tagFetishPooh Ch. 01

Pooh Ch. 01


This one is pretty weird, even for me; if you are squicked by extreme scatology then you should probably just move along to another story. It's the result of one of those sleep-deprivation-induced writing sessions, done mostly in one shot and then edited for modest coherence. Now that this is out of my system, I think I can return to "Instant-On" in a "softer" frame of mind.

I dedicate this to AgainstMyWill, whose stories would be perfect if only they had more women in them. :-)


The First Day

Alec was not a fan of the outdoors, but he was out hiking early that morning. He hadn't liked summer camp as a kid; the current ordeal, intended for college-age teens, hadn't started out any better.

His camp experience had changed completely the previous evening, with a quick kiss and a whispered invitation from a hottie staying at the girls' camp over the ridge. Just the thought of seeing Carly again had him too keyed up to sleep in.

The unexpected weight on his shoe pulled him out of his daydreams; Alec looked down and disgustedly realized he'd stepped in some huge pile of shit. Scuffing, and then scraping with a stick, and finally wiping with some leaves got rid of most of it. Alec wiped his fingers vigorously on some more leaves and finally resumed his hike.

A few minutes later, he picked up a splinter climbing over a fallen tree. Totally distracted by thoughts of the curvaceous blonde, Alec didn't think twice about sucking his finger to remove the sting. A rumbling in his belly turned him back towards camp soon after, but Alec quickly realized he'd never reach the outhouse in time.

Luckily, there was lots of ground cover and no bystanders to be seen. Alec looked around, found a likely spot, and quickly pushed down his camp shorts and underwear. He squatted and strained briefly before a large turd slid from his ass and fell to the ground.

Something about the situation left Alec with a raging erection. With thoughts of Carly on his mind, he barely touched himself before exploding onto the forest floor. There was no toilet paper and his movement hadn't been very messy, so Alec settled for just pulling his clothing back into place and strode away.

At lunchtime, Alec ate like he was starving. So did many of the boys, thanks to a dearth of electronics and lots of physical exercise. His dinner attracted more attention. "What, are you pregnant?" jeered David, the largest of the camp bullies, after watching Alec fill his tray in line three times and leave it empty.

"Just hungry," Alec muttered shortly. He was already thinking about how to slip away to meet Carly.

Near dusk, he was working his way along the trail that led to the girls' camp. Alec had met Carly at the mixer held there the previous evening, and it had been lust at first sight -- at least for him. In a sea of strangers, he had no historical baggage to get in the way, and the attractive blonde had been surprisingly receptive to his advances. Alec didn't know what was going to happen, but he was already doing better than he'd expected.

He made it to the rear of the bathhouse without being seen, and settled in to wait impatiently. Carly said nobody went there; Alec felt himself growing hard as he thought about how she knew that. His body felt filled with desire.

Then she was there. "Hey," Carly whispered, smiling.

Alec's erection was a steel bar in his shorts. He stepped closer, and Carly turned her face up slightly, so he took a chance and kissed her. She was entirely willing, and it didn't take long for her to discover the lump in his crotch. Carly's stroking drove him wild, and feeling her pert tits through her shirt wasn't enough. Alec thought he was going to explode.

When he felt her start to unfasten his fly, Alec knew his fantasies were going to come true. When Carly squatted in front of him, his mind completely locked up.

She wrinkled her nose at the look and smell of the skid marks inside his briefs, but returned her focus to the throbbing organ poking at her face. There was no way she was going to back out now, but she wished Faith had picked out a boy with better personal hygiene.

Carly licked at the glistening tip of the erection. It was salty, different from a girl, but not unpleasant. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head of the organ, and then struggled not to gag as Alec thrust unexpectedly forward.

After a few more false starts, they reached a mutual accommodation. Faith had told her he'd probably cum right away, but Alec seemed to be holding out longer than expected. Somewhat to her surprise, Carly realized she was getting excited too. Then she realized something else.

Talk about poor timing! Carly tried to hold out, but Alec still hadn't climaxed and the pressure inside her was rapidly becoming unbearable. She finally decided she'd have to take a break, no matter how awkward it was, but when she tried to disengage, Alec grabbed her head and held her in place!

