tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 41

Pool Boy Ch. 41


The Christmas festivities were over. The day hadn't gone anything like what we had thought. In the aftermath, Alexis and I sat on the sofa in our condo. My mind was still trying to wrap itself around my parents and their revelations. I avoided asking Alexis what she thought because I didn't want to put her on the spot. She had a different perspective than I.

Alexis knew I was wrestling with things. She got up and moved into my lap and cuddled into me. I wrapped my arms around her. She stretched up and kissed me on the cheek. We both remained quiet. In spite of my mood, I couldn't ignore the view across the street in Fiona's condo. After Alexis had rebuffed Fi's request to come over, Fi had apparently decided to take care of matters on her own. She sat down in an over-stuffed chair and draped a leg over an arm. She pulled up her skirt and started masturbating with a small dildo. She was looking directly at us as she ran what was apparently a very small neon-pink plastic vibrating dildo across the entrance to her pussy from her clitoris to her anus.

Fi's chest began heaving up and down and her mouth dropped open. It was hard to be sure from the distance but I don't think she took her eyes off of us. I noticed that Alexis was watching Fi too and she joined in by pulling her skirt up to expose her naked sex and started fingering her already soaking wet pussy. Fi must have had a good enough view because she grinned and pulled her dildo up and pushed the tip into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the small, bulbous tip and touched it back to her clitoris as her chest heaved forward. She unbuttoned her shirt with her free hand and caressed her braless erect dark brown nipples.

Fi dragged the dildo up over her pubis to her stomach and then up to her nipples. She twirled the dildo around each one and then went back to her pussy. For several minutes we watched Fi grinding her hips around in her chair. When she stuck the bulbous head of the dildo into her anus she surged into an obvious orgasm. She gyrated everywhere in the chair. Her legs and arms straightened and then pulled back to her body. She had left the dildo in her anus. Her head tipped back on the chair and her mouth was open in what was probably a loud scream.

Fi's climax had a similar affect on Alexis. Her hips snapped forward and back as she sat in my lap. She kept finger-fucking her pussy until her orgasm had rolled through. She pulled her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth as she looked over at Fiona. Alexis' hip-pulses became random and she settled back into my lap. She ground her hips around to see if I was aroused. Incredibly, I wasn't. I thought, 'Fuck. I'm in a mood.' Alexis stretched up and kissed my lightly on the lips and whispered, "Everything is going to be fine, Baby." I looked down at her and gave her a half-hearted smile. She kissed me again.

Alexis waved over at Fi who returned the wave. "Let's go to bed Baby. We have to get up early to drive back to campus." I nodded and lifted her and myself up and I carried her to the bedroom. We took a quick shower and slid under the sheets.

I dropped into a dream of quick clips of Thia fucking Dad, Mom sucking my cock and me fucking her on the floor, Thia and me. It was very erotic and it all began looping in my dream. I woke with a start and came up on my elbows. Alexis was up on one elbow facing me. When she decided that I was awake she said, "Baby, are you okay? You were moaning loudly. Your cock is harder than I've ever seen it. I felt her squeeze my cock. I looked at her trying to remember what I had been dreaming. It was disappearing quickly. Alexis leaned over and kissed me and said, "Its okay. You were in a dream and what a dream it must have been. Holy shit. You're as hard as a steel rod."

I fell back into my pillow and groaned with my arms across my forehead. I could feel the adrenaline dissipating. I became aware that I was breathing hard and I tried to consciously bring it into control with slow lung filling breathes and exhales through my nose.

Alexis came over closer and rested her head on my shoulder looking at me in the illumination from the digital alarm clock on the nightstand. She had a concerned look on her face and I felt bad that I was putting her through this. I smiled at her and kissed her on the nose. She giggled. I pulled my arm off my forehead and draped it over Alexis shoulder and then down her spine. She trembled from my touch.

Alexis still had my cock in her hand and occasionally squeezed it hard. She kissed me on the nipple and then dragged her thumb to the nerve bundle under my glans. She flicked her thumb on the spot and my cock grew even harder. Alexis mumbled, "Unbelievable. I can't even get my fingers half way around it. Do you want me to take care of this?"

