tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 59

Pool Boy Ch. 59


As we walked along the water line of Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos, Alexis had a spring in her step and she was in a playful mood. She looked up at me and said, "Race you to our chairs." She didn't wait for me to confirm that the race was on. She took off. I chuckled to myself as I watched her run ahead. The movement of her hips gave me a hard-on but I took off after her. She looked back over her shoulder to see if I was chasing her. As I gained several yards and was close enough to reach out and grab her incredible ass, she squealed and veered off course and burst out laughing in her playful Julia Roberts laugh. She was too quick for me to follow so I returned my course to the chairs. I let her win and she jumped up and down with tits bouncing and her hands held high like Rocky Balboa when he finally made it up the steps on a full out sprint. I think there is a statue of Rocky in that pose in front of that Philadelphia building.

Alexis was panting from her exertion and she bent over and put her hands on her lower thighs and gasped in oxygen. Lina was in her chair watching us. She said, "You guys are a lot of fun. What did I miss? I woke up and you were gone."

Through heavy breaths, Alexis said, "We just... went for... a walk. Have you... been napping... this whole time?" Lina smiled and nodded as we gathered up our towels and pulled our clothes on over our wet bathing suits. Lina got the hint and she stood up and did the same. We retrieved our mopeds and headed slowly back to the city. Alexis was holding on tight to me as she pressed her body to my back. She nuzzled her face in close and lightly pinched my nipples and giggled when they went hard. Hers were hard too. I could feel them through my shirt. The constant vibration of the seat was giving me another hard-on. If she had lowered her grip to my crotch she would have found a surprise.

Lena pulled into the parking lot of a small building and we followed and came to a stop beside her. She said that they had great food and cold beer. Lina pointed to an item on the menu that I couldn't pronounce and said, "A hamburger by any other name is still a hamburger." Alexis' eyes lit up. We ordered hamburgers. Lina had the salad. Two beers each was enough. We still had to drive home.

It was almost nine o'clock and the sun was a red rubber ball just above the horizon to our left. We stopped on the road to watch it drop into the water. I almost expected there to be a cloud of steam rise from that initial point of contact. With the after-glow on the western horizon to light our way, we made it home to our Villa. We offered for Lina to stay but she begged off. I was hoping that she would. Alexis and I had to discuss our options. We weren't totally convinced that there was anything to worry about but our guts worried anyway.

We got out of our wet clothes and jumped into a hot shower. Beach sand was everywhere. We dried off and she saw me coil my towel and she went squealing from the bathroom and jumped up on the bed ready to defend herself. I didn't follow her and I hung the towel over the shower door. She was already under the sheets when I slid in beside her. I was horny now and I used the neck assault to get things going. Before I finished kissing and flicking my tongue just below and behind her ear, sex was Alexis' idea and she attacked me with kisses everywhere she could reach with passionate urgency.

I moved between her legs as she raised her knees and spread her thighs. Her eyes were on fire and her nostrils flared as she pleaded for me to hurry. I put my glans to her sex and she grabbed the shaft and pulled me down into her. She groaned hard as she grabbed my ass and pulled me the rest of the way down. She cried out, "Jesus Baby. Fuck me."

I was on my elbows kissing her as our hips came together silently. She groaned constantly as I settled into place. Then I rolled off her to her left and pulled her with me. I continued onto my back and pulled Alexis onto my chest. She grinned down at me as she flexed her hips to drive her sex hard onto my cock. It was my turn to groan. Then she lifted her legs and placed them inside mine and squeezed her thighs together along with her vaginal muscles. I groaned again as she kept her muscles tense as she pulled herself up my cock. My mouth dropped open as I pressed my head and shoulders into the bed and pillow, "Oh fuck Babe. You're killing me. Jesus Christ." She slowly drilled her hips back down and let out a groan of her own.

I finally got my senses back and I rocked my hips up driving my cock deep in her pussy. She manually clamped her vaginal muscles and groaned out, "God, you're hard." I rocked my hips back and Alexis lifted herself up. When I felt her start to push back down, I rocked my hips upward as hard as I could and we both groaned together. I keyed off her pace as she slowed down and sped up. She pushed her chest off mine and locked her elbows. I took the opportunity to caress her tits with my hands.