Struggling in earnest, Carly fought both to control herself and to break free; she couldn't wait much longer. Her bowels tied themselves in knots, and her pleas were rendered incomprehensible by the flesh pistoning in and out of her mouth.

Tears of humiliation filled Carly's eyes as her toilet training broke beneath the strain and a coil of warm shit filled her panties. Her blue eyes widened in shock when she unexpectedly experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Alec sensed something was going on with Carly, but he wasn't sure what. Then the smell reached his nose, and he knew. He blew rope after rope of spunk from his cock, first into her mouth and then onto Carly's face, hair, and shirt.

At the same time, a tension he hadn't even noticed disappeared, and his sphincter flexed. It widened, forced apart by the turd that began emerging, and then spread further. More of the thick brown log extended towards the ground with every contraction of his penis, breaking apart under its own weight.

Totally repulsed and confused, Carly bolted long before the final pieces of shit came to rest. Alec looked down at his enormous deposit, unable to believe it had fit inside him. He felt emptied out, but his penis quivered as he inhaled the rich, earthy scent of excrement.

The Second Day

Alec didn't bother to conceal his new-found urges the next morning. His moans attracted the attention of the other boys in the showers, and they watched incredulously as his asshole smoothly expanded around the rapidly emerging log. It fell heavily to the tiles, glistening wetly, while Alec's jerking organ sprayed jism on the wall.

He came down from his orgasmic high too late to defend himself from the circle of outraged teens surrounding him.

"You like shit?" asked the largest, in a dangerous tone of voice. "You disgusting pervert!"

Counselors broke up the scuffle before it got completely out of hand, but not before the pristine log was mushed beneath Alec's struggling body. Several of his oppressors had to repeat their showers too before they could dress and report for discipline.

Carly tried not to think about the previous night and concentrated on finishing her fourth stack of pancakes. It wasn't easy; even the hijinks at her "unofficial" graduation party hadn't been as kinky -- or arousing -- as what she'd done with Alec.

"You're going to get fat, eating like that," laughed Faith. "Did you get a lot of exercise, or something?" She leered suggestively at her friend.

"No," Carly mumbled around a mouthful of syrupy goodness, and glared across the table at the other girl. The two blondes could easily have been sisters, although Faith's plate contained only a few toast crumbs (dry) and some discarded strawberry stems. After swallowing, she added, "You're the one who needs protein shakes."

Faith tossed her hair. The sperm on the collar of her friend's shirt has been sufficient proof the dare had been accomplished and made Carly's late night shower entirely unremarkable. "Whatever; I'm Vegan." Both of them knew what she meant. "If you don't finish, we're going to be late for lunch!"

Carly reluctantly set down her fork and pushed away the plate. She'd felt so hungry. She couldn't get fat from just one meal, could she?

The camp outside was quiet as a half dozen surly boys cleaned dishes in the kitchen. Everybody else was out having fun, while they got punished for something that wasn't even their fault. "Faggot! Baby!" one of them hissed at Alec, seeing the erection in his shorts and moving away.

Alec shrugged off the epithet. He hadn't put on underwear after showering, and didn't care how obvious his hard-on was. He had urges that couldn't be denied much longer. "There's nothing like it," he asserted with confidence. He bore down slightly and farted; the tip of something inside kept his sphincter from closing all the way. "Just smell it!"

More than one of his companions furtively adjusted themselves. The boy who'd called him a faggot suddenly cursed and leaned against the counter, his eyes closed. The room went quiet enough that Alec could hear the moist sounds of the teen's bowels voiding themselves while the front of the boy's shorts pulsed.

Smiling, Alec stopped restraining his body. The orgasmic feeling of shit forcing its way out of his anus triggered his cock to shoot more scum into his shorts, but Alec ignored it and reached down to cradle his offering as it dropped free of his body and out the leg of his shorts. It was heavy, mesmerizing, and wildly arousing.

Alec looked up, and his smile turned nasty. All of the others were looking at him, but three of them had rapidly-spreading wet spots on their shorts and looked stunned or confused. Only two had fear in their eyes. "Eat my shit," he told the closest.

"You're so tense," Faith whispered. "You aren't going to back out or anything, are you? I'm almost sorry I dared you to blow that boy!"

"It's not that," sighed Carly. They were lying on their private shelf above the swimming hole. It was good for jumping into the cool water, but you had to be determined and athletic to reach it; at this point in the day, nobody else had that much ambition.

