tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 35

Pool Boy Ch. 35


After a long drive home and an afternoon of sex with Alexis and our new landlady, Rachel, I was beat. I literally dropped myself onto the eight foot long sofa. Alexis sat down and nudged me to move against the back of the sofa and she swiveled herself to spoon in front of me. I kissed her earlobe and she groaned. She pulled away and I kissed the back of her neck. Oddly, the back of her neck is not an erogenous zone like the sides or her neck. We could have curled up in bed and been more comfortable but she cuddled up using my right arm for a pillow and I draped my left arm over her and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke, it was dark. I had no idea what time it was. Alexis was puffing away like she often does. I kissed her on the back of the neck again and she stirred enough to mumble something unintelligible and then snuggled back into me again. I lifted my left arm to check my watch. It was 6:12 PM. My right arm was pinned under Alexis' head and it was tingling rather painfully. I flexed my hand to get some blood flowing but that didn't help. It was time to get up and get ready anyway, so I pulled my limp and useless arm from under her head and sat up behind Alexis. I used my good arm to flop the bad one around until I had feeling in it again.

Alexis was awake now and she yawned as she said, "What time is it?" I told her. She sat up and put her feet on the carpet and said, "Shit. I've got to get going or we'll be late for dinner." I stood and pulled her up and we went back to our master bedroom. Alexis did her thing in the bathroom. I sat down on the bed and put my head in my hands. Sometimes, if I take a nap in the afternoon, I wake up feeling like a truck ran over me. This was one of those times. I thought caffeine would help so I trudged through the apartment to the kitchen and made myself a large cup of the strongest coffee we had. I had just finished drinking it when Alexis came in and flicked the bright ceiling lights on. I had been sitting there in the dim illumination of the night-light beside the sink. She said, "You'd better get dressed."

I got up and turned down the brightness of the LED recessed ceiling lights with the rheostat and looked at Alexis. She had gone all out with the makeup and she was stunning. I went to kiss her on the lips but she pulled back and said, "Be careful of my lip-gloss." I pecked her on the cheek and went back to our bedroom.

I knocked on the door separating the main part of the house from our apartment and when no one answered, I turned the knob and opened the door. We stepped into what appeared to be the foyer. Neither of us had been past the door before. I closed the door behind us. Alexis said, "Hello. We're here." Mitch appeared in a doorway at the far end of the foyer. She was in her wheelchair and she awkwardly wheeled herself toward us and pushed herself up to stand on her un-casted leg to hug and kiss us both. She hopped back to her chair and I pushed her back through the foyer per her directions.

Rachel was in the dining room giving directions to one of what must have been her staff. I gawked at everything as I pushed Mitch. The house was incredible. It wasn't a house; it was a mansion and a museum of antiques. The ceilings were twelve feet tall at least. The foyer was at least twenty by thirty. The rooms we were passing appeared to be twice that. The huge lavish carved-wood front-door was at the opposite end of the foyer from the door to our apartment.

I noticed Alexis, who had grown up in much greater wealth than I, looking around a little slack-jawed too. I realized then that there were many levels of wealth. My first thought was that I hadn't grown up in any of them. Then I revised that thought when it occurred to me that many people grow in much less wealth than I had. It was pointless to fret about it. I doubted that Rachel and her family grew up any happier than my parents were. It was all in the perspective.

Rachel greeted us in the foyer as Mitch was directing us into a huge wood-paneled room. A blazing fire burned in the largest fireplace I had ever seen. I did a three-sixty to take it all in. From all the thousands of leather bound books in ornately carved wood shelves stretched to the ceiling, I guess this room would be called the library. Even Emma's house didn't have a library.

Rachel offered us a chair and told us that dinner would be served in twenty minutes. I guy, dressed in a suit, came in and asked if we would like anything to drink. I thought that asking for a beer in this place would be kind of tacky so I waited for Alexis, Mitch and Rachel to order first. I smiled when Mitch ordered a beer and I quickly ordered one too.

Mitch got out of her wheelchair and clunked her cast a few steps and sat beside Alexis. Alexis asked Mitch how she was feeling. She looked a lot better than before the holidays. Her bruises were nearly gone and the stitches over her eye had been removed and the cut was healing nicely. There was no hint that her lip had been split. They got to talking about Mitch's physical therapy. A young guy, whom Mitch confessed she liked the looks of, came everyday in the afternoon. Alexis told Mitch that she had many afternoons off from classes and could come by and help at least break the monotony. Mitch was excited about that. Come to think of it, Mitch was excited about everything, it seemed. She was so upbeat it was catching. Alexis knew she liked her a lot from the moment she met her. We were finishing our drinks when Rachel told us that dinner was served.

