Polly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchus


"Oh!" Polly Olly moaned as her uneness was pulled from her naulding. The hard, rubber surface of her noc's erection sprayed the inside of the wolf man's mouth. She hissed at the air and slammed her eyes shut.

"Take my uneness!" She panted. "Drink from me!"

As her hypersensitive naulding surged shot after shot of uneness into the wolf man's hungry mouth, Polly Olly could feel the mass of the pegamolp all grown and filling her yingly. It was her lust that nourished the creature inside of her --it was her excitement it depended on!

Ancha made sucking motions to the air before her. There in the smoldering smoke, she could feel the drips of Polly Olly's uneness. She savored the sweet, warm yumminess of bumbian moo juice. She could feel it on her chin and neck. The evil woman rubbed the imaginary sauce over her own full halops to coax their nauldings to full erection.

She pinched her thighs around the Meathead and brought his face closer to her yingly. The Meathead's breath breezed her open swarly then and she touched his lips to the threshold of her fervent folds.

In the crystal ball, Polly Olly's hands went to the wolf man's thick black mane. She held him against her as he continued what she wanted. She could hear his aggressive swallows as he bathed his tongue in more and more of her sweet flavors.

Reudimer rose from her chest and snarled Ancha's steam down at her.

"If I cannot take your yingly," Ancha said through Reudimer's tongue. "Then I will have your borces, Polly Olly!"

Ancha pulled the Meathead's face into her dribbling yingly. The more she pulled on him, the smaller his shape became. The more of the Meathead that entered her, the more like a grumpus he was. He was her walking, talking grumpus. He was filled with the math and wonder that she ignored in favor of dark arts.

The Meathead put his hands on Ancha's nocs and his fingers pulled on them like she wanted him to. Her nauldings stabbed into his smooth hands while her yingly pulled more and more of the Meathead's ever-changing shape deeper into her widening, sloppy swarly.

Polly Olly hissed and cooed up at Reudimer as he clenched her left naulding in his fingers. He pulled and shook the tip until it splashed uneness into his other hand. Polly Olly gasped with each squirt of her warm uneness.

Reudimer forced Polly Olly onto her side and slapped fresh uneness all over her borces. His huge fingers forced the latescence all over and between her humaholls. He soused her tiny, hidden couchelle. Polly Olly groaned with each whip of the wolf man's mighty hand. He repeated his motions, grabbed more uneness and spattered more of the white color all over her light brown borces.

Though she couldn't see what he was doing, she knew he was stroking uneness up and down his grumpus. He was making the hardness slick for a hard phering and she couldn't wait for it!

Polly Olly hissed when Reudimer touched the great tip of his yippie-yangus to her lacquered couchelle. She could feel the wrinkles that pinched out bread and leaves pinch his grumpus now --over and over again! The skimpy flesh below yielded to Reudimer's intrusion and Polly Olly quaked as he filled her.

Ancha groaned a satisfied vowel as she felt the nuances of the wolf man's grumpus as if it were her own. In a long moment of bliss, she knew what it was to penetrate and to be penetrated. This delight meant she'd achieved the licalightnes! In this divine state, she spoke wild words and Reudimer, her puppet now, translated them to the bumbian he was sprifting.

"Perfect! Perfect, round, tail-wagging borces!" He howled the words from the licalightnes. He brought a hand down and slapped Polly Olly's right borcette. He gripped and squeezed her like she was property!

Polly Olly groaned her response to his words. Her big blue eyeballs were bouncing in time with their sprifting. Her swollen nocs also rocked in time with the wolf man and Ancha's urgent need!

"Pher my couchelle, you monko-sprifter!" Polly Olly spoke guttural words of whimsy. The profanity made her bashful and she blushed. She'd never sprifted a monko in her whole life! She was dirty but not depraved. She wondered for a heartbeat if Reudimer ever had!

She felt the base of his yangus against the borcettes of her borces. The wheel-sac that plugged her yingly touched Reudimer's similar sack. Both sacks nudged her cascading clister and that made her murmur a smiling sound!

Reudimer's giant hands grabbed Polly Olly's short hair and he yanked her to be against him. She used one hand to prop herself up from the ground and spittle spat from her teeth. His black hands slapped against her stacked nocs and he kneaded them there in the sunlight. She could feel him snarling in her neck and she growled for effect!

With each pull back, Reudimer and Ancha could see that the grumpus was slick with uneness and tarnished with Polly Olly's flartefun. It was obvious that the wolf man had also released some batter-colored sleece! The dark center of the borces conformed to their passionate, couchal needs.

