tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 32

Pool Boy Ch. 32


There was a lot of conversation over Thanksgiving dinner at Emma's. There was a lot of news and there were a lot of bare feet and hands in crotches under the table and sultry looks across the table. Emma sat at one end of her long dining room table closest to the kitchen. Her daughters, Dee and Alexis were sitting beside her along each side. Jarrod sat beside Dee and Olivia was at the far end. Emma's seating cards had me in the middle on the other side between Alexis and Sophia and across from Jarrod but Sophia didn't want to let Alexis get that far away from her. So Sophia and I switched seats and Sophia sat across from Jarrod and I sat across from Olivia.

We hadn't even said "Grace" and filled our plates before Olivia had discarded her shoes and pushed her bare foot into my crotch under the table. I was startled and looked down at my lap. She had her heel on the front of my chair and her toes wiggled up and down on the fabric of my pants. I looked over at Olivia who had the most delicious smile on her face as she nonchalantly pushed her food laden fork between her lips. She made a sensuous show out of chewing her food and then licked her ruby-red lips in a most inviting way. I was trying hard to keep my cock in check but it steadily rose against the pressure of her toes. She grinned when she felt my cock push back.

I looked into Sophia's lap to see if she was doing the same thing to Jarrod. She wasn't. She had her free hand up under Alexis' skirt. They were both trying hard to appear absolutely innocent as conversations continued and food was eaten. I continued my visual tour around the table to Emma. She saw me looking at her and she imperceptibly shook her head sending the clear message "you guys are incorrigible". I smiled and she smiled back as her fork disappeared between her lips. I continued my tour. Dee was talking non-stop and had barely touched her food. Emma and Alexis were supposedly listening to Dee but it was obvious to me that both were concentrating on other things. Jarrod lurched in his seat and glanced down to his lap. He turned to look at Olivia who was looking straight at me. The position of her free arm told me that she had her hand in Jarrod's crotch. Olivia's face was flushed red, which really showed like a beacon with her platinum blonde hair.

I smiled again at Olivia and pushed a fork full of food into my mouth. Dee prattled on about her honeymoon. Everyone else, including Jarrod, was otherwise engaged and the conversations dwindled to a stop. Besides Dee's voice and the clinking of silverware on plates, the only sounds were those of an increased rate of breathing around the table. The whole scene was surreal. Everyone at the table except Dee was involved in something elicit and sexual. Even Emma, who wasn't physically involved, knew exactly what was going on at each seat and her face was flushed too.

Suddenly, the entire table lurched slightly away from me. I looked to my right to see what happened. Alexis had surged forward and dropped her fork on the table as both hands grabbed the edge bracing herself. Her hips launched forward against the table again. She rocked back and her hips fired again. Her head hovered above her plate as her mouth hung open and a loud "YYYUNNNNGGGG" was forced from her throat. Her hips pivoted forward again. Her fingers gripped the table cloth and the next involuntary pulse pulled everyone's place-setting a couple of inches toward her. Everyone at the table lifted their utensils and Dee grabbed her water goblet before it went over. As evidenced by the look on Emma's face, she was not pleased. She didn't say anything though. No one did.

Alexis rode out her orgasm as everyone watched in silence. Her face was flushed bright red from her sexual excitement and her embarrassment. Before Alexis started to recover, Sophia pulled her hand back to her lap like she was an innocent bystander. After more than two minutes, Alexis lifted her head and looked at me grinning at her. She grinned back and picked up her fork and continued eating. She was avoiding the death stare from her mother.

Conversations started again. Emma's stare, which had been directed at Alexis, shifted across the table. In my mind I could almost hear the whining of gears and machinery realigning her cross-hairs on Olivia. Olivia got the message and her arm pulled back from Jarrod's crotch to her own lap and her foot slipped out of mine to the floor. I smiled at Jarrod as he looked over at me. He mouthed the words, "I love this family." I grinned and nodded my head. We finished our dinner without further incident.

Alexis hastily requested that she be excused and Emma nodded. She hurried out of the dining room and was gone for five minutes before returning in different clothes. No one seemed to notice except Emma and me. Later Alexis explained that she'd had a mini-squirt along with her orgasm at the table and had soaked her skirt and the chair. She grinned broadly at me and said, "It was fucking awesome. The whole scene; it was fucking awesome."