Alexis was pushing Mitch in the wheelchair chatting a mile-a-minute. I followed behind Rachel and noticed that she was walking a little funny. She kept looking back at me to see if I was checking out her ass. I was, and I let her know I was. We walked across the foyer to the dining room. The table could probably serve a dozen on each side. The chandeliers (plural) that hung over the table were incredible. All the place-settings were set at one end of the table. Rachel directed us to sit at specific seats. Alexis and I were on one side of the table and Mitch and Rachel sat on the other.

We were served four courses with a pork roast being the main course. Everything was delicious. Rachel asked Alexis if she liked to cook and Alexis started laughing. She got Mitch laughing and then we were all laughing. The Butler guy, John, came in to see what we were laughing about. He was a pretty stiff guy and he exited as quickly as he had appeared. After the plates and glasses and silverware were removed, we had aperitifs delivered. This was a new experience. I was amazed at how it settled the heavy meal. I wondered if Rachel and Mitch ate like this all the time or was this a special occasion. I didn't ask.

Mitch turned to say something to her mother and she stopped in mid-sentence. Rachel had a funny look on her face as Mitch wasn't looking her in the face. She was looking at something else and Mitch cocked her head and reached up past Rachel's face and plucked something from her hair. Alexis' hand went to her mouth and she had a horrified look on her face as she looked at me. Rachel had no idea what Mitch was reaching for until she pulled back her hand with a glob on mostly dried cum on her finger. Mitch brought her finger back to her face and looked at it. She touched the glob to her tongue and swirled it around in her mouth and then she burst into a smile and looked up at her mother again with a whole new look on her face.

As soon as Rachel saw Mitch's finger pull back from her hair she knew what the substance on Mitch's finger was. Her face went red instantly. All she could do was hope that Mitch didn't know what it was. After Mitch tasted the substance and grinned at her, she knew she was busted. Mitch had a look that was best interpreted as "Well, alright Mom".

Alexis and I ignored what was going on between Mitch and her mother. With any luck, only Rachel was busted and not us too. Mitch didn't look across the table at us. She was just grinning at her mother and she said, "Mom. We need to talk." Rachel's face was getting redder by the moment. She made sure she didn't even glance at us.


Over the next week, Alexis worked with Mitch on the afternoons that she had free. They both agreed that the physical therapy guy, Jason, was, in Mitch's words, a hunk. Mitch is a very attractive, twenty-five year old woman. I could easily see that Rachel looked a lot like Mitch when she was younger. As attractive as Mitch is, she doesn't hold a candle to Alexis and it wasn't long before Jason was paying more attention to Alexis than Mitch whenever Alexis was around. Alexis noticed the shift in his attentions like a switch had been thrown. Alexis and I talked about the situation and what to do about it. Alexis' immediate concern was that Mitch would get mad at her for 'stealing' Jason and ruin their relationship which she was valuing more and more as the days went by. Mitch's energy and positive attitude was intoxicating to Alexis.

Alexis' solution was to take advantage of Jason's constant efforts to be alone with her so he could hit on her. With Mitch in a therapy bath, out of earshot, Alexis grabbed Jason and slammed him up against the wall. His initial thought was that Alexis wanted him and he tried to kiss her. She slammed her knee into his groin and he sagged against the wall. Alexis got up in his face and told him that if he valued this lucrative job he would concentrate on doing his job and not give Mitch any reason to think he was hitting on her. He nodded his understanding as he groaned from the growing pain in his groin. There were no more problems after that. In fact he avoided being in the same room with Alexis like she was the plague.

A few days later, Alexis walked casually into the study, converted to physical therapy room. Mitch was on a massage table on her back with a towel across her hips. Jason was standing at Mitch's head with his back to the door. His position blocked any view of Mitch's body above her waist. He was bent forward pushing his burly arms massaging Mitch's torso. Soft oriental music was playing. It was very soothing and Alexis thought it was perfect for the occasion. There was no indication that anything other than what it looked like was going on until Alexis got further into the room.

