tagFetishPony Wants To Please The Mistress

Pony Wants To Please The Mistress


JJ the pony wants to please the Mistress. He is new to being a pony, so he is trying extra hard to be good. JJ has a strong back, a tight ass, and a beautiful cock. He has sweet eyes and a handsome face. JJ makes a great pony. Ponies are generally considered intelligent and friendly, though sometimes they also are described as stubborn or cunning. Mistress chose JJ to be her pony because of all these qualities. She likes to have the best things in life, and JJ is one of those. JJ can often be stubborn, so that is why Mistress carries a crop. JJ is cunning too, and this is what captures Mistress' heart.

Mistress brings JJ out to the pasture. He needs training. She hates to have to use the whip, but JJ is petulant, and sometimes he won't behave. When JJ starts his training, he wants to do what he wants to do. He wants to prance for the Mistress, but he doesn't want to work. Mistress needs a working pony. JJ runs off on his own, looking back and defying Mistress. She waits him out. Finally he comes to Mistress. She feeds him sugar from her hand. JJ licks shyly at first. Mistress is patient. She feeds him an apple. JJ takes it slowly, not sure if this is what the Mistress wants. Mistress strokes JJ's neck and head, whispering into his ear. Mistress says, "JJ, I need a pony to ride. I need a pony to keep me company. I need a pony that can carry me. Can you do this?" JJ nods, and nuzzles close to Mistress.

Mistress explains that there will be a lot of training, and eventually JJ will need to perform in front of Mistress' friends. Mistress likes to show off. She likes her lady friends to know that she has a sweet pony like JJ. She starts to explain to JJ what will be required.

Mistress starts JJ's training by saddling him. She places a riding saddle on his broad strong back. JJ bucks at first. He thought Mistress was making fun of him. Mistress explains that she is not making fun of him, but she is owning and controlling him for his own good. She explains that if he acts out, she will humiliate him.

She places the saddle on his back. It takes a while for him to settle down. Mistress holds the crop. She swings it and slaps her own hand to show JJ she knows how to use it. She slaps him on the haunch to show him what it feels like. JJ flinches. Mistress says that he will get more pain if he doesn't act right. Slowly, Mistress calms JJ. She strokes his neck and praises him, telling him what a pretty pony he is. She strokes his back and praises how strong and solid he is, and how she will enjoy riding him. She strokes his haunches and tells him how firm and muscular they are, and how this turns on Mistress. Mistress likes a strong pony.

Mistress starts to tighten the saddle. JJ resists, and Mistress smacks him on the haunches with her crop. She reminds him that she will whip him if she has to. Then she strokes his pretty face and tells him what a good strong pony he is, and how he can make her proud of him. She tightens it some more. He starts to struggle. Mistress decides that he is testing her, so she smacks him several times on the rear. JJ is squirming, and Mistress strikes his balls a few times too. She reaches underneath his belly to feel if the saddle is tight, and sees his balls are tight and his big beautiful cock is hard. Mistress loves JJ's cock. She loves to ride it. But she won't let herself be distracted. She needs to start the training. Mistress strokes JJ's cock and balls while she swats him at first softly, and then harder and harder on his sweet ass with the crop. Sometimes she strikes him hard. Sometimes she barely touches him. Sometimes she just tickles him with the crop. Soon JJ doesn't fear the crop, and even welcomes it. This is what Mistress wants. She wants him to welcome the crop whether he needs to be punished or not.

Mistress starts to place a bit in JJ's mouth. JJ resists. Mistress becomes stern. She pulls him by the saddle around so she can swat him again. He becomes docile quickly and she rewards him by stroking him all over: neck, face, chest, back, cock, balls, and ass. Mistress loves JJ's body, and loves to pleasure him. But he needs to learn to earn his pleasure. Now Mistress approaches JJ again with the bit, and he opens his mouth to allow it. Mistress is so happy she can hardly stand it. She tells JJ what a good pony he is, and reaches under his belly to stroke his hard cock for a good long time. JJ stands still, enjoying the stroking. Soon he forgets he has a bit in his mouth.

Mistress attaches a bridle to the bit. She is going to teach JJ how to be a pony. She places a halter around his head. JJ starts to resist again, and Mistress does not hesitate to whip JJ with her crop. JJ likes the strike of the crop. It lets him know that Mistress is in charge. JJ likes for Mistress to be in charge. It lets him be playful and carefree, and allows her to take all the responsibility.

Finally JJ is ready to begin his training. He is cinched into his saddle. He has the bit between his teeth, and has the bridle attached. Mistress can't wait to teach him. Mistress begins teaching JJ to canter. He at first wants to frolic and resist, and this brings the crop onto his beautiful ass over and over. His ass cheeks are red and flaming, but he must like it, because his cock is hard and red and standing at attention. Mistress makes sure to swat his balls whenever she can, and then reaches under and strokes that hard prick occasionally. JJ nuzzles up to Mistress when she strokes his cock. JJ has such a beautiful cock: possibly the most beautiful Mistress has ever seen, sucked, fucked, or stroked.

