tagNonHumanPolly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchus

Polly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchus


Author's Note:

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The sun peeked out from behind the moon and gazed over the wondrous land of Feebalon. The faces on the wizard clocks told the flowers it was nourishment time. The flowers waited not a second to look up at the sky for the sun's savory rays!

There, nestled behind the bicycle bushes, was a bumbian babe's little wooden house. A welcome mat in front of her door read: Polly Olly.

Polly Olly opened the shutters on her window and stretched her little arms so high that she could have touched a big blue tree branch! Her yawn was so super that it slammed her big blue eyes shut. The morning breeze blew over her naked, fuzzy chest and she raised her ears. The breeze felt cool on her fleecy, full, and round halops. Her deep and pink nauldings grew to hard points and Polly Olly gave a teensy shudder.

She felt the happy in her yingly down below because the breeze made her feel so good! When her nauldings got hard like they were, the fleshy and fuzzy globes of her nocs always grew a little too!

Her light brown tail came up and nudged the blonde fringe away from her eyes. The tail exposed her tiny, pointy horns. She eyed her tail with curiosity and then she poked it toward her mouth. She opened wide to her long tail and she licked the end of it before closing her lips around it.

Polly Olly's wet mouth suckled. Her high voice gave over to aggressive moans and groans as the end of it touched to the back of her throat. With very little effort, she slipped her tail further down. Her thinly neck bulged some as she worked the end of her tail like she would a man-thing's hard grumpus! She let out a whimper of joy to its touch because she liked things in her mouth so much!

At the top of her legs was the special place that always felt so good whenever it got a rubbing. Since she was sucking on her tail so hard, Polly Olly thought it best to please her dripping yingly with her hands. Her eyes fluttered to half-opened slits when she touched it down there. She held her yingly open and dipped a long finger past its saucy folds. She let herself linger with two of her openings filled!

Polly Olly groaned when her knuckle brushed the erect clister that sat at the top of her pink passage. It felt even bigger than its pea-size when it got so pleased! Happy with the touch, her clister signaled the tips of her nauldings and her halops ballooned just a little bit more.

Just then, a pegamolp landed on the windowsill right in front of her and she opened her eyes to see it. The little creature was long with little tiny wings that could barely support its own weight. Its limp form seemed without any bones. Its eyes were flat. Pegamolps always looked like their eyes were painted on them with a paintbrush.

The long, flat surface of the pegamolp reminded Polly Olly of a grumpus. Her favorite thing about its shape was the fleshy helmet that housed its walnut-sized brain! It sat there on its wheel-sack and seemed disinterested in her and the forest outside.

Polly Olly edged herself closer to the pegamolp. She didn't want to scare it. She wanted to keep it!

The palm of her hand came up in a slow and calculated motion. Polly Olly focused on the varmint with her tail still inside her mouth. She tightened her gaze and appraised the little beastie's means of escape.

With a spectacular snatch, the creature was hers!

Polly Olly slipped her tail out of her mouth and smiled down at the catch. The pegamolp was trapped in her clutched hand. It squirmed and almost wormed its way free! As it struggled in her hand, it's flat mouth made tiny, muffled noises of protest.

Since Polly Olly was a bumbia, she knew what to do with the prize before her eyes!

With relish written over her pretty eyes and even prettier mouth, she pushed its face against her drenched and sopping swarly. She parted her folds with its head and forced it further up. Her wet and favorite area expanded to accommodate the little guy and the more he fought, the stiffer he got!

It made a little noise and she could feel its little wheel-sack rolling in her palm.

Her yingly was already super wet from when she rubbed it earlier, so the black colored little kicker was getting sloppy with her nectar. She drew him back out some, only to slide him in again. Despite his protests, he was just as hard as any big blue tree branch Polly Olly could think of.

Each time its body jerked or struggled, Polly Olly's lips sucked in air. As strong as the little pegamolp was, Polly Olly was just a little bit stronger! She held him high and tight with her yingly's mighty muscles.

"Oh my goodness!" she sighed in a tiny, excited voice. The pegamolp's wheel-sack was exposed at the very tippy-top of her frizzy, light brown thighs.

With her long legs unsteady, she walked to her kitchen.

