Pool Boy Ch. 60


I placed my lips on hers and dragged my tongue across her lower lip and pulled back and said, "When you said "we don't have to do anything" I knew we would be doing something." She giggled and rocked her hips to pull herself back from my cock and then rocked her hips the opposite direction to push herself back on again. We both groaned.

The water was growing cooler so I reached up and adjusted the dial. Alexis' body shuddered and the vacant look on her face told me she wasn't going to last much longer. Her face turned slowly away from me and her head lolled to the left like she does when she wants me to kiss her neck. I leaned down and nuzzled my lips into her neck and kissed her behind and below her ear and flicked my tongue there just for emphasis. Alexis gasped a huge breath of air into her lungs as she ground her pussy on my cock and groaned as her mouth opened to form an 'O'. Her eyes were closed as she pushed the air in her lungs out to the sound of "ffffaaauuuukkkk".

Suddenly, she snapped to consciousness and started thrusting herself on and off my cock as she stopped breathing altogether. Her eyes went wide as she groaned, "Oh my God. Here I go." Her pussy clenched so hard on my cock that she pulled my orgasm right up to the edge as I yanked Alexis' hips forward and back. I came like a rocket launching cum up my shaft. Alexis screamed loudly as the first shot blasted into her pussy. She yelled, "JEEESSUSSS, Baby. You're killing me." If I was, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I must have groaned through ten strong shots.

When I was able to open my eyes, her mouth was wide open in a silent scream. Her eyes were wide with a horrified look on her face. As my shots lost power, Alexis dropped her forehead to my chest and yelled out, "OH MY GAAAWWWWDDDD," and then she pulled herself tight to me and said, "Jesus, Baby. Are you okay?" I didn't respond.

The water went cold and there wasn't any more play in the dial. I wanted to luxuriate in our passion for a while so I turned the water off and when our breathing returned to normal the only sound was the dripping water from the showerhead. I leaned in and kissed her sensuously and chose that moment to say, "I love you Alexis." Tears formed in her eyes this time. We kissed again and held tight to each other and then struggled to get to our feet.

We toweled each other off with a little teasing. How could she dry off my cock and balls without teasing? I did the same as I pushed the towel between her upper thighs. She didn't want to go to bed with wet hair so she blow dried it first and joined me between the covers.

It seemed like minutes later sun was streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. We hadn't pulled the shades. I hadn't slept that well in a long time. Alexis had my morning woody in a loose grip as she yawned and stretched her free arm out in front of her. She released my woody and brought that arm out to join the first one. She rolled onto my body with her legs between mine grinding her stomach on my woody. All of her weight was on me as she pulled herself up to kiss me. She smiled and said, "Good morning Baby. Last night was amazing. You got me going so hard."

She held her head up and just looked into my eyes with kind of a serious look on her face. Then her lips broke into a smile. She kissed me on the tip of my nose and said, "I love it when you want to go slow and gentle. To me, it means that you love me and not just for the sex. I always seem to blow it for you though. I'm sorry. You have to understand that when you touch me like that, I can feel your love and bolts of electricity race through my body. I can't help myself. The more you want to go slow and tender; my need for you builds to crush me. I can feel swirling orgasms just from your touch and your kisses. I love you and I love that you love me that way." She dipped her face and kissed me gently and then hard. My arms went around her back and I pulled her down hard to me until I literally squeezed the air from her lungs. I released her and ran my hands down her back to her slender waist and up the slope of her ass and gripped her butt-cheeks and pulled her down on my hips. She giggled as she squirmed her hips around on my woody. She sucked my lower lip between her teeth and gently bit down as she pulled her face back taking my lip with her. I didn't resist.

Alexis pushed her torso above me and held her position with locked arms. Her breasts were now available. Her nipples were erect. She grinned down at me and rotated her hips again and said, "I'm sensing that this is not a 'go-slow' moment." I just shook my head. "I'm sensing that you want to go hard and fast." I smiled and nodded. "I'm sensing that you want me take the lead." I grinned and nodded. She rolled and rocked her hips on me again as she grinned down at me. She positioned herself for more direct sex to sex contact and then her body pulsed hard followed by a shudder. Her face registered the cause.

