tagNonConsent/ReluctancePolynesian Surprise

Polynesian Surprise


It was late May when I embarked on my journey to the Polynesian Islands to do exploratory research. I was operating under a grant issued the previous year to study the culture of native people who lived on several Eastern Polynesian islands. This was an attempt to document language and cultural similarities to native Australian tribes. The work was both an exciting opportunity to see the world and learn a great deal about other societies at the same time.

I originally flew to Hawaii and then flew from there to American Samoa, which became a home base of sorts. I had set up a small, but comfortable office and proceeded to examine island charts for the South Pacific, especially looking at wind and ocean current patterns while trying to figure out which islands were more than likely the best candidates for early seagoing migrations.

By June, I was fully prepared and was equipped with a radio, GPS, notebooks, a camera, digital recorder and other items designed to carefully document each culture in a 300 mile swath between Australia and South America. On June 16th I had my pilot fly me to a small island in the Cook chain, which at first seemed uninhabited, however wanting to be thorough, I thought it would be best to spend a day or two hiking to verify this.

The seaplane pilot dropped me off in a lagoon with a broad sandy beach and informed me that he would be back as soon as he received my radio transmission. If he didn't hear anything from me in two days, he would come back and search for me himself.

Upon hitting shore, I found a medium-sized tree and fashioned a small lean-to from poles, line and a very small tarp, which I had managed to stow into my pack.

After venturing for approximately 1 hour into the climate and topography of this wonderful little jungle paradise, I stumbled upon my first signs of human life - footprints. The footprints were small, but sunk deep into the sandy soil.

I followed the footprints for what seemed like a few hours but felt like I was being watched. Despite the fact that I turned to look several times, in each case, the path was clear and I saw no one.

Suddenly I was startled to find two islanders standing side-by-side in front of me, each holding a long spear and wearing nothing more than a small colorful band on their heads. As I took a couple more steps towards them, they turned their spears horizontally to block my path and motioned with their open palms for me to stop. As I stood there, they said a few words in a dialect I was unfamiliar with and then indicated to me that I was to follow them. One positioned himself directly in front of me, while the other was directly behind, with his spear pointed at my back.

I walked for approximately one mile and we started to climb a hill. The surrounding terrain became rocky as the dark volcanic soil became sharp and apparent. After a while we came upon a cave and they quickly ushered me inside. The cave was very large and was well lit thanks to several chimneys and vents, which appeared above and to the sides, allowing sunlight and air to readily stream inside. As we ventured deeper and deeper into this cavern, numerous people appeared, standing on each side of us, as if to greet us during a formal procession. I was not surprised to find that these people were also completely naked and bore no clothing of any kind. Women were fully exposed, as were the men and this was not unusual for primitive people along many of these island chains. Their complexions were dark and their skin was smooth. They had only a few tattoos of rings around their wrists and ankles, something I would have to learn more about later.

As I neared the back of the cave, I noticed what appeared to be a large seat or chair, akin to a throne, and in that seat was a very large obese woman who wore a head dress, which was much larger and more ornate than the ones the others in this tribe were wearing. I was brought directly before her and was forced to kneel. I assumed that because of the respect and position this woman appeared to have, that she was probably the tribal queen or elder, and was accustomed to having her orders followed.

She spoke a few foreign words to her male warriors, who stood flanking my sides and then she spoke to me in very broken English. This was a little startling, but also not uncommon, remembering that Cook visited many of these islands himself, bringing gifts and some western influence. Although it was difficult to understand at times, she clearly stated that I was to remove all my clothing. Although I wasn't prepared to do this, I willingly complied and didn't feel too badly about it, since the entire population was devoid of clothing anyways. So I stripped off my shirt, boots and shorts until I was standing there completely nude before her. She then ordered me to kneel directly before her throne.

As I approached her throne I saw her spread her fat legs wide open to expose her pussy to me. This was quite embarrassing and I'm not sure what the significance of that was, but as I approached her , she told me to kneel again and to place my face directly between her legs and to please her with my mouth and tongue. I stopped, remained standing and politely refused. At this she suddenly became enraged, telling me that it was not permitted to refuse an order from the queen. She commanded me once more to perform oral sex on her, and again I refused. At this she ordered two of her guards to seize me and immediately they held me firm as I remained standing about 10 feet in front of her throne. She then commanded four other male guards to do something in their native language, which I didn't understand. However it became clear that what she had commanded them to do was to have sex with her.

As she reclined on her throne, the first guard approached her and she gently stroked his penis, which immediately became long and hard. He dropped slightly before her and slid between her legs, slowly pushing the tip of his penis inside her large cunt, sliding in and out with a steady and dutiful rhythm. His body was glistening with sweat as this act was fully visible before all of her island subjects in her court. His shaft could be seen plunging in and out while his balls were slapping up against both the seat of her throne and her ass. She moaned slightly, however he moaned even more and after a short time he came inside of her. His motions became much slower as she wrapped her hands around his ass, pulling him deeply inside of her for a s long as possible to milk every possible drop of cum from his spent body.