Everybody in Feebalon had a wizard clock because the sun and the moon had stopped moving in the sky a long time ago! She looked at its face and the big hand pointed at "market" so she got her empty shopping basket and placed it on her arm.

It was difficult, but also so very fun to walk with a pegamolp sunk up her sopping wet swarly. She could feel its stiffness and she had to part her thighs when it got just a little bit every time it got harder inside of her.

She tied her scarf around her head and teased out her blonde fringe.

"Now I'm presentable for market!" Polly Olly proclaimed and pushed herself out past her front door.

What Polly Olly didn't know was that the evil sorceress Ancha was watching her! The human-looking woman stared down at Polly Olly from behind her red tresses. Through the mists of her black magic, Ancha tasted her fully ruby lips and smiled her scariest smile. There, in the crystal ball, was the perfect nude form of Polly Olly, the most perfect bumbia in all of Feebalon!

"I don't know what's wrong with the sun!" Her Meathead assistant cried. "It hasn't moved from its position behind the moon for too many days! I must use the crystal ball to have a look!"

"No!" Ancha glowered at the Meathead. "Polly Olly is on her way to market."

"Why do you observe that creature's affairs!?"

"Because, Meathead," Ancha bored her brown eyes into ball. "She pleases me. And besides, I have a feeling this trip won't be uneventful!"

With her words, Ancha opened her robes and exposed her beautiful naked form to the dark light of the crystal. Her halops rose and fell with her ferocious breath. She reached down to comb her fingers through the course hairs above her own wet yingly.

It was always the same beautiful day in Feebalon! Pegamolps flew high above the blue trees and the bicycles on the bushes were coming along, even if they weren't ripe yet! Polly Olly yawned her cute little lips and sashayed toward the road.

"Going to the market, Polly Olly!?" Reudimer the wolf man called from the road.

"Uh! Huh! I am!" Polly Olly waved to him in the distance.

She walked up to the road to meet the wolf man.

Perfect, Ancha thought. She won't be able to resist phering a beast as magnificent as that one!

"I've been watching you," he grumbled once she could see his yellow eyes.

He was gigantic and hairy. His ripped black muscles gleamed in the morning light. She was shocked to see that he was on the road without any pants right there in the sunlight. But then Polly Olly remembered that she was naked too!

He stood there in the road, pumping his goodly grumpus. It was thick, dark, and it dripped drops of delectable wolf-baby-making mucus! It was covered in a web of textures that pleased Polly Olly's eyes. She licked her lips like she might for a full table from the market. Her grumpus-drunken gaze did little to hide her lust. Her swelling halops did even less!

Ancha groaned at the sight of Polly Olly's nocs filling with uneness. Such creatures could never hide their body's wanton needs. The bumbians were built for sprifting. Every fiber of their females was built to excite the man creatures of all races --and some of the woman creatures too! It was said they secreted an irresistible pheromone, but Ancha didn't believe that part of their legend was true.

The Meathead scientist would probably want to run tests to confirm something about that. She hated the Meathead scientist and his pencils, papers, and blackboards.

Even right then, he was scribbling in the corner of the throne room.

"Polly Olly, sprift my hard grumpus. Let it yank yourhot little yingly!" He bellowed as he spanked the silky skin of his hard yangus. She could see the hunger in his eyes and his gaze enchanted her nauldings. Just like always, when she started to get really happy deep down in the swarly, her twin halops filled out even more. She could feel them filling with bumbian goo from her pre-emptive passion!

"But I'm phering a pegamolp right now!" Polly Olly sighed.

In her castle, Ancha that wished she had a pegamolp pushing up her own provoked yingly. To feel something inside her as she watched the scene in the street would have been so sweet for her swarly!

She considered the Meathead.

Perhaps if she could tear him away from his sky research, she could have some fun with him. A glance in the Meathead's direction revealed his thin head was buried in a book. He always read with one eye very close to the page.

Reudimer slapped a big hand on Polly Olly's naked borces. He barely missed her tail and she gave a little shout. She felt his fingers mold her massive left borcette. He then swung her in his powerful arms so the two of them faced the same way. He raised her tail up. She reached a hand backward and found his generous grumpus with her dainty, finely haired hand.

"You shouldn't be phering pegamolps, Polly Olly," Reudimer grunted, still groping her gorgeous, naked borcette. "They just get to be more trouble than they're worth!"