There was urgency to his pace that was different from the other times they'd sprifted. She didn't mind the change and, deep down, she thought it was something she'd love getting used to!

The grumpus rammed Polly Olly's complying couchelle again and Reudimer's strong fingertips nurtured her nauldings. His fingers got wet with more uneness as the lady leaked again.

Polly Olly moaned and blew kisses at the sunlight in the sky.

Her tail came close to her raised chin and she urged to her hungry lips. If she could have the tail then all of her openings would be filled. Times like these were Polly Olly's favorites.

Just then, the sound of something heavy being dragged across the road got Polly Olly's attention. Her tail tensed away from her as she stared at a new creature coming toward them.

The braunchus walked up the road with a lazy swagger. Its four tall legs carried its powerful back, belly, and head. The head, of course, carried its mighty nose. The most famous feature on any braunchus was its long, grumpus shaped nose. Wider, longer, and heavier than any other grumpus in all of Feebalon, a braunchus actually dragged it along the ground!

Polly Olly puffed from her lips in time with Reudimer's fervent phering. Her couchelle was stretched as much as it ever had been!

The proud silver fur of the braunchus gleamed in the sunlight, but Polly Olly didn't notice his color especially. She just noticed (and licked her lips at the sight of) his enormous grumpus. Legend held that for a female to pher a male braunchus was to forever change her. It was said the female braunchus had the same effect on males with their yummy smelling yinglies!

"Yes! Yes!" Ancha bellowed with Reudimer's voice. "Take him! Take him!"

Polly Olly raised her hands from the road. Reudimer's hardy hands held her from the ground by her heavenly halops! His grip kneaded her nocs with the lusty longing of two beings. The bumbian's tail whipped about to lure the braunchus toward her waiting hands and wide-open mouth.

It dragged its flaccid nose to the Polly Olly and the wolf man.

Ancha's moans were the same as the wolf man's as she pherred the fat face of the Meathead. She could feel his smooth, featureless skin drag and pull her widening insides.

The sorceress fixed the wolf man's eyes on the great grumpus shape of the braunchus' nose. She watched Polly Olly raise her hands up to touch its long, demanding shape.

If anyone in Feebalon could arouse a braunchus it would have to be a bumbia!

Polly Olly's muscles strained a little as she lifted the nose from the ground. The super wide end of it was scraped and freckled in rocks and dirt. Its long, pliable shape took effort to maneuver, but the bumbia brought the filthy tip to her tiny mouth.

Her lips couldn't wrap around it was so big!

She stabbed her tongue into the dirt and the mud that housed its heavy helmet. Her teeth pulled pebbles from the fleshy, calloused skin. The pieces of grime that were buried in the skin tasted better to her, they tasted like sleece!

The odor and the taste of the braunchus' nose made her nauldings tender against Reudimer's clenched knuckles. She felt her yingly puff out around the pegamolp. Her tiny hands massaged the massive fist-sized crown as she sniffed and tongued it clean.

Polly Olly's knowing hands forced more and more of the grumpus to fill out. Soon, she knew the nose would be completely lifted from its face. She wrapped her tail around its shaft and encouraged it to grow even more.

A thunderous grumble came from the braunchus' throat. It was pleased and its nose was beginning to turn red. Polly Olly's tongue found its pudgy sleece shooting hole and she stabbed the slit like she might stab a yingly! Polly Olly shook at the potent taste of sleece. Her eyes closed as her mouth and nose prompted more of the dripping paste.

Now, when she's most distracted! Ancha thought.

Reudimer pulled his grumpus from Polly Olly's couchelle and reached for her plump pegamolp. He and Ancha found its tiny wheel-sack and tugged the creature free from the bumbia's yingly. It was much larger now. Its black color was now a light brown. Lots and lots of grown beastie length had to be removed from the pool of Polly Olly's swarly!

"We have your yingly! Your yingly!" Ancha and Reudimer sang down at her. The sorceress was quick to grab their swinging grumpus. She rubbed the swollen head at Polly's Olly's swilling yingly!

Polly Olly's eyes shot open and she screamed, "No! No!"

"Flip her over," Ancha commanded and the wolf man's lusty grip flipped Polly Olly onto her back and pinned her there beneath the sky.

Smoke fell from Reudimer's mouth and rolled over Polly Olly's chest. His eyes didn't seem like Reudimer's at all when Polly Olly felt the tip of his grumpus push into her yingly.

Polly Olly gasped as the grumpus gouged her happiest spot. She could feel wolf hair grate her fuzzy thighs.

