tagFetishPooh Ch. 02

Pooh Ch. 02


The Third Day

"I think we're going to run out of Bisquick," Lisa Barnes told her boss.

"How is that even possible?" the director of Camp Pocahontas wanted to know.

The young woman absently twirled a finger in a lock of her raven hair. "Well, we thought we could stretch it until the next session, but apparently a bunch of the girls have started eating pancakes like they're going out of style."

"They aren't binge eating or anything like that?"

Lisa sighed. "Not that we can tell, no. I'd be puking if I ate that way, but I don't have a teenage metabolism anymore, either."

"Well, go across the ridge and see if you can borrow a few bags from your father, okay? Take some of the dykes with you to carry them."

"Dykes?" Lisa struggled to control her expression. "Not exactly politically correct, is it?"

"Sisterhood of Pocahontas," the director clarified, forming air quotes with her fingers. "Whatever. They're less likely to get into trouble with the boys."

The silence unnerved Lisa. She wasn't that much older than her charges, but it was like they were from a different planet. Normally, if you put a group of high school seniors together, they'd be chattering like magpies. She didn't think she'd heard two words total out of Sierra, Bailey, Faith or Carly the entire hike.

They were at the fence line when Lisa realized she hadn't heard anything from Camp John Smith, either. The majority of the boys might be off on a hike or other activity, but there was always something going on. She held up a hand, gesturing for the girls to stop, and listened carefully.

Lisa thought she heard a low murmuring, but there was nothing recognizable. One of the blondes, she thought Carly, was scenting the air like a skittish deer. "I think something's wrong," Lisa told the girls, unconsciously whispering.

The teens took the warning seriously. They just didn't react the way Lisa expected. Instead of being scared or disbelieving, they looked excited. "This is not some TV movie," Lisa reproved.

They advanced cautiously into the deserted camp. The cafeteria reeked in the worst way. Lisa looked cautiously in the open doors, but whirled back at the sound of a noise behind her; surely Faith hadn't had her hand up her skirt?

"No flies," observed Sierra, distracting Lisa.

Lisa listened carefully for buzzing, but heard none. She did hear the murmuring again, more clearly now. It sounded like it came from the athletic field.

A flicker of movement drew Lisa's eyes back to the cafeteria, but she couldn't spot anything when she stared through the doors. Damnit, now she was spooking herself! "C'mon, girls, let's look at the field. Stick together now, okay?"

They reached the corner of the administration building and cautiously peered past the split log siding at the field beyond it. One of the girls uttered a breathless sigh; Lisa was shocked into immobility.

It looked like every inhabitant of the camp was there on the field, standing close together in a large circle, apparently naked. Their bodies moved slightly, not quite randomly, in a sort of constrained Brownian motion. A chorus of low grunts and moans commingled to produce the sound they'd heard earlier.

"I think you girls should go back to the camp," Lisa said, trying to project confidence and steady herself. When she looked around to make sure they'd heard her, Lisa found the girls were already walking onto the field! Knowing in her gut it was a bad, bad idea, she hurried after her wayward charges.

Close up, it became apparent the men weren't standing side by side, but rather in a long line that circled back on itself. Like participants in an obscene conga line, each gripped the one ahead of him, shuffling slightly from time to time. The matted grass beneath their feet suggested they'd been at it for hours. A few of the lighter-skinned boys glowed red with sunburn.

Not one of them took any notice of the gaping women. A momentary sway by a boy, quickly righted by the teen behind him, revealed all of them were joined like beads on a string, impaled on a hard cock from behind while doing the same thing to the neighbor in front. The gentle movement of the gathering served only to piston cocks in and out of asses. Lisa abruptly lost her breakfast on the lawn.

Carly cried out, "Alec!" -- like she was greeting a close friend after an absence -- and darted up the line. The other girls followed more slowly behind, whispering.

"Come back, Carly!" Lisa called, wiping her mouth on an arm. She thought seriously about abandoning them, balancing her responsibilities to the girls against an inner voice screaming for self-preservation. The argument ended abruptly when Lisa recognized the back of her father's head near where the girls now stood. She raced to join them.

Carly was tugging earnestly on the arm of the young man being sodomized by Ken Barnes. "Alec! It's me! I have so much to tell you!" The boy turned his head and smiled fuzzily at the blonde, but showed no inclination to disengage himself.

