tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 56

Pool Boy Ch. 56


On the day of my wedding, I woke with a start. I had been dreaming a second ago and it was totally different from the total darkness I was experiencing now. My heart was racing. I could feel it in my chest and hear the thundering hooves in my ears. Slowly, I was able to discern the difference between my dream and reality but I already couldn't remember enough of the dream to know why my heart was beating so fast. I was on my back apparently staring at the ceiling. I say apparently because it was so dark that the view was the same regardless of which direction I looked.

I just laid there as reality slowly seeped in. I was in bed with Olivia and Sophia but neither was cuddled up to me like they were when I drifted off to sleep. I reached to my right and left at the same time and found both of them. They had rolled away from me in the night.

As the thundering in my ears diminished, I could hear the ever present susarration of the surf. Some night bird called out well down the beach and another one, much closer, replied. I sat up and pulled my legs above the bed covers and scooched my way down the middle of the king size bed. I stood at the foot and listened to see if I had disturbed my bedmates. I took two steps toward the living room and a board creaked loudly. I stopped, cringed and listened. There was no change in their breathing.

My morning woody pointed the way through the living room and I slowly opened the front door. On the front porch, the air was perfectly still but high in the palm trees that sheltered the Bungalows, an occasional rustling sound indicated a light breeze. I looked down the beach toward the clothing optional beach. Only the thin bright line at the surf line was visible. I looked the other way toward the swim up bar and the massage tent. There were bright lights shining on the beach like a construction site. I could see people moving around.

I wondered what was going on down there so I went back inside and quietly retrieved my clothes from last night and put them on. I walked down the beach in bare feet toward the lights. By the time I got there a gray line was appearing on the horizon. At least I assumed it was the horizon; it was pitch black above and below the line. At that moment I thought, 'I don't understand why it was so difficult for ancients to believe the earth was not flat. You could clearly see the curvature in that thin gray line."

The first guy with a construction hat that I came upon, I asked what they were doing. He looked up at me and said, "Building a raised platform for some fancy-dancy wedding today." I had all the information I needed so I thanked the guy and headed up off the beach into the resort compound. There were several ten-wheeled trucks at the edge of the soft sand but not a soul was around. I had figured we would get married with our bare feet in the sand. I should have known better once Emma got involved. I smiled to myself. This was Alexis' day and Emma's too really. I didn't care if they planned for us to wade through an alligator infested swamp to get married. I chuckled at the absurdity of that thought.

I checked my watch and it was too early for anything to be open. It didn't matter; I was in full reverie mode anyway. I went down the concrete walkway leading to the main pool. I passed what I knew to be the sign instructing the removal of all clothing and ignored it. I sat down in a lounge chair and leaned back with my hands behind my head. At that moment I was reliving the series of events that led me to this day with Alexis. My cock pushed up hard on my zipper. My thoughts were more potent than any porno film I'd ever seen. I unzipped my pants and released my granite hard dick to the air. I let it just bounce up and down as I tipped my head back against the seat.

Meeting Alexis that first time was an accident. Olivia had set up a threesome by adding Emma to the Olivia/Sophia duo. They were all best friends and Olivia and Sophia couldn't figure out how to keep me a secret from Emma. Alexis came looking for her mother when she got home from school and found her with my cock in her mouth. Emma didn't even stop and wound up sharing my cock with Alexis. I reflected back to her gorgeous face with my cock between her lips. My cock surged harder and I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started slowly jerking myself off. After that, the three Amigos became the four Amigos.

I got up the courage to ask Alexis out on a date. She was from the rich side of the tracks and I was from the other side. I was standing on cloud nine when she eagerly said 'yes'. I've been living on cloud nine ever since and I planned to make it my permanent address later on today.

I picked up the pace with my hand as I reflected back to our beach day. My cock surged again as a vision of Alexis' and her micro-bikini flashed through my mind. She's hot every day but that day; fuck, she was smoking hot that day. I was flailing my hand up and down my shaft and my balls tightened along with every other muscle in my body as I leaned forward and blew my load into my left hand as my lungs seemed to surge up into my throat forcing a groaned, "UUUNNNGGGGAAAAAHHHH."

