tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 39

Pool Boy Ch. 39


Alexis had left for our condo in the city a day earlier than originally planned. I had assumed that a 'playtime' with Rachel was superseded by the Orgy this past weekend. My assumption was incorrect and Rachel and then Mitch showed up for 'playtime' as scheduled. They were disappointed that Alexis was already gone. I did my best to entertain them. After they left, I fell asleep on the bed with my clothes on. I had a fitful night's sleep. I kept waking up reaching for Alexis. I finally got up and took my clothes off and crawled under the covers, but I started dreaming of Alexis. It was more of a nightmare really. It started out with Alexis grinning and then laughing. I love her laugh. It's like the spontaneous laugh of Julia Roberts in the movie, 'Pretty Woman' when Richard Gere snapped the hinged jewelry box shut just as she reached to touch the necklace. Then my dream turned to a nightmare as I relived the terrified look on Alexis' face when the rapist had the knife to her throat. In my dream, I leaped for the knife as I had done in real-life but Alexis and the knife were going away from me as fast as I was falling. The knife was always just out of reach. The vision in my nightmare went on a loop. I snapped awake and sprang to a sitting position and realized I was yelling "NOOO."

I got out of bed trying to clear the dream from my mind hoping I wouldn't go back to it when I went back to sleep. I walked around the 'palace'. I came back to the bedroom and walked into Alexis' huge walk-in closet. I could smell her. I sat down at her dressing table looking back at her hanging clothes in the darkness. A pleasant memory replaced the ghoulish one and I smiled to myself. I went back to bed concentrating on the pleasant memory and fell back asleep.

When the alarm went off at five I groaned and rubbed my eyes. I should have showered last night. I reeked of sex. I should have showered that morning, but I didn't. I still reeked of sex. Alexis had been gone a day and already I've turned into a slob. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down bare-assed in a breakfast nook chair. I didn't even bother looking for something to eat; I already knew there was nothing. I was hungry, so I dressed, grabbed my previously packed suitcase and garment bag containing the suit I bought in Las Vegas and headed for the van. I had this morning's practice and then I was heading home.

I stopped at my favorite fast-food restaurant for the full breakfast. Dean was there with Josie and they waved me over with my tray. Like me, Dean was heading out right from practice. He was going home with Josie for Christmas day. He was as nervous about meeting Josie's parents as Josie was excited. He had to make his way back though to leave for the bowl game. Josie did too as a member of the SH5. They were flying with the team and Cheerleaders. Coach Hannah still wasn't happy about the SH5 going but she was keeping a very low profile these days.

Practice was more fun today as we walked through numerous offensive plays that our coaching staff had schemed out. I was pleased that I was included in a few of them. I was a better defensive player but I liked playing offense whenever I got the chance. After practice I was so excited about getting on the road that I didn't take a shower. I yelled out "Merry Christmas" to my teammates as I headed for the locker room door. A chorus of "Merry Christmas, Meat" came back.

I was careful about speeding but thoughts of Alexis were pushing me faster and faster. At one point I looked down at the speedometer and I was going ninety. I took my foot off the accelerator and coasted down to seventy and continued at that speed.

When I pulled into the parking garage and pulled in to one of our two assigned parking spots, I noticed Olivia's Mercedes parked several spots away with Sophia's Mercedes parked right beside it. I jumped out to the ground and slammed my door. I didn't waste a second getting my bags out. I headed directly for the elevator. I got my condo keys out of my pocket on the way up and when the elevator door opened I had the key ready to open the door.

I got the key in the lock but I didn't have a chance to turn the knob before it flew open. Alexis flew into my arms. She threw her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. She was kissing me everywhere she could reach. I returned her passion as I carried her just like that into the foyer. I found the edge of the door and slammed it behind me. I looked over her shoulder and saw Olivia and Sophia standing in the living room. They were grinning broadly at our display of passion.

Alexis pulled back from my lips and sniffed the air. She said, "Good God you stink. You're on your own for a couple days and you turn into a caveman. Go take a shower." She tried to get down but I wouldn't let her go. Her legs were dangling trying to reach the floor. I reached around her and scooped her up in my arms. Her arms went back around my neck. Without a single word to our guests, I turned toward the hallway to our master bedroom, which had been Dee's bedroom. I searched for Alexis' lips and resumed our passionate embrace. She responded in kind. I hip-checked the bedroom door open and carried Alexis through the massive room to the bathroom. I nudged open the glass shower door and while still holding Alexis in my arms leaned in and turned on the water.

