tagLesbian SexPolyamory Ch. 01

Polyamory Ch. 01

byBob Waters©

Note to reader:

This is part one of a two part story. I've placed part one in the Lesbian section as the major 'action' of this part occurs between two women. Part two will go into the group sex category in a week or so as it will involve the same two woman with the addition of a man. Either story can be read as a stand alone, so if your taste precludes one or the other scenario, please feel free to skip the one that you're not into.

* * * * *

It was an unconventional offer to say the least, but then again, this relationship had been unconventional from the start, Billie mused. Hell, when you're a twenty eight year old dyke, it's not like you're going to get many CONVENTIONAL offers, she thought wryly, smiling to herself.

She did her best thinking at the beach. She sat, watching the rollers come in across Massachusetts Bay; breaking over the sand bars and reviewed her situation.

She loved Michelle. That was indisputable. Michelle was married to Sean. Billie liked Sean, he was a nice guy. If she were wired that way, Sean was the kind of guy she would have gone for. Michelle loved Sean, Michelle had been very clear on that fact, but Michelle said she loved Billie too.


It's not like she hadn't known Michelle was married. Sitting in the crowded coffee shop, reading the Phoenix she had looked to see the pretty blond woman holding a latte smiling at her.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" she had indicated the empty chair across the small, round table from Billie. "It's the only seat open in the place and my feet are killing me."

"Sure, help yourself," Billie had gestured and the woman sat down.

Reflexively, Billie had checked out her left hand. Big rock with a matching diamond studded wedding band as well. Figures, she had thought.

"I'm Michelle," the woman had said.

"Billie," she replied.

Michelle put out her hand and Billie shook. She had a firm, dry grip.

They got to talking. Michelle was, of course, married. About the same age as Billie, no kids, did HR for a Plymouth based Tech Company. Did the trek down Cape and over the bridge then back everyday so they could live in Turo. Husband, Sean, was an accountant. Had a picture of him. Didn't look like an accountant. Cute, dark blond hair, slim build, nice smile. For that matter, Michelle had dark blond hair, a slim build and a nice smile too. Billie sighed. She seemed destined to run into straight blonds.

"Are you married," Michelle had asked.

"I'm lesbian," Billie had replied, defensively and in-you-face at the same time.

"Well, then do you have a life-partner?" Michelle retorted, not missing a beat.

Billie had appraised her for a moment before answering, detected nothing but sincerity and said, "No, but I haven't given up," smiling for the first time during the conversation.

Things had gone up from there. The two women had exchanged phone numbers and made plans for a luncheon date. Lunch led to shopping, which led to movies, which led to an invitation to Michelle's place for dinner. There she had met Sean. Billie had nothing at all against men. Some of her best friends thought they were guys. Seriously though, she just didn't find them sexually attractive. She had tried. She had dated men, even had sex with a few. While she hadn't hated it, she preferred women. She wasn't repulsed by men, didn't have any secret trauma in her past that turned her off to guys. They just didn't do it for her the way another woman did.

She had felt a little out of place when she first arrived at their house. Sean and Michelle were outwardly rather bourgeoisie with their trendy, department store clothing and their suntans. Billie was a bit more bohemian. An artist, with her short, black hair and pale skin, James Dean white tee shirts and jeans or thrift-store sundresses. Shabby chic. Appearances can deceive. Their home was tastefully furnished with some nice pieces from local artists, not the sterile plasticity she had expected.

"That's one of mine," she had exclaimed, pointing to a beachscape on the wall.

Dinner was superb, cooked by Sean. Again, defying preconceptions of what an accountant should be like.

They became friends, doing things as a group or separately. Billie spent a lot of time with Michelle seeing movies and going antiquing. She spent a bit of time with Sean too. They both had a passion for the Red Sox (Michelle was bored by baseball) and got into the habit of watching the games together, even taking in a few at Fenway when Sean could score seats from a client. When they were unable to watch a game together, one would call the other on the phone and they would dissect it well into the night.