My orgasm was imminent and Alexis stopped moving. I was thinking, 'God. Don't stop now,' but I didn't say anything as my lungs began to seize. She gazed down into my face with a little smile on her face. She could tell from the look on my face that I was close. I tried to keep it going so I could cum but Alexis lifted her hips away from me as I pushed up.

She leaned in and kissed me on the nose and said, "Pull it back. Don't go. I'm not done with you yet." She grinned and very slowly pushed herself down my shaft. I pushed up and groaned hard as my orgasm slowly receded. I had been certain that I was past the point of no return. Alexis pulled back to my glans and then off entirely but she didn't lose contact between her labia and the tip of my glans. A shudder coursed through her body when she pushed her pussy over the glans and stopped at the ridge and pulled off again. She shuddered again. I knew she was close but she was trying hard to delay it.

Her eyes were glazed over and her face was flushed red. When she realized that I was looking up at her she gave me a funny little smile that I'd never seen before. I could see the tension building in her body and face and she slightly increased the pace of fucking my knob. I could feel my own tension building as my orgasm got closer and when Alexis was ready to blow, she ramped up her attack and I finished her off with a full length thrust which broke her dam and she screamed hard as her pussy clamped onto my cock as she drove herself up and down several times.

I heaved up my hips as my orgasm crushed me. Alexis screamed with the first shot but didn't slow her assault. Subsequent shots elicited loud groans. I collapsed back to the bed pulling Alexis down with me. Long after I was finished, Alexis' pussy continued to clench on my cock. Her body pulsed with each clench and I had random shudders of after-shocks. We resumed our urgent kissing as we got our breathing back under control.

Alexis finally rolled off me and cuddled up with her head on my chest as she fingered my softening sticky cock. I ran my fingers up her thighs, over her hips and down into the valley of her waist and up her torso. She trembled each time. My thoughts had returned to the Lina and friend situation and I decided on a plan.

It was a simple plan. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my dick off. I pulled on the outer clothes that I retrieved from the floor and leaned in and kissed Alexis. She had a confused look on her face as I put my fingers to her lips silencing any questions she might pose.

It was dark out as I walked to the end of our patio and turned left up the slope. Just as I turned onto the road I caught a quick glimpse of someone turning into Lina's yard. I cautiously moved up the slope and looked toward Lina's house. The front door was just closing behind a male form. I moved silently to the front of the house where I knew the main room was. It was hot and humid and both windows were wide open to allow in cooler air. I looked inside to see Lina and the guy entwined in an embrace. I felt like a stalking pervert and I sat down in a chair under the window to listen.

As the sounds of kissing stopped, Lina said, "Spiros. You shouldn't have come. You'll blow the whole thing."

"I don't like the idea of you having sex with Hunter." That got my attention. They know what our real names are.

Lina giggled and said, "Oh come on Spiros. It's only oral sex. No big deal. You don't mind gawking at the photos of me and Alexis."

Spiros said, "I don't care. I can't even look at the photos of you and him together."

Lina laughed and said, "You're not jealous of his equipment are you. It's pretty impressive."

"Oh stop it. I'm not jealous. We've done this a hundred times. I'll admit that it is impressive though." Lina giggled again.

Spiros said, "Okay. Enough of this. We need to assess our progress and I don't think there is any. The bosses think this couple was a mistake and we should bale. Frankly, I tend to agree. They are a free-love couple. When we try to extort money from them with the photos I've taken so far, they'd just laugh at us and ask for copies of the photos for their scrap-book. We need to tell the desk clerk at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo and all the others around the Mediterranean to avoid wealthy young people. We need to concentrate of middle-aged couples. They have more secrets and reasons to keep them secret. They have more to lose from elicit affairs and they have more money. There's nothing elicit about your relationship with Hunter. I don't even have a single photo of you and him without Alexis right in the middle of it."

Lina giggled and said, "That sounds about right." There was a moment of silence and then Lina continued, "We could kidnap her. He'd pay every penny he has to get her back. The boss' research says they have millions and her family has millions more." That statement chilled me to the bone.

"No way are we going there, Zeva. We did that in Venice and after getting the payoff and releasing the victim, we barely got out in time. It cost everything we made on the deal after paying off the bosses and officials to get the police off our asses. Fuck, were still on the run. Wealthy people don't give up easily. We're on an island here. We'd never escape. No way."