I laughed and said, "It was pretty hot. Your mom was definitely not pleased though."

Alexis laughed and replied, "I know. I apologized and went to clean up the chair before she found out about the squirt part but she had already done it."

I said, "You should know by now that there's no putting anything over on your mom." She giggled and nodded.

After dinner, most of us retreated to the study to continue our visit. I still wanted to know how Olivia and Sophia's house-hunting was going and what about their husbands or ex-husbands. Emma had news from the trial of her ex-husband, Jim. We had to wait for it all as Emma, Olivia and Sophia all went back to the kitchen to clean up from dinner.

Alexis asked Dee about her Honeymoon and Dee had an exasperated look on her face because now she knew that Alexis hadn't heard a word during dinner. Alexis looked confused about Dee's expression and shrugged her shoulders to indicate "What?" I explained that Dee had told us about their Honeymoon at dinner. Alexis looked a little sheepish and said, "Sorry. I guess I was otherwise engaged at the moment." Everyone burst out laughing and Alexis' face flushed red again. Dee briefly explained that they had had a wonderful time and she would relate the juicy stuff to her later. Alexis smiled. She definitely wanted to know about the juicy stuff.

Alexis started her long story about our adventures at College. Jarrod and Dee had already seen Alexis' face all over the news and every sports network and they wanted the "Deets", as Dee referred to the details. I had lived the story and I got up to see if I could be of any help in the kitchen.

Halfway across the Foyer I heard Emma's trembling voice say, "Oh fuck you guys. You're killing me here." I slowed my approach and stopped at the doorway from the Foyer into the kitchen. Emma had her back to the sink with her hands supporting her against the edge of the counter. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and her panties were at her feet. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see me standing across the room. Sophia was squatting with her face in Emma's pussy. Emma's left leg was draped across Sophia's right shoulder. Both of them were softly moaning. Olivia had unbuttoned Emma's silk blouse and pushed her bra up above Emma's huge tits and was sucking on her nipples as she mashed them gently in her hands. Emma had one hand on Olivia's bare tits and the other on the back of Sophia's head guiding her face around in her pussy.

My cock went instant hard. I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my rigid cock out and began stroking it slowly. The scene at the kitchen sink was incredibly hot. Watching these three hot women, experienced in the ways of lesbian sex, was so unbelievably sensuous and erotic. I had seen porno clips or movies trying to duplicate the eroticism that was on display right then, but none came close to this.

Emma's entire weight was resting against the counter and standing on one leg, which began to tremble. I hadn't realized it at first, but Sophia had her left hand up under Olivia's skirt and her right hand buried in her own pussy. I thought Sophia's squatting position was a bit awkward and she wouldn't be able to sustain that position for very long, but she was wearing very high heels which allowed her to bend her knees to plant her ass comfortably on the back of her heels and ankles and she never moved a muscle except to drill her tongue into Emma's pussy and clitoris and to finger-fuck herself and Olivia.

I was oblivious to anything other than these three gorgeous women so I didn't have any sensation that someone had walked up behind me, witnessed what I had been watching and took my cock from my hand and continued stroking it without breaking the rhythm. I turned to see Deirdre standing beside me with her hand giving me a reverse hand-job with her thumb flicking across my glans as her hand stroked the shaft. She didn't say anything and neither did I. We watched her step-mother with her best friends in the world enjoying each other for several minutes before Emma's hips snapped forward into Sophia's face forcing her back on her heels. Sophia didn't go down and neither did Emma. I had taken two steps further into the room in case Emma might fall. I pulled Dee with me.

Emma groaned hard as her orgasm crashed over her. She was breathing very raggedly and very fast. She curled her fingers into Sophia's hair and pulled her head in further. Sophia was forced to abandon her own pussy to grab Emma's wrist to make her release her hair. She went right back to her pussy. Emma was losing control of her one leg but she couldn't get the other leg off Sophia's shoulder. She started to slide down the cabinet doors under the sink. It was a controlled slide so I didn't move to save her. Olivia and Sophia went right down with her. Sophia maneuvered Emma into a sixty-nine position so she could continue drilling her pussy and clitoris. Sophia's pussy was hovering above Emma's face but she was oblivious to it until she got some control back in her body.

