Peter Hill waited patiently on his hands and knees while Tanya, his sexy fuck buddy, who would also be his mistress for the next hour or so, approached with the gear she required him to wear. He knew what it was, and was glad to oblige, not because he particularly enjoyed it but she did, and he reveled in the aftermath with Tanya, a very pretty 25 year old African American woman and a successful entertainer. At barely five feet tall, she was petite, except for her big breasts and curvy ass.

Peter was the same age but large and muscular, with very fair white skin and long blonde hair, and he knew those characteristics were part of the reason she enjoyed their sessions together so much. He didn't care; he just knew they both had a lot of fun together and didn't worry about why she had chosen him for her fun instead of the many others she could have selected.

"Hello, Dobbin," his mistress greeted him as she patted his shoulder, stroked his side and patted his bare ass cheek. "Good boy. Are you all ready for our ride today?"

Peter tossed his head back and whinnied loudly by way of answering. He was already in character. Later, after he had been outfitted with the tack Tanya was carrying, he would not be able to talk, except to neigh or whinny like a pony. And, that was what he would be until she became so highly aroused from the ride he would be giving her all around her apartment that she would want him to eat and fuck her pussy. She was such a hotsy, Peter gladly put up with what he still thought of as a chore although, even without the sex, it was actually a rather pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon.

"Good boy," she repeated, holding out a sugar cube which he licked out of her hand. She stroked his sides and ass again ignoring the long, hard cock that swung from side to side under his body.

He was naked, except for the leather gloves and kneepads he wore to protect his hands and knees, and Tanya was wearing nothing at all. She would remain like that for as long as they were together that day, but he would be festooned with the tack she had bought for her steed. It had been especially ordered from a catalogue that specialized in providing fetish and bondage gear and had been expensive, but she was rich and could easily afford it. Tanya considered the cost to be money well spent, because it allowed her to indulge her favorite fetish with Peter under her, and she always became so aroused, the sex after her ride was as fabulous for her as it was for him. .

She stroked his side again as she selected the first piece of ponyboy equipment he would be wearing. That was a bridle made of chrome and polished black leather, and she picked it up and carefully slipped it over his head, making sure the connected straps that made up the piece of tack were straight and perfectly positioned. The upper strip of shiny leather went around his forehead, and Dobbin stood patiently as his mistress tightened the buckle on that one. Short straps, one for either side of his face, were connected with loops to the forehead strap. The other ends also consisted of loops, and they held large polished chrome rings that would press against the sides of the pony's face.

Hanging down from the opposite sides of the chrome rings were more straps, and these buckled together under the wearer's chin to hold the shiny circles in place. The rings served two purposes -- the first being to hold the bit in the mouth of the wearer, and Tanya inserted that next.

"Open wide," she gently ordered her faithful steed, while stroking his back. "Good boy," she continued when Dobbin did as instructed and bit down to keep the seven inch leather cylinder in place.

Both ends of the bit ended in short leather straps, and Tanya passed these through the chrome rings and snapped them shut. They held the bit snugly in place so Tanya would be able to give commands by pulling on the reins, which she next clipped to the opposite sides of the rings, during her ride around the apartment. With the bridle in place and the reins attached, Tanya gently pulled Dobbin's long blonde mane free of the bridle straps so it would cover them and swing free, which was the visual effect she preferred.

Being a gentle mistress to her pony, Tanya placed a soft flannel square -- a piece of a baby blanket, actually - across Dobbin's back so the leather saddle would not chafe him. The saddle was the last and most expensive piece of tack to be put in place. It had been made especially for a ponyboy or girl and was intended to resemble an English saddle, except for being smaller, and it had stirrups hanging from the sides. When Tanya cinched it in place with a strap around her steed's waist, she took notice of the state of his erection, seemingly for the first time and smiled, already anticipating what would happen after her ride ended.

From preparing her pony for the ride, she was already somewhat aroused, and she stroked the long, thick cock sticking down and out from his crotch. "Good boy, Dobbin," she whispered to him. "I see you have something nice for me after our ride too."