As Alexis stepped closer to the massage table it became apparent that Mitch's head was hanging off the edge of the table and Jason's cock was driving in and out of Mitch's mouth. Jason was massaging Mitch's tits and twirling his index fingers around her nipples. Neither Jason nor Mitch had any idea that Alexis had walked in. Alexis stopped the second she saw what was going on but she was frozen in place. Mitch was taking everything Jason had into her throat.

Alexis gathered herself and started to back out of the room. She backed into a stool with a metal tray of oils and incense and it clattered to the floor. Jason immediately pulled his cock from Mitch's mouth and back away from the table before turning to see Alexis looking down at the mess she had made. Mitch rolled onto her side so she could see what had happened. Alexis looked up from the tray and casually said, "Sorry. Carry on with what you were doing." She quickly got out of there in a near sprint to our apartment door. When she was safely behind the door, she chuckled to herself and then realized that she had become very aroused watching Mitch blowing Jason's cock.

Just then Alexis' cell phone rang and she answered it as soon as she saw that it was from January. Alexis liked calling her January. Everyone else called her Jan. "Hey girl, I'm at the gate. Can you let me through?" Alexis pushed a button by the door going to the garage and several minutes later Jan was coming up the stairs from the garage. Alexis had left the door open and Jan walked in and closed it behind her. She walked down the hallway saying, "You know this place is a short walk through the woods behind my dorm?" She walked into the kitchen and stopped short as she looked around and said, "Wow. I see why you call it the 'Palace'." None of our friends had been here yet. We were planning a party but we thought we had better get an okay from Rachel first. Alexis was still feeling horny from her encounter with Jason and Mitch and Jan could see it on her face. "Are you okay?"

Alexis said nothing but her face was flushed red and her right hand had found its way up under her blouse to caress her tits. Jan moved across the kitchen and pushed her body against Alexis' and kissed her passionately. Alexis groaned and flicked her tongue across Jan's lips. Jan started unbuttoning Alexis' blouse and Alexis went after the buttons on Jan's shirt. In moments they were both naked writhing in each other's arms with open mouth passionate kisses.

Jan is a few inches taller than Alexis which always made Alexis even hornier. At 5'10" tall, Alexis is taller that most girls she knows. She loves the different angles of stimulation from someone taller than she. Alexis pulled herself away and staggered into the living room pulling Jan with her. They didn't even make it to a piece of furniture and went down on the carpet. Alexis was mauling Jan's tits and Jan returned the favor. When their passion diminished, Alexis moved into a sixty-nine position above Jan.

Alexis was in heat and she went for her target quickly. She burrowed her face down into Jan's wet sex. Jan was about to do the same but instead was forced to drive her head down to the carpet as her hips flew up to meet Alexis' tongue. She screamed, "FUCK GIRL. YOU MAKE ME SO WET." She kept her hips high and rocked them forward and back searching for the perfect spot. Alexis wanted Jan's tongue and she pivoted her hips down until Jan's tongue found her sex.

Both of them were writhing around on the carpet tongue fucking the other for all they were worth. The passion was electric and there wasn't even the slightest chance that they noticed Mitch sitting in her wheelchair in the middle of the kitchen floor with one hand up the leg of her gym shorts and the other under her tee shirt mauling her nipples. Her face was as flushed from erotic stimulation as either Alexis or Jan.

Mitch had never met Jan but she liked what she saw. She was long since infatuated with Alexis. She hadn't intended to infringe on Alexis' privacy. She had come to apologize for the incident on the massage table. When she heard the passionate moans she was drawn like a magnet. Perhaps it was because she was still horny from sucking on Jason's cock. Whatever the reason, she was frozen in place now. She knew she should back out quietly and disappear and never bring it up. Alexis had walked in on her having sex and know Mitch was doing the same thing. Her breath was catching in her throat. Her heart was pounding furiously in her ears.

Alexis and Jan were drilling each other's pussies and stopping only long enough to flick their pointed tongue on the other's clitoris or drag their broad tongues along the length of their pussies. They both were constantly moaning and Jan, the bigger of the two, pulled Alexis over on her side and rolled with her and kept on rolling until she was on top. Tongues and moans never stopped during their transition.