"A little help here?" Lisa pleaded, trying to interpose her body between the boy and her father. "Dad! Dad! Stop it! It's Lisa -- let me help you!"

Other hands joined hers, pulling her father backwards away from the boy while a thinly-clad breast brushed Lisa as somebody started pushing Alec forward. Finally they succeeded in disengaging the two from each other.

The sight and smell of her father's erection left Lisa gagging again. It was dripping a stroganoff-colored cream, a well-churned combination of spunk and shit. Even more of it gushed from the boy's ass.

Carly screamed and Lisa jumped, fearing the attack she'd dreaded had come. She whirled around, but nothing else was in sight. "Carly?"

The blonde was masturbating furiously, revealing she wore nothing beneath her skirt. Trembling violently, she screamed again as she released a turd that shouldn't have been possible for a human to generate. Nearly as thick as her wrist, the bottom of the gigantic brown snake reached the ground before the end cleared her distended orifice. Around them, the other girls also gasped and moaned in ecstasy as they voided their bowels.

Something sprayed against Lisa's back, and a hand fell on her shoulder like lead weight, driving Lisa to her knees in the slimy mud. "Taste him, Baby," her father's voice rasped, and he pushed her towards Alec's dripping rosebud.

"Yes! The kiss!" Bailey shouted, caressing the log she'd ejected like a lover. All of the girls wore feral expressions, and there was something in Faith's eyes that struck terror in Lisa's heart.

Seeing no escape in that direction, Lisa threw herself sideways, rolling into the center of the circle. Her father looked towards her, but Alec stepped backwards and wriggled onto him, distracting Ken and sealing the circle behind her.

Lisa loped across the empty space, angling away from the direct line back to Camp Pocahontas, and towards a spot where several of the shorter boys were grouped together. Increasing her speed, she jumped as high as she could, aiming for the slight gap between two of them. Lisa didn't clear them, not by a long shot, but her momentum carried her outward. When the line stopped swaying, she'd tumbled to the ground on the outside.

Lisa struck out for the administration building; her father's office contained the only phone in the camp, and the nearest cellular tower was many miles away. The sight of Sierra loping up the stairs ahead of her forced a change of plan. The path up the ridge was inviting, but the girls had to know that as well as she did.

The counselor darted in the side door of the cafeteria. It didn't seem likely they'd look for her there, and Lisa had the nagging thought that if there was a clue to what had happened, it would be there. The smell hit her like a wave, but she didn't flinch; she'd already tuned out the filth covering her legs and hands.

Something moved along the base of the wall, behind the head table. It could have been a mouse, but... Lisa hadn't seen a single animal all day. She backed slowly away, retreating to the kitchen and raiding the cabinets until she found a Tupperware container and lid.

Thus equipped, Lisa returned to the hunt. She moved silently along the wall behind the table, looking carefully but seeing nothing. The scuff of a flip-flop on the porch warned her just in time, and she dropped quickly the floor as two silhouettes appeared in the doorway.

The girls walked slowly down the center of the room, but something ahead of her drew Lisa's attention. It was about the size of a small mouse, dark in color, and its movement was -- not quite right. It crept very slowly towards her, staying close against the wall.

Lisa twitched, and the thing froze, at Sierra's passionate wail from the kitchen. "Oh God, it does feel good!" the teen moaned.

"Aren't we supposed to be looking for Lisa?" Bailey's doubtful voice echoed.

"Fuh-huck her," Sierra panted. She grunted, accompanied by a little sigh from the younger girl. "What's she going to do? Send smoke signals? We trashed the phone and hid the keys to the truck. If she tries to go back to Camp Pocahontas, Faith will intercept her. She doesn't have any water. If we find her, we find her."

Lisa slowly lifted the upside-down container and waited.

"Did you see that?!" Bailey exclaimed. "In the dining room!"

Lisa's heart stopped, but then she realized the girls couldn't have seen her from the kitchen. Were there more of these things? Something brushed against her ankle and she barely choked back a scream. The girls had re-entered the room, so she couldn't even move to see what was touching her.

"Where?" Sierra asked.

The thing in front of Lisa resumed its careful movement. Its companion pressed wetly against the inside of Lisa's ankle, and began moving up her leg.

"There!" the girls chorused, pointing in different directions.

Lisa chewed on her lip. Her prey was barely out of reach, but the trail of moisture on her leg had already passed her knee. A new touch anointed her other calf.

