tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 60

Pool Boy Ch. 60


The drone of the engines drowned out the sound of Eva's clothes dropping down her arms and legs to the cabin floor. Alexis and I just watched from our vantage point on the bed in the after compartment of our Gulfstream G650 private jet. Eva's gorgeous body raised our libidos as Alexis subconsciously continued to gently stroke my granite hard cock. One of Eva's hands had gone to her pubic mound as soon as her thong dropped along with her shorts. The other hand went to her breasts as she ran her fingertips over her rock hard nipples. Compared to her large tits; her aureoles where small and dark. Eva's eyes shifted from Alexis to me as she stood in the doorway deciding who to start with.

Alexis was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she patted the bed beside me. This seemed to break Eva's trance and she reached back and slid the compartment door shut behind her before climbing onto the bed to the spot indicated by Alexis. Her hand was still in her sex which glistened with moisture. Her face and upper chest was flushed with sexual arousal. Her lascivious look matched the look on Alexis' face. I silently prayed to myself, 'God. Please let me survive this encounter.'

Alexis started things off by reaching forward with her free hand to cup Eva's breast that she wasn't caressing at the moment. Eva's breath caught in her throat at Alexis' touch. She stared into Alexis' aqua-blue eyes. Eva released her breast and reached for Alexis' and when she made contact; Alexis released the breath she had been holding in a long loud groan. Eva smiled with Alexis' reaction. I just watched the sparks flying between these two incredibly gorgeous women. Alexis had stopped manipulating my cock as she locked onto Eva's eyes and even a strong cock-flex from me only prompted a tighter grip from Alexis. This moment is just what I had envisioned when Alexis requested that Eva fly home with us.

The passion building between Alexis and Eva was palpable and explosive. The fuse had been lit the moment Eva started removing her clothes in the doorway. I was wondering when it would detonate. Eva pulled her eyes from Alexis' gaze and looked at me with that same desire. My cock surged in Alexis' hand and she started slowly stroking it from ridge to balls again. Eva's intense gaze moved to my cock in Alexis' hand when she noticed the movement again. Her constant smile changed to a grin as her eyes lifted back to Alexis' gaze.

Alexis looked down at my cock as she pulled the palm of her hand across my velvety crown which was slick with cum from before or pre-cum for what was about to happen. Alexis grinned at me before looking back at Eva.

Alexis glanced down at my cock quickly and aimed it at Eva. Eva followed Alexis' glance and smiled and nodded slightly as she scooched herself closer to us and wrapped her fingers around my cock like she was shaking my hand as Alexis relaxed her grip and released it. Alexis and Eva were still enthralled with each other as Eva began stroking my cock with more vigor than Alexis had used. My cock flexed back on her grip which caused Eva to avert her gaze and look down at it.

Alexis moved a hand to her sex. She was soaking wet from before and nothing had happened since to change that. Over the drone of the engines, I could hear squishing noises from Alexis' pussy. She closed her eyes and parted her lips exposing her clenched teeth as she seethed air through them and luxuriated in the moment.

Eva watched Alexis' face as she continued to jerk me off. I watched both of their faces as I luxuriated in the moment too. Eva smiled as she watched Alexis' face morph through many images of pure joy. Eva would confess later that she had never met anyone as sexy and sensual as Alexis. I couldn't help thinking, 'You ain't so bad yourself Eva.'

Alexis' facial expression suddenly changed from joy to strain as her facial muscles tightened along with her torso. Even her toes, that were exposed behind her as she sat on her ankles, curled up. Eva looked from Alexis' facial contortion to me and grinned before speaking her first words since she opened the door, "She's gonna blow. Fuck. What a sight. God damn she's hot." Eva gripped my cock tighter and increased her pace. She was biting her lower lip as she returned her eyes to Alexis to watch the grand finale.

Alexis' pending orgasm was building higher as her eyes burst open and her mouth flew wide open to expose her still clenched teeth until the bomb exploded and Alexis screamed hard, long and loud. She was looking at Eva but I doubted that she was seeing anything. Her lower torso thrust forward as her shoulders flew back. Her head pitched forward like she was a rag-doll. An instant later her head and stomach snapped back as her upper torso surged forward. Her mouth was open wide as she screamed again. A shudder coursed through her entire body from toes to face as she rocked through another cycle of body spasms. Her fingers were flailing in her sex until she began to settle down. She pulled her hand back because each time she touched her inflamed clitoris she let out a loud groan and thrust her hips forward.