Lina said, "I agree. Fuck. Look at that. She's an insatiable sex machine. I pushed up from the chair and turned to look in the window to see what they were looking at. A small TV set sat on a dresser against the far wall facing toward me. There were six rectangles on the screen. I couldn't make out any details in any of the rectangles. Spiros clicked a key on the computer keyboard on the coffee table in front of him and one of the rectangles expanded to a full screen, overhead view of a naked Alexis lying in our bed. She had kicked off the sheets and was spread-eagled with a small plastic dildo masturbating herself. The sound was turned low but I could hear her moans. I don't even think Lina realized that she had her fingers digging in her pussy. Spiros was completely infatuated with the view on the TV. I swear I could have walked into the kitchen, taken a beer from the refrigerator and walked back out and they never would have known I'd been there.

Spiros and Zeva, aka Lina watched the screen until Alexis exploded into her orgasm and then curled up in a fetal position and pulled the sheet over her. Spiros was rubbing his hand on his crotch. He reached forward and clicked another key and the full screen view pulled back to the six rectangles. Spiros said, "How about just selling these videos to porno sites."

Other than her gasps for air, Lina was silent as she recovered from her self-induced orgasm and then said, "No money in it. We've got way to much invested already. We didn't get much heads up from Mia in Monte Carlo and we had to pay premium to get a team in to install the cameras and microphones before they got here. This dump wasn't cheap either."

There was complete silence as Spiros stared at the six rectangles on the TV. Lina/Zeva just stared at Spiros waiting for a decision. I sat back down in the chair under the window and waited too. My mind was going a million miles an hour trying to figure out what to do about this. It would be a simple matter to call our assistant to get a jet in here and just go somewhere else. We could abandon the Villa and take a room in a Hotel on the beach. Should I tell Alexis everything I'd heard and worry her? Shit, I was worried. Not about their attempts to extort but I didn't know how volatile they could get in their desperation. I decided to call Jarrod as soon as I got back but I had to be careful about the bugs and cameras. I couldn't tell from the small rectangles on the TV screen what the vantage points were other than over the bed in the ceiling fan. Was the patio bugged too?

My mind was pulled back to Spiros and Zeva's conversation. Spiros had decided that they would continue the surveillance to see if new opportunities came up. I thought, 'Spiros just wants to collect a few more pornographic videos of Alexis and me in bed.' There was nothing they were going to gain.

I silently made my way back down the slope to past our Villa to a local store and bought a six-pack of beer and some snacks and carried the bag back up the hill and announced loudly as I walked in, "Lucy, I'm home," in a Latin accent like Desi Arnez always said when he got home on 1960's TV series "I love Lucy". I don't know why my mind goes to these old TV shows and songs and movies. I grew up watching reruns of 'I Love Lucy' and 'Leave it to Beaver' and 'The Rifleman' and other old shows. There still on today for the entertainment of another generation. I loved old movies, especially westerns that played over and over again on TV. The James Bond movies were my favorites. I still like the 70's songs because you can sing along to them. Rap music ruined contemporary music for me. It was Alexis' love of old music that drew me to her initially.

I set the bag on the counter in the kitchen and went to the bedroom. Alexis had swiveled her legs to the floor and was putting her dildo in a drawer near the bed. She pulled on her robe and came and kissed me as I stood in the doorway. I said, "I got some beer and snacks from the store down the road," and bent down to kiss her again and whispered in her ear to come outside with me.

We grabbed a couple of chairs and dragged them to the far end of the patio and sat down. Alexis whispered, "What's going on?" I told her the whole story, including the cameras and microphones.

When I was done, Alexis whispered, "What should we do? Do you think we're in danger?"

"I don't think so. These two appear to be one of several teams of extortionists working vacation spots around Europe. They get either a husband or a wife into a sexual relationship and then extort with photos and videos. They apparently work for a central group of researchers and 'bosses' that have political and legal pull. They got our travel plans from the Desk Clerk at our Hotel in Monte Carlo, who must have been listening in on my calls to our assistant. It wouldn't have been hard to hack our Social Network pages to learn about us. You did comment on Facebook about the movie "Summer Lovers" after we watched it. For our financial information; that would be harder. This group has some serious capabilities.