Everything changed one night when Sean was away on business.

Michelle had invited Billie over for pizza and to watch a video. It was November and late fall on the Cape can be a raw time of year. They were bundled up on the couch, sitting by a fire under a big fleece when it happened.

Michelle casually leaned over and kissed Billie on the mouth. Stunned, Billie pulled back.

"Michelle, what are you doing?" she asked.

"I want you," Michelle replied, matter-of-factly, leaning in and kissing her again.

Shocked, surprised and acting on instinct, Billie kissed back, putting her hand on Michelle's cheek, feeling herself melt from her friend's soft lips. Knowing she would hate herself tomorrow, Billie pulled away.

"Michelle, I can't do this. I like Sean and won't do this to him," she said, tears welling in he eyes.

The blond smiled as if to say 'I've got a secret.'

"Sean knows," Michelle giggled. "I told him I was going to seduce you tonight."

"You…told him…" Billie stammered, confused. "What did he say?"

"Have fun and it's about time," Michelle laughed.

"He's OK with this?" Billie asked.

Seeing Billie's confusion, Michelle got serious. "Honey look, I told him I'd become very attracted to you, as more then just a friend and I wanted to see if you felt the same way. He understood and gave me his blessing."

"Do you do this kind of thing often? Why didn't you tell me this before!" Billie asked, pulling away. She wasn't sure how she felt about this. "What am I, a, a toy? An interlude? Has our whole friendship been a, a seduction?" I will NOT cry! She admonished herself.

"Baby! Baby, no!" Michelle insisted, pulling Billie around to look at her. "Look at me," she commanded. When she was sure she had the girl's attention, she went on. "Have I done this before? Not since I've been married, but I did have a girlfriend when Sean and I started dating. I told you about that. Well, they knew about each other. Sean was OK with it, she wasn't. She got possessive and we broke up. When I met you, I wanted a friend; I wasn't looking for a pick-up. Now I want more. I hoped you would too."

"What about Sean?" Billie asked.

"I love Sean, I still do. I think I'm falling in love with you too. I told him that. He said he didn't blame me, you're quite loveable. Billie, I won't ever leave him, I love him. But, I want you too. He's OK with that, are you?"

Billie couldn't help it, the tears had come. She knuckled one away, "I don't know. That doesn't seem very fair to me."

"I know it's not," Michelle replied. "I'm a selfish bitch, but I want you as a friend and a lover. Do you want me?"

"Yes," Billie replied in a small voice.

Michelle smiled and pulled her sweater off over her head, throwing her long blond hair into disarray. She was braless beneath, her skin still showing faint lines from her summer tan. Small, firm breasts outlined in white, capped with pale pink tips. They darkened, crinkling hard in the cold air. Billie felt her breath catch in her throat.

Michelle leaned in and kissed the tears from Billie's face, tasting the salty, wet sadness, gathering the girl into her arms, comforting her. Their mouths met, opened. No hesitation now, tongues touching, fencing, exquisitely soft, exquisitely hot. Billie's hand cupped Michelle's breast, Michelle moaned into the other girl's mouth as Billie's thumb teased her rock-hard nipple.

The girls burrowed under the fleece, fleeing the cold air for the heat of their bodies. Michelle tugged up Billie's sweatshirt.

"I want to feel you against me," she hissed into the girl's ear.

Billie quickly shucked off her top. Her bra followed. Michelle reached out and laid her finger tips against Billie's light brown nipples, surprisingly dark against the pale, pale skin of her tiny breasts. Although she was twenty eight, Billie had the slim figure of an adolescent. Billie shivered.

"Are you cold?" Michelle asked.

"No," Billie replied, pulling the other girl close. Their breasts pressed warmly together, hot softness in the cold night air. Billie fumbled at the waist of Michelle's jeans.

"Oh God, I want you," she whispered, finally getting the button undone, forcing the tight denim over Michelle's hips, pushing them down with her panties, searching for her, finding the tangle of coarse hair, the tip of her soft cleft, the moist heat beneath.