I was silent for a moment and then looked down at her and smiled. She grinned. Her ultra-white teeth were luminescent in the dim light. She slid down my body and pushed her lips up to the 'spot' and flicked her stiffened tongue on it. I groaned hard and she started jerking one hand up and down my shaft. The feeling of her hand and her tongue was amazing.

I reached down and touched her face. She looked up to see why. I pulled on her shoulder indicating that I wanted her to come up to me. She held on tight to my cock but she pushed herself up on top of my body. She had to release my cock as I pulled her all the way up until her head was under my chin. My cock sprang up between her thighs and then slapped back on her ass before settling a few inches above. When my cock was hard, like it was then, it would settle a few inches above my stomach and bounce when I was lying on my back.

Alexis was compressing my cock with her thighs. I whispered, "Put it in." She didn't hesitate for a second. She reached back over her ass and found my bouncing cock and pushed herself up with her knees until she could guide my cock into her pussy. When she let her knees push back and my cock slid into her pussy she groaned, "Oh fuck Baby. You're big."

I put my hands on her butt-cheeks and pressed her down as I lifted my hips. We both groaned as she found bottom. Alexis started to lift her hips but I held them down. I flexed my cock manually and she groaned, "Fuck. I don't know how you do that but, wow." She flexed her vaginal muscles and it was my turn to groan.

I whispered, "Just like that. I expand and you contract. The same muscles I guess." I flexed again and she responded again. She kissed my collar-bone. I could feel the firmness of her tits and erect nipples on my lower chest. Alexis shivered and just in case it was from the room temperature, I pulled the bed-covers over us.

We did the manual muscles flexes for ten minutes and I could feel my climax boiling in my balls. Alexis knew I was close and she clamped her vagina down hard and pulled back a couple inches to pull it out. Suddenly, Alexis went rigid as her breath caught in her lungs. She hung there for a few seconds and then her muscles released and she groaned air out, "Jesus. Fuck. I'm cumming Baby." I heaved up my hips and fired many long ropes of cum into Alexis' pussy. She groaned hard with each one. I could feel her pussy reacting to her orgasm. I pulled her butt-cheeks hard to me and she screamed, "JEEEESSSSUUUUSSSS. YESSSS." I smiled to myself, 'I love giving her an orgasm," I thought.

We apparently both fell asleep just as we were when we climaxed together. When I woke up my cock had softened but my glans was still engaged in Alexis' pussy. It probably hung up on the ridge. I could feel the cool sensation of cum and vaginal juices that had leaked out of Alexis' pussy and down my balls. I rolled toward Alexis' side of the bed and she rolled off my chest to the bed. My glans pulled out of her and she moaned before curling up in a fetal position, slurped saliva into her mouth, fluffed her pillow and fell back to a deep sleep.

I looked at the alarm clock. There was only fifteen minutes before we planned to get up so I got out of bed and covered Alexis as I bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She mumbled something and pursed her lips in a kiss but she didn't wake.

I did my bathroom stuff and then stepped into the shower. I was rinsing off when the glass door to the shower opened and a yawning Alexis' stepped in. She walked right into me and threw her arms around my waist. She rested her face on my chest. I put my arms around her shoulders and kissed her forehead. She bit my left nipple and giggled when I pulled back from her. She looked up at me and said, "That was one weird fuck this morning, wasn't it?"

I nodded at her and said, "It was nice." She grinned and nodded and laid her head back on my chest. I squeezed shower gel into my hand and lathered her up from her shoulders, down her back, over her ass and as far down her thighs as I could reach. She released me and turned her around so her soapy back and ass was pushed against me. I got some more gel and washed from her neck, down to her tits, to her stomach and down to her pubic mound. I pushed my fingers between her labia and she sucked air into her lungs and heaved her hips into my hands. I returned my hands to her tits and palmed her erect nipples. She groaned as she reached around behind her ass and found my erect cock poking into the small of her back.

I kissed her on the neck and she groaned like always. I whispered, "We don't have time for this. We have a plane to catch."

Alexis released my cock and turned again to face me. She said, "Well, you started it. Don't you think for one minute that we are going to make it back to 'the palace' before we get each other off." She grinned up at me. I bent down and kissed her passionately and moved us under the showerhead to rinse off.