Sophia's fingers came out of Olivia's pussy as they all went to the floor and now Olivia was frantic to find something to replace them. Emma was on her back with her tongue now working hard in Sophia's pussy and anus. She had her knees raised and spread wide to accommodate Sophia's face buried in her pussy as her orgasm driven hips continued to pulse. Olivia moved over to straddle Emma's left leg and started dry-humping her leg and knee.

Dee looked up at me as she stroked my cock and whispered, "I think Olivia needs some help. Don't you?" My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was sure it would burst out through my ribs like the infant creature in the Alien movies. I wasn't sure how much I was going to be able to help Olivia. I was about to blow. Dee realized my condition and stopped stroking my cock. After a minute of concentrating on the origin of the universe, my orgasm receded. My cock was still bouncing hard. Dee put her hand in the small of my back and pushed me toward the writhing pile of bodies on the kitchen floor.

I unbuckled my pants as I stepped forward. I stopped and let my pants fall to my feet. I pulled my feet free of them and left them there in a heap as I went to my knees straddling Emma's left leg behind Olivia ass. I didn't touch Olivia with my hands and she was unaware of my presence until my cock pushed up between her pussy and Emma's knee. She was startled by the intrusion and snapped her head around to see.

Olivia's lips hung loose but her teeth were clamped shut. She was seething air through them. Her eyes pleaded to be pulled over the crest of her impending orgasm. She was so close. She didn't even slow her grinding motion on Emma's knee. She slowly turned her face back toward Sophia and Emma and raised her hips up like a dog in heat. Her back arched to enhance the invitation.

I was apparently too slow in my response because Olivia's face turned back to me and in a demonic growl said, "FUCK ME." OH GOD, I'M ALMOST THERE." I inched forward along Emma's leg and guided my cock into Olivia's soaking wet pussy. She screamed hard, "AAAIIIIEEEEE," as I pushed past the entrance to her vagina. I slowed as the fattest part of my cock stretched her. She didn't want it slow and she slammed her ass back toward me and screamed again.

In less than a minute the kitchen was full of bodies; either on the floor in front of the sink or standing in the doorway summoned by Olivia's screams. Everyone on the floor except me was oblivious to the audience across the room. I smiled at Alexis as she was fumbling with Jarrod's zipper. Dee was unbuckling his pants. I was driving my cock hard into Olivia's pussy and Emma was just driving Sophia over the crest of her orgasm. The two of them were writhing together.

Emma was trying to maneuver herself into a better angle at Sophia's pussy and anus but she couldn't because Olivia had a grip on her thigh to steady herself against my onslaught from behind. Olivia let out a wail announcing the arrival of her orgasm. She was slamming her ass back against me as hard as I was driving my cock forward. I grabbed her hips and bent forward and let my hands roam up her torso to grab her tits. She released one hand from Emma's thigh and grabbed my arm. She dug her fingernails into my bicep and brought blood as she clenched every muscle in her body and then heaved forward with a release. She loosened her grip but didn't let go. Her pussy clamped hard on my cock many times in quick succession.

The orgasm that I had successfully delayed when Dee stopped jerking me off was back with a vengeance and it would be delayed no longer. As my balls boiled over, every muscle in my body humped up and everything released as the first rope of cum exploded up my shaft into Olivia's pussy. Her vaginal clenches seemed to be milking my cock of every last drop. Her clenching went on after I was milked dry. My cock was still hard so I left it in Olivia's pussy to give it something to grab onto. Her head had collapsed down beside Sophia's head turned the opposite direction still drilling her tongue into Emma's pussy as Emma was now in another orgasm and had stopped her attack on Sophia's pussy.

Sophia was dragging her sex along Emma's face longing for attention. Her orgasm was close but Emma's conscious self had gone somewhere else. Sophia's face came up out of Emma's pussy and looked at Olivia with a pleading look on her face. Olivia was in no shape to help as she continued to ride out her own orgasm. I recognized the dilemma and eased my still hard cock from Olivia's pussy and moved around the pile of bodies behind Sophia's ass lifted in the air above Emma's face. I knew I could probably fuck Sophia all day after cumming only minutes ago. I guided my fatty to Sophia's pussy and eased it in.