"Ohhh," Michelle sighed, as the girl found her. "Oh yesss," She undid Billie's jeans, looking into each other's eyes, smiling softly, Billie lifting her hips up, letting Michelle push her jeans and panties down. Michelle finding her, touching Billie as Billie touched her. Breathing quickening, heat growing.

"Come here," Billie commanded, pulling Michelle close. Billie snaked her knee between Michelle's, working her thigh upwards until she felt the slick heat of the girl's cunt against her leg. She rolled half on top of her, rocking against the other girl.

Michelle moaned again and worked her own thigh between Billie's legs, finding the other girl's sex, feeling her juices, slippery hot against her own skin. They ground into each other, kissing deeply, Michelle playing with the other girls hard button nipples. Billie thrust her hands into Michelle's hair, pulling the girl's head back roughly, grazing her neck with her teeth, licking a wet trail across her collarbone, kissing the soft hollow of her throat.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, Oh!" Michelle gasped and Billie could feel Michelle's sex spasm against her leg, feel the gush of moisture as she came.

"Ohh, you're an easy cum," Billie whispered into Michelle's ear. "I'm going to wear you out tonight!"

"Oh God, yes, wear me out!" Michelle giggled. "Mmm, bite my neck again."

Billie laughed and grabbed the other girl's wrists, pinning them over her head bending to graze her teeth against Michelle's neck once more.

"You like it when I bite you?" she purred.

"Yes," Michelle whispered, closing her eyes.

Billie gently bit the other girl's neck, her collar bone. She licked a trail across Michelle's chest, across her left breast, capturing the hard pink nipple between her teeth. She bit down, gently then a bit more firmly.

"Ooooo," Michelle groaned.

Billie slid her right hand down Michelle's body, across the smooth, taught belly to the sweet juncture between her thighs. Michelle opened her legs wide, kicking her ankles free from her crumpled jeans. Billie's finger explored her softness as she alternately suckled and nibbled her breast. Michelle felt the heat build again as Billie's finger circled her clit and pushed her sex against Billie's hand. Billie slipped a finger into Michelle's warm, wet tunnel, then another. She hooked them upwards to stroke the roof of her canal, circling Michelle's hard nubbin of a clit with her thumb.

"Oh my God," Michelle hissed, "Oh that feels so good."

Billie smiled against Michelle's breast and slipped a third finger into the other girl's cunt, feeling her passage strain against the intrusion.

"Oh Godddddddd!" Michelle groaned as her body tensed. Billie felt the other girl's sex squeeze her fingers, almost forcing them out as her orgasm broke. Michelle wrapped her legs together, pinning Billie's hand against her, grinding into it as she came. Billie let her ride it, helping her along, trying to keep it going for as long as it would last. Eventually, Michelle's legs relaxed, freeing Billie's hand. Michelle gently pushed the other girl away.

"Baby, that was wonderful," she smiled, kissing Billie tenderly. "Now it's my turn."

Michelle leaned over Billie, rolling the other girl onto her back. She traced a finger over Billie's smooth skin, encircling her nipple, watching the little brown bud crinkle and harden. Billie's breathing deepened. Michelle climbed over her, propping herself up on hands placed to either side of Billie's shoulders. She used her foot to push Billie's jeans the rest of the way down to her ankles. Billie stepped out of them. She eyed Billie's naked frame hungrily.

"You're beautiful," she whispered to the other girl.

Billie closed her eyes, "No I'm not," she answered.

"Look at me," Michelle commanded. Billie opened her eyes. "You're beautiful," she repeated, and in that moment, Billie believed her.

Michelle reached down and kissed her. The only thing touching was their lips and then their tongues. Michelle kissed her again, lower. Exploring Billie's neck with her mouth, her breasts, barely noticeable mounds of softness, stretched taught by her laying on her back. The hard nipples, the smooth skin of her stomach; she flicked the silver belly ring with her tongue as she passed. She scrunched down, lower, between Billie's open thighs, running her tongue through the mass of black curls to the slick softness below.

