tagNonConsent/ReluctancePony Boy Bitch Ch. 02

Pony Boy Bitch Ch. 02


PART TWO - Conclusion

This story is erotic fiction meant for mature readers and should only be read by adults over the age of eighteen years old. Please do not use my stories without my permission.

At 3:30 PM on a bright day summer day in California, Grant pulled the shades to the windows of Kevin's room, turned out the lights, and accompanied the free Fullman males out of Kevin's bedroom. By the time the family and Mr. Knapp arrived in the kitchen to reconnect with Mrs. Fullman, the cries of Kevin, which had crescendoed dramatically once his family left him in his room, could not be heard. The family and their guest enjoyed a glass of iced tea on the deck in the California sun to as the Fullman's thanked Grant. Once Grant left, the four free members of the Knapp family went to the beach, and played and picnicked until sunset.

At 10:30 PM, later that same day, after checking with his two sons to make sure that they felt comfortable feeding their older brother and helping him go to the bathroom, Mr. Fullman and his wife retired to their bedroom.

Brian and Peter entered Kevin's room with a sandwich and the bag of supplies left by Mr. Knapp, which contained a series 10 different sized butt plugs, an enema kit, a bedpan and urinal, and a wide assortment of discipline and control implements.

Kevin was sleeping but awoke when Peter turned on the light to his room. Brian closed and locked the door, and spoke, "We're here to feed you and help you go potty, bro."

Kevin was relieved, "Oh Peter, Brian, please get me out of this."

Brian responded, "We can't do that, Kev, but we're here to help make you feel better."

The two young brothers were unsure how to proceed. Peter spoke, "Kevin, do you gotta pee? We've got a urinal here."

Kevin responded, "I gotta go real bad, Peter. Please let me up."

Peter took the urinal and held it to Kevin's cock. Kevin asked, "Please free my hands from this waist band so I can pee."

Peter replied, "They said we couldn't let you loose. I guess I'll have to hold it for you." Peter tentatively took hold of his oldest brother's now flaccid penis and aimed it into the urinal. After a short time Kevin was able to let go with a stream of horse boy piss. Peter was fascinated with holding his older brother's penis as he pissed.

Brian found the spectacle of his young brother holding their pony boy brother's dick erotic, and swallowed hard in lust.

Once Kevin had finished peeing, Peter asked Kevin if he had to take a shit. When Kevin responded that he did not, Brian wondered, "Maybe Peter and I should go ahead and give you an enema, bro. Because if you have to go during the night you're going to be in trouble."

Kevin felt helpless and embarrassed, "No. I'll be okay until morning." Brian reached out his hand and started rubbing Kevin on the head, "I know you'll be okay, big bro, because we're going to take good care of you. We're going to feed you now."

Kevin replied that he was not hungry. Brian continued to gently rub his brother's head.

At first Brian's attempt to comfort Kevin was genuine, but the feel of his older brother restrained and under his control began to arouse Brian. He asked, "How are you feeling, Kevin?"

Kevin sobbed, "Please bros, untie me. Get me out of this hair cloth and hobbles."

Brian spoke soothingly, "Those things are there to help you bro, to help turn you into a horse boy. Are you beginning to feel like a horse boy?"

Brian continued rubbing Kevin's head for a while, and then eventually moved his hand to massage Kevin's cheeks. Kevin pleaded, "Please Brian, help me."

Brian put both of his hands on Kevin's strong shoulders and began at first to massage them, but soon his massage changed into a general feel up of his brother's biceps. "You're a strong man, Kevin. You should be able to pull a heavy load. You're beginning to look like a horse boy. Are you beginning to feel like one, bro?"

Brian was fascinated with the pony boy under his control. "You're a muscled pony boy now, bro. They're going to teach you to trot naked and pull heavy loads."

Kevin cried, "Please Brian, please let me go."

Brian moved his hands to Kevin's nipples, "Mr. Knapp said they're going to cinch your tits so that your nipples stick out like a woman's titty nipples. That's the way guys like their horse boys; big nippled. Free boys like to see their pony boys trotting proudly, with their nipples, cocks, and balls, cinched and on full display."

As Brian felt up their restrained brother, little Peter was overcome by the eroticism of the situation.

A smile came over Brian's face as he grabbed Kevin's foreskin at the tip of his penis, and gently pulled on it to gather all of the loose skin, and spoke, "When they take you away from here in two months, Mr. Knapp said the first thing they're going to do to your body is make some changes. They're going to remove all of your back teeth; they're going to chip, tag, and brand you; and then they're going to clip all of this pretty dick skin off."