She was trying to maneuver her hips to take me but she grew frustrated with that approach and she finally reached down and rolled her hips to the left and guided my glans into her pussy with her right hand. Then she rolled herself back down and my cock slid inside. Alexis' eyes widened before they closed as she rocked her hips forward to take my entire shaft deep into her pussy. She groaned all the way down and then stopped moving at the bottom. She was breathing erratically. I reached for her tits and cradled them in my hands as I ran my thumbs gently over her rock hard nipples. She groaned from the contact and then she began fucking my cock. I didn't move, other than to flex my cock occasionally. Alexis felt the flexes and groaned every time. I released her tits and used my hands on her ass to assist her motion. In less than five minutes, I was rolling my head from side to side as my orgasm ripped through me. The flexing of my cock with each salvo pulled Alexis into her orgasm. I gripped her ass harder to control her spasms and she collapsed down on my chest again gasping for oxygen. My own gasping raised and lowered her body as she pulsed like she was being driven by random electric pulses.

As she recovered, she kissed my neck as it was the only spot she could kiss without moving, which neither of us did for a long time. My cock softened in her pussy and she giggled as it slowly pulled back in increments from her vaginal grip. As my knob pulled out and was only maintaining contact with her labia, a torrent of cum and vaginal juices followed and ran down my shaft to my balls and collected on the sheets. Alexis giggled and said, "Now look at the mess you made." She made no move to get up until her bladder overruled her and she rolled off me and ran to the bathroom with her hands between her legs. I heard the shower come on which gave my bladder a jolt and I made it to the bathroom just as Alexis was stepping into the steaming water. I followed her in moments later.

We lounged around the condo in pajamas of all things. I had forgotten that I even owned a pair. We renewed our familiarity with the amazing views of the city. We checked occasionally for Fiona in her apartment across the street but she must have been working. Not wanting to interrupt Olivia and Sophia before lunch we waited until two in the afternoon and then grabbed the elevator pass that Olivia had given Alexis and rode unannounced to the Penthouse. The elevator dinged and the doors 'shooshed' open to their Foyer. It was brightly lit from the large skylight. We stepped out of the elevator just as a confused Olivia arrived. Her eyes went huge when she saw who it was and she rushed into my arms and hugged and kissed me and then pulled away to do the same with Alexis.

From the main rooms, we could hear Sophia yelling, "Who is it Livi? How did anyone get up here without calling first? I'm going to have a conversation with our building security."

Olivia yelled back, "its Mr. and Mrs. West come to visit." Sophia rushed into the foyer drying her hands with a dish towel and a huge grin on her face. As she rushed toward me she said, "Look Livi. It's a 'mmmaaayyyyaannn'. I laughed at her quote of the old hen from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons and she slammed into me with a hug and stretched up for a kiss. They both had their makeup on and their hair was perfect as always. In spite of looking like they were ready for a day out on the town, they were dressed just like us, in their PJs.

Olivia guided Alexis, arm in arm into their Penthouse. Sophia and I followed. We were all talking a mile-a-minute. The questions came faster than we could answer. We all realized what we were doing at the same time and we laughed and Olivia invited us to sit. Sophia got coffee for all of us and brought the cups and a carafe on a silver tray. Our visit resumed at a more leisurely pace. We sat in overstuffed chairs and Olivia sat on one love seat while Sophia sat on the other.

As the Q&A slowed down, Alexis got up and moved over to Sophia's love seat and cuddled up with her. Sophia and Alexis had always had a special relationship ever since I started hooking up with the "Four Amigos", which consisted of Olivia, Sophia, Emma and Alexis, more than a year ago in Olivia's bedroom. As Alexis snuggled up with Sophia, those memories flooded into my mind and my cock slowly rose in my pajama bottoms. Sophia didn't notice as her attention was on Alexis' hand caressing her left breast. Olivia noticed though and she wet her lips with her tongue as she watched the flimsy material of my PJs moving in my lap. Sophia's low pitched soft moan pulled Olivia's attention away from my crotch and she looked over at Sophia and Alexis to see what they were doing. They were kissing and fondling each other's tits. The memories that had caused my cock to harden were now displaced by reality. It wouldn't be long before Sophia and Alexis were engaged in sexual activity.