"I know," she said in a small sad voice with her back against his man chest. "I was just so excited I because I caught one that I had to sprift it all deep up in me!"

Reudimer's yangus was much thicker in her tiny hand by then. She could feel it thick and wicked in her fuzzy palm. The wolf man was breathing heavy while Polly Olly moved her hand to and fro. Reudimer did her same motion at the base of her tail.

He removed his grumpus from her hand and he got on his knees behind her. His heavy fingers teased the exposed wheel-sack of Polly Olly's motionless pegamolp.

And then, she could feel the wolf man sniffing her tiny couchelle. Polly Olly's ears perked with passion. That was the place that berries came out again after she ate them!

"I have to get to the market!" Polly Olly protested, but she knew it was of no use.

Reudimer's fingernails pulled both of her full and very plump borcettes apart. Polly Olly's exposed little brown spot winked at him. He wanted to sprift her where he whiffed her. He adored her stinky- winky. His long tongue dropped from his mouth and he ran it from the low hanging wheel-sack and then up to her spread borcettes.

Ancha collapsed in her throne and parted the lips of her own yingly. She rolled her head to one side and peered through the black mist. She wanted to taste Polly Olly's borces! Her tongue came out of her mouth and she licked her lips beneath her nose. To taste it, she thought. To taste it!

An ancient magic seeped up from Ancha's throat in response to her desire. She gasped its white smoke from her lips. A little surprised that the magic was as mesmerized as she was, she released even more from her lips. The mist rolled from her lips to her nose. Ancha blew more and more of it from her challenging chest!

Once there was enough around her, she pursed her lips and blew the smoke toward the crystal ball. Her plume wrapped itself around the ball as if to pher its crystal. She then pressed the smoke through it.

Ancha watched the smoke drift onto the wolf man and seep into his skin.

Polly Olly didn't see Ancha's smoke and neither did Reudimer.

Her bumbiac body gave a grateful shake when the wolf man's tongue sampled the taste of her couchelle. She pushed back to meet him. Her hands went to her ankles and she tried to direct his tongue to all of her itchy, deep insides. The motion of his tongue made her halops grow as heavy as they could get. They were now the size of coconuts --and filled with just as much milky goodness!

Reudimer grunted as he pushed his tongue deeper inside of her. His sounds spoke volumes of how pleased he was with her sweat and the flakes of her last meal. She felt steam roll from his nose as her scent excited him more and more. There was no way for Polly Olly to know that the steam was actually Ancha's evil magic!

Ancha sucked in the taste she could from Reudimer's tongue. Her spell delivered the taste of Polly Olly's precious couchelle to her mouth and lips. Ancha rolled her tongue in the air and sucked down flavors of broken berry, forgotten breads, and the flartefun film that lined Polly Olly's dark couchelle!

She writhed on her throne and ran her soft fingers over her tingly yingly. More and more smoke poured from her lips as she drew Polly Olly's flavors from the air. Her heavy smoke fell over her naked chest and smoothed her hard, aching nauldings. She could feel the nauldings of her nocs growing more and more sensitive with each spicy sigh!

Polly Olly moaned and dragged her couchelle against the wolf man's tongue --unaware that her flartefun flavor was servicing someone else's needs as well! She only knew that she wanted the tongue reach even deeper. Dormant, distant places in her deepest cavern were now awake and begging for him to spread the love. She knew a wolf man's tongue could sometimes be longer and more wondrous than the creature's stout grumpus!

His chin nudged the wheel-sack of Polly Olly's pegamolp!

She could feel the little creature's engorged shape moving some inside of her. She could feel its tiny mouth drinking the flood of her swarly's hot juices. She knew if it came out too early, it would die from lack of her nourishment. Polly Olly could also tell that it was expanding because she was so excited. She thought it might be able to come out sooner than she thought!

"I must have her!" Ancha called out and opened her eyes. Her smoke had fallen across her voluptuous form. The smoldering magic tickled her thighs and brushed against her own bushy grumpsack.

"Meathead!" She groaned at the scientist. More smoke fell from her lips as she spoke. Stream upon stream of her sickening steam punctuated her words: "Come to me. Come to me!"

"Can I use the crystal ball now!?" He chirped in his silly, muffled voice.

"Meat. I want meat," she crooked her finger at him to lure him closer to the throne.