I let Alexis drop her legs and while still fully clothed I pushed her up against the tile wall and continued our passionate kissing and fondling. In spite of the stench radiating from my body she was getting as hot as I was. She reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled my raging hard cock out into her hand. I picked her up again and moved, fully clothed, under the shower head. Alexis squealed as she looked up at the cascading water. That gave me easy access to her neck and I went in for the 'kill'. In seconds she was so horny that she yanked her shirt open and the buttons seemed to fly off in slow-motion in every direction exposing her braless tits. Her chest was heaving as she gasped air into her lungs. I bent down and sucked each one of her tits into my mouth and then flicked my tongue on each nipple.

I pulled my head back and whispered, "God, I missed you," as I resumed my attack on her neck.

Alexis groaned hard and whispered, "I can see that." She wheezed out a moan as I kissed my way around her ear and flicked my tongue there. She humped her hips into me like she was sending a message, "Hey don't forget about me."

I put her down and ripped off her soaking wet shirt and dropped to my knees and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. It was a struggle getting her out of her wet skinny-jeans. If it took any longer than it did I was going to rip them off her. I bent low and pushed my face into her crotch and licked my tongue across her clitoris. She groaned and arched her back as she looked directly up into the water. I pulled back and looked up at her. She had a wild-eyed look of passion on her face. She grabbed the neck of my shirt and tried to pull me up so she could get her hands back on my cock. I resumed my attack on her tits as I stood back up and Alexis grabbed at my shirts and ripped it open. Buttons pinged off the tile walls. She leaned forward and kissed each of my nipples, which were as hard as hers. She was seething air through her clenched teeth. She had my cock in both hands like she was shaking my hand and was furiously stroking it.

I'd had enough of the preliminaries and I picked her up by her waist and set her down on the end of my granite hard cock. She made a quick adjustment with her hips and then slid slowly down to my balls. Her eyes bugged and her breath caught in her throat as she opened her mouth to let out a silent scream. Then her lungs burst every ounce of air out and she gasped as she increased her attack on my lips with hers.

I started rocking my hips to drive my cock in and out of her pussy. She was rocking hers to get as much of my cock as she could. She broke away from my lips and gasped a breath of air in and pulled her face into my neck as we thrust our hips into each other and then rocked back to repeat.

Once we started, neither of us said a word. There wasn't enough air to try. I had her pinned against the tile wall with the water falling directly on our heads. I was pummeling her pussy with my cock and she groaned hard as she humped back at me using the wall as leverage. She pulled her head back from my neck and looked up at me. Her mouth had formed an "O" and water was spraying down into it. She spit the water out as she groaned between gasps, "Fuck, Baby. I'm cumming. Oh Jesus am I ever cumming." She humped up on my cock and I felt her muscles contract and then release as her pussy started clenching hard on my cock.

I pulled her back from the tile wall and moved us down to the floor under the showerhead. She knew the drill. I found my position kneeling as I sat back on my heels. Alexis was hooked on my cock like a coat on a coat-hook. She continued to pulse through her orgasm and was groaning non-stop now. I had total control as I pushed and pulled on her hips sliding her pussy on and off my cock. Then I felt my balls boil over and cum rocketed up my cock into her pussy. She screamed at the sudden extra hardness of my cock and the power of my ejaculation. She dropped her head down on my shoulder and kept muttering, "Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck."

The combined effect of my ejaculation and her clenches was squishing cum out of her pussy and down my shaft to my balls and finally the tile floor. When we were done, we didn't move a muscle except for our heaving chests. I gently kissed her lips, which was quite a contrast from the savage attacks we had shared moments earlier.

When she could talk, Alexis said, "Holy Shit Baby. This 'I-missed-you' sex is incredible. Whew." I felt her pussy clench on my cock and her shoulders surged back taking her face away from mine. She said, "Fuck. Tremors keep rolling through me."