Reudimer howled over Polly Olly, he groaned the glory of feeling her drenched yingly.

Polly Olly looked to the side while Reudimer slobbered and snarled above her. Her big eyes sought the pegamolp. Its light brown form was still growing just a stone throw away! While inside of her, pegamolp had grown fuzzy brown fur and the fur was saturated in Polly Olly's oils.

The Meathead was now thrusting himself in and out of her with more hunger and force. He was drooling sleece from his wrinkled lips and all around her squeezing yingly. That's when he joined his mistress and her wolf man puppet in the licalightnes!

Greedy and lust filled, Ancha was no longer satisfied with experiencing Reudimer pher her favorite minx. She now demanded the Meathead fill the wolf man's grumpus. This was how she could feel the sprifting from Polly Olly's point of view!

Polly Olly panted and writhed against Reudimer.

She was sad that Reudimer might have damaged the pegamolp.

"Mistress! Mistress!" Reudimer slurred and those words confused Polly Olly. She didn't know it was the Meathead's voice coming from the wolf man. She also couldn't tell that Ancha was ordering the Meathead into the grumpus thrusting her grumpsack.

"Down! Down to the grumpus, meat!" Reudimer cried out.

In the throne room, the Meathead now sprift Ancha's open yingly just as Reudimer sprifted Polly Olly's! The sorceress moaned as she received the incredible lust that was aimed at the bumbian babe!

Polly Olly wrapped her legs around Reudimer's bouncing borces and squeezed his hairy back muscles. "It's okay, Reudimer," she breathed and pointed to the roadside. "I think the pegamolp's okay! It looks perfect over there!"

Reudimer and Ancha looked and there sat a full-grown bumbia --Polly Olly's child! The youngster sat there hugging her long naked legs and dripping is her mother's juice.

Polly Olly was sad that the new bumbia had grown wings like a pegamolp. Bumbians weren't supposed to have wings. They were supposed to be wingless! She hoped beyond hope that her baby wasn't ugly!

The newborn was just as tall as Polly Olly and she crooked her head to watch Reudimer pher her mother. Even in their youth, the bumbian instincts to sprift and to be pherred were dominant traits.

The new addition sniffed the air. The sweet scent of sultry sleece and severe sprifting made her bright and sunny in the yingly. As she watched Polly Olly and the wolf man, she stroked her virgin grumpsack and pulled on her brand-new nauldings.

"Polly Lolly!" Polly Olly cried out and pointed at the newborn.

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" Polly Lolly agreed with her name as she stared the couple sprifting on the road.

Polly Lolly's halops swelled and she lifted one heavy orb to suckle her own untried uneness. Her clumsy fingers squeezed as she sucked. She was feeding herself just as Polly Olly had when she was first born! This pleased Polly Olly! She hoped that meant that wings weren't a worry!

The braunchus approached Polly Lolly with its outstretched nose. It made sniffing sounds and dripped sleece on her ample chest. Polly Lolly fed herself uneness from her halop with one hand and used the other to stroke the braunchus with fondness.

With his eyes closed, the Meathead could feel sleece filling up his neck and face. Times like these made him feel as though his brains might fly from his head!

Ancha felt the power and the intoxication of true feminine bliss building within her. Her approaching climax was building just like Polly Olly's!

Polly Olly panted while the phering grumpus parted and plugged her sopping passage over and over again. Her nails went to the wolf man's neck and she could sense that his sleece would succumb to her swarly so very, very soon!

Polly Olly looked at Polly Lolly like only a mother could. The fully blossomed lamb was probing the point of the braunchus' grumpus with bashful fingers. The whippersnapper gained more understanding with each appreciative pet.

"Go ahead, Polly Lolly," Polly Olly goaded while the wolf man gauged her. "Pher that grumpus!"

"Yes! Yes! Splay your yingly to the Braunchus, Polly Lolly! Then we'll have our turn!" Reudimer laughed with Ancha's wicked thoughts. Ancha kept a secret from Reudimer and the Meathead. She knew she'd never sprift a creature with wings! That would be ridiculous!

Polly Olly found it strange that Reudimer referred to himself as more than one person. Was it her yingly that inspired such confusion? She certainly didn't mean it to!

Polly Lolly wandered to a large, nearby rock and squatted over it. Her youthful yingly was already soaked and seeking sleece. She moved her hips against the rock and cooed as her scent released!

The braunchus joined her by the rock and nudged her yawning yingly with the summit of its swollen spire. Polly Lolly's large wings rose and fell with a shudders as the Braunchus bumped itself further inside.