Eva had slowed her hand on my cock as she grew concerned with Alexis. After a few minutes, Alexis' eyes cleared and she grinned at me and then Eva. She noticed the concerned look on Eva's face and said, "I'm fine. I'm better than fine. Holy fuck, that was intense." She took a deep breath and slowly blew it out before looking down at Eva's hand slowly working on my cock and with a huge grin on her face said, "What the fuck are you guys doing?" She looked at Eva and said, "Are you going to jerk that thing off all the way home? Come on; get your pussy on that thing. You know you want to." Eva smiled at her and looked down at my cock sliding through her hand.

I must have had a confused look on my face as Alexis looked at me. She smiled and said, "I know, but I want you to do this. Okay?" I smiled back at her and nodded. Alexis pulled herself away from me to make room for Eva to throw one leg over me and settle her ass down on my balls. She hadn't released my cock and she was pressing the length of my shaft along her sex and grinding her pubis on it. Eva glanced over at Alexis as if to make sure she was still alright with this. Alexis grinned and motioned with her hands to 'go'.

Alexis leaned down and kissed me just as Eva slid her pussy onto my glans. I groaned into Alexis' mouth and she giggled and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Eva cautiously worked her way down my shaft. She groaned and stopped at the fattest point. She lifted up an inch and then moved all the way to my balls. After that she didn't waste a second as she immediately began driving her pussy on and off my cock like she had to hurry before Alexis changed her mind. Alexis released my tongue and whispered, "You're gonna need that in a second."

Alexis climbed over the top of my head and settled her sex on my face facing Eva who was now in a world of her own as she sat up tall gripping her tits as she rocked and pivoted her hips to slam her pussy on my cock and then slowly drag herself back only to repeat. Her hips twisted and rocked to change up the action.

All I could see was Alexis' pussy and anus. I alternated my attack on each and Alexis gyrating on my face. I held her hips over me and worked my tongue from one hole to the other. Hygiene was the last of my concerns. Satisfied that Alexis was perched firmly on my face, I reached up and cradled her tits. I palmed her nipples and she groaned hard as she slid her sex on my face.

I felt Eva change her position as she leaned forward just as Alexis leaned toward her. They were kissing each other passionately as Eva rode my cock and Alexis rode my tongue. I was in heaven and I didn't want this to ever stop. Unfortunately, the euphoria always ends. My orgasm seemed to just appear from nowhere. It didn't come from my toes like it seemed to sometimes. It was just there and there wasn't a thing I could do except go with it. I welcomed it and tried hard to let it build to an ultimate explosive climax. Eva could feel my cock growing harder as my orgasm built and she grimaced and groaned into Alexis' mouth, "Jeeeesus. It's getting bigger. He's going to split me in two." She kept up her motion and I joined the action by thrusting my hips up to meet hers as they descended. She groaned hard when I did that.

Alexis recognized what was about to happen and she pulled back to watch the facial contortions on Eva's face. She wasn't disappointed as I heard her giggle as the pained expression on Eva's face morphed through many masks until I exploded cum up my shaft. Eva screamed into Alexis' grinning face but she kept on grinding her pelvis on my cock, trying hard to pull out her own orgasm. I lost count of the number of long powerful ropes of cum that I launched into Eva. She groaned with each one.

I resumed my attack on Alexis' pussy and anus as she resumed grinding her pelvis on my face until I felt a familiar twitch of her hips and a long groan as Alexis announced that she was going to cum. I ramped up my attack. She groaned again but lifted her ass off my face and threw her body off me and collapsed on her back beside me with fingers flailing in her pussy. Alexis looked over at Eva, still sitting on my hips grinding her hips on my cock searching for her climax, and gave her a pleading look.

Eva got the look and pulled herself up and off my cock with a groan and spun her body off mine to a sixty-nine position above Alexis. Cum was dripping out of Eva's pussy and down into Alexis' waiting mouth. Eva's face went into Alexis' pussy with force and determination. She was flailing her tongue along Alexis' pussy, lapping up whatever fluids were there before plunging her tongue deep in Alexis' pussy. Alexis screamed and choked on cum she was in the process of swallowing.