After several shots into my hand, cum was oozing between my fingers to the cushion on the lounge chair. I spotted a white towel bunched up in a chair ten feet away. I got up and wiped the gooey jizz from my hand and went back and sat down. I sprawled on the chair with my hands behind my head, my feet on the deck on either side of my chair. My dick was slowly softening and I let it bounce up and down on my left hip until I could get back in my pants. I drifted off to sleep again before I could get that second part done.

When I suddenly woke again I was in the middle of a dream about all of my girls giving me blow-job as they passed my cock around. I pulled my right hand from behind my head and flexed my arm muscles before reaching down to my cock. It was hard again. My hand ran into something firm on the way and my eyes flashed open and I looked down my chest to see a naked woman on her knees between my spread thighs. The first thing I noticed was that it was bright sunlight. Then I recognized her as a twenty-something attractive woman who had been sitting around the periphery of our group. She had never seemed to miss a thing and on occasion she and her husband joined the festivities but always between themselves. They had never participated with any of our group.

She was grinning at me and when I opened my eyes and looked at her she took my cock in her hand and started jerking on it. Her body was surging rhythmically forward and back. Her husband was fucking her doggy style. I leaned my head to the side to see his body. He noticed my move and he said, "She gives one hell of a blow-job." The wife grinned at me and leaned forward and waggled her lips onto my glans. She stopped there and smiled around my shaft. I pushed my hips upward and she let me drive my cock deeper into her mouth. When I thought she had taken all she could, she inch-wormed her lips down the remaining length as I felt my glans push into her throat. She gagged, "AAAWWKK," and heaved up her back. She coughed out a huge wad of spit and blew large sudsy bubbles as she pulled back to the ridge. Tears formed in her eyes. She surged forward, driven by her husband's momentum and my cock disappeared into her mouth again. I groaned in stereo with the husband and she gurgled and "AWWKKed" again and pulled herself back up my shaft. She pulled off my cock and sucked in the glob of saliva and groaned as she said, "Oh fuck honey. Yeah. Give it to me. Give it to me hard."

She groaned again and her body surged back and forth at a faster pace as her face went vacant with her mouth hanging open. She was gasping for air through her open mouth and then her eyes went wide and she screamed out, "Fuck. Not yet. Noooo," as her surging body slowed to match her husband's thrusts as his cock exploded into her pussy. "Shit Honey. I was almost there too."

The husband didn't say a word as he finished his orgasm and pulled his cock from her pussy.

He muttered, "Sorry Sweetie. I couldn't hold back any longer. Maybe the big guy can finish you off."

She looked past my bobbing cock and smiled at me. I wanted to get off too so I motioned with my hands for her to come up in my lap. In an instant her knees dropped into position at my waist and she lifted her ass high and used one hand to guide my cock to her sex. She was very wet from her own lubrication and her husband's cum and she slammed herself down on it. She let out a scream and stopped for a few moments and muttered, "Jesus Christ." Then she went slower and groaned all the way to the bottom.

She rocked herself forward and back and I did the same. The husband came around to the side of the chair and offered his gooey cock to his wife who sucked it right down to his balls. He groaned and held the back of her head as he fucked her mouth. He obviously wanted another round but she had lost her concentration on my cock and she pulled her head back and off his cock and bent forward toward my chest and really put everything she had into fucking my cock. The husband was obviously disappointed as he started jerking on his newly hardened cock.

A few minutes later, the wife looked up at me and mumbled, "Fuck. I'm gonna cum." She was flailing her pussy on my cock and she mumbled again, "Oh fuck. YES. YES." Her hips, which had been in a perfectly synchronized piston fuck, went spastic. She was moving all over my cock. Her pussy grabbed my cock and I blew my first salvo in a powerful long stream of cum. She felt it and screamed again. She only moaned through the remaining shots.

She collapsed her body onto my chest and lay there for a couple minutes while our breathing recovered. I watched as her husband moved over close to us and launched his second load onto his wife's back and ass. She never moved. I doubt that she even knew.