I pulled my attention from them back to Olivia. She was watching them as her face flushed with sexual tension. Her left hand was on her right tit as she set her coffee cup down on the end-table. Her shiny satin top highlighted her hardened nipples. As I watched Olivia suck her lower lip between her teeth, I let my cock push through the hole in my PJ bottoms and I reached inside and pulled my balls out too. Olivia's attention drifted back to me and her gaze dropped to my lap for a moment before lifting back to my face. She almost whimpered, "Oh my God, Hunter. You can't even imagine how badly I want you right now." I smiled and rocked my hips forward as I spread my legs. Olivia glanced over at Sophia and Alexis who had unbuttoned the other's tops. When Olivia looked back at me, I had my cock in my hand aiming it at her.

Olivia was trying hard to control herself; knowing full well that she would lose that battle. She unbuttoned her top and caressed her huge tits avoiding her nipples. She pushed one hand inside her bottoms and I could see the material rhythmically moving forward and back as she was obviously frigging herself. Her face was even redder and it extended down her neck to her chest.

When there was movement on Sophia loveseat, both Olivia and I looked to see Sophia and Alexis move into a sixty-nine position on the loveseat. PJ's were discarded as they positioned themselves. They were both gasping for air as each drove their tongues into the other's sex. Their heads bobbed in and out of the other's sex.

That was it for Olivia. She returned her attention to my lap and as she groaned out a cleansing breath, she slid off her loveseat to her hands and knees and moved across the living room like a cat on the hunt. Her eyes were zeroed in on her target. On hands and knees she walked her lips right onto my cock. With lips pressed firmly to my glans she replaced my hand with hers and held it tight as she pushed her lips over the crown and down the shaft. She sat her ass down on her feet and to my amazement she took more and more of me until she pulled herself down the last inch with her lips. When she looked up at me to see my reaction, she pulled back instantly as she got laughing at my shocked expression. Olivia had never been able to deep throat my cock until now. She coughed and cleared her throat and said, "I've been practicing. I'm still trying to get a man." She pushed her lips back on and gagged once on her way to my balls again. She tried to give me a throat-job like Alexis and Emma do but she was forced off with a flood of foamy saliva. She settled for a blow-job on all but the last couple inches as she looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes framed by her platinum blonde hair. Her bright red lip-glossed lips framed my cock as she slid down my shaft and then back up again. Both hands were on her tits tweaking her long hard nipples.

Movement across the room pulled my attention away from the glorious sight of Olivia's face bobbing up and down on my cock. Sophia and Alexis were getting to their feet. Sophia grabbed Alexis' hand and said, "Let's go to the Cupola." They thundered up the stairs and then another set of stairs. I knew that the cupola bedroom was Olivia's bedroom. It had floor to ceiling glass panels on all sides and it slowly rotated on the top of the building. A huge king size bed sat in the middle.

Olivia pulled her lips off my cock and said, "We can join them as soon as I get what I want." She grinned and pushed her lips back on again and resumed her blow-job. She was smiling around my fatty as she gazed up at me. Then she actually giggled around my cock as she was obviously amused by the contortions on my face. Her cock sucking skills had markedly improved and after several minutes, I gave Olivia what she wanted. She swallowed as she needed to and didn't lose a drop. She didn't show me her prize. She cleared her throat and lashed my hard cock with her tongue to clean it.

Olivia pulled back and stood up. The crotch of her PJs were soaking wet. She pulled me up and said, "Let's go join Sophia and Alexis." I stripped off my PJs and Olivia did the same and she wrapped her hand as far around my rigid dick as she could and led me up the two flights of stairs. We could hear the moans coming from the third floor.

Sophia and Alexis were in a side-by-side sixty-nine moaning and gasping when we stepped up into Olivia's bedroom. I had never been in this room in the daylight. You almost needed sunglasses it was so bright. Olivia went to a computer panel on the wall and touched a few icons and the glass panels became more opaque and the room darkened. The view of the surrounding buildings became more blurry. With her hand still gripping my cock, Olivia led us to the unoccupied bottom half of the bed. She pushed me down and climbed over one thigh and bent down and kissed me as her mammoth tits fell to my chest. Then she sat up straight on my thigh and said, "I was fantasizing about fucking your brains out in a cowgirl position but now I have this image in my mind of being ravished by a hunky man in a more submissive position."

