tagGroup SexPolyamorous Ch. 02

Polyamorous Ch. 02


Part II

Wedded Bliss

Midway through my senior year, I was rollerblading across the campus commons when a runner blindsided me. I crashed to the ground and he fell on top of me. I looked up at him as a groan of pain escaped my lips. It was Adam. He smiled and helped me up, making sure I wasn't hurt. A tingle raced through me as his hands brushed the leaves and dirt off my clothing. I felt warm all over and my nipples hardened. I smiled at him.

Adam had gotten even better looking and more muscular in the past 4 years since high school. A thought crossed my mind. I wondered if he recognized me as the same plump mousy valedictorian from back home. I doubted it. He asked my name and told me his. I told him I knew him from high school, that he had been captain of the football team and his family lived on Walnut St. The look on his face registered surprise when I told him who I was. He said all he ever knew of me was that I was the class brain. I knew he never knew I existed back then. He grinned that sexy grin of his and asked me out for a cup of coffee. I accepted. He shook his head and said it was strange that he met someone from his hometown here at State.

That crash started something wonderful. I had only been with Alison. I had only had a strap-on penis, not a real one. I wondered what a real one would feel like. Adam was not a small man. He stood 6 ft 3 inches and weighed 250 pounds of pure muscle. He towered over me by a foot. I felt dwarfed by him and 5 ft 3 inches and 110 pounds.

We started dating and became really close. We spent the Winter break in our hometown with our families. We spent Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Fla. For all my imaginations, I could not have even begun to guess what things would be like for him and me. We weren't sleeping with each other yet. We had decided to wait.

I confessed to him about my relationship with Alison. He didn't look down on me for loving her the way I did. He told me about his 'conquests' in college and in high school. He had been with all of the female cheerleaders in high school and most of the female cheerleaders in college along with many girls here who struck his fancy. Yet, he told me I meant more to him than a quick fling. I was special and that meant something. After graduation, we moved back to our hometown and rented a place together. I opened up a massage therapy shop and Adam went to work at a nearby chemical plant as an engineer and became a volunteer fireman.

We had been together for nine months, living together, yet we had not had sex. I eagerly awaited that moment. Adam proposed to me on Christmas Eve and we married on a beautiful June afternoon in a gazebo at one of the local parks. The whole town turned out for the occasion. I felt like Cinderella. We spent our two week long honeymoon at a couple's resort in Jamaica. We rarely left the room. Moreover, we rarely left our bed. We had an insatiable appetite for each other.

I had seen him naked many times. I had even seen him erect. Adam had a magnificent body, sculpted and powerfully built. He worked out every day, keeping his body in prime form. He even often referred to his body as a temple. Yes, it sounds corny but I do worship him. He simply makes me wet when I look at his awesome body. I hungered for him ever since we started dating. I wanted him. I wanted to feel every thick throbbing inch of his 10 inch rock hard cock. Yes, my husband is well hung.

And that first night we made love, Oooooooooooo Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, it was incredible. He stretched my pussy like it had never been stretched before. Feeling a real hard throbbing penis completely blew away the strap-on. There was no comparison I could ever make. I moaned and squealed every time he thrust that delicious monster inside me. I was thankful we rented a private bungalow so no one would hear us. Of course if someone did overhear us, I hoped it would make them jealous and inspire them to great heights of passion. He showed me things I never knew before, things Alison and I had never done. I found I had a gift for sucking cock. It was evident the first time I ever tried to go down on him. He went nuts and blew his wad in my mouth. I have grown fond of the taste of my husband's cum.

Two weeks of honeymoon bliss was what we shared in that private bungalow on that sunny tropical isle. Two weeks of intense passion and non-stop lovemaking. Yet part of me wanted more. A part of me craved something Adam couldn't give me. Deep down I knew what it was. I simply missed Alison, her tenderness, the smell of her, the taste of her, the sound of her laughter, and the feel of her soft hands all over my body. I truly and deeply loved Adam, but I don't ever think I had gotten over Alison. I think Adam knew. I think he could sense it.

We returned home from Jamaica and settled back in our everyday lives. Days lead to weeks. Weeks lead to months and months into years. We were very happy together. We had purchased a nice new home, had a nice comfortable bank account and my salon was profitable. Adam bought a new full sized pickup truck. Life is good. Our sex life continued to be incredible. We experimented with bondage, role-playing and cross dressing. I learned he was interested in anal sex. He had no gay tendencies, but he wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked. He wanted to know what it felt like it felt like to have a thick strap-on in his ass.

He had confessed he had used one of his ex-girlfriend's vibrating dildos and wanted to feel more. He wanted me to fuck like he fucked me. It was an incredible experience. We both became so aroused. He said it hurt like hell at first as I took his anal cherry, but it gave him a rush like he'd never felt before. He said he liked the feel of being taken by me, that he loved the feel of having his ass reamed with the thick strap-on cock we'd purchased together.

He said he'd often wanted to play the submissive role, but never could before with any other woman. If it had gotten out in college, he'd have been ruined. And thank god for Internet adult sites selling adult toys. Besides the adult store on the edge of town, we'd have to drive 100 miles. No one needs to know our private business. Adam's ultra macho exterior persona would never allow anyone to know he liked being fucked in the ass by his wife. Yet as a gift, he made me a latex replica of his own massive 10 inch cock. I was thrilled to tears. How thoughtful of him to do that for me. I repaid him by fucking him with it, making him feel what I do when he is in my ass.

We had been married for 5 years when we learned Adam was sterile. We wanted children, but it seemed that was not to be. I had wondered why in 5 years we'd been married that I hadn't gotten pregnant. Never once had we used birth control. Adam confessed to using steroids during high school and college. He blamed his sterility on his stupidity. Adam had also confessed that a knee injury had cost him a future with a major league football team. Maybe that injury was a godsend. If it hadn't have happened, Adam and I wouldn't have met and gotten married.

As for children, we have considered adoption. I would love to be a mother and there are so many children that need a good loving home. At times I grieve for something I would never have. I would never know the feeling of what it is like to have a child growing inside my body. That realization hurt and it made me long for other things I had lost, like Alison. I felt the need to get away from it all. I felt the need for a vacation alone. I expressed all of my troubles to Adam.

To my surprise, he understood. He said he knew there had been something troubling me for a long time. He told me to take a weekend and go someplace peaceful, like a spa, where I would be pampered. Somewhere that may invigorate my body, mind, and soul with a sense of peace. I needed peace of mind restored. He confessed his undying love to me and told me he'd be here when I returned. How many husbands are willing to allow that? I knew I had a special man in my husband. I was wrong all those long years ago in high school when I thought he was a colossal chauvinistic jerk. That wasn't the real Adam. Now I felt the need to find the real me.

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