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Pomme de Sange


Ni'Saah stood silently at the window watching, while outside a summer storm raged. Fascinated by the bright flashes of lightening, her eyes closed each time the loud crash of thunder rumbled overhead.

She had anticipated this storm all evening, knowing it would hit just at dusk. The approaching darkness, her favorite time of day, made her feel alive, stronger, and more in touch with the demons that lived inside her.

She shivered as the storm grew wilder. The static electricity in the air made her skin tingle, and she stiffened at the unexpected touch of his hand on her shoulder. He spun her around into his arms, his lips were inches from hers as he smiled.

"Enjoying the storm, pet?" he asked.

"Oh yes.", she nodded.

Turning slightly as her gaze was drawn to watch a particularly bright blue-white flash. Silently she counted -- one -- two -- there it was -- the crackling crash, followed by a resounding boom. Turning her eyes back to his. His hand curled in the mass of red curls and pulled her head to the side, baring her slender throat.

She closed her eyes as his razor sharp canines sank into the soft skin just under her left ear. The whispered moan escaped as she arched against him. His fist found its way between her trembling thighs as they readily opened for his questing touch.

Another crash of thunder, and she suddenly pulled back, ripping his mouth from her bleeding neck. With a growl he pushed her against the couch and ripped the back of her sheer gown wide open, before lifted her over the top.

She gasped as her arms reached out to steady herself against the cushions. The sharp sound of a metal zipper opening warned her, just before his hands grasped her knees and spread them. The first thrust shocked a gasp from her lips as he slid slowly, but completely, inside her.

He bent over her back and snarled into her ear, "never pull away from me, pet -- never again." and his mouth once again found the wound on her neck.

His hands found her nipples under the shredded silk. Fingers and thumbs rolled, pinched, and tugged the tips until they were swollen and hard. The stinging ache caused a moan to slip past her lips and she bit down to hold back the rest of her needy cries.

As he fed, Ni'Saah felt her juices flowing around his long, thick shaft. Covering it with slickness and making the muscles inside her aching cunt sing. She began to moan and claw at the cushions under her hands. Her body begged for more, as she twisted and bucked wildly against the cock that pounded relentlessly at her shaking body.

Suddenly he lifted his head and the howls were fierce, even louder than the thunder outside. One final thrust and she felt the rush that flooded her body. The torrent triggered her own orgasm and her screams echoed about them. They strained against each other, locked together while their bodies gave and accepted the liquid proof of a lust that kept them bound together with more than a mere physical bond.

His fingers found her throbbing clit and he began to rub. She felt her walls tighten, milking the last dregs of seed with each squeeze. A low, almost guttural groan slipped from his clenched throat. Slowly his body slumped against her back as the mixture of their cum leaked down the inside of her thighs.

Gently he lifted her from the back of the couch and held her in his arms until her trembling legs finally regained strength enough to hold her. Bending his head one final time, to lick clean the two small wounds on her throat. His breath hot and soothing on the tender flesh, so thoroughly, so erotically, abused.

As she took a deep shuddering breath, she smiled. "thank you Master."

"My pet isn't the only one affected by the wildness outside it seems." he said with a voice still roughened by intense arousal.

A faint flash of lightening lit up the night sky. He led her to the window, pulled the heavy drapes and together they turned to watch the waning storm move off across the dark sky. His hands still idly playing with the body of his Pomme de Sange.

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