Sophia didn't know that I was there until my glans touched her labia. She didn't know what it was and she didn't care. She launched her hips back into me embedding my cock to her depths. She screamed hard from the initial pain but that didn't even slow her down. She was driving her hips back at me. She lifted her head out of Emma's sex and looked back at me. She groaned, "Oh fuck. Yessss. That's just what I needed."

I stayed absolutely still and let Sophia fuck herself as hard or as soft as she wanted. It wasn't but a dozen strokes and her muscles seized and her pussy began clamping on my hard cock. I wondered if she would ever stop. Then I felt my balls being manipulated. It was Emma. She had fully recovered from her second or whatever orgasm and she was licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth. I pulled my cock back but not out of Sophia's pussy and looked down.

Emma adjusted her position so she could see my face past my cock. She grinned, kissed my scrotum and said, "I love your balls." She went back to sucking each one into her mouth and mauling it with her tongue. Sophia fell forward toward Emma's right leg beside Olivia, who hadn't moved as she was still recovering from her orgasm. They each had their heads in the other's midsection and they both started sucking on the other's tits. When Sophia slid forward, my cock pulled free and bobbed in the air above Emma's chin.

I looked back across the kitchen to see Dee and Alexis on their knees in front of Jarrod as he was leaning against the counter. He had his hands on each of their heads as Alexis was deep-throating him and then Dee took her turn. They would each turn back to watch the festivities in front of the sink before turning back to Jarrod to take their turn. I had to chuckle. Jarrod was in absolute heaven and the look on his face confirmed that he knew it.

Emma continued stretching up to suck on my balls. She really wanted to suck on my cock but there would need to be some major repositioning of bodies laying on top of her for that to happen. Alexis could clearly see my bouncing hard cock above her mother's face. She abandoned Jarrod's cock leaving it to his wife. She stripped out of her clothes as she traversed the kitchen floor and pushed her sex into my face as I knelt there on the floor behind Emma's head.

I didn't hesitate and pushed my tongue into Alexis' pussy. She threw her head back and grabbed the back of my head to pull me in harder. I was content to drive her to orgasm just like that but she had other plans. She pulled back slightly to disengage from my tongue. Her feet were planted on either side of Emma's head and Alexis started bending her knees and sliding her hips down my torso until her sex was lined up with mine. I smiled at her when we were face to face and I understood what she was doing. Emma reached up to guide Alexis' hips into position and to help hold her there as she slid her pussy onto my cock.

Emma now had two targets; my balls and Alexis' anus. She shared her attentions on both and Alexis was going absolutely nuts as she used her legs to push herself up and down my cock. I had my hands on her thighs to assist. Every time Alexis descended on my cock, Emma drove her tongue hard into Alexis' anus and Alexis yelped. When Alexis was pushing up my shaft, Emma went back to my balls. She was a busy lady.

I glanced back across the kitchen and Jarrod had picked up Dee and set her naked ass on the counter that he had been leaning against. He was driving his cock hard into her pussy. He had her ankles on his shoulders and she was bent like a pretzel as he slammed his cock into her. Her facial muscles had contorted her expression into one of pure lust. Her eyes were wide open as her mouth hung open. If it wasn't for the situation, you'd swear she was in excruciating pain. In her position, she couldn't move at all and she just hung on to the back of her knees as Jarrod pounded her pussy. She noticed me looking at them and she eased the tension in her facial muscles enough to smile at me. Then Jarrod slammed his cock home again and she went back to her grimace.

I turned my full attention back to Alexis who had stopped driving herself up and down my shaft and had settled down. She was gazing into my eyes and she leaned in and kissed me very passionately and then sucked my lower lip between her teeth. Emma apparently chose that moment to shove her tongue into Alexis' anus and she jerked and bit my lip hard enough to bring blood. I pulled my lip back and Alexis had a horrified look on her face as she realized what had happened. She leaned in again and kissed my lower lip and then licked blood off my chin and ran her tongue around her top lip.

Alexis was able to maintain her position with the help of my hands holding her thighs and Emma's hands holding her ass-cheeks. She had her arms around my neck to help too. She grinned at me as she manually clamped her pussy on my shaft and I responded by flexing my cock. We had done this many times. Emma enhanced the action with her lips on my balls and her tongue working Alexis' anus.

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