Peter loudly whinnied his agreement, and Tanya picked up the last piece of gear, placed her left foot in the stirrup and swung her right leg over her steed's back. When she was seated, with both feet in the stirrups, she put that last piece of equipment to use. It was a black leather riding crop and, while holding the reins in her right hand, she swung it so it hit her steed's right haunch with a loud "smack" while ordering him to "giddy up." Completely obedient, as a good pony should be, Dobbin started moving forward, heading in the direction of the doorway to the hall.

That riding crop had been a matter of considerable discussion between Peter and his mistress. Tanya insisted on using some kind of crop or whip, but she agreed to get the lightest and most flexible one available. It would make a loud noise and sting Peter slightly when she hit him with it, but no more than that, except for leaving a big red blotch, which would quickly fade, on his white skin.

Because of the tremendous sexual pleasure that would follow his mistress's riding him around her apartment, he had been willing to put up with the small amount of pain. The bargain had been a good one for both parties, because Tanya derived much more pleasure when she could use the implement, and that made her much more sexually excited, which would add to her pleasure and to that of her partner after the ride came to an end in her bedroom.

Dobbin moved slowly at first, partly to conserve energy and partly so his rider would have a reason to freely use her riding crop. The strategy worked, because the next time she smacked him was less than thirty seconds into the ride, and it was twice, once on either of his big ass cheeks. He slightly increased his speed and, when Tanya pulled on his left rein, he turned that direction and passed through the doorway into the hall. A second pull steered him down the hall in the direction of the living room of the large apartment, where another tug ordered him to turn right.

Using the reins freely and the riding crop even more freely, the rider steered her faithful steed around a sofa in the middle of that room and back out into the hall, where she used the reins and the crop to order him to turn right. The next room she guided him into was the formal dining room where, following her orders with no hesitation, Dobbin circled the oak table and matching chairs before returning to the hall with his mistress on his back, reveling in the ride. Peter was also enjoying what they were doing, because he could smell the juice trickling from her pussy and knew he would soon have his face buried in her crotch and be licking it from her. When they came to the end of the long central hall, Tanya pulled back on the reins and called out "Whoa!"

Dobbin stoically waited for further orders and, when they came, backed up and turned around so he was carrying his mistress back in the direction they had come from. She used the crop again, to demand more speed, and he hurried down the hall with his rider starting to bounce up and down on the saddle. He knew she was getting more and aroused, from the commands she was issuing to him and from the free use she was making of the riding crop and from the saddle massaging her bare pussy. With every second, he was looking forward more and more to the conclusion of the ride, which would happen right beside Tanya's four poster queen-sized bed, but not until she was ready to dismount.

He could already smell a steady flow of the juices from her pussy and expected his rider to pull on the reins to order him to turn into her bedroom, which was right ahead. He was disappointed when she passed by and, instead, returned to the family room where they had started. However, they made no more than one circuit there, and she ordered him back into the hall and from there her tugs on the reins and a few more swats on his ass directed him into where he was hoping she would want to go.

Two feet in front of the bed, she pulled on the reins and shouted "whoa!" again. When he stopped, she pulled her feet from the stirrups, leaped off his back and climbed quickly onto the bed, where she lay on her back with her legs spread and a pillow under her head. She did not have a long wait before Peter joined her, because he peeled off his gloves and unbuckled the saddle and let it drop to the floor. He still wore the bridle and bit when he mounted the bed, but they were tossed onto the floor seconds later. The kneepads were still in place, but he wouldn't bother to take them off until later, when he and the diminutive hotsy had partially satisfied their lust and weren't as eager to start the carnal part of the day's activities as they were right at that instant.

Tanya saw him and grinned lewdly as she raised and spread her legs so Peter could duck under them. As she draped her calves over his broad shoulders, he buried his face in the wettest and most delectable pussy he had ever seen or smelled and started to lick. There was so much of the delectable flow some of her nectar was trickling down her legs and soaking into the sheets, but he was able to use his tongue and get most of the delicious treat.