After Alexis cleared her throat, she attacked Eva's pussy and she came out of Alexis' sex and groaned hard before attacking Alexis' pussy again. Holy shit, what a show. Eva looked up and gritted her teeth and groaned again. She dropped her head to look between their bodies and watched Alexis jamming her tongue in her pussy. When Alexis pulled out, she flicked the tip over Eva's clitoris and that was it for her. She screamed loud and then groaned out, "OH GOD. I'MMM CCCUMMINNGGG." Alexis broadened her tongue and lapped up Eva's juices as it bubbled out of her sex.

Eva held her head high while her orgasm pulsed through her rigid body. Then she dropped her head down to rest her forehead on the bed between Alexis' thighs. She apparently didn't even realize that this put her face right on Alexis' sex. Alexis knew that Eva was done and she started laughing at the placement of Eva's face. She was breathing heavily right on Alexis' clitoris. Eva wondered what Alexis was laughing at and she lifted her head slightly and opened her eyes to be greeted by Alexis' labia and pink bubbling vagina. Eva burst of laughing too and then she lowered her head and kissed Alexis right on the clitoris which forced her to drive her hips up. Eva let herself roll off Alexis to the far side of the bed. She and Alexis were still gasping for air as their chests rose and fell at a rapid but slowly pace.

Ten minutes later, we had all recovered our breathing and out of the blue, Eva started laughing. Alexis joined her and I chuckled as I wished this scene had been video-taped. My cock limply hung over my balls between my thighs. Even as I looked across the naked bodies beside me, there wasn't a hint of an erection. I rolled on my side to look out one of the port-hole windows to see if we were over land or not. There was no telling. There was nothing below us but white cotton-ball clouds. I just dropped my head on the pillow and stayed there on my side right on the edge of the bed. My flaccid cock succumbed to gravity and dropped to the bed over my left hip. There was no movement behind me and I dozed off to the thrum of the engines.

I was on the Caribbean Island again. Everyone was there. Even Jarrod and Dee holding a bundled baby suckling on her left tit were there. Eva was there too. Heather, the ADA was there. I was happy to see everyone. We were all lined up for a tug-of-war. Everyone was naked. Eva was first in line on the other team grinning at me. Alexis came next and it seemed that everyone I knew was lined up behind Alexis. I looked back to see who was on my side but there was no one there. I reached down for the rope and discovered that the rope was in fact my dick and I could feel Eva and Alexis pulling on it. I looked back over my shoulder again. There must be someone helping me. Again, there was no one there.

I burst out of my dream gasping for air. The dream or nightmare instantly began to fragment. I reached for my dick only to discover that hands were already on it pulling. My first thought, as I was coming to, was 'there's no way I can beat all these people'. I grabbed the only thing left to grab which turned out to be my balls. A giggling noise came into my consciousness as I struggled into reality. I opened my eyes and there was Eva, sitting on the floor beside Alexis giggling as they were stroking my soft cock with Eva's lips over my glans. I released my balls and groaned as I came more fully awake. Alexis leaned forward past Eva's head and said, "Wake up sleepy head. You've got one more thing to do before we land." I smiled as my dick responded to Eva's lips and the combined stokes of their hands.

As my cock lengthened, Eva took the new length into her mouth. She groaned on the new girth and she tried to flex her lips as she held my cock in place with her teeth. Both Eva and Alexis were leaning their backs against the bulkhead. There wasn't any room to maneuver but they didn't need to. I stayed right where I was and in moments, Eva was dragging her teeth along my glans as she started her blow-job. I groaned hard and thought, 'fuck she's good.' She tried to turn her head so she could watch my reactions but there was no room to turn her torso toward me.

Eva worked my cock for a couple minutes and then pulled off to flex her jaw and Alexis leaned in and took over for her. She drove her face right down my shaft and I felt my glans push into her throat. Eva watched from inches away and muttered, "Jesus girl. You're going to have to show me how you do that." Alexis giggled with my cock in her throat and gagged and coughed forcing her to pull my cock back into her mouth. She cleared her throat and went back to her head bouncing throat-job mixed with a blow-job. Alexis glanced to her right to see if Eva was ready for another go and then pulled off and offered it back to Eva who smiled and pushed her lips over my glans again and stayed right there drilling my 'spot' and lashing her tongue around the ridge.

