Pool Boy Ch. 60


Jarrod retrieved his duffle bag from the tiny trunk and we went inside together. Dee was standing in the front door with baby in arms with a huge smile on her face. Jarrod had let her know his ETA but had said nothing of our plans but she had been alerted to our arrival by the guard. Emma appeared beside Dee and took the baby from her so she could properly welcome her husband home which she did vigorously. When we stepped through the door into their foyer, Dee pulled herself away from Jarrod and tears formed in her eyes as she threw her arms around Alexis and hugged her tight and stretch up for a kiss. Then she hugged Alexis again before she grabbed me and hugged me and pulled her face to my chest before looking up with pursed lips. I bent down to kiss her.

Immediately upon release by Dee, Alexis moved to her mother for a kiss and a one armed hug before she started 'goo gooing' with the baby. I looked over just in time to see a big smile develop on Adele's face in response to Alexis' baby talk. Emma made the introductions, "Mr. and Mrs. West, this is Adele. Isn't she a little doll? Adele, sweetie, this is your Aunt Alexis and Uncle Hunter." We grinned more from our new titles than anything. Alexis reached over and touched Adele's hand. She initially pulled back before wrapping her fingers around Alexis' finger with a big grin on her face.

Alexis gave a look to Emma and she gently handed Adele to Alexis. Jarrod and Dee had their arm on the other's waist and grinned at Alexis with Adele. I was expecting it when it happened. Alexis glanced at me with a look that said, "Oh my God, I want one of these." She turned around to face Dee and Jarrod and tears exploded from her eyes and down her cheeks as she whimpered, "She's beautiful. Jarrod was right. She does look like you."

Dee teared up too and said, "Wait until you see our old baby pictures. You won't be able to tell who is who."

We moved into the living room as Alexis continued talking baby talk to Adele. She would grin and I would laugh because it almost looked like Adele's facial expressions were saying, "Why is this crazy person talking to me that way." Alexis offered for me to hold Adele and I reluctantly accepted her and everyone burst out laughing.

Emma said, "Don't hold her like she was a can of paint, Hunter. Put her on chest and shoulder." She used her arms and hands to provide direction and I pulled Adele to me and held her in the crook of my arm. Everyone burst out laughing again and Emma said, "Not like a football either." Dee took the baby from me and put her on my chest with her head resting on my shoulder and placed my arm to hold her. Emma said, "Now you've got it." I guess it was instinct but I began lightly patting Adele on the back and she promptly belched and spit up on my shoulder. Dee was horrified but everyone else burst out laughing again. I had wondered what Dee had over her shoulder when we arrived. Now I knew. Dee grabbed the cloth off her shoulder and wiped Adele's face and then wiped off my shoulder.

Jarrod said, "Occupational hazard Hunter. She's a puker."

Dee slapped Jarrod on the arm and said, "Don't you say bad things about your daughter." Jarrod gave Dee a look of apology and then grinned at me. I had had enough of Adele and I looked for someone to take her. Emma caught my look first and lifted Adele from my arm. When Adele saw her grandmother, her face burst into a smile as if she was glad to see a face that she knew. Now Emma was talking baby talk.

We visited the rest of the day and related our experiences in Monte Carlo and then Mykonos. We stayed away from discussing Spiros and Zeva. Later in the day, Dee breast fed Adele. I was amazed at what the 'titty-fairy' had bestowed on Dee. Dee watched me watching her and when Adele had had her fill, she handed the burp-cloth and Adele to Emma and shook her giant boobs at me and said, "Do you want some?" She milked her nipple with her thumb and index finger and a tiny thread of milk squirted from her nipple into her other hand.

I don't know what look came across my face but everyone laughed and I grinned at Dee. She cupped the sides of her boobs and pushed them together. She looked at me the whole time and said, "Now I know what Mom has to endure. These things are huge and heavy." As big as they were, compared to before her pregnancy, they were not as large as Emma's. Dee pulled her bra down from her neck and worked to get her mounds placed properly. My dick decided he had had enough and decided to make a spectacle of himself. I had no control.