Mistress has lady friends who have ponies, too. She has entered JJ in a contest to compete against the other ladies' ponies. Mistress wants JJ to win. If he does, she will reward him well. If he doesn't, she will punish him harshly, and she will do it in front of the ladies. Mistress' lady friends are training all their boys to do many things. Some are house boys. Some are puppies. JJ has played puppy for Mistress before. She was very happy with how he did with that, so she is confident that he can do well as a pony, too.

Pony training is different than puppy training. JJ will actually have to work as a pony, carrying Mistress in her magnificence. The day of the race finally arrives, and Mistress is thrilled. She is confident in JJ's abilities, and is sure he will win the ribbon. Mistress takes incredible care with her dress that day. She dresses like an English lady, but a fetish version. She is wearing a big hat with a huge feather and netting that falls over her small face. Her hair is curled and tumbling down over her shoulders. Her dress is a laced corset dress of intricate brocade accentuating all her curves. The corset pushes up her lovely smooth breasts. Her nipples are barely covered. The milky tops are fully exposed. Her waist is cinched tightly like JJ is cinched into his saddle. Her hips are covered tightly with velvet. Her skirt is slit high up her thigh, almost showing her pussy. She sits side saddle, letting her legs drape to the side, her legs creamy and exposed. JJ is prancing with Mistress on his back, paying close attention not to knock her off.

When they arrive, all the ladies are in the saddle, but most are riding Western. Mistress and her friend Lady Luxury are the only ones daring enough to ride side saddle. Mistress wears high heeled boots that sculpt her ankles and expose her legs. Mistress looks like a picture, and JJ is proud she is his mistress.

There are several competitions. First the ponies race with no riders. In order to do that, JJ has to make sure Mistress is able to dismount easily. He takes her carefully to a plush chair. She climbs down from the saddle, turning and showing JJ her exposed legs and the tops of her thighs, and maybe just barely her puffy lips. Mistress is wearing no underwear under her velvet skirt, and her cunt is rubbing against the soft fabric with each sway of JJ carrying her. Mistress is soaking wet, and her lips are glistening with juices. The insides of her legs are glistening with sweet secretions. JJ tries to nuzzle his face into Mistress' skirt to taste the juice. Mistress laughs and pets JJ's hair, opening her legs slightly and letting his tongue slide between her creamy legs. JJ has an incredible tongue, sensitive and insistent.

The first race begins, and JJ is excited. His cock is hard and standing straight ahead, red and full. One of the ladies fires the pistol, and off they are around the track. JJ gallops quickly, but he is beat out by one of the other ponies. Still, he comes in second, and Mistress is pleased. She brings him to her breast and lets him nuzzle, lapping at her tit tops.

Next is a jump, and JJ takes this on with abandon. He is able to leap better than any of the other ponies, and easily finishes with the most points. Mistress is thrilled, and this time she lets him lick her cunt as a reward. JJ is heady with winning, and happy to please Mistress.

The next race is carrying the ladies, and JJ is very nervous. The Western riders will have a much easier time of it. But Mistress loves a challenge, so she is riding side saddle. Plus, her dress is so tight, it grips her hips and waist, accentuating her curves. Mistress and JJ have practiced riding at home, but this is the big event. JJ is prancing a little, happy to carry Mistress, but scared to drop her. He knows he is fast, agile, and strong, but Mistress had upped the ante by riding side saddle, especially in such a delicate and sexy dress.

The ponies line up, and one of the ladies' boys fires the pistol. JJ immediately pulls ahead, racing sure and strong. Mistress holds onto his mane and neck, bent over, showing her tits to everyone around. JJ keeps a steady pace, and soon he crosses the finish line first. Mistress is thrilled. She is ready to reward JJ by allowing her to lap her pussy. JJ takes her to a plush chair to recline. Mistress dismounts. She slips easily into the chair. Mistress is small and delicate, but curvy and sexy. Mistress pulls her skirt to one side. JJ plunges into her loins, licking her cunt with abandon. Mistress begins grinding her labia onto JJ's face, riding his nose with her clit. Mistress cums over and over, juices spilling onto JJ's tongue. JJ is happy to pleasure Mistress. This is what he lives for. After Mistress has cum for close to an hour, the ladies watching JJ pleasure her, she pulls his face to her tits so he can lap the milky whiteness there. Her nipples slide up over the lace, and JJ sucks them with as much enthusiasm as he licked her cunt.

The other ladies are lounging and resting as well, their boys attending to their needs. JJ is rock solid hard, and his beautiful cock is rubbing on Mistress' creamy thighs. Mistress starts to stroke JJ a little, teasing and pleasing him. But JJ is so stimmed that he can't hold back. He starts to squirt cum into her hand, bucking and grinding. Mistress is very displeased. She tells JJ she will have to discipline him.