She moved forward to get off my still hard cock and then moved down the chair the same way she had got on. Her husband helped her up to her feet. She was pretty unsteady and her husband led her away after she muttered, "Thanks for the ride." I chuckled and picked up the towel that I had wiped my hands on earlier and wiped my gooey cock.

I checked my watch and discovered that I had slept in the lounge chair for quite awhile. The breakfast buffet was open so I headed that way after forcing my cock back into my pants. I knew I had lost a lot of time when I walked into the restaurant and found everyone, except the bridal party already eating. When I got my breakfast and sat down, Thia threw a piece of toast at me and yelled, "Where were you last night?" Olivia and Sophia kept their heads down. I apologized to her and just said that something came up.

She threw another piece of toast across the table and said, "Yeah. I bet something came up. That was the something I wanted coming up in my bed last night." Everyone giggled but otherwise kept their heads in their breakfast. I asked my mom where the bridal party was. I was missing Alexis. Mom told me they were getting their hair and makeup done professionally and mumbled something about "Brazilians". She also reminded me that I wasn't supposed to see the bride before she walked down the aisle. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "If you need some "attention", I can take care of it." She used her index and middle fingers of both hands to form air-quotes as she said "attention". I turned to face her and went to kiss her on the cheek. She turned her head and caught my lips and took way more than a peck on the cheek.

The conversation turned to all the construction on the beach. They all had to walk right past it to get to the buffet. Rachel mentioned that she saw a big truck with video equipment and a team of guys lugging it onto the beach and the newly built platform. I wondered if Emma had ever discussed the video with Jarrod and Dee since they had their baby girl yesterday. I could tell that Rachel was concerned that she might get filmed in an embarrassing situation. It was what I feared. Rachel had been letting it all hang-out, so to speak, and I could tell that she was really enjoying herself. I was glad that she hadn't brought John. He's a really nice guy but a bit of a tight ass as you would expect from a butler. I hoped that the arrival of the cameras wouldn't ruin her fun. No one else seemed too concerned about the potential fallout.

It was nearly 9:00 AM when we finished breakfast. Three hours to show-time. I had a little ripple of nerves course through me as I thought about that. I wasn't nervous for myself; I just hoped that everything went off without a hitch. You never knew what you were going to get for services down here in the islands but the Wedding Planner seemed competent and hard-working.

Speak of the Devil; the Wedding Planner, I couldn't seem to remember her name, walked into the buffet restaurant as everyone was filing past her heading for the pool for last minute tanning and whatever. She held up her hands to stop the guys. She said, "You guys have to be on the platform no later than eleven thirty. Make sure the best-man has the wedding ring." She stared at Noah for several seconds as if to drill that command into his scull. "You need to come to the small conference room off the lobby to get ready no later than eleven o'clock." She looked at each of us looking for assurances that we understood. Each of us nodded that we understood and she turned and quickly disappeared around the corner.

We chuckled and looked at each other. We were amused by the Wedding Planner drilling us like a third grade teacher to her students. We left the restaurant and headed toward the beach to our Suites to collect our wedding outfits, such as they were. I had left mine at Dad's Bungalow. Mom and Thia were already there when I walked up on the porch. They were both naked in the living room in the process of pulling on their bathing suits. Mom said, "We are going down to the clothed beach to check it out. You should come with us."

I thought about it a moment and then realized that my bathing suit was in the beach bag in our Suite and I was strictly forbidden to go near. I explained to my mother and she instructed Thia to go and retrieve it. She said that Alexis wasn't there anyway. She was getting ready for the wedding.

Thia sprinted out the door with only her bikini bottom on and quickly returned with my speedo suit. Dad had already pulled on his and was making an adjustment to the placement of his fatty in his suit. They were all waiting for me as I stripped off my clothes. Mom and Thia both looked at each other and groaned when I was naked and pulling on my suit. Mom stepped forward and handed me a towel and said, "Here use one of ours." Then she bent over and tugged on my speedo as she made some adjustments to the position of my dick. Finally, she stepped back and looked down at her handy-work and then gave me a sultry smile and said, "I guess we're ready." She led the four of us down the beach. Dad and I had to be at the lobby in ninety minutes.