We found some of the breakfast items left over from yesterday and threw the rest away. I grabbed the suitcases and Alexis dumped the trash bag in the trash chute. We locked the door and got in the elevator.

Once on the highway we had an hour and a half drive. We listened to the radio and as usual we sang along with the songs we knew. I stayed only about five miles/hour over the speed limit. I felt more like my old self today. The sun was bright. The temperature was mild. The traffic was light. I had figured that the traffic would be heavy as people went home after Christmas. I guess more people were staying put for a few days. I was travelling in the middle lane. I passed some people. More people passed me.

Alexis looked over at me and she had that sultry look on her face. I smiled at her. I knew she would make her move pretty soon. We had an hour or so to our destination. Her hands went between her legs under her skirt. I shared my attention between the road and Alexis and when she shuddered in her seat and then glanced over at me with a glazed look in her eyes I knew she would do something. She was always so unpredictable I had no clue what she was thinking but I knew approximately how it would end.

Another two miles down the road and Alexis stood up between our seats and stripped off her tight sweater and pulled down her skirt. Other than her sneakers, she was naked. I eased over into the slow lane and reduced speed to the speed limit. Alexis pulled a yoga mat over between our seats and knelt on it as she scooched herself closer to me. She came up on her knees and unzipped my pants. My cock was at attention the second I saw her stripping and it surged forward into her waiting hand. She grinned up at me as she started jerking me off.

I slowed further and was about to move into the breakdown lane when Alexis said, "No. Don't stop. Keep driving." I did as she directed. I set the cruise-control at the speed limit and took my foot off the gas pedal. I checked the side-view mirrors and looked back down to watch Alexis stretch her lips over my knob. As she pushed her mouth down my shaft my head tipped back, my face scrunched into a grimace and I groaned, "Jesus Christ."

Alexis gave me an amazing blow-job followed by a quick throat-job. She didn't want me to cum in her mouth. I was suspicious that she wanted to do that thing like we did driving back from the beach on one of our early dates. It turns out that I was correct. Alexis slowly pulled my shaft out of her throat and then her mouth. She gathered a glob of saliva and slurped it into her mouth.

Before she could even ask, I slid the seat back the one click remaining and Alexis stood up and threw her left leg across my lap and slid up to sit on my stomach. She was pinned between my body and the steering wheel. Again, before she could ask, I tipped my seat back. She took the wheel in her hands and she was steering as I worked the brake and accelerator. It made me nervous driving seventy and not being able to see the road. I released the cruise control. I tried to look around Alexis' body but I couldn't see over the dashboard anyway.

With one hand on the wheel and one on my cock she slid her hips down and aligned my cock with her pussy and then pushed herself on. She groaned as she pushed all the way down. I rocked my hips up into her and she groaned again. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down hard. She screamed from the extra penetration.

Cars were starting to wiz past us. Many were tooting their horns. I had apparently eased off the accelerator as I was totally engrossed in fucking Alexis' pussy. I felt the loud violent vibration of the lane markers so I knew Alexis was pulling over to the breakdown lane. I eased off the accelerator and coasted to a stop. I reached around Alexis and shifted the column mounted gear lever into park.

Alexis was about to have her orgasm and she was losing control of her body. I was glad she had steered off the road. We were safe and I could concentrate on my climax too. Alexis leaned back against my chest and I cradled her tits in my hands. She was in a constant groan but she was still grinding her pussy around in my lap.

Alexis' pussy was clamping on my shaft and I could feel my balls pulling in tight and then cum was blasting up my shaft. Alexis felt it coming and she let out a scream as the first salvo blew into her. She groaned, "Yes," on each subsequent cum shot.

We were both done and we sat there with my hands on her tits and her hands on top of mine for a long time. The van shook from the air-stream of passing big-rigs. Alexis was stuck. She couldn't get off my cock because it was still hard. Her feet didn't touch the floor so she couldn't push herself back up my body. I could have just lifted her off but I liked her pinned to me like that. There was a way she could get herself off and I was curious to see if she would figure it out.

It didn't take her long to realize that she could put her feet on the dashboard and push herself up my body. I smiled to myself as she slid her ass back up on my stomach and my cock sprang from her pussy. She then lifted her left leg over the steering wheel and she stood between the seats again. She leaned down and kissed me and then pushed her lips over my glans and cleaned my shaft with her tongue. My pants were stained from the cocktail of cum and vaginal juices that had leaked out of her pussy.