I noticed movement outside the shower. Olivia and Sophia were standing in the doorway from the bedroom to the bathroom. When they saw that their presence was known, Olivia said loudly, "Mother-fucker; that was so hot." She was waving her hand at her face like a fan. Sophia put her hand on Olivia's shoulder and whispered something to her. We couldn't hear over the sound of the shower spray. Olivia said loudly, "We'll wait for you in the living room." They turned and left.

Alexis softly pressed her lips to mine and said, "I love you Baby." I kissed her back. My cock was softening inside Alexis she humped herself closer to me to delay the inevitable. A minute later it fell out of her pussy to dangle down between my thighs and she frowned and pouted her lower lip.

I kissed her lower lip and said, "I love you more than I ever thought possible." Her frown morphed into a smile. Her eyes sparkled and she kissed me firmly and passionately. The water was getting cooler and we had to move. She slid off my lap and I stood up. I pulled her up hard into my arms.

She kissed me again and said, "You still need a shower." I laughed and grabbed the shower gel and quickly lathered myself from head to toes. Alexis worked on her favorite area while I washed the rest of me. I was trying to ignore her hands jerking on my cock but my cock had other ideas and was back up again. I rinsed myself off in even colder water and turned the shower off. We toweled off as we stood in the shower. I maneuvered my way around to stand behind her as I used my towel to cup her tits in the terry-cloth material and pushed my hard cock against the slope of her back to her perfect butt-cheeks. She giggled as she felt it flexing against her.

Alexis dried me off spending quite a while drying my cock and balls. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed her robe and pulled it on. She wrapped a towel around her blonde hair. She took me by the cock and led me from the bathroom into the bedroom. All I had to wear was the stinky clothes I came in wearing. My bags were still in the van. I resisted her pull trying to go back to get my robe off the back of the bathroom door. Alexis pulled harder and said, "You won't need that."

I had no idea what she was going to do with me but my heart began to pound as she towed me down the hall to the living room. She pulled me over to the sofa and pushed me down. She released my cock and said, "Ladies; he's all yours." She looked at me and said, "I'll get dressed and go get your bags from the van." I didn't bring much as we would only be here a day and a half before we had to go back to get ready for the trip to the Bowl game in California. Neither of us had ever been there.

Alexis headed back to the bedroom leaving Olivia and Sophia basically drooling over my bouncing cock. I checked them out too. They were both dressed in very expensive and sexy outfits. Olivia sat in a chair across from me. Her right leg was draped over her left thigh. She was bouncing her high heeled foot. Sophia sat in another chair across from me with her legs spread wide enough for me to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. That made my cock jump and both women giggled at the movement.

They were being coy just to tease me. I decided to tease them back. I sat back in the sofa and let my back push into the cushion. I draped my arms along the back of the sofa and lifted my right ankle to my left knee. My stiff cock was pointing at the ceiling. I manually flexed it several times and Olivia and Sophia giggled every time.

Olivia was keeping her cool as she continued to bounce her foot and look at my face. Sophia was not. She was staring at my cock bouncing in my lap. She started biting on her lower lip and her breathing became ragged. She tore her eyes away and looked at Olivia as if she was the official starter. No one said a word. It was like a kid's game where the first one to talk lost. I knew I couldn't lose so I nonchalantly asked, "So, how is your Penthouse working out. I can't wait to see it. Do you want to go now?" Olivia smiled; probably at the vision of me riding up to the Penthouse in the elevator in the nude. Sophia looked back at Olivia still biting her lip.

I could see that Sophia was getting frantic. She burst out of her chair and crawled across the floor and pulled my right leg to the floor and set her tits on my thighs as she grabbed my bouncing cock and stretched her lips over the crown and pushed her lips down my shaft. She stopped and adjusted and then took half my cock before she gagged. She wrapped her hand around my shaft at the point that she had gagged and frantically began sucking my cock. She used one hand to jerk my shaft below her gag point. I groaned hard and muttered, "Fuck Sophia. You suck a mean cock." She batted her eyelashes and grinned around my cock without even slowing down. She was looked right into my eyes to see my reactions and she grinned with every groan I made.