I pulled out my cell phone and began to dial. Alexis looked at the phone and up at me with a confused look on her face. "I'm calling Jarrod." Alexis' confused look turned to a smile.

As the phone dialed the tones and then the buzz-buzz of the phone ringing Alexis said, "He just bought that small company specializing in computer and personal security. He has some serious ex-military people working for him." I nodded just as the phone was answered.

After a torrent of questions about how we were where we were, etc, I interrupted him and told him the whole story of our situation. He explained that his firm had previously been contacted by Interpol about a highly organized team of extortionists working throughout Europe.

He asked if we felt threatened and I replied "No. Not yet anyway." Jarrod was amused at this team's efforts to extort money with compromising photos of me or Alexis. He agreed with Spiros' assessment that they had picked the wrong couple. Jarrod gave me two options: one was to just leave the island; the other was to stay and help bring their organization down." I put Jarrod on hold while Alexis and I discussed the options. I let her make the decision. She was the one most in danger if there was any. There was no hesitation, she wanted to stay.

Jarrod told us to act like we knew nothing of this. He and a couple of his guys would be here by mid-morning. I could hear computer keys clicking away in the background. He was already on the job. He said, "I'll call Interpol and let them know," he promised that he'd call when they got in and was about to conclude our conversation when Alexis yelled out, "How is Dee and the baby?"

"She and the baby are great. Dee sends her love. Love you guys" and he hung up. I wasn't sure how all this would affect Alexis. She would either freak-out or be excited by the intrigue. As I pushed the cell phone back in my pocket it was immediately obvious that it was the latter. It was only a moment before Alexis pulled herself out of her chair and stripped off her robe. She bent down and unzipped my shorts and pulled my hardening cock out and crawled onto my lap. I ran my fingers through her sex as she jerked me harder. She was sopping wet. This whole thing was turning her on.

Alexis pushed her lips to mine and kissed me hard as she wiggled forward in my lap as she guided my cock to her sex. She was already breathing hard and moaning as she gently pushed herself onto my velvet crown. I groaned too. My head rocked backward and Alexis' lips went to my neck. I wrapped my arms around her back with my hands on her waist and pulled her body hard to me which pushed her pussy down my shaft. We both groaned hard and a second later we were fucking like rabbits right there on the edge of our patio and the road.

Alexis' urgency raised the stakes and in less than five minutes she was thrashing around in my lap as she was basically screwing her hips down on my cock as she twisted and rocked. Her orgasm pulled mine forward and we were both in the middle of silent screams when we heard an "Aaa-hemmm" from behind Alexis. I looked over Alexis' shoulder to see where the noise had come from. Alexis pulled herself in tight to me to cover her tits. Her spastic surges from her orgasm continued as I launched several ropes of cum.

Two forms stood about ten feet away in the darkness. It was Zeva and Spiros. We were going to be introduced to Spiros. My immediate guess was that Spiros was going to take a shot at an illicit relationship with Alexis. I already knew he was infatuated with her. I found myself being curious to see how Alexis would react to Spiros' advances. Pardon the pun but he was a 'Greek God' with his black hair and eyes, dark skin, pumped physique. He was short though at two inches shorter than Alexis.

I muttered, "Oh, hi Lina. It was such a beautiful evening. We just came out to enjoy it. Uuummm. I guess we got carried away." With Alexis clinging to my neck, I looked at Spiros. He didn't say a word as he waited for Lina to introduce us.

Lina looked at Spiros and said, "Umm George? This is Michael and his lovely wife Cathy. Michael and Cathy this is an old friend, 'Umm George'." I released Alexis' back with my right hand and offered it to 'Umm George.' He stepped forward a couple steps and shook my offered hand.

Spiros, aka 'George' said, "It's nice to meet you two. Lina has told me all about you guys." 'I bet she did,' I thought.

I said, "Pardon us. Could you cover Cathy with her robe?" Lina bent and picked up the discarded robe and draped it over Alexis' shoulders. She slid back on my thighs to wrap the robe around her chest and she let out a groan as she slid off my softening but still hard cock." Lina giggled at Alexis' groan. Alexis stood up and tied the sash of her robe. She offered a hand for me to stand as I unsuccessfully attempted to stuff my gooey cock back in my pants. Lina stepped forward to help and she giggled again at her fruitless attempts.

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