She was already writhing on the bed and moaning blissfully, and Peter knew he could bring her to an orgasm in a matter of minutes, but he wanted to take far longer than that, and he knew Tanya did too. After feasting on as much of her juices as he could salvage, he started licking between an inner and outer lip, starting at the small area he knew about between the origins of the labia. The small patch was extremely soft and smooth and he knew his former rider was extremely sensitive there.

His tongue caressed that area and continued upward between the labia. When he reached the place where they were close together, he tilted his head to slide is tongue in between them. Peter loved everything about eating Tanya's juicy pussy, but one of the best parts was the sensation of the slick outer lip and the sponginess of the swollen inner one against his tongue at the same time. He took a long time, reveling in those unique sensations until he reached the end of the inner lip and raised his head from her pussy.

What he saw brought a smile to his face. Tanya's small but sexy body was thrashing about on the bed, and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. When he looked down, he saw how her clit had almost pushed its way out from under the protective hood formed by her two inner lips. He delicately stroked his tongue across the engorged morsel, eliciting an extra loud moan of joy from the young woman, before returning his mouth to below her adorable pink hole where he had begun his feast of pleasure.

After devouring every drop of the fresh juices, he started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips, treating them the same as he had the first. He took even longer on this pair, covering the whole area many times over. Tanya was so excited, her pussy was fucking up into his face, and she was sobbing and whimpering in joy. She also believed she was ready for her first climax of the day.

"Suck my clit!" she urged him. "Make me come!"

During the ride, she had been in charge and he had done what she told him, through the reins or swatting him with the riding crop. However, he was in no hurry to bring about the hotsy's orgasm until he was sure she had reached the apex of her arousal, and that hadn't happened yet. When he reached the end of her second inner lip, Peter raised his face and saw how Tanya's clit was so engorged with her lust it had crowded its way completely out from under its hood.

However, she was still not as sexually aroused as he wanted her to be, so he brought his mouth down to below her dripping pink hole and feasted on all the delicious fresh juices. After devouring them all, he started to thrust his tongue against the delightful place that had just produced the delicious treat. Tanya's movements became even wilder, with her hips swiveling under his face and thrusting her legs out and back his face like a pair of pretty brown pistons. Moving forward slowly and thrusting the tip of his tongue under her inner lips as well as against that adorable wet hole, he advanced upward until he had reached her engorged clit.

From the way Tanya's thighs were turned outward, presenting her pussy even more thoroughly to his mouth, as well as all the other signs, Peter knew she was at the peak of her excitement. The time had arrived to suck on her clit and bring her to a powerful orgasm, so he raised his head slightly and enveloped the engorged morsel. With his lips forming a seal at the base, he started to suck, with his mouth working in the same tempo as Tanya's pussy fucking against his face, while his tongue stroked all over the sides and top of her adorable clit.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried. "Suck my clit!" A few seconds later, she started coming.

Her legs clamped onto the sides of Peter's head, and she grabbed two handfuls of his hair, as if to keep him in place. That was unnecessary, because there was nowhere in the world where he would rather have been just then than with his face buried in Tanya's lovely pussy with her clit in his mouth. Although she wanted him there too, it looked almost as if she were trying to throw both of them off the bed, with her legs swinging so wildly from side to side and her crotch ramming up against his face.

When she climaxed, all of Tanya's muscles clenched at once and her back arched, ramming her pussy into Peter's face for a final time. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed, releasing his hair and head. Her arms sprawled out at her sides, but her legs remained draped loosely over his shoulders. He released her clit from his mouth, moved his face slightly lower and licked up most of the fresh nectar his former rider had just produced. Peter's tongue sluiced it into his mouth from her legs, belly, pussy lips and everywhere he found it, except he did not suck her juices from the adorable pink hole that had produced it. He wanted to fuck, and he was sure Tanya did too, and the fluid would be needed to perform its natural function of lubrication for his big cock.