There were quite a few couples lounging on their towels when we arrived. They all sat up to look when we spread our towels. The clothing beach did accommodate topless sunbathing and nearly all the women there had removed their bikini tops. Thia and Mom removed theirs and Thia pinched her nipples to make them hard. She grinned at me as I watched her do that. All the topless women were having an effect on my dick. I was trying hard to keep it down and the harder I tried the faster it rose. The glans finally pushed out through the left leg-hole of my speedo. I just ignored it. Mom and Thia didn't.

Dad was wearing a prude-suit whenever he wasn't nude. He had been working on tanning his white upper thighs just like me. This was the first time he wore this bathing suit in the sun. He had worn it to breakfast most days. He was struggling with the topless women sitting around too but his suit afforded him enough room to make adjustments as his cock grew harder. Mom noticed his predicament and said to Thia, "It looks like our guys are having some wardrobe malfunctions." Thia giggled as she looked back and forth between my crotch and Dad's.

Alexis and I had witnessed, and participated in sex here in spite of the suits. I was hoping that no one else would start something. That would signal to Mom and Thia that sex here at this end of the beach was allowed. I could tell that they were both being appropriately conservative considering their perception of the environment but I knew they were steaming inside.

I set an alarm on my watch to make sure we left the beach at the appropriate time and I let myself drift off to the rhythmic thumps and hissing of the never ending waves slapping the shoreline and then retreating. There was a light breeze and the soft susarration of the palm fronds added to the serenity. No one spoke as if that would disturb Mother Nature's song. The shrill cry of seagulls contributed nothing of value. I could feel my dick softening. I was asleep before my glans pulled back inside my speedo.

I was way far away in a dream when my watch started beeping, which was worse than the seagulls. I promptly pushed a button and it stopped. I groaned as I struggled to pull myself out of the dream into the real world. Dad was already gathering his towel and stuffing it in Mom's beach bag. He offered a hand to help me up. I outweighed him by seventy pounds or more and I had to stand up on my own. I handed my towel to Mom and we all smiled. Thia said, "Break a leg." Mom stood up and pulled her body in close to mine and stretched up for a kiss. Tears formed in her eyes and then broke free and inched their way down her face. I used my index finger to retrieve them and she smiled at me. I didn't know what to say and apparently she didn't either. She kissed me again and pulled back as her breasts peeled off my sweaty stomach. She looked up at me and whispered, almost to herself, "I'm losing my baby boy to another woman."

Dad had already headed back up the beach toward the lobby. I ran to catch up with him and we walked together with my bag in hand containing our wedding apparel.

At the lobby, the Wedding Planner appeared at exactly 11:00 AM. She ushered us into a small conference room and shut the door. She verbally ran through the steps that we had rehearsed last night just as a reminder. I would be at the far end of the platform while Noah, Dean and Dad would usher the guests up the stairs to their seats on the platform. We had already worked out who would sit where. With less than twenty-five people, this was not a difficult task. Then Noah would stand behind me as I moved to a smaller raised platform with the Minister.

To suggest that Emma and the Wedding Planner had managed this wedding down to the micro-level was insufficient. The next thing that happened was management to the nano-level. The Wedding Planner instructed the four of us to sit in the chairs that had been arranged in a circle in the middle of the room. She stepped into the middle of the circle and faced me. She said, "Emma wanted to be sure that you guys would survive your wedding costumes so she hired some umm...well ummm...I'll just call them professional ladies to ummm...well, to get you off now so you won't have a problem during the ceremony." We were all amused as she stumbled all over her explanation. We got the gist. The she said, "But...ummm. There was a change in plans. There were volunteers."

The Wedding Planner stepped out of the circle of chairs and went to the door. When she opened it, Mitch, Sylvia, Fiona and Julia stepped inside with huge grins on their faces and pillows in their hands. The door closed behind them. I expected the Wedding Planner to leave the room but she didn't. She stood by the door as Mitch and Julia each muscled the other as they headed for me. Mitch won and Julia's second choice was my Dad. Sylvia moved toward Noah and Fiona moved to Dean.

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