As he pulled back, a few drops of cum could be seen dripping from the end of his cock and a small puddle of creamy white semen could be seen running from her pussy and down the fold onto her throne. She then motioned for the second servant to mount her, and he did. In the same way as the first, he stood in front of her and pushed his cock deeply inside of her fat cunt. He too made love to his queen and filled her up with every ounce of cum he had to give. And so this continued, until all four guards had faithfully completed their task, pumping their queen up with cum until her pussy was now extremely wet and messy. White milky cum was spread all over her pubic hairs, running down the crack of her ass and covered her throne. It even ran down on the inside of both of her thighs. She took her fat legs, closed them and rubbed them together a couple times. It was quite erotic, yet disturbing watching her slide her cum-covered legs together.

Then she once again opened her legs wide, looked at me and ordered the guards to bring me closer. What could she possibly have in mind? She certainly didn't need more sex, as her guards were much more well endowed than I was, and more than capable of pleasing her every sexual whim. No, what she wanted was to establish dominance and authority over me. So she ordered the guards to place my face deep into her crotch and commanded me to lick her.

Although I struggled and fought, the guards were simply too strong and they prevailed, slowly pushing my face up between her wet thighs and deep into her wet pussy. I tried to resist, but it was futile and I finally was forced to either give in and obey or suffocate. I faithfully opened my mouth and licked her cunt. I could taste the strong salty flavor of cum and pussy juice on my tongue and was forced to swallow mouthfuls as they gushed from out of her pussy.

My tongue went to work and quickly parted her large lips, moving up until it found her clit. I heard her moan when I hit the spot, so I continued, moving my tongue in small circles, up and down and back and forth across her now hardening clit, until she started to squirm and arch her back. She clamped her huge thighs, soaked with cum around my face and head, squeezing hard so that my face slid all around her smooth skin. Although the thought of this a few minutes ago was repulsive to me, I was now intoxicated with the sheer quantity of flesh surrounding me up close and personal. The pungent tastes and odors were causing my head to swim and my own cock to grow rock hard.

By this time, the guards no longer needed to hold me in place, as I willingly wrapped my hands around her fat ass and pulled my face deeper and harder into her dripping wet cunt. I licked her until my tongue was tired, cramped and sore, and she was completely clean, top to bottom. Just as I finished up, she ordered me to stop and stand before her, where my full erection was now apparent, with small strings of pre-cum dripping off of my head. I was so excited, hot and throbbing, that it hurt and it took every bit of concentration I had to keep from exploding right there.

As she looked down at my cock, she smiled and ordered her guards to seize me once more. What next? Surely she must know that I was now a willing slave of hers and didn't require restraint. What did she have in mind this time? Did I upset her again? Would I be punished? If so, I was silently hoping it would be more of what I just experienced. She uttered a few quick sentences to the guards, who faithfully obeyed and laid me flat on the floor on a reed mat. They held me down, hand and foot and bound me spread eagle. As I lay there, the queen rose from her throne and straddled me. She was enormous! Not only were her legs huge, but everything was as well. Her tits, ass and belly were inhuman in their proportions. In Western culture, all of this excess might be considered grotesque and ugly, but there was something extremely delightful, exciting and thrilling about this 300 pound woman now descending on my small frame.

As she lowered herself on top of me, her flesh felt like a warm, smooth blanket, enveloping every part of me so that almost nothing was uncovered. The taste of sweat was sweet and strong. Her exertion caused little drops to form around her body and fall all over me, like a warm summer shower. Her pheromones were so strong that the head of my penis turned deep purple as she slid her cunt over it. She rode up and down only a few times before I exploded, moaning and screaming as I'd never done before. Her pussy was so large and voluminous that I couldn't possibly fill it and the smooth wet walls only lightly stroked the sides of my shaft. It was a wonderful sensation, unlike the usual tight, firm grip that I was used to back home.

After coming up inside of her, she was irritated at my inability to hold myself, and she threw herself off of me and ordered one of her guards to lay on his back on the mat in front of me. As he lay there, she straddled him so that he penetrated her from behind - him underneath and her on top. Watching this from my position, I could clearly see his huge cock inside of her as deep as his balls would permit. Above his balls was her huge slit, wet and gaping. At this time, I was now released from the floor and dragged between her legs. The guards held my head and very slowly inched me closer to the sexual act that was happening right before my eyes. Closer and closer I went until my face was only inches from her pussy, with that huge cock sliding in and out and those large taught balls slapping between her thighs and his own thighs.

She called out to the guards again and they forced me down into the middle of this erotic motion. As my face moved closer and closer it was again impossible to fight and before I knew what was happening, I found my tongue caressing both her cunt, then falling down over his shaft and balls. With long strokes of my tongue, I gradually moved faster and faster, covering both of their genitals so thoroughly that they both moaned and screamed. Just as he was about to lose it, he withdrew his cock so that his head was resting right on her clit. I knew what I was expected to do and proceeded to use the tip of my tongue to simultaneously lick both the head of his cock and her clit. In less than 10 seconds he exploded, shooting cum all over her cunt, belly, my mouth and tongue. He kept flowing, with white cum running down his shaft and over his balls as I continued to lick. He pulled back for a moment, reached down and grabbed my head, forcing my mouth completely over his shaft as he finished depositing his load in my mouth.

After this episode, I was taken outside to a pool of water, where I was allowed to clean up. I was fed, given my choice of female concubines for the evening and treated like royalty. I was informed that after passing this sexual ritual, I was now an accepted guest of the tribe. Although I knew I was supposed to leave the next day, I spent three more weeks with my queen and her consorts, enjoying the wildest, wettest and most erotic time of my life. Although my study is now complete, I've carefully noted the location of this small island and can't wait to return again.

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