He knew there were condoms on the nightstand, including the extra-large size he required, and he removed one from its plastic wrapper and rolled it onto his cock. He also took off the kneepads before returning to the bed where Tanya was lying in bliss. Besides her arms being relaxed at her sides, her legs were spread wide, her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a smile of joy. When Peter climbed back onto the bed, her eyes opened and her smile changed to one of lust.

"Mmmmm. I'm all ready for that big dick," she murmured. "You know, I really liked riding you before. Now I want to ride you in a different way."

Peter knew what she meant, and had no problem agreeing with the idea. Any position was good for fucking, but his favorite, for a petite but bosomy woman such as Tanya, was her bouncing up and down on top of him in the Cowgirl position, because of the visual delights of her breasts bouncing and swaying. If she decided to lie atop him, with both their bodies in full contact with each other, that was much more than just okay too. He would have the perfect chance to caress her truly delightful body.

After the sexy, naked woman rolled over to the side, he plumped her pillow and lay where she had been, with his big, stiff cock pointing straight up into the air.

With him in place, she positioned herself, swinging her leg over his thighs so she was kneeling and straddling his legs. Once again she grinned at the huge cock that she knew would feel so good going in and out of her eager pussy and moved forward until that part of her body was just above the object of her lust. Peter reached down and held his hard shaft upright for her while Tanya's index fingers spread her pussy lips, and she started lowering her body until the first contact was made.

The lubricating juices left inside her pussy had increased as Tanya's sexual excitement grew, and were so abundant they were flowing down onto the tip of the cock that was poised to impale her. Before it could do that, Peter rubbed the end in her wetness to spread it. With everything ready, Tanya lowered her body farther and sighed happily as she felt the head of the big cock wedge into her dripping pink hole.

Peter murmured his joy too, because the young woman's pussy was very tight, and he could already feel her internal muscles starting to massage his cock. A few seconds after the first penetration, she lowered her body farther and cooed happily at the way the big, hard shaft was starting to cram her so well. Tanya was fully aware of the myth of the hung black stud, and she knew from her experience there was a lot of truth to it. However Peter had the perfect blend of being well hung and a willingness to indulge her fetish.

She continued stuffing her pussy in small increments until his entire organ was buried inside her and her curly black pubic hairs were mingling with his soft blonde thatch. For almost a minute, she stayed in that position, letting the exquisite pleasure radiate from her thoroughly filled pussy and reverberate throughout her body.

The wait was more than okay for Peter because, with every small movement of her body, he could feel her pussy clamping on and releasing his hard shaft. He looked up at the small woman perched above him, and everything about what they were doing was truly a delight to him. Tanya's face was beautiful to look at, especially with the small grimaces of joy flickering across her visage. Her breasts were large and jutting and topped with dark brown nipples and were swaying alluringly with those movements. Best of all was what her tight, wet pussy was doing for him, sending waves of delight through his body.

It got better for both of them when she slowly flexed her thigh muscles and started to raise her body, removing her pussy from around his cock. Tanya paused with just the head still inside before starting to slowly engulf the thick shaft into her pussy again. Her juices were even more plentiful; some of them were trickling out and soaking into his pubic hair, and she needed every bit of the lubrication they were providing, because Peter's thick cock was filling her to capacity and even beyond.

His hands were on her hips for leverage and to guide her if necessary, and he pushed down with them while driving his cock up to meet her. Their bodies came wetly together again, with the noise of their meeting blending with their matching sounds of bliss to form an erotic trio.

Once again, Tanya stayed in that position for almost a minute before starting to rise again. Peter waited until she had paused and was impaling herself again before thrusting all the up into her pussy and, when they met again, he could feel her pubic hair entangling his. Over and over, always moving slowly, Tanya raised and lowered her pussy, and it was filled with a big, hard cock at the end of every stroke. Her moans of bliss and Peter's filled the room, but neither of them felt like speaking except for their murmurs of joy.

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