The thing in front of her had six legs, but it didn't look or move like a bug. Its appearance suggested very fine fur, slicked or matted with something. Two beady eyes stared at her; an opening below them irised open and an object she hoped was a tongue extended lazily towards her. The appendage disappeared and the critter took another step.

"There's shitloads of them!" cried a shaky Bailey.

Lisa shared her lack of enthusiasm; she trembled uncontrollably as she felt the leg of her shorts shift to admit the intruder. Every nerve screamed for her to jump and run, but both girls were standing in the center of the room, scanning it.

Holding her breath and praying, Lisa dropped the container over the creature in front of her, neatly trapping it in place. Sierra whirled at the faint sound, even as something pushed tentatively at her panties. The legband started to shift. Crying silently in abject despair, Lisa lost control of her bladder and flooded herself with acrid urine.

"Okay, Bailey, now you're creeping me out," complained Sierra. "Let's get back to the fun!" With several large bags of finger food in hand, the two girls finally departed.

Lisa sprang to her feet, jumping up and down and shaking her shorts. There was nothing to be seen beyond the puddle on the floor. The critter huddled beneath the container, as far from her as it could get. She grabbed a paper placemat from the table, slid it under the container and the creature, and then lifted it enough to get the lid beneath. A moment later, her captive secured, she was racing to the kitchen.

She was unwilling to leave a building full of whatever they were to do who knew what. The layout of the kitchen wasn't much different than that of Camp Pocahontas. It took Lisa only a few minutes to splash several large jugs of cooking oil across several of the tables and much of the floor of the dining room, and hole all of the others that remained in the pantry.

The appliances were too old to have automatic ignition, so it was child's play to blow out all the pilots and then turn the gas on full. She walked down the hall to the back door, spraying charcoal lighter behind her as she went. Nobody was in sight, so Lisa sprayed the threshold with lighter fluid, lit it, and then ran like hell. She'd reached the tree line before the building went up in a huge fireball behind her.

Lisa worked her way cross-country, avoiding the trail. She saw Faith on the trail near the top of the ridgeline, staring back at the billowing smoke rising from the burning building. Lisa was confident she hadn't been seen; it took a lot longer than a few weeks for a city girl to master the outdoors.

A blind woman could see something big was burning on the other side of the ridge, but only if that woman was outside to see it. Right now, everybody would be in eating lunch. Even if Faith ran the rest of the way, Lisa had perhaps 5 or 10 minutes of cushion.

She slipped into her cabin and changed hurriedly. Lisa badly wanted a shower, but there wasn't that much time, and at least her clothes were clean and dry now. She pulled on a light windbreaker; it might raise a few eyebrows, but it let her conceal what she was carrying.

Lisa knocked perfunctorily on the open door and slid into the office, closing it behind her.

"That took longer than I expected," Donna Barnes told her daughter. She capped and set down the tube of lip balm she'd been applying.

"The problem was worse than I expected," Lisa retorted, nearly collapsing into a chair. She couldn't bear to think about her father, so she pushed those images aside and concentrated on less hurtful subjects. "I'm pretty sure they've got an outbreak of something infectious over at Camp John Smith. I'm worried some of the girls might have caught it." Lisa had spent the hike back coming up with a story that wasn't completely unbelievable.

"Did you speak with your father about it?" Donna asked with concern. "Is there anything we can do to help?"

"I'd like to quarantine some of the girls, the ones that might have been exposed," Lisa answered promptly. More reluctantly, she added, "We might need to send them some food." She didn't want to go anywhere near the place, but she couldn't just let them starve.

"That's no problem," Donna replied with a cheerful smile. "I already called and put in an extra delivery for us; we should have plenty to share."

"That's... great," Lisa prevaricated. She stared at the dark fleck between two of her mother's teeth.

"You're such a dutiful daughter, Lisa; have I ever told you that? Come and give your mother a kiss." Donna stood up, revealing a bushy pubic patch, and turned around. Her ass was sagging and showed a bit of cellulite, but it was the shit caked in her crack that snared Lisa's attention.

A lanky girl Lisa recognized as one of Sierra's close friends emerged from beneath the desk. She was completely naked, and smeared from head to toe with human waste.

Lisa cursed herself for losing sight of the fact that more than just the girls she'd taken with her had been scarfing down pancakes at breakfast. It was likely all of the "Sisters" were infected!