Ancha could feel the coming spray of sleece in the Meathead. As Reudimer, she also felt the masculine thrill of impending sleece building in the veins of a grumpus! Smoke flew from the wolf man's lips as Ancha pherred Polly Olly with the Meathead.

"Your offspring looks ridiculous with those wings," Reudimer snorted. "I doubt I'll sprift such an ugly thing after the braunchus!"

Reudimer's words hurt Polly Olly's feelings. She looked up at the arrogance spread across his animal lips and narrowed her eyes. She had no way of knowing that the words were from a sorceress. She knew only that it was his fault that Polly Lolly had wings at all!

"I told you she wasn't ready to come out yet!" Polly Olly hissed.

At that moment, Polly Olly's yingly slammed itself shut on Reudimer's grumpus. Its powerful teeth chomped the yangus free from the wolf man's groin.

Reudimer screamed in pain and fell away from Polly Olly's legs.

The pain was so great in Reudimer's head, that Ancha's spell was smashed to bits. She found herself back in her throne room with the Meathead buried up to his shoulders inside of her sprawley.

She was still laughing about the winged bumbian babe when she realized that the Meathead was not moving between her legs.

"Meat?" She asked of her thighs and shook him. There was no response.

Polly Olly stood up glowered down at Reudimer. The wolf man's hands were wrapped around the wound he bled from. He whimpered like a dog man.

Polly Olly had never felt disgusted before in her whole life!

The feeling was new and she didn't like it very much!

She reached into her yingly and removed Reudimer's grumpus. It smacked the ground with a newly-grown wheel-sack attached. Tiny wings fluttered on the long and black former grumpus. It had grown tiny painted eyes. A new pegamolp.

Polly Lolly laid over a rock with her yingly open to the braunchus. It sniffed and her acrid odor before slipping its hard red nose into the nubile bumbia for more phering. Polly Lolly groaned as her yingly stretched super wide to accommodate something as impressive as a braunchus' grumpus.

The Meathead sat up on the road and looked up at Polly Olly. He realized his new grumpus shape all at once. Somehow, his mistress had trapped him in a newborn pegamolp!

"No! No!" The Meathead cried out at Polly Olly. "Help me! Help me!"

Polly Olly listened to the frustrated sounds of the pegamolp her yingly had turned out. She always wondered what pegamolps said when they got so angry --she couldn't remember anytime she'd been so loud as a pegamolp herself!

The Meathead bounced on his crazy wheel-sack and tried to flutter his wings. He watched Polly Olly pick up her basket and scarf. His mistress had told him that Polly Olly was on her way to the market!

But she couldn't leave him there, could she!?

Polly Olly gazed at her offspring as it sprifted the braunchus. Her angry feelings left her lungs in a long breath. Her next breath swelled her chest with pride. She would be an excellent bumbia --even though she had wings!

She watched Polly Lolly take more nose up her yingly than she herself ever could! She could see its thickness thrust in and out of Polly Lolly. She smiled at the wet slurps the new yingly was leaving as it begged for its first share of sleece!

Polly Olly tied her scarf around her head and walked up the road with a spring in her step!

The Meathead saw the wolf man had completely bled out and died. He bounced himself over to Polly Lolly.

"Look at me! Look at me!" the Meathead squeaked in pegamolp gibberish. "I need help! I need help!"

Polly Lolly could not hear his cries over her own cries of glee. Her sprawley was privy to the delicious sensation of being stretched by a braunchus. Her hips rocked harder and harder as more and more carnal knowledge and understanding filled her pretty head!

The braunchus itself didn't move nor thrust back at the bumbian babe. A braunchus never had to!

The Meathead watched Polly Lolly sprift a braunchus. The beauty of it caused his drawn-on lips to sport a half-baked smile. His posture straightened at the sight of the two of them. He reached up fondle his tender tip with hands that couldn't really reach.

He watched Polly Lolly's first ever climax. Her wings reached toward the sky and went as flat as her raised back. She grunted, moaned, and let loose her first sopping sample from her celebrating clister.

Still shuddering, Polly Lolly fell forward and slipped off of the braunchus' beastial yangus. The towering tool bounced up and down again as her face knocked dust into the air.

Polly Lolly made a high-pitched achoo and the braunchus followed suit. The braunchus sneezed sleece all over her bared and beefy borces!

Polly Lolly gave a grateful grunt.

"Help me! Help me!" The Meathead cried and bounced his way to Polly Lolly. In his barely erect state, he wasn't nearly the size of Polly Lolly's face.

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