Kevin started to sweat, "Please bros, let me up."

Brian ignored the plea, and continued, "Then after they remove your teeth, and get you tagged, chipped, branded, and dick-clipped, they're going to be ringing you up all over your body just like a bull at a county fair."

Kevin's voice broke, "Please, Brian, Peter, you have to let me get up."

Brian pulled Kevin's dick up by its foreskin, "We can't do that, bro. You're acting like an animal now, bro. Just like an animal. That's what animals want to do; they want to escape. And that's what you want to do now. That's why we have to keep you tied down, so you can't get away. You're ours for now."

Kevin's voice rose, "Please Brian, Peter, don't talk like this. Get me out of here."

Little Peter spoke, "Brian is right, Kevin. You're acting just like an animal now, wanting to escape. Mr. Knapp told us to keep an eye on you, that you'd be trying anything to escape. We're not going to let that happen bro. We have to watch you and keep you secure and tied down for when they come and get you in two months and take you to the 'slaughter house'." Mr. Knapp said that was how people in the servitor industry referred to training camps for pony boys; slaughter houses. Because there they will slaughter your ego and give you a new way of thinking. They're going to have you thinking like a herd animal. They know how to transform boys like you so you think and behave just like pony boys everywhere."

A look of panic came over Kevin, "Please Brian, let me contact some people I've become good friends with. Give me a telephone."

"No way, bro", said Brian. "Mr. Knapp said it was important that you have no more contact with any of your friends. He told us that by doing that we would be helping you. It could seem like a mean thing to do, but it really isn't. It's meant to help you. It's just one of the things we have to do to help you adjust to your new life. We are here to help you, Kev."

Brian went to Mr. Knapp's case of control devices, took out a rubber O-ring mouth stop, and held it up for Peter and Kevin to see, "And nothing is going to help my dear brother Kevin more than this little device."

Brian went up to Kevin and with one hand gently cradled his head and held up the O-ring for Kevin to look at, "This device will make it easy for you to take things down your throat while keeping your teeth guarded so you can't accidentally hurt your overseers."

Kevin started to cry in defeat, and Brian cautioned him, "Shut up, bro! Don't ruin this for Peter and me by making a bunch of noise and acting like a sissy. Don't go crying on us while we're trying to have some fun. You're a big pony boy now, and pony boys don't cry!"

Brian instructed Kevin, "I want you to open your mouth so I can fit you with this O-ring. It holds your mouth wide open, and the two straps connected to it go around to the back of your head and keep it in place."

When Kevin did not open his mouth as ordered, Kevin gave him a slap in the face that surprised Peter even more than it did Kevin. Brian was firm, "I told you to open your mouth for me so I can fit you with this O-ring teeth dam."

Kevin screamed and sobbed, "Please Brian, don't do this!" Brian answered Kevin's plea with another slap to his face, "Open that mouth now, dammit! You'll do as we say!" The slapping of their animal boy brother caused little Peter's dick to tent his slacks.

Brian pinched Kevin's nose and Kevin immediately opened his mouth. When Brian commanded Kevin to "open wider", Kevin did, and Brian was then easily able to get Kevin's teeth into the grooves of the O-ring. He secured the straps of the O-ring to the back of Kevin's head, and Kevin's mouth was now held wide open in an obscene 'O' formation.

Brian smiled, cradled Kevin's head with both hands, and pulled it up slightly to show Kevin's new look to Peter, "Look, Peter, at the expression on Kevin's face. Doesn't Kevin look pretty now with his mouth wide open?"

With his mouth held wide open in a humiliatingly lascivious way, Kevin began to cry. Brian offered comfort, "Don't cry, boy. This mouth stop turns your face into a cunt. You're going to be bringing us pleasure, bro. You should be smiling."

As tears rolled down Kevin's face, Brian, still cradling Kevin's head in his hands, brought his face down next to Kevin's, and let their noses touch, "You look real pretty now, Kev." Brian then kissed Kevin on the forehead, and kept his lips pressed to his brother's forehead for a long time as his free- boy dick hardened. Brian gave Kevin's face a lick, then moved to the other end of the bed. He undid the straps that secured Kevin's legs to the bed and lifted Kevin's legs up so he could get at the butt plug. He slowly pulled the plug out, and it came out with a plopping sound. When little Peter laughed, Brian rubbed him on the shoulder and whispered, "Peter, Mr. Knapp told us to do whatever we had to do to help Kevin. You have to help me."

Peter asked, "Are you going to put a bigger size plug in him, Brian?"