Michelle pushed Billie's legs open wider and teased the small inner lips of her sex open with her tongue. Billie sighed as Michelle spread them wide, cleaving them with the tip of her tongue, circling the small hood at their apex. Michelle played with the lips, flicking them gently from side to side, up and around, spreading them open and then closed again. Michelle's talented tongue played her, Billie's hips moving in time to the other girl's rhythm, tempo rising until Billie's soft cries broke the silent dance.

"Ooo, ooo, unnn," she mewed, "Ooo, ooo."

Billie's movements became erratic, her ass coming off the sofa, her cries louder until she broke with a loud groan,

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she cried bucking her hips, cumming hard.

Michelle followed her, not letting go, tonguing the girl, bringing her higher, harder until Billie, unable to take anymore, pusher her head away, whispering, "Stop, enough, stop!"

Michelle climbed up the other girl, putting her arms around her, kissing her deeply, mouth wet with Billie's love.

They held each other, whispering endearments. Eventually they retired to Michelle and Sean's big iron bed. Billie had some qualms about that, but Michelle didn't give her a chance to dwell on it for long. They made love throughout the night, finally falling into an exhausted slumber shortly before dawn.

Billie awoke to the smell of coffee. She opened her eyes to see Sean sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling. He held out a mug to her.

"Milk, no sugar, right?" he asked.

Billie's eyes grew wide, she wanted to run, hide. She heard Michelle say from next to her, "Hey, where's mine"

"Right here," he answered, handing another mug across Billie to Michelle. Michelle sat up in the bed, naked. The scent of sex hung heavy in the room. There was no hiding what had gone on the night before. Billie held the covers tight to her neck.

"Sean, I…" she stammered.

Sean bent and kissed her on the forehead, pressing the coffee into her hands.

"Shhh!" he said, "Throw a robe on and come downstairs, I've made breakfast, although it really should be lunch. Sleepyheads."

He leaned over Billie, kissed Michelle and left, closing the door behind him.

Billie felt tears fighting to come.

"Michelle, this is what I DIDN'T want," she sobbed. "I told you, I LIKE Sean, he's one of my best friends! Dammit, I almost like him as much as I like you!"

Michelle hugged her, careful not to spill the hot coffee. "Relax baby," she crooned. "It's OK, I promise. I told you Sean knew. Did he seem mad? No. I told you, it's OK. Everything will be fine."

Billie just held her for a few moments, composing herself. She noticed the smell of French toast, redolent with cinnamon. She realized she was famished.

"Well, I don't know about you baby, but I'VE worked up an appetite," Michelle said archly.

Michelle lent Billie her robe and put a big, flannel nightshirt on herself. Taking Billie's hand, Michelle led her downstairs to breakfast.

Try as she might, Michelle and Sean wouldn't let Billie feel awkward for long. Other then the fact that Billie was all too conscious she was naked under her borrowed robe, it could have been no different from any of a dozen other times they had dined together. After they had finished, Sean cleared the table and Michelle dropped the bomb.

"Billie, I think I love you," she said.

Billie gaped. Her resolve crumbled and she began to cry.

"Do you love me?" Michelle asked.

"Yes," the girl sobbed.

'Then move in with us."

"What?" Billie asked, shocked out of her tears.

"Move in with us, with Sean and me," Michelle repeated.

Sean appeared in the doorway. "Please Billie," he added. "We both want this."

"I…I don't know," Billie sobbed, overwhelmed, numb.

The three held each other. No one spoke. Eventually, Billie pulled away.

"I, I need to think about this," she told them.

She went upstairs, dressed. The both kissed her, held her. It was the first time she had kissed Sean on the mouth she realized afterwards. It had seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do.

She went to her spot. Her beach, watching the tide. She needed to think. It was, after all, a very unconventional offer.

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