The Meathead stood tall with his long skinny neck as wide as his head. He lurched toward her as if he were blind. He couldn't resist her words. There was so much magic in the room now, that she could force anything to happen.

"I want meat," she continued in a haughty voice. Her lips exhaled the smoke of her intoxication and lazy forms of shapes phering appeared. "I want meat from you. I want to be meat. I want to pher Polly Olly!"

The Meathead went down on his knees between her spread legs. Here, the smoke was all around him. And here, she had total command of him. Her hands went to his bald neck to coax him closer to her.

She massaged the shape of the Meathead's featureless face and head. Her eyes narrowed at the crystal ball. More and more of her smoke pushed into the darkness and into the scene on the road.

Ancha's smoke became feelings in Reudimer's grumpus. The smoke nestled and settled. The mind of the sorceress became the mind of the grumpus, the heart of the wolf man's yangus.

Obey me, Ancha thought through the grumpus. Do as I wish!

Following the fever of his grumpus, Reudimer stood up in an instant and he jerked Polly Olly to face him. Ancha's smoke was more like hot steam that left his nose and fell over Polly Olly's pretty face. Held in his harsh hands, she could feel the granite-like grumpus smack her thigh!

"I feel her face!" Ancha sighed with her eyes closed, wrapped in her magic. The Meathead was coming closer and closer to her yingly. She looked forward to the follow-through.

The Meathead's tiny lips squirmed to kiss her fingers.

Take her! Ancha pushed Reudimer from his grumpus.

Polly Olly was tossed to the ground.

Now, flat on her back, the bumbian babe panted up at him as her thighs touched together.

Yes! Yes! The grumpus urged the wolf man.

Reudimer jumped high and landed in a squat that straddled Polly Olly's chest. He rubbed his insistent grumpus over her swollen nocs. His hand guided the heavy shaft and she felt its lickerish lure nudge her aching nauldings. Every gesture he performed was to please the grumpus, but he didn't question its needs. He didn't suspect that it was Ancha's respects he was meeting!

The bumbian babe knew he wanted to sprift her hefty halops. Polly Olly bit down on her lower lip and pushed them together with her long fingers. The grumpus felt full on the mounds of her merry skin. Poor Reudimer was so excited that Polly Olly could feel the head of the grumpus was slippery with sleece!

Her impassioned high voice barked up at him.

"Sprift my hot halops! Ripe for a phering!"

Reudimer snorted his approval. She could just make out his crazed yellow eyes through the thick pillars of lustful steam that tore from his nose. With an angry snarl, the wolf man did as she urged and pounded his thickness into the fleshy orbs she held tightly together. Polly Olly could feel the wolf man's tight borces brushing her belly with each sweaty slam forward.

He grunted words at her, but the words weren't his own. As the words fell, Reudimer assumed that he had become clever or somehow so much more impassioned that he felt the need to speak.

His ignorance made the sorceress giggle as she squeezed the Meathead's fat neck.

"I want to remove the Pegamolp!" The wolf man growled Ancha's words as he pherred her fuzzy fun flaps. "I want my grumpus inside you. I want your swarly to suckle my grumpus until I explode my burning sleece down where you like it most! I want to stretch and please and yank your open yingly like you've never been before!"

"You can't remove him! He's not ready yet!" She breathed up at him.

Reudimer and Ancha couldn't hide their frustration and the wolf man howled at the sun and the moon. The sound of his anguish echoed from the blue trees and frightened flying pegamolps. As his voice carried, Reudimer kept thrusting his rude grumpus into the valley of Polly Olly's halops.

Ancha wondered if the cry might not bring a braunchus! Such creatures were drawn to sounds of frustration between sexes. They were the unwelcome visitors, the home wreckers!

Reudimer, but not Reudimer, shot his gaze down to her and his hands flew to hers. He ripped her hands away from her halops and they flopped away from each other. He hissed and grabbed at the two mounds with all his might and Ancha's lust.

Polly Olly grunted below him as he tugged and pulled on her sensitive nocs. They were engorged with her milky uneness. She could feel that they were filled to bursting! For a second, she thought Reudimer felt it too, because he fell forward to bite the underside of her right halop. His teeth had the feel that she was his last meal!

He released the flesh and put his teeth right on her impatient naulding.

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