polly turned to Ian:

"Bernard is a farmer, early to bed and early to rise. Victoria is her father's daughter and does the same. I want you to help your father tomorrow on the farm Victoria. Up at 5."

"Ok mum, can you give Ian a run home."

"I think I can give him a lift. I tend to stay up later and get out of bed much later than these 2."

"You are like Ian, mum, he is a night owl who spends his mornings in bed."

Victoria and Bernard said their goodnights and left the night owls to a nightcap. Ian was pleased that he could remain sitting as they left and so hide his tent in his trousers.

"Alone again at last," Polly said. Do you like my outfit. I saw you admiring it," she said smiling and bending forward.

"Yes, you are really hot but ..."

"This old t shirt hot, Ian, I will show you what is hot.

She turned and left the room. She took a bag from under the stairs and quickly slipped out of the black t shirt and jeans and into the outfit within the bag.

The first thing Ian saw was the black t shirt looping through the air and landing in his face. By the time he had removed it Polly was standing before him, long deep auburn hair, cut of denims showing deep tanned toned legs, the shorts clinging to tight muscular buttocks. But the top, it put the black t shirt in the shade. A white halter top, her tiny smooth tanned waist was on show and then the top strained to contain her huge melons. All it really did was push huge amounts of tit flesh over the low cut top and so by lowering her head coquettishly it rested on the top slopes of her enormous tanned cleavage.

She sat next to him and let him drink in her hot body as she snaked one leg high over the other and sat cross legged inches from him.

"Now this is a hot outfit Ian, don't you agree?"

"Yes but I can't, we can't, you are my girlfriend's mother."

"Can't what?" she asked quietly. His trousers were stretching hard to accommodate his big aching log and when Polly traced the outline of his dick with her hand and whispered:

"Big, nice and long. Too long for Victoria. I forbid you to deflower my daughter."

She adjusted her position so that her tits were virtually in his face. The light feel of her hand on his cock and the sight before his eyes was too much and he groaned:

"Oh God I am going to explode."

Polly heard the footsteps on the wooden stairs. Thinking quickly she grabbed her black t shirt and dashed to the far side of the sofa. She pulled the black top over her other top, it was tight before, now it looked like it had been shrunk wrapped over her hot tits.

Her bare legs were hidden from view by the back of the chair as she pretended to look for something in the cabinet. If her daughter walked too far into the room she would see her mother's legs and the huge wet stain spreading across her boyfriend's lap as he was unable to contain his lust and pumped his seed into his trousers.

Victoria burst in and in an excited babble said:

"Mum, I have a great idea. As we all got along so well, why doesn't Ian come with us on the family holiday to America next month.

"Good idea honey, now get to bed as you need to up early to help your father."

Victoria exited a happy young woman. Polly said to Ian as she heard the footsteps retreating upstairs:

"I think you will enjoy 2 weeks with me but remember to bring lots of pairs of trousers." She smiled and stared at the huge cum stain.

"Good night Ian, sweet dreams" she said turning sideways on and with her full profile showing she took her heavy solid tits in her hands and squeezed them and pushed the contents of her bra up to her chin. What a sight; his cock had just spurted the biggest load of his life and already he felt it coming back to life.


Ian hadn't slept at all. Half in fear, half in hope he had waited to see if Polly would arrive in his room.

He heard Bernard and Victoria leave and 20 minutes later his bedroom door opened and Polly stood there. A tight top and loose fitting tennis skirt was the outfit she teased him with this time.

"I mustn't Polly. Your daughter is ..."

"Shhh, of course honey. Let me run you home."

"Oh, ok, thanks very much. You won't say anything about last night, about..."

"About the fact that you find me so attractive that you lost control and emptied yourself in your trousers on 2 occasions, no darling I won't."

They drove the few miles back to Ian's parents house but Polly wasn't satisfied until Ian released a torrent of cum into his shorts as she crossed her tanned thighs as they parked outside the house and offered him another show of her huge cans contained in a top that only served to emphasise her talents.


Two weeks passed and Ian thought that things were back to normal. He saw Victoria but did not visit the farm and so did not see Polly. One day Victoria said:

"You are still coming to the USA with us."

"Well I can't really afford it."

"I thought you would say that. Mum got a deal and the place we are staying costs the same whether you come or not and she got 4 flights for the price of 3 so you pay nothing."

During the travelling to America and the first few days there, Ian was totally ignored by Polly. She still looked hot, she couldn't hide her tits but she had not teased him out of yet more cum. His balls ached when he was around her but he thought she must have realised her actions in the farmhouse had been inappropriate a few weeks earlier.

Day 3 and as they walked through the village Polly noticed a poster for a competition to win a week for 2 in a luxury apartment in the mountains, the draw was this evening in the village and the trip started the same night.

"We will enter twice, Bernard and Ian you buy tickets and if either of you win you can take your other half."

Ian thought it was strange to enter as winning would split the family for the rest of the holiday.

The evening came and the village gathered but they needn't have bothered. Polly had fucked the organiser who had become obsessed with her body and agreed to fix the competition.

Ian won therefore and the organiser asked him to get into the helicopter and to await his partner to whisk them away.

Ian then had to choose 3 possible companions and knowing only 3 people there he chose Victoria, Polly and Bernard. Three ropes were lowered out of the helicopter and the helicopter hovered 5 metres above the ground. Ian was then given chances to answer questions and if he got them right his chosen person had an opportunity to climb the rope and claim their place. He first 2 questions he got wrong but the third was easy and there was a big cheer as Victoria was given 30 seconds to climb the rope. Protective mats were placed below the ropes but as Ian reached to pull Victoria in he saw Polly pulling her jumper off to reveal the same white halter top he had seen her wear before, the top that held her huge melons virtually against her chin and offered up more cleavage than Ian had thought possible, exaggerated further by looking down onto them from the chopper.

He dropped Victoria onto the safety mats almost instinctively. Suddenly he knew why Polly had entered them and without thinking he had made his choice. The organiser said that it was now the first one into the helicopter wins. Bernard said:

"It seems like it is a boys' holiday and started climbing. Polly was surprisingly quick and matched Bernard. Victoria called from the mats below:

"Shouldn't it be me?"

Bernard was just ahead and reached his hand up to Ian. He grabbed Bernard's hand and one pull would have him over the edge and into the helicopter. From just below, Polly managed to use her arms to press against her tits and create an amazing site of firm huge tits causing her halter top to start to rip under the pressure.

"Drop him" she mouthed. Ian obeyed and Bernard crashed to the mats. Ian pulled Polly into the copter and her hands went immediately to his throbbing cock.

Out of view from the crowds she pushed her boobs into his face:

"Was this worth the wait?" she asked huskily.

She felt a warm wetness spreading across his trousers as his dick answered.

"That is the last load you waste in your trousers, the rest goes in me" she cooed.

"Shit said Bernard," back on the ground. "Polly always wins these things."

"But what about Ian, I am supposed to be on holiday with him," said Victoria.

"I am sure your mum will take care of him" said Bernard innocently as, at 2000 feet, Ian's dick sprung free and he mauled at the best tits he would ever feel.

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