Finished with her friend's back, Faith rolled Carly over and began applying sunscreen to her well-proportioned tits. Both girls were wearing bikinis, but the tops lay discarded beside their shoes. As Faith's hands worked their way down her torso, Carly tried to let herself relax; she felt keyed up, on edge.

"I know how you can help me relax," Carly said suggestively, spreading her legs slightly.

"So it's like that, is it?" Faith asked. Her body language didn't match her tone, and she wiped her hands on her own breasts before reaching for the ties to Carly's bottom. "Maybe just this once."

Carly spread herself wider and wriggled as Faith, with practiced ease, lowered her face to the bare mound thus offered. "My God, Carly, you're soaking wet! What's got you so worked up?"

Faith's tongue brushed against Carly's wet pussy in long smooth strokes, cleaning the dew from the soft skin. Without thinking, Carly raised herself slightly, allowing Faith to reach all the way back to her puckered rosebud. The light touch of her friend's tongue made it tingle in a way it never had before, and Carly's eyes flew open.

She suddenly felt the fullness within her, beginning to demand release. Carly reached down and pulled Faith up until her friend was straddling her, then hugged her close and kissed her passionately. Their tongues entwined, but Carly's hands were caressing Faith's ass through the thin material of the swimsuit, imaging it overflowing with shit.

She jerked with a sudden spike of arousal when Faith first tried to pull away. Carly wrapped a leg around her friend, pushing Faith off balance, and rolled so she was atop the other girl.

"Carly, let go of me," Faith complained, not understanding her friend wasn't playing any longer. She ducked her eyes and admitted, "I need to use the bathroom."

"I know," panted Carly, moving upwards so she straddled Faith and denied her use of the technique Carly had used a moment earlier. "Let it happen -- it's the best feeling in the world!"

Faith began struggling in earnest, but she didn't know how to escape and every wriggle threatened her fraying self-control. "That's sick!" The tip of a turd poked between her cheeks, but Faith summoned a Herculean effort and pulled it back inside herself.

It was, paradoxically, her undoing. The sensation of something moving in and out of her back door triggered an orgasm that left Faith shaking. Released of conscious control, her ass opened and expelled a firm brown load into the confines of the tiny bikini. The subsequent, much stronger, climax had her seeing stars.

Carly was nearly beside herself watching the tell-tale expressions on her friend's face, but it was the final strangled gasp and scent that got her. She screamed in ecstasy and fell forward as her sphincter stretched painfully wide. The large brown projection arched out between her buns and curled down to rest on Faith's tummy. Breathless from what felt like a single continuous climax, she kept pushing until she felt empty inside, then moved aside and turned so she could see it.

Both girls stared with amazement at the soft brown snake the size of Carly's forearm that lay atop Faith's body.

"Are you two okay up there?" echoed a voice from the water.

"Yes!" the girls chorused in unison. Knowing laughter sounded below them.

"This is so fucking sick!" Faith whispered, but her nipples were hard as rocks and her eyes were hazed with desire.

"Didn't I tell you you'd like it?"

Kenneth Barnes sighed as he entered his office. Theoretically, the pre-college session was supposed to be a quasi-vacation where he could deal with young adults that didn't need much supervision. He looked over the top of the folder at the dirty-looking teenager, clad only in shorts, sitting in the guest chair and kept reading the frankly unbelievable summary of the day's incidents while he walked around the desk to his chair. "Well, Alec, it looks like you have some real issues," he said in a stern tone that usually worked on all but the worst hard cases.

The camp director sat down behind the desk, but quickly stood up again. Ken looked down at what looked like a squashed poop on the seat of his chair. "Quiet!" he barked at the snort of suppressed humor from the teen. Scowling, Ken felt the seat of his pants and found them -- and his fingers -- smeared with a brown substance.

Alec was smiling at him like it was all some joke, and probably it was. Half the trick to managing kids was convincing them you were in on things, too -- Ken had seen "Caddyshack" in college. With a broad smile of his own, he made a production of popping a finger in his mouth, expecting to taste brownie batter or the like.

