tagMaturePolly Sets A Test For Lance

Polly Sets A Test For Lance


Polly strolled into the house and called her daughter. Vicky came running down the stairs and gave her mother a big hug. Polly turned her daughter in the hall so that Lance, Vicky's 19 year old boyfriend, viewed mother and daughter crushed against each other from a side profile. Polly's tight white t shirt emphasising her deep olive tanned skin against her daughter's pale pinkish hue. The t shirt encasing her huge solid boobs bulged obscenely as she pushed them against her daughter's flat chest. Her tiny waist and flat tanned stomach showed slightly as her t shirt rose up to climb over her monumental chest. She knew the effect that image would have on Lance and that didn't take into account her pert muscular bubble shaped arse and strong slim legs in her tight jeans. Vicky looked like a pale uninteresting young girl with no shape to her body compared to Polly's voluptuous figure.

Then Polly turned sharply to look at Lance, her green eyes sparking, her astonishingly pretty tanned face pressed cheek to cheek with her less pretty daughter's smiling innocent face.

"Well Lance said he couldn't believe we were related honey. What do you think now Lance, compare us."

"Uh well...," said Lance, struggling for something to say. What he wanted to say was that Polly was the hottest woman he had seen and her daughter was a non entity compared with Polly's hot body. He couldn't really say that though.

Polly saw Bernard struggling with the bags in the car and smiled at Lance:

"I think Lance is struggling for words. Maybe he is struggling to say that he is shocked at how much prettier I am than my daughter."

"Uh, well..."

"She is teasing you silly," said Vicky.

"Prettier and bustier, eh Lance? I always say she can't be my daughter, she is so flat chested."

"Mum please," said Vicky sharply.

"Vicky, stop moaning! You are just jealous."

Vicky was shocked and suddenly looked like she was about to cry as Bernard arrived huffing and puffing at the door holding the bags.

"You could have helped me Lance," he said with more than a hint of irritation in his voice.

"We were just having a debate honey," said Polly with a glint in her eye. "Who has the better body, me or Vicky?"

"Stop being so immature Polly," Bernard said irritably. "You are both beautiful." He walked through to another room shaking his head.

Polly smiled at her daughter and said:

"I am going to get changed for dinner; can I borrow a top darling?" She cupped her monumentally large solid boobs and smiled at her daughter: "Do you think you have anything I could fit these into?"

Lance's cock was straining in his jeans as Vicky admitted she had nothing which would fit.

Vicky stormed off to join her father as Polly said that she would just have to wear an old t shirt of Vicky's and she asked Lance if he could imagine what it would look like - a bit tight perhaps.

She walked over to Lance and whispered in his ear:

"Tonight your relationship with her finishes and you become mine. If you want me on your terms all you have to do is resist cumming in your trousers during dinner. If you do resist I will suck you off in the lounge in front of them both. If you can't control yourself then you and your dick become my property to fuck when I decide. The rules are I can't wank you or suck you or fuck you during dinner. Deal?" she asked arching her back and watching his eyes drawn to her melons.

"Er ok, wow Mrs Urqhart."

"I become your fantasy, your busty sex slut, if you can just resist me, resist spurting. Otherwise my games continue and you become an occasional fuck for me when the mood takes me." She folded her arms under her boobs and bent forward. "Fancy your chances stud?"

"Uh well..."

"No man has ever won that challenge. They all erupt for me, fill their trousers with their hot spunk. You think you are a stud but you can't resist me. I am a total slut but my family think I am a devoted wife and mother. Four courses tonight and if your cum is still in your balls after coffee, I succumb to you totally. But it won't be, will it?" Lance was mesmerised by her pretty tanned face, her enormous solid chest that bulged firmly towards her chin.

He thought to himself, I must resist her tits, I must resist her face, her eyes, her lips but oh God I must resist her tits.

Polly went to get changed for dinner. Let the games begin she thought.


Vicky had prepared dinner; the family had spent time with the grandmother who has stuck in bed but Polly largely stayed away from all that and she showered and readied herself for battle. How to look sexy enough to make a man blow his load whilst still dressing for a family dinner? The answer was tight jeans and a mauve t-shirt from her daughter, no bra but with one secret weapon which she wouldn't need -- would she? The material was used to Vicky's flat body, now it had Polly's weapons to contain -- and it struggled. The material was taut against her boobs to the point that they looked crushed into the top and the only place for the ample firm tit flesh to escape was to burst out of the low cut top to form a staggering cleavage. The material also ended just below her tits leaving her tanned toned stomach and smooth sexy tanned back on show.

Lance was relieved though. Whilst her outfit drew a gasp from Vicky and a disapproving look from Bernard, Lance had been expecting it. Polly sat opposite Lance and his cock was as hard as steel but he didn't get drawn into staring at her pretty face and incredible tits. Polly turned the conversation onto the topic of her daughter's boyfriends and made some suggestive comments but Lance was expecting this and whilst his cock throbbed, it didn't blast.

Only coffee left, Polly's confidence was unshakable but Lance allowed himself a confident smile at her. Polly knew it was war and it was time to show this young man where he stood. She ushered her husband and daughter into the kitchen to bring the coffee.

"Ten minutes and we will have finished coffee, confident Lance?"

"Yes slut, bring it on, your tits belong to me."

"Not quite yet they don't."

This is the moment Lance had braced himself for, she was going to come round the table and press those boobs in his face. He was steeled for it, he wanted her as his woman."

She stood and strolled casually round the table. Lance gulped, he had been preparing himself for everything but not this.

The jeans had gone, slipped off and a tiny tight white mini skirt clung to her arse, emphasising her incredibly toned rear and legs and her deep sexy tan from her legs and stomach contrasted with the white micro mini skirt.

She bent over the table and pressed her arse into his groin and felt his big cock pressing against her. "Is my arse sexier than my tits?"

She then called through:

"Vicky, come and see this."

"Yes let her watch" said Lance thrusting himself hard against her arse. Polly felt his cock spurt and smiled. She was away and out of his grasp before he knew it. Tricked, all he could do was empty his huge load into his trousers. Polly settled down in her chair as Vicky entered.

"Lance has just told me that he has just cum in his trousers because he finds me so sexy. Is it true?"

Vicky was stunned, one glance at her boyfriend trying to hide his trousers as he continued to cum made it obvious.

"My daughter is dumping you, show him out Vicky. Any man who can't control his cock doesn't deserve what was on offer from this family," she said cryptically.

Vicky was in tears, Lance was embarrassed, gutted and angry but before he knew it, he was on the other side of the front door.

"I can't believe he preferred you to me mum?"

Polly was annoyed by this comment. "I can dear." She stood up and walked round the table, still in her micro mini skirt. "He seemed to like my outfit and I seem to remember the previous guy liked me too. Like I said earlier I am much hotter than you. On a scale of 1 to 10 for prettiness where you are 5 I am 10. Sorry, does that sound unkind, arrogant. On a scale from 1 to 10 for sexy bodies you register a 1 and I break the scale, 10 just isn't fair to this bod. Do you think Lance agreed? She strolled out to the stairs:

"Tell your father you have asked Lance to leave. He wasn't right for you. I will find you a new boyfriend. What do you say?"

"Thanks mum."

Polly smiled a confident, self satisfied smile. Her submissive daughter was back firmly in her place. She mauled at her own big rack and the tension on the t shirt saw it tear.

"It will be a pleasure honey. Things are about to change round here."

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