As Brian started to unbuckle and unzip his trousers, he said, "I sure am, Peter!"

Brian took off his shoes, shorts, and slacks, and encouraged little Peter in a whispered voice, "Peter, take your clothes off along with me. Maybe Kevin will feel better if we're naked just like him. We get to see his dick now all we want, so we should let him see ours."

"I want to show you what Rob Gaitlin let my friend and me do to a couple of his horse boys at 'Ace Courier Services'. We have to help Kevin get adjusted to his new life."

Brian pulled off his shirt. And when Brian finally took off his under shorts and was completely bare, Peter smiled and began to undress as well. Brian fondled himself to hardness as he watched Peter undress, "Way to go, Peter!"

Kevin was lost and frightened, "Brian, please don't do this! I'm your brother."

Brian put a hand to Kevin's cheek and gently rubbed it, "All the more reason for us to do what we're about to do, honeysuckle. We just want to show you that we care, brother."

Once Peter had his clothes off, he and Brian gave each other a long smile. In silence Peter took a position to the left of Kevin's bed, opposite Brian standing to the right of Kevin. Each free brother took their cock in hand and slowly waggled it in Kevin's face. Brian spoke quietly, "We want to comfort you, bro. We want to show you our love sticks, since we're getting to see so much of yours. We want to help you to feel good about your new role, and at the same time you'll be helping Peter and me to feel better."

Kevin sobbed, but Brian kept speaking quietly, "Since you're a pony boy now, we want to be the first to ride you. We want to 'do' you, bro, just the way pony boys like you get 'done' every night!"

Peter leered, "Yeah, bro!"

In silence the two brothers stood over their bound oldest brother and slowly tugged and waggled their almost steel-hard dicks. A scene that just days ago would have been unthinkable was now a joyful reality for Brian and Peter.

Brian moved to a position at the end of the bed, grabbed the butt plug lube, and greased up his stiff prick. He pulled Kevin's body closer to the end of the bed, threw Kevin's legs over his shoulders, placed his dick tip against Kevin's hole, and spoke in the condescending yet sincere tone he had heard Mr. Knapp use on the horse boy, "Okay, easy there, big fella. You just stay calm. This shouldn't hurt if you let me ease it in nice and slow."

Brian eased his prick into Kevin's hole as Kevin moaned fearfully. Brian comforted him all the way, "We're almost all the way in. You're doing great, little buckaroo!" Once he had impaled his older brother up to the hilt, Brian sighed in pleasure, "Wow, you really feel good, buttercup! And you look good tied down to the bed, as well! You're a real pretty picture, bro!"

As Brian slowly began to ease his hips back and forth he explained, "I'm doing a short test drive here to get my bearings before I put her into high gear." As Brian started to speed up his pumping pace, Kevin started sobbing.

Brian continued to offer comfort, "We're just trying to help you, big fella!"

Brian saw Peter stroking his dick as he watched him fuck Kevin, and gave him the thumbs up, "Way to go, Peter! It looks like you're ready to get serviced at the other end!"

Brian guided his younger brother, "Peter, stand over Kevin's face and stick your dick in his mouth hole. He's waiting for you."

Peter did as instructed, and slowly eased his long young prick down his brother's O-ringed mouth. When he was all the way in, Peter curled his thick lips and shuddered, "Oh man. This feels fucking awesome!"

Brian instructed Kevin, "Good boy, Kevin. You're making both of us feel great. Now start doing a nice slow suckling action on Peter's dick. Slurp it up and make him feel good. You can do it, bro! We want you to be all that you can be!"

The sound of Kevin slurping and sobbing, mixed with Brian's pistoning action, filled the room with the music of sex. Brian called out to Kevin, "You're our bitch boy brother, Kev, and Peter and I are bitching you the way you were meant to be bitched!"

As Brian sped up his fucking, he ordered Kevin to speed up on his sucking of Peter, "Get Peter nice and stoked. I wanna hear a lot more sucking action from you! If you're a good boy and do as you're told, I won't have to use any of those cool pain delivery devices on you from Mr. Knapp's bag of goodies."

Peter's dick tingled in a way he had never before experienced, "Oh man, Kevin you are good at this! You're a real horse boy now Kevin, doing what you're told and making us free boys feel good."

Brian commented, "Just think how good he's going to feel once they remove his teeth. It'll be a much tighter vacuum, so he'll be able to deliver a stronger sucking action."

As Peter neared orgasm, he grabbed Kevin's ears with his hands to give himself some traction. Brian smiled, "Holding your sucker by the ears is the way the French do it!"

