tagMaturePolly's Games Continue

Polly's Games Continue


Whilst Bernard slept fitfully and uncomfortably in the back seat of the car, his hot wife Polly fucked her daughter's boyfriend in a sleeping bag in a 2 man tent which was pitched just yards from the car in question. Her smooth tanned muscular legs were locked around Lance as he pistoned his large cock into her tight pussy. Her tight toned arse rotated around his thrusts. She was a master of sex and he was her new toy. Her tiny smooth waist and smooth flat tanned stomach looked fantastic but to be honest, Lance only had eyes for her monumental tits. Huge firm round boobs without a hint of sag sat high and proud on her body and teased any man she met to total distraction and lust. He mauled at her body and every half hour or so he pumped serious quantities of cum into or onto her body. He was relentless but whatever he gave her, she needed more.

"Do you want to fuck my giant cans Lance?" she cooed. "To titty fuck my big solid mounds that you seem to like sooo much. Are they better than my daughter's?

"God yes, you know they are babe. She is flat, you have curves everywhere. So tanned, so fit, so busty, so pretty" he grunted as he fucked her.

He pushed his large dick between her smooth jugs and she called out:

"Bernard darling, our daughter's boyfriend has a much bigger cock than you. I have much bigger tits than her and as he prefers me I am going to fuck him all night. I want him to grab my big melons and fuck them and I always get what I want."

Bernard thought he heard something, a noise from the tent perhaps, but he was innocent and ignorant of his wife's preference for extra marital cock. He turned over as Lance splattered cum across his wife's breasts, her face and parts of the sleeping bag and tent.

By morning the tent reeked of sex and the sleeping bag and Polly's body was coated in seamen and sweat.

"What a night, you are so hot" Lance said.

Polly eased her naked hot body out of the sleeping bag which she did by sliding her body over Lance's, first her huge tits slid across his face, then her tanned toned stomach, her pussy received a couple of licks as it slid over his face and he gripped her muscular firm butt. Finally her smooth toned legs slid slowly each side of his face and she eased herself to her feet. She dabbed off the majority of thick cum and their shared perspiration from her glowing body before slipping a summer dress over her body.

"Easy access, in case you get 2 minutes to fuck me," she cooed.

Lance put the tent down and packed everything away before they released Bernard from the car. He was grumpy and said nothing but he would have been much worse if he suspected for a minute that his wife had been thoroughly fucked by his daughter's boyfriend.

They drove through the country for a couple of hours and started looking for a pub to eat at. The place they found was very quiet and had one young couple sitting in the corner kissing.

"Ahh young love," said Polly loudly and they looked over and smiled.

"Bloody students," moaned Bernard quietly as Polly sat near to them.

Bernard sat opposite his wife who turned half around to face the students. Bernard admired his wife's huge solid tits from a sideways profile and felt himself losing control as he grew stiff. Polly introduced herself, her husband and her daughter's boyfriend whilst she explored Lance's thick log in his jeans quite openly on her side of the table. Bernard nodded his acquaintance but was far too pre-occupied with his hard cock to notice the 2 young people gawping at his wife as she unzipped Lance from his tight confines and pulled him free. A minute later Bernard was in the bathroom tugging on his small cock with his wife's hot body in his mind.

There was silence whilst Polly tugged Lance's cock to its full length and then she suddenly got up and walked over to the 2 lovers and bent forward over their table.

"I'm Polly. And you are?" she asked whilst a wall of deep cleavage bulged out of her skimpy dress. It was so obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and even more obvious that she didn't need one.

"I'm Dawn" said the rather scrawny girl and this is my boyfriend Todd. "You said that this is your daughter's boyfriend. Looks like you are making a fool out of her and your husband with him behind their backs."

"Uh huh," Polly replied. "You two want to watch?"

"Wow, that might be fun," Dawn replied. Like a real life porno film."

Meanwhile Todd sat silently and stared, his eyes flicked between Polly's sexy green eyes and her huge chest.

"Well Todd," said Polly, "you keep my husband in here and tell him we have gone for a walk and then when Dawn comes back in she will say that you are to help us with our car because it is making a rattling noise. Dawn, you keep Bernard in here until we are finished. Should be fun."

When Bernard had finally relieved himself in the bathroom he returned to the table to find Todd who explained that his girlfriend was taking them on a walk round the village but that they wouldn't be long. Bernard settled down to wait for his food as Lance settled into Polly, or at least his cock did. Dawn was fingering herself as Lance's big cock pulsed into Polly's hot body. She did feel uneasy about the prospect of letting Todd watch Polly's amazing body fucking this stud.

Lance seemed to be building his pace when Polly groaned and said:

"Time's up, bring Todd out."


"Chat nicely to my husband, thanks sweetie."

Dawn was in a daze but managed to convince Bernard that they would only be a few minutes and Bernard's unsuspicious mind was set further at rest by the fact that Dawn said they needed some help from Todd outside.

The sight which greeted Todd in the car park was of Lance driving his long cock up Polly's tight tanned arse. Polly's skilful hands had Todd throbbing in seconds and he directed his much smaller cock between her lips as he groped her huge boobs. Her flashing smile and those sparkling green eyes had Todd mesmerised, his balls ached. All he could feel was her lips and tongue on his cock and the vibration of each thrust from Lance's powerful body travelling up Polly's hot body.

She eased the cock from her mouth to say lustfully to Todd:

"Blow your load in my mouth, your ignorant girlfriend will never know."

This was too much for the young lad. His cock slid back into her mouth and seconds later he blew 2 or 3 shots of cum into her mouth. Polly swallowed it effortlessly.

He gasped: "Jesus lady, you are so hot., I can't believe I have just done that."

She smiled innocently at him and pressed her awesome cleavage towards him. He watched as Lance pounded her pussy and minutes later erupted inside of her.

Lance confidently looked at Todd and said:

"She needs my big cock, she is a married slut and I service her hot body."

Polly smiled at Todd: "Next stop is to visit my daughter where Lance will fuck me whilst my daughter and husband remain blissfully ignorant in the same house."

Lance picked up the pace; the prospect of pounding Polly in the same house as both Vicky and Bernard was too much. He slid his hands over her smooth tanned legs and up over her amazing tight arse. His hands continued to move upwards around her tiny waist and finally reached her mountainous jugs. .He squeezed her solid tit flesh and started to pump his cum into her as she smiled up innocently at Todd.

They arrived back in the pub 5 minutes later as the food arrived. Todd's girlfriend thought that she was in on the deception but she never even considered the fact that anything would have happened between her boyfriend and Polly. "Stupid girl" thought Polly to herself.

Polly crossed her great legs and flashed them to her husband. She turned to show her hefty cans to him as she felt his leg.

"Have you had a good weekend away Bernard?"

"Yes darling, have you."

Polly felt cum ooze out of her tight pussy and licked her lips to taste Todd's cum in her mouth. "I just wish we could have had sex honey. I feel a bit sexually frustrated at how little I am getting."

Bernard's cock was stirring: "We will have to do something about that."

"Yes we will," she smiled. "By the way I don't think Lance is right for our daughter."

"I am glad you said that. I agree."

"He is far more suitable as a lover for me," she thought to herself.

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