I chuckled and said, "You've got to stop reading those women's smut novels." She giggled. "When you're done with them, can you give them to Alexis?" Olivia laughed as she fell off my thigh to her back beside me. Her hair sprawled over the bed like a halo. She giggled again as she cupped her tits in her hands. "Please kind sir. Be gentle with me. I'm a virgin." She could hardly get the 'virgin' out before she burst out laughing. I rolled onto my side and put my hand between her legs which she opened. She was so wet. She didn't need any foreplay but I wanted to give her some anyway. As I moved down to plant my lips on her sex, she objected and tried to pull me up. I resisted her efforts. First of all I wanted to drive her crazy first and second, I was still figuring out the new rules of engagement. All I had to go on was the conversation with Jarrod about his and Dee's rules and the fact that Dee and Alexis had discussed such rules already. I made an assumption that vaginal sex was allowed with our sexual family, and Olivia was a member. Alexis had urged me to have vaginal sex with Eva on the plane and Eva was not a member. This was getting confusing and we needed to discuss it but now was not the time and I always forgot at more appropriate times.

Sophia groaned hard and her hips began firing into Alexis' face. Alexis pulled her face back and watched Sophia's pussy clenching rapidly like a fish's mouth gaping open and closed in search of oxygen. She was lowering her head back in again when her head stopped as her mouth opened in an 'O' and her hips snapped hard into Sophia's face. Alexis groaned hard and quickly rocked forward and back. Both of their orgasms were on their own because neither Alexis nor Sophia were capable of continuing their assaults on the others' pussy.

I drilled my tongue into Olivia's pussy and her head snapped back from watching Sophia and Alexis to look down at me as she groaned hard and drove her head down into the bed and thrust her hips upward to get more. I alternated tongue fucking with flicks across her clitoris and rimming of her anus. She was going crazy and then she burst into a hip-flailing orgasm.

I was about to move around to get into the missionary position on Olivia when I felt a hand gripping my cock and before I could even determine who it was, Sophia struggled her lips onto my fatty and started her blow-job. I stopped and groaned from Sophia's assault. She had obviously been practicing too. She still couldn't take all of me but almost. Her mouth was flailing up and down my shaft as her eyes smiled up at me. She pulled back and lightly bit my velvety glans, ran her tongue around the ridge, flicked her tongue on the 'spot' and then drove her lips down my shaft again forcing another groan from me.

Alexis moved down the bed and maneuvered her hips over Olivia's face and let out a long, loud moan when Olivia's tongue flicked through her sopping wet pussy. Sophia knew where I was heading when she way-laid me so after a dozen strokes, she released me and I maneuvered between Olivia's legs. Alexis was in the way sitting on Olivia's face so I changed my plan and lifted Olivia's hips as I slid mine in under them. I was on my knees sitting on my feet as I pulled in closer to Olivia's sex. I lifted her ankles up to my shoulders and I pushed my fatty into Olivia's pussy. She groaned hard into Alexis' pussy but didn't stop what she was doing. I pushed my cock in and out several times and Olivia used her legs to pull her pussy off my cock and rocked her hips forward, telling me she wanted my cock in her ass.

I placed my slick knob on her anus and she mumbled into Alexis' pussy an almost imperceptible "YES". I pushed my glans past her sphincter and she groaned hard and had to drop her head from between Alexis' thighs. Once inside, I just stayed still and let Olivia get used to the size. She made the next move indicating I should go and I pushed my cock steadily but slowly into her ass. Olivia dropped her head again and grimaced and mumbled, "Oh fuck. That's big. Jesus Christ." She didn't return to Alexis' pussy until she yelled, "OH MY GAAAWWDDD. GO. GO. OH FUCK. YES. YES." I responded by driving the rest of my cock into her bowels and started fucking her ass. The heat and pressure were incredible and I knew she wasn't far away. I wasn't either.

Sophia couldn't stand not being involved in the action so she stood up on the bed and stepped one foot on the other side of Olivia's stomach and spread her labia with her fingers as she pushed her pussy to my face. I released Olivia's thighs and gripped Sophia's hips and pulled her to me as I drove my tongue into