Olivia's foot continued to bounce. She hadn't moved a muscle other than that one foot and a little smile. I was trying to figure out what she was thinking. This was odd behavior for her. Sophia pulled off my cock and turned around on her hands and knees and wagged her ass at me. One hand came up between her legs and her fingers dragged through her pussy.

I got the message and I leaned forward and slid off the sofa to my knees. Sophia was looking at Olivia and she was expecting my cock but she got my tongue instead. She shrieked and pulled forward as she turned to look back at me. I curled the edge of my tongue into a spear and rimmed her anus. She shrieked again. Then I dragged my tongue down through her pussy and flicked the tip on her clitoris. She jumped and then said, "Fuck me Hunter. I don't care where; just fuck me."

I moved my hips up close to her ass and pushed me cock into her pussy. She dropped her forehead to the floor and looked between her dangling tits to watch my balls bounce off her pubis and then withdraw. She groaned, "Oh my gaawwdd. I love your cock." I pumped my hips at a steady pace for several minutes. I looked over at Olivia and her cool demeanor was starting to crumble. She was biting her lower lip as her huge tits were lifting and falling as she was taking in deep breathes. Her fingertips, gripping the arms of the chair were turning white. Her foot wasn't bouncing anymore.

I figured that Olivia had bet the farm that since I had just ejaculated in the shower, Sophia couldn't get me off before she had her own orgasm. Then Olivia could finish me off while Sophia watched. It was a reasonable bet, except now she wasn't so sure it was a winning bet. It wasn't like I would go soft and Olivia wouldn't get anything. With a naked Olivia around I could cum a dozen times and still be able to get my cock up for her. She was that stunningly beautiful.

I continued fucking Sophia at different paces and with long and short penetrations. I could feel that familiar feeling in my balls. I could easily cum when Sophia's orgasm grabbed her as evidenced by Sophia's muscle contractions. I started my short-stroke piston-fuck and she pulled her head up and screamed as her climax crashed over her. Her pussy was grabbing my cock with surprising pressure. I pushed my climax back and reduced my pace to slow, long, full-length strokes. I kept it going like that until her quaking pussy stopped pulsing.

I looked over at Olivia. She had relaxed considerably. She had won the bet and when Sophia pulled forward off my cock and collapsed to the floor gasping for air, Olivia stood up. She undressed like she was in a burlesque show. Only the music was missing. When she was completely naked, except for her heels, she came over and pulled me up to my feet. She pushed me back to the sofa and I sat down. She pushed her body between my knees and turned around and bent over at the waist pushing her ass into my face. I rimmed her anus like I did Sophia and then I dragged my broad tongue down the length of her pussy. She lurched hard from the touch. She arched her back as I approached her clitoris and she flinched hard when I touched it.

Olivia bent her knees and dropped her ass toward my lap. She looked down between her legs and reached down and guided my cock to her pussy as she dropped lower. Once the crown of my cock was in her pussy, she released her hand and dropped the remaining distance. Her face scrunched into a mask that could have been either pain or pleasure. She put her hands back on my chest and lifted each leg, one at a time up over my knees and planted her heels in the cushions on either side of me. She braced her locked elbows to create a pivot point as she fucked my cock by lifting her pussy up and down my shaft with her legs. She pushed her torso to sit up straight and balanced on her feet and ran one hand down over her pubic mound and laid her fingers along my shaft so she could feel it move in and out of her. She shook her head vigorously and groaned.

Olivia was getting tired so I put my hands under her butt-cheeks to help hold her up. I couldn't resist the opportunity to slide one thumb over to her anus and stick it into her. She lurched from the sudden attack and pulled her pussy off my cock and it snapped forward. She frantically grabbed for it like it was her life-line and stuffed the head back in. She groaned hard as she sank all the way down again. She pulled her hand back up my shaft and started fingering her clitoris. She was very careful with it because of the sensitivity.

Sophia had recovered from her orgasm and she noticed that Alexis was sitting silently in a chair at the other end of the sofa. She had one leg over an arm of the chair and she was strumming her fingers in her pussy. When Sophia looked over at her and smiled it got my attention and turned my head to look too. Alexis' eyes were closed. Her mouth hung open. She had one hand up her shirt on her tits. I had no idea how long she had been sitting there. I could feel my orgasm approaching slowly.

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