It wasn't batter, or any other foodstuff. Shocked and borderline nauseated, Ken spat several times to try and clear his mouth, and then sat down hard in his chair, forgetting its unwelcome covering. When he could focus again on his surroundings, he found Alec had shed his shorts.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" the teen asked, pumping his hard cock. He pulled his heels up on the edge of the chair, revealing a filthy crotch. His inflamed rosebud was intermittently visible beneath the sack that rose and fell with every stroke of his hand. "Wait 'til you shit yourself -- it's the bomb!"

"Listen, you little bastard..." Ken threatened Alec, only to stop in confusion. His penis was lengthening in his pants, beginning to engorge with blood. He was a confirmed heterosexual, happily married, who'd never looked at another man. He was not getting excited by this little shithead! An itch began, deep inside his bowels.

"Let it out, Mr. Barnes," Alec urged. "It'll feel so good! Let me show you." He stopped stroking and lifted his sack, spreading his knees to expose himself even further. The teen let out a small moan as a circle of darkness appeared in the center of his rosebud and started to grow.

Alec's cock jerked and fountained seed in a high arc over his head, but Ken's attention never shifted from the firm brown deposit growing between Alec's thighs. It called to him with an urgency that couldn't be ignored, and his body lurched with sudden release.

Soft moistness pressed between Ken's cheeks and spread outwards, coating his balls and squeezing up his crack. His cock pumped relentlessly, slave to an orgasm more intense than any he'd experienced -- even the one at the bachelor party he'd never told Donna about.

"Oh yeah, that's a good one, I can smell it from here," enthused Alec. "They're better when they're bigger," he confided, rising to his feet and carelessly leaving his poop on the chair.

"Now, just a minute," Ken objected. "This is totally inappropriate! Don't you have any self-control?" Even to himself, the objection sounded feeble. Already he was wondering what it would have felt like if he hadn't used the bathroom after lunch. It would have been longer, heavier... The camp director's arousal, only somewhat diminished, began rising again as he felt the seat of his pants, estimating what a bigger load would feel like.

A cluster of girls surrounded Carly and Faith, cheering the impromptu eating contest. It ended inconclusively only when the kitchen closed at the end of dinner hour; there was disagreement between the observers about whether the hot dogs Carly had eaten amounted to more or less than the incredible amounts of potato and bean salad consumed by Faith. The contestants were happy to call a draw, knowing food was not the object of their game.

"That is so gross," Sierra drawled. "Remember, a stomach ache is no excuse for not showing," she warned them. The older girl was the leader of the unofficial "Sisterhood of Camp Pocahontas" and a stickler for details. Carly had been trying for initiation ever since she'd learned Faith was a member. There was no way she was not going to get initiated that night!

Perhaps twenty girls were circled around the campfire in a remote clearing when Faith brought Carly into their midst after midnight. All of them were slim, beautiful, and self-confident, and they were clad in ragged miniskirts and halter tops intended to suggest stereotypical Indian garb.

"Who brings this candidate for initiation?" asked Sierra.

"I do," responded Faith.

"Is she willing to be counted among the Sisterhood of Camp Pocahontas?"

"She is," Faith answered. Carly, drooling slightly around her gag, could only nod.

"Is she acceptable? Show us."

Faith unzipped Carly's skirt and pulled off her top. The blonde's pussy and ass were plugged with knurled lengths of polished wood, matching the one in her mouth, and held in place with leather strings threaded through one end; she wore nothing else but shoes. The other girls filed past, examining her, some touching her lightly.

Sierra looked around and saw only approval. "Her form is acceptable. Her garb signifies her rejection of the male sex. Does she reject them in spirit as well as form? Remove the candidate's gag so she may answer for herself."

Carly popped her jaw and swallowed several times. "I reject the male sex," she said firmly. Faith had explained this meant she wasn't supposed to let boys order her around or take her for granted, and not that she had to swear them off entirely.

"And is this rejection made in ignorance, or with knowledge?"

"Knowledge." A little hesitant for the first time, Carly added, "I sucked off a boy and tasted his semen. I took no pleasure from him." Faith had said the last part was strictly for form, and anyway it technically was true.

"Who stands witness to this?"

"I do," responded Faith. "I didn't see it, but Carly talked to a boy at the dance. She left to meet him last night, and when she returned, she had cum on her collar and in her hair." Several of the onlookers made faint noises of disgust.

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