Emma noticed the crotch of my pants expanding as my cock pressed hard against the material. She handed Adele and the burp cloth to Alexis who greedily accepted her with a grin. Emma stood up and smoothed her skirt before moving toward me. She had a sultry look on her face and her eyes were on my crotch so I knew what was on her mind. I glanced at Alexis but her attention was on Adele. Emma offered me her hand and I took it and stood up after adjusting the position of my rigid cock in my pants. Emma grinned and led me toward the study across the hall from the foyer. She stopped and looked down at Jarrod and offered him her other hand. He smiled at Emma and then at me. He seemed to know what this was about. I thought I knew but I wasn't sure.

Dee watched Emma lead Jarrod and me from the room and then turned to Alexis and offered to take Adele. No way was Adele going to give her up but now she was aware that her mother and Jarrod and I were gone. Dee noticed Alexis' confusion about where everyone had gone and said, "Mom's earning her keep." She used her fingers to 'air-quote' - "earning her keep". She laughed and explained, "Mom thinks she should be doing something to earn her keep here. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of Jarrod's needs but as I got closer to delivery, Mom insisted on helping out." She giggled and then continued, "I know she just likes doing it for her own benefit. Now she's making crap up about how his sperm will contaminate my milk. I will be glad when we can have intercourse again. The doctor says not for six weeks. I'm still pretty sore down there from the stitches but six weeks? No way."

I had known what Emma liked doing from the moment I met her over a year ago and that was giving blow-jobs and sex in general and that is exactly were Emma was leading Jarrod and me now. Before we even got in the Study Jarrod was unbuckling and unbuttoning his pants. I was making no assumptions and waited to see what Emma had in mind.

Emma led us to an overstuffed sofa and motioned us to sit down and we sat as instructed right beside each other. Emma smiled at Jarrod as she discovered that he was ready for her. She unzipped his pants and he lifted his butt so she could pull them and his underwear down to his shoes. His cock was ready for whatever she had in mind. I wondered just how far this would go.

Emma knelt down on her knees and began working on my belt and button before she unzipped my pants. I followed Jarrod's example by lifting my butt to allow Emma to pull my pants down. I wore no underwear and Emma giggled as my granite hard fatty sprang up. Emma wrapped her left hand around my cock as far as she could and then her right hand gripped Jarrod's cock. Emma grinned at me and then at Jarrod and began jerking us both off. I glanced at Jarrod who was looking at me. He offered a fist pump and I gave him one. I said, "You lucky fuck. This has been going on for a while hasn't it?" He grinned and looked back at Emma who was grinning back at him.

Emma leaned forward and opened her mouth wide and dropped it over Jarrod's cock and then closed her lips tight and started bobbing her head up and down. Jarrod's head snapped back against the sofa. He let out a loud groan as "AAWWWK ..AWWWKK.. AWWKK" came from Emma's throat. My cock pushed back against Emma's grip as she continued stroking her hand from my glans to my balls. Jarrod's cock was buried to his balls in Emma's face. He was tossing his head from side to side and groaning hard so I assumed Emma was lashing his cock with her tongue. She had to come up for air as her face was turning red. She pulled off Jarrod's knob and leaned back my way and resumed her hand-job on Jarrod's cock. She ran her tongue around my ridge and flicked the tip of her tongue on my 'spot' and my cock jumped from her hand and hit her in the nose.

Emma held me in place so she could struggle her lips over my knob and once she had, she slowly drove down my shaft to my balls and it was my turn to groan. I glanced again at Jarrod. He was watching Emma inch-worming down the last couple inches of my shaft. Her lips were stretched into thin white lines. Jarrod muttered, "Jesus Christ Hunter. She's the best." At that moment, I had to agree.

Emma sucked my cock for a couple minutes and then went back to Jarrod's cock for a couple minutes before returning to mine. After only thirty seconds, Emma pulled back and flexed her jaw and mumbled, "I guess I'm out of practice." She pulled back and stood up. I was disappointed. I was getting close but when Emma began taking her clothes off I knew we weren't done. I quickly glanced at Jarrod. He was stoking his hard cock watching Emma disrobe.

Emma's nipples were rock hard and long on her flushed and firm tits. Her sex was sopping wet as she ran her hand through her sex. She pulled her hand back and pushed her wet fingers to her mouth. The look on her face was like she was going to eat us both as she pulled her index finger from her lips.

Emma pushed my knees together and straddled them as she slid up my thighs and maneuvered her sex to my cock. She was breathing very erratically as she groaned with anticipation. She slid forward and took my fatty into her pussy. Her head rocked back on her neck as she released a demonic, guttural groan and I did the same as she pushed herself to the bottom of my cock. My hands automatically went to her delicious tits and gently tweaked her nipples. Jarrod was furiously jerking himself off.