Alexis dipped her head under Eva's and sucked one of my testicles into her mouth and batted it around with her tongue. This combination was all I could take as my body went stiff and cum blasted up my shaft into Eva's mouth. She was ready for it and she was swallowing immediately. Alexis looked like she was disappointed that she didn't get any from the source but I was sure she would get some from Eva.

When Eva pulled back her lips were distended and her cheeks looked like a chipmunk with a peanut in its mouth. Eva turned her head to face Alexis with a hint of a smile. Alexis bent down and pushed her lips to Eva's. I could see their tongues working and moments later, they faced me with open mouths pushing their prize out on their lips and sucking it back in. They swirled cum in their mouths and swallowed together. They opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out and started laughing. I joined them and rolled onto my back as Eva and Alexis climbed up on the bed and cuddled themselves up beside me on either side.

The next thing I knew I was alone on the bed. Eva's clothes, which she had dropped at the door, were gone as were Alexis' clothes that I had peeled off her when we started. I swung my feet to the floor and leaned over and grabbed my clothes. I pulled them up to my thighs and stood up to finish the job. I splashed water on my face in the lavatory and grabbed a washcloth and wet it to wash my cock off. It was soft and sticky with saliva and cum. I zipped up and pushed back the door to the seating compartment.

Both Alexis and Eva looked back at me. They grinned at me and Alexis said, "You're alive."

I muttered, "Just barely." I felt like a truck had run over me. It was made even worse by their energetic countenance.

I sat down in a plush seat and cradled my head in my hands as Alexis and Eva giggled at me. "How much longer?" I said.

Eva looked at the digital display and said, "Two hours and twenty-three minutes, approximately." I struggled out of my seat and went to the galley. I needed caffeine badly. I grabbed a coke and then noticed a box of those five hour energy drinks and grabbed one of those too and returned to my seat. Alexis and Eva watched every move until I was seated again sucking down the energy drink before opening the soda. They went back to their conversation. I tilted my chair back and listened to them chat and giggle. After a while I was feeling better.

I hardly felt the wheels touch down on the runway. We taxied to the Signature Support Terminal and I was amazed to see our Mercedes Van sitting on the tarmac. I made a note to self: Find out whom, in our Assistant Group made our return arrangements. I was particularly impressed with her efficiency. I wanted her to be assigned to me for whenever I needed their assistance. I couldn't remember her name but she had a Australian accent that I could listen to all day.

Our van was brought over to the stairs and two Signature employees loaded our luggage inside. Eva grabbed her duffle bag and said she had to go. "I don't want to hold up the boss," she said as she hugged and kissed Alexis. They were the same height so there were no stretching body contortions. Eva did have to stretch up to kiss me and then she hugged me around the neck and whispered, "I absolutely loved our time together and I love your wife. Be good to her."

I hugged my arms around her back and whispered back. "That's the plan. It was a pleasure getting to know you." She giggled and pulled back. She threw air-kisses as she ran across the tarmac to the Signature Office building. We watched her go and then we thanked the pilot and co-pilot who were just coming down the stairs. We got in the still idling van and drove out through the gate just as Jarrod and Eva and the third guy came down the walkway heading for their vehicles. Jarrod popped the trunk on his Mazerati as Eva did the same on her Cooper Mini Convertible. The third guy went to a beat up old Toyota Camry and threw his bag in the back seat. I stopped and Alexis rolled down her window. I said, "Thanks again Jarrod. If you're going home, we'll probably already be there. Alexis is anxious to see her niece."

Jarrod grinned and said, "She's a cutey. She looks just like her mother. Thank God." Alexis grinned and leaned out the window for a kiss and Jarrod leaned forward to comply. I tooted the horn at Eva as we passed and she turned and waved as she slid into her driver's seat. We waved back even though we knew she couldn't see us.

Alexis inhaled deeply and said, "It still has that new car smell." She was right.

We were delayed at the guard shack providing security for the gated community that Dee, Jarrod and Emma lived in. We wanted to surprise Dee and Emma so we hadn't called ahead and the guard wasn't expecting us. He had to call Dee for her permission and it took a while. As the guard hung up the phone, Jarrod pulled up behind us and told the guard we were okay. He waved at Jarrod and pressed a button to open the gate. We led Jarrod past all the mansions to his driveway. He parked in his spot and we parked off to the side past Emma's Mercedes. Dee's Porsche had been replaced by a BMW X5 SUV.

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