Mistress rises from the chair, juices running down her thighs. She licks the jism in her hand. Mistress loves the taste of JJ's cum. But she is angry that he came without permission. Mistress speaks sternly to JJ, loud enough for the ladies to hear, but softly enough for JJ to know this is not all for show. She tells JJ to turn his ass toward the ladies. JJ tries to squirm away. Mistress grabs hold of his bridle, and pulls him so his ass is towards the ladies. The ladies all bring their attention to this. They love to see JJ disciplined. He always gets hard, and his cock is magnificent. They love to see him sucked, sometimes by Mistress if she is feeling generous, and sometimes by one of the other pets. Usually Mistress lets JJ be suckled by a female pet, but occasionally, if she really wants to humiliate him, she has one of the boys suckle him. JJ can't help but respond to fellatio, but he is always embarrassed when he shoots his wad into a boy's mouth.

So Mistress begins to discipline JJ. She takes the crop and starts to stroke his ass with the whip. She starts to pat him on the ass lightly. Then she really begins to swing. She starts swatting him over and over, leaving red welts on his ass. Each time she lands a hard swat, she reaches under with her free hand and strokes him. When she brushes the crop lightly across his ass and sacrum, she pets his face. JJ is so aroused, that he is probably going to cum again. Mistress reminds him that if he does cum, he will have to be suckled by one of the boys in front of the ladies.

The flogging continues. Mistress mixes it up. She strokes, swats, tickles, slams, and pets JJ. Soon JJ is so hard, it looks like his cock might split open on its own. One of the ladies asks if she can taste his cum. Mistress is angry that this lady would want to interfere, then decides this might make it even harder for JJ to keep from cumming. She has Lady Sweet lie on the ground under JJ. JJ's prick is pointing into Lady Sweet's mouth. Lady Sweet has her legs spread wide, stroking her own cunt as she sucks JJ. JJ's ass is in the air. Each time Mistress hits JJ, he lunges forward, and his cock is swallowed by Lady Sweet. Lady Sweet is ooing and ahhing, enjoying the feel of JJ's huge dick in her mouth, and the taste of his pre-cum slipping out his slit. Mistress reminds him not to cum until she instructs him to. JJ wants to cum so badly, whether to shoot his spunk into Lady Sweet's waiting lips, or to shoot it into Mistress' waiting twat. Mistress wants his jism in her twat, and knows if she pushes him to hard, he will spill his seed in Lady Sweet and she will have to wait a little while to get hers. Lady Sweet starts sucking JJ's cock with abandon, and soon JJ is shooting that delicious juice into her mouth. She strokes her pussy hard and fast, making herself cum as JJ fills her mouth. Then she slips her fingers into JJ's mouth for him to taste.

JJ feels embarrassed. He has lost control. He hasn't pleased Mistress with his cock. And he longs for her cunt to wrap around his still hard dick. Mistress commends JJ for a good day at the races. She praises him for finishing so well in the events. She chastises him for not fucking her. She strokes his pretty face and neck, his strong back, and his sore ass and balls.

JJ nuzzles against Mistress, trying to get his mouth onto her pussy. Mistress resists at first, then lets JJ lick her cunt. She is standing with her legs apart, JJ's face upturned into her waiting labia. Soon all the ladies are coupling with their pets or each other, and Mistress leads JJ by the reins to a field. There she lays JJ on his back, hard cock pointed skyward. She tells JJ she is going to reward him for such a fun day at the races. Mistress positions herself over JJ's stiff cock, whispering how she has waited all day to feel his manhood stretch her tight little pussy open. She lowers herself just a little, brushing against the tip of his cock with her lips. JJ starts to buck. Mistress reminds JJ that if he acts badly, she will not let him fuck her. JJ settles back. Mistress starts to slide down onto the beautiful rock solid dick. She takes in the head, letting is split her tight lips apart. JJ starts bucking, but again Mistress reminds him to slow down and let her be in charge of the ride. Mistress slides down a little further, juices sliding down his shaft, spilling from her cunt. Slowly and surely, Mistress takes in all of JJ's huge prick. She feels him filling her up to the hilt. She feels his swelling inside her tight pussy. Mistress whispers sweet nothings into JJ's ear. She tells him how strong and handsome he is. She tells him how all the ladies want him for their own. She tells him how proud she is of his willingness to submit. She tells him how he is trly the prize stud at the event. Soon Mistress starts to cum, her cunt clutching JJ's manhood. She starts to buck him furiously, taking all of him in fast and furious. She twists her fingers in his mane. She kisses his sweet eyes. Then JJ starts to cum as well. He starts bucking back frantically, trying to sink his huge dick into the recesses of Mistress' cunt. Their pace slows, and soon they are lying in each others' arms, kissing and nuzzling each other. Mistress has had a wonderful day, and JJ has as well. Mistress can't wait to play games with JJ again.

The End

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