Alexis' and Jan's mutual attacks ebbed and flowed, slowed and accelerated for several minutes. They were gasping for air and moaning and groaning and mumbling unintelligible words. Mitch could feel her self-induced orgasm thundering toward her like the blood throbbing in her ears. She was flicking her fingernail across her clitoris but it was so incredibly sensitive. It was erect and protruding out from under the protective hood. She pulled her hips back into the wheelchair as her orgasm rushed forward and then exploded forward as her muscles seized, fired and repeated several times. Mitch's head rolled on her neck as her mouth was locked open in a silent scream. Her throat seized tight until several spastic orgasmic releases rolled through her.

Mitch was a rag doll sprawled forward in the wheelchair with her arms hanging down by the wheels. She had never made a single sound and as she gained control of her muscles again she thought she just might be able to make a graceful exit and no one would be the wiser. She pivoted her wheels to leave but the rubber tires screeched on the marble floor and she was busted.

Jan lifted her head from Alexis' sex and was startled to see a young woman in a wheelchair in the middle of the kitchen floor. The woman's face was in her hands but her ears were beet-red from the combined effects of her orgasm and her embarrassment. Alexis had not heard the sound and she just wanted Jan's face back in her crotch. Jan rolled off Alexis to the far side and Alexis looked up at her in confusion. Jan looked down at Alexis and said, "We have an audience" and nodded toward the kitchen. Alexis turned to look and she launched herself off the floor frantically looking for something to cover herself. Jan was perfectly content to sit there on the carpet and made no effort to cover herself. Alexis grabbed a pillow off the sofa and stood up holding the pillow to her front.

Mitch's face was still buried in her hands and she wouldn't look up. She mumbled through her hands, "I'm sorry Alexis. I wanted to talk to you about...Well, about what happened with Jason. It wasn't his fault. I'd wanted to do that since the first day. I was afraid you'd tell my mother."

Jan got up and stepped up beside Alexis and took the pillow away from her. Alexis resisted but Jan was stronger and yanked the pillow away and threw it back on the sofa. Mitch sensed that they were standing right in front of her and she dropped her hands and lifted her face. She gasped at the vision of Jan and Alexi's naked bodies. Her eyed dropped to her lap but immediately snapped back up again.

Jan said, "You interrupted at a critical moment. Would you like to join us?" Alexis looked up at Jan like she had two heads. She vigorously shook her head and formed her lips to voicelessly say "NO". Jan ignored Alexis and stepped forward to offer her hand to Mitch who was looking at Alexis' objections.

Mitch said, "I shouldn't. You guys are so beautiful together. I would just be in the way. I should go." She tried to pull her wheelchair back but Jan grabbed one of the wheels and it spun sideways. Jan took one of Mitch's hands and instead of pulling her up she stepped closer and guided Mitch's hand to her sex. Mitch was looking everywhere trying to find some way to escape. Jan squatted on her heels and leaned in and kissed Mitch sensuously on the lips.

Mitch gave up and kissed Jan back and extended her fingers searching for Jan's pussy. Jan stood up and pulled Mitch up out of the chair. The cast made it a bit awkward for Mitch but she hobbled into the living room. Alexis was resigned to the fact that this was going to happen so she came over and kissed Mitch as she reached for Alexis' breasts. Jan peeled Mitch's tee shirt off exposing her braless tits. Alexis pulled Mitch's gym shorts down and pulled her panties off at the same time. Mitch hopped a little to steady herself after stepping out of her shorts.

Jan and Alexis didn't go back to what they were doing. They both attacked Mitch. They helped her into a recliner and Alexis got between her knees and flicked her tongue on Mitch's erect clitoris. Jan knelt beside the chair and leaned in and sucked Mitch's right nipple to her lips and strummed her tongue over it. Mitch groaned from both attacks and held Jan's face to her chest. In minutes, Mitch was crushed by another orgasm. It was all Jan could do to hold her down as she flailed her hips into Alexis' face.

Alexis kept going to see if she could get another orgasm out of her but Mitch pleaded that she was done. "Please. No more. I can't take anymore." Alexis fell back on her ass and watched Mitch's vagina clenching rapidly. Jan figured 'quid-pro-quo' was in order so she climbed over Mitch and placed her knees on the arms of her chair and pushed her sex to Mitch's face. Alexis sat back and waited to see what Mitch would do. She wasn't surprised when Mitch smiled up at Jan and then leaned forward and drilled her speared tongue onto Jan's clitoris.

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