As Brian pumped his hips, he reveled in the subjugation of his older brother, "In two month's time, Kev, they're going to come and take you away and put you in a full blown drayage service training program. They're going to turn you into a real pasture boy; train you to be a field pony; teach you how to labor at the commands of free people. In the meantime Peter and I are going to help you get acclimated to serving others."

"Those experts in drayage servitor husbandry from Strayton Brothers Farms are going to get you bridled, cock-caged, hobbled, and stick a rod up your ass to steer you around as you pull carts. It's no myth, bro, what they're going to do to you. Just as it's no myth what Peter and I are going to be doing to you for the next two months!"

Peter, more excited than he had ever been in his young life, commanded Kevin, "Suck harder, dude!"

Kevin, full of fear and confusion, did as instructed.

Brian questioned him, "You like slurping cock, animal boy? You like sucking on little Peter's cock like it was a Popsicle? Free boy cock taste good to you?"

Brian watched Peter's face as he got suckled by the pony boy, "Way to go Peter! Jam that cock down his horse bitch throat. Make him take it all. Start pumping your hips Peter, it'll feel better!"

Peter started to pump his hips as he face fucked his bound oldest brother, still holding on to him by his ears. Brian continued, "Ram it down his throat, Peter. Make him suck out all your jism!"

As Brian neared orgasm, he kept an eye on his younger brother to make sure he was doing a proper face fucking, "Is it feeling good, bro. Is Kevin sucking hard enough?"

Peter's eyes were glazed over with pleasure, "Oh Brian, this is so totally awesome!"

Brian instructed Kevin, "You make sure you swallow all of Peter's cum, horse boy. If any of it dribbles out of your mouth there are some special needles in Mr. Knapp's case that are meant to go through your tits if you show us that you can't obey orders!"

The comments of the free boys gradually stopped as they neared orgasm. The sound of their heavy breathing and moans of pleasure mingled with the slurping/fucking sounds. Both free boys were covered in sex sweat, and they smiled at each other's glistening bodies as they stood facing each other as they fucked Kevin. As they shot their loads Brian called out, "Here we go Kevin! We're coming home! Take it, you fucking prime assed pony boy bitch!"

Once both brothers had shot their load, they left their cocks in their brother's holes as they recovered their breath. As their cocks deflated, Brian congratulated his younger brother and himself, "Bro, I think we've had a successfully first ride."

The two brothers eventually withdrew their cocks from Kevin's orifices and began to get dressed. Brian looked down at the sobbing Kevin and spoke tenderly as he removed the O-ring teeth damn, "I think you're going to do okay, missy. You've got one sweet ass on you, and I think you're going to make an ace of a bitch boy. We'll be doing this again tomorrow, plus Peter and I will be teaching you how to drink our piss."

"Mr. Knapp will be emailing us regular instructions on your care and upkeep, and will also provide us with a list of new procedures we can use on you. So we're all going to be very busy for the next two months. You won't be bored."

Brian gently smoothed Kevin's messed up hair as he continued, "And if your servicing skills continue to improve on a daily basis, then in about ten days we'll jack you off."

Brian looked to Peter, "What do you say, Peter; would you be willing to jack your brother off?"

Peter shrugged his shoulders, "Sure! Why not? That'd be fun!" Brian explained to both of his brothers, "Mr. Knapp said that maintaining and rewarding is all a part of effective drayage husbandry, and that's why we'll be jackin' and milking you Kevin on a regular basis, just as if you were our own little pet goat."

"Mr. Knapp said that jacking the herd boys was akin to milking a herd of cows. It keeps them healthy and content. And that's what we want; a healthy and happy pony boy."

Brian, satisfied that he had explained the way things were to Kevin, looked down at Kevin, "Open your mouth, bro!"

Kevin looked into Brian's eyes, uncertain of the request. Brian repeated the command, "Open your mouth for me."

Kevin, fearful and uncertain, did as commanded, and Brian aimed a gob of spit from his mouth into Kevin's. When the unexpected gob landed directly into the horse boy's mouth, Peter exclaimed, "Bulls eye!"

Brian and Peter both laughed hard at the surprise attack, and Brian commanded, "Swallow it! All of it!"

Kevin did as commanded, even as he heaved and sobbed. Brian complimented him, "Good boy, Kevin! You're earning points with me."

As the two young laughing overseers were about to exit the room, Peter was moved by Kevin's sobbing, and stood next to him, "Don't cry, Kevin. You did a very good job of sucking me off, and you swallowed all of it just the way Brian asked you to. You should be proud of yourself. I had so much fun today that I can hardly wait until tomorrow."

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