"The kiiiiissssssss," the girl sighed, running a hand up Donna's crack and then smearing it on herself. She started around the desk towards Lisa. The counselor came to her feet, but found the exit blocked by another teen, less filthy but equally intent.

"I'm sorry," Lisa apologized sincerely, and brought up the .45 ACP she'd been holding under the windbreaker. She placed two rounds into the center of the girl's chest at point-blank range, and whirled to face the other, who continued to advance. Another double-tap midway between the pierced nipples put her on the floor, too, permanently.

She couldn't bring herself to point the gun at her mother, but Lisa didn't put it away, either. "Where are the others?" she shouted over the ringing in her ears. "Where?!"

The answer sounded like "with Faith," which made no sense.

"Faith is up on the ridge!" Lisa shouted. "I saw her myself!"

"She came back an hour ago! She's helping fix lunch!" Her mother took a step forward, and then stopped when the gun came down. "Sweetie, I can see you're confused; let me help you!"

Lisa didn't hear the entreaty. An hour? It must have been Carly she'd seen on the way back. She might already be too late! The gun wavered, and then Lisa turned and fled.

Outside, the scent of smoke was heavy in the air. Lisa gauged the breeze, and realized they might be in danger. Well, more danger. Stifling a sob, she grabbed the phone wire stapled to the side of the building and yanked with all her might; it tore loose. Lisa ran for the dining hall.

A glance through a window told Lisa she was too late. A pair of girls carried the camp's largest roasting pan. As they paused, a third teen reached into the pan and withdrew a filthy hand. She faced the redhead who sat in front of her, aroused anticipation visible in every line of her body. A few brief strokes painted dark smears on the redhead's brow, cheeks, and lips.

The redhead scrambled to strip off her clothes, and then gathered the load she'd dumped in her powder-blue panties so she could smear it all over the rest of her body. Smiling eagerly, she turned to watch her neighbor submit to the same process.

Lisa turned away, sickened. Faith was watching her from the base of the flagpole.

"Looking for me?" asked the blonde, wearing a twisted smile that made Lisa nervous. "I've been looking for you."

Lisa lined up the gun without thinking.

"Don't be too hasty!" Faith warned her. "I think it's going to get pretty warm here soon. I'm your ticket it out of here."

The counselor looked up; she couldn't see flames -- yet -- but the extent of the smoke made it clear the fire had jumped to the tree line on the other side of the ridge. She'd been more thorough than she'd planned. "The pickup?"

Faith nodded. "Take me with you, and I'll give you the key."

"You'd just sell out your friends like that? What about Carly?" Lisa felt a profound revulsion filling her.

"That churchmouse?" Faith laughed derisively. "She's probably crispy critters by now. You know what feels better than dropping a bomb from the Hershey highway?" asked the blonde, unexpectedly. "Making other people do it."

The teen casually plucked an erect nipple. "You know what it feels like to see the oh-so-mighty-and-proper camp director dump a load in her undies like a two-year-old before she sticks her tongue up my ass? Fucking great!"

Lisa felt hatred roiling inside her. "Fuck you, bitch!" she screamed, just before she was tackled from behind by a mob of girls.

They stripped Lisa right there in the yard. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" chanted over a hundred young women. If any of them understood the significance of the flames leaping into the sky just beyond the ridge, they were too enraptured with the drama before them to care.

The crowd parted and Faith strode among them. She, too, was naked, but alone of all of the women there, was pristinely clean. "Wouldn't want you to get any of the wrong batch," the blonde smirked as she looked down at Lisa. She looked at the skyline. "I guess we shouldn't prolong this, should we?"

Lisa writhed uselessly as the blonde stepped over her and squatted, but filthy hands on each limb restrained her. Faith's leaking gash smeared moisture across the brunette's face, and she found it impossible to avoid.

Faith shifted slightly forward, and the clean smell of soap was eclipsed by a heavy musk. "Kiss me! I want to feel your lips on my ass!" The tip of a turd peeked from the circle of her anus, and the trickle of her excitement dripped down Lisa's chin.

The captive woman tried to turn her head aside, but strong hands grasped her temples, pinning her in place. Lisa pressed her lips together and held her breath as something soft and warm began pressing against her face. The repeated chants of "Kiss!" began fading from her ears.

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