Emma pulled herself back up my shaft and slowly dropped herself back down again and stopped. She leaned forward and whispered, "Fuck my ass." It wasn't a question. She pushed herself up and off my shaft and sat down on my thighs again and guided my glans to her pussy and gently dragged it across her clitoris. She moaned as her body trembled. She slid back off my thighs and moved over to Jarrod and did the same thing. She was gasping for oxygen as she slid her sex onto Jarrod's cock and immediately started rocking her hips forward and back. Jarrod's hands went to her tits as I pushed myself off the sofa and dropped to one knee and maneuvered my cock to Emma's anus. She looked back at me with a pleading look on her face and said, "Hurry. I'm so hot. I'm gonna cum."

My cock was slick from her pussy juices and I guided it to her rosebud. I was going too slowly for her and she stopped fucking Jarrod and reached back and grabbed my slick cock and held my cock as she rocked her sphincter over my glans and groaned hard in the process. I didn't hear her because I was groaning so hard.

As my shaft slowly disappeared into her ass, Jarrod groaned out, "Oh fuck. I can feel you slide past me. You'd better get going because I'm not going to last long like this." Emma took matters into her own hands as she started rocking her pelvis forward and back as she slid onto Jarrod's cock and off of mine and then the opposite. The tightness and heat in Emma's bowels caught me up to them very quickly. All three of us were groaning so loud I was sure Dee and Alexis could hear us in the Living Room.

Then I felt my balls being fondled and I looked back to see that Alexis wasn't in the Living Room. She was on her knees beside me with my balls in her hand. She grinned at me and said, "Give it to her Baby. Give her what she wants." Emma heard Alexis' voice and turned around and smiled at her. She was gasping hard as she was in a good rhythm fucking herself on our cocks.

Then Jarrod let out a groan, "Oh fuck. I'm gone." I had felt his cock hardening beside mine and that was it for me too.

I groaned, "Me too," as my cock hardened in Emma's ass and she let out a scream. With Alexis gripping my balls I exploded my load into Emma's bowels as Jarrod did the same in her vagina. Emma was thrashing around on our cocks before she let out a scream, "Oh my gawwwdd. I needed this," as I felt her vaginal clenches begin. Jarrod was throwing his head from side to side with what looked like a painful grimace on his face. I knew he wasn't in pain. He was in heaven, right beside Emma and me.

Alexis was amused by the movement of my balls so she knelt down to get a good look at them before she sucked one into her mouth so she could feel it move on its own. My cock surged harder and Emma's body shuddered as she collapsed forward onto Jarrod's chest and shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. She was trembling and then I realized that she was crying. Alexis released my testicle and moved up on her knees to comfort her mother by kissing away the tears as they streamed down her face.

Emma recovered and stopped crying. She sat up from Jarrod's chest and groaned as she pushed back on my cock, which was still imbedded in her ass. I pulled my semi-hard cock back and let it ease out of her butt. She groaned again as I came free. She bent forward and kissed Jarrod and then turned back to kiss me. I leaned in for it. Then Alexis kissed her mother and then me before she got to her feet and helped me up.

Emma stayed where she was as her breathing gradually returned to normal. Jarrod's softened cock dropped out of Emma's pussy followed by cum drooling down onto Jarrod's knees. When she moved to get off Jarrod, cum pushed from her anus and ran down her legs. Alexis move fast to retrieve a towel to save the day.

After we all cleaned up, Emma stuffed the towel into her crotch and collapsed to a chair beside the sofa. I pulled on my pants and zipped up. Jarrod did the same. Alexis knelt in front of Emma and pulled back the towel. Emma smiled down at Alexis. She knew what Alexis was going to do. Alexis leaned forward and pushed her tongue into Emma's pussy searching for Jarrod's cum. It had been a long while since they had sex together. Emma moaned from Alexis' attack and spread her legs to give better access.

While Jarrod and I watched, Alexis tongued Emma's pussy through another orgasm. I don't know if that was Alexis' plan but she was pleased with herself when she stood up with a grin on her face and then bent down to kiss her mother on the lips while Emma gasped for oxygen again. Alexis looked at Jarrod and grinned as she licked her lips and said, "Mmmm. Yummy." He smiled at her and moved in and pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. Alexis returned the kiss as she pushed her cum tasting tongue into his mouth. He accepted it without issue. I knew she would do that and I chuckled to myself.