Alexis gave up trying to get my stiff cock back in my pants and left it out in the open air. I put my seat back in driving position and looked down at my cock. I tried to get it in my pants but for the moment, it was a lost cause. I put the van in gear and waited for a line of traffic to pass before I pulled out and got back up to speed. I set the cruise control.

Alexis reached under my seat for my 'Cum-Towel'. She wiped her pussy and legs dry and stuffed the towel back under my seat. She pulled on her clothes and took her seat. She looked over at me and sent me an air-kiss and said, "I love you Baby." I grinned and reached over and tapped her thigh once, then four times and then three times. She giggled as she got the message.

We dragged our suitcases to our master bedroom in the palace. We had to unpack and repack and take a quick shower so we wouldn't gross everyone out on the bus to the airport. We opted to just pull everything from our bags and leave it on the bed. We'd take care of it when we got home. We showered with no extra-curricular activities. We repacked for three days even though we would be staying at the hotel only two nights. Amongst Alexis' packed clothes was her "SH5" 'uniform' which was the original neon green tank top with the sparkly letters spelling "Go Bull Dogs" on the front and "SH5" on the back. I picked up a pair of neon yellow micro-hot pants like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have always worn. Alexis reminded me that the Dean had given her a budget to enhance their outfits. I was glad she wasn't going to put that outfit on now. There would be no way we'd make it to the field house in time.

We would be flying into Los Angeles and then get on buses to drive to our hotel near the stadium. We'd fly in today, play the game tomorrow night and then fly home the next day.

The team, Cheerleaders, SH5 and couching staffs all piled on the two buses for the drive to the airport. Everyone was pretty excited. It was early in the afternoon and we behaved ourselves. Alexis nudged me and nodded across the aisle. Josie and Dean were sucking face and groping each other. I had noticed Hannah making a big deal out of sitting with Cheerleader, Vanessa who smiled at me as I walked by. I told Alexis that 'Nessy' was Hannah's latest squeeze. She looked over and turned back to me and said, "She's very pretty." She had a mischievous smile and I wondered what kind of trouble she was thinking about getting into. Alexis turned back to look at 'Nessy' again paying attention to Hannah's roving hands. Alexis smiled again and tipped her head back against the head rest and closed her eyes.

I had to nudge Alexis awake when we got to the airport. She seemed confused about where she was for a moment but quickly recovered. Between the team, Cheerleaders, Couching Staffs and SH5 members, there were around eighty of us. We took up most of the plane. It was open seating so Alexis and I found ours in the last row beside a pair of rest rooms. We ignored everyone and leaned against each other and fell asleep. I didn't ever remember taking off.

I woke to the low-pitched drown of the engines. Alexis was resting her head on the edge of my seat and my shoulder. She appeared to be asleep so I didn't wake her. One of the rest room door latches made a noise and a second or two later, the bi-folding door pushed out into the aisle. 'Nessy' eased through the opening and looked down at me. She grinned as she straightened her clothes and then stuck her head back into the rest room and said something before heading back up the aisle to her seat. Seconds later Hannah stuck her head out the same door and looked forward. Her face was flushed. She straightened her disheveled clothes and let the door close as she headed back to her seat. She didn't notice me sitting in the window seat to her left.

Sitting a few rows in front of me was Jerry, the Defensive Coordinator. I liked the guy but he was known to be a fifty year old 'hound-dog' always flirting with the female students. He was a good looking guy and I was pretty sure he was more than flirting with many of the girls. He was pivoting in his seat to get up when 'Nessy' walked by. He eyeballed her like she was a piece of meat to a starving dog. He sat back and watched her go by. He was about to get up again when Hannah pushed past him. Everyone knew about Hannah. He looked at her as she walked forward and then he looked back at the half-opened rest-room door. He noticed me watching him and he grinned as he approached the rest room. He said, "It's not fair. Our Lesbian Cheerleader Coach gets all the good snatch." I smiled at his use of the word 'snatch'. I knew what it meant but I didn't use it and I hadn't heard it used in a long time. The rest room door closed and latched as the 'vacant' sign changed to 'occupied'.

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