We got Emma up and dressed again and resumed our visiting with Dee and Adele. When everyone was seated again, Dee said, "Mom. You are going to have to stop that. It's not a good example to be setting for Adele."

Emma pouted out her lower lip but accepted Dee's chastising and simply said, "I know. I'll try to be more discrete."

Dee was a little terser with her reply, "No Mom. I can't wait to get back in the saddle and there's no way I'm waiting the six weeks."

Emma replied, "Okay. When you get back in the saddle, I'll get out." Dee stared at Emma for several moments and then smiled and nodded.

Dee and Emma offered for us to stay the night but we were only minutes from our high rise apartment in the City so we declined. If we stayed, I knew it would be an orgy and I wanted to be alone with my new bride. I didn't even need to have sex with her. I just wanted to hold her and caress her body and kiss her. We needed a moment to unwind from our Honeymoon and the events on Mykonos were stressful.

When we got home, I just left the luggage in the van. We'd deal with that later. Alexis went to the kitchen to see what there was to eat and there wasn't much. The refrigerator was completely empty, not even a beer or a soda. Without a word, I guided Alexis into the bedroom and removed her clothes and then removed my own. It was dark outside and the city lights were the only illumination in the room. It was enough to present an extremely sexy vision of Alexis in shadow and dim illumination at the same time. I knew she was getting aroused. So was I, as evidenced by my erection.

I moved to her as she looked up at my face. She took my erection in her hand but she just held it in her palm. She had a quizzical look on her face that was mostly in shadow. Goose-bumps formed on her backlit arms. My hands went behind her back at her waist and I gently pulled her to me. She seemed to float closer until her breasts were on my ribs. Her nipples were hard. She released my erection and put her arms around my neck and stretched up and pressed her lips to mine. The kiss wasn't passionate. It was sensuous and I could feel goose-bumps roll across my body as I trembled. She pulled back her lips but not her head and she pursed her lips and kissed me again. My hands dropped lower over the curve of her ass and cupped her butt-cheeks. Her body shuddered and she whispered, "I love you Hunter." I knew that the use of my name meant this was a serious "I love you". It wasn't the casual "I love you Baby" as the thought passed through her mind to assure me of her love. This "I love you" came from her heart with every bit of energy she had. Those words drilled into me and tears burst from my eyes and coursed down my cheeks. I didn't try to stop them. I was overwhelmed with love for the woman in my arms. As all this was flashing through my mind, Alexis pushed up on her toes and kissed me hard and with passion as if to provide an exclamation to her words.

Other than the tears, I didn't respond. Uttering, "I love you too" or "I love you back" or even "I love you Alexis" seemed so inappropriate and would only defeat the moment. Instead, I leaned down and kissed her soft lips as they pursed to kiss me back. There would be a moment when a verbal response was appropriate. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as she giggled at the incessant prodding of my hard cock. I walked us to the bathroom and turned on the shower. We kissed with her back pressed to the glass wall while we waited for the hot water.

We made no efforts to wash each other. I immediately lowered myself, with Alexis clinging to me, to the tile floor. I just held her in my arms and even though this was our favorite passionate sex position, she sensed that this was not the time for passionate sex and tears filled her eyes and then overflowed and ran down the sides of her nose to the corners of her lips. We held each other tight and rocked together as my hard cock had a different agenda. We ignored it as we kissed and rubbed our nosed together and gave butterfly kisses to each other. The water was warm and soothing as it cascaded onto my shoulders and back.

Alexis leaned in and whispered, "Your dick is driving me nuts. We don't have to do anything; I just want him in me." She kissed me again and looked down between us as she pivoted her hips forward to run her labia up the length of my cock. She groaned as the ridge of my glans passed over her clitoris. Without a response from me she maneuvered herself and pushed her sex onto my cock. We groaned in stereo.

She settled to the bottom and sat there with a grimace on her face. She looked up from our joined sexes with her eyes opened wide and teeth clenched tight as she groaned, "JEEEEESSSUUUSSSS. He's big." Neither of us moved and she settled down and relaxed as she sucked in a lung full of air and breathed it out slowly through her nose. She leaned to me and kissed me again. She flexed her vaginal muscles and smiled at me and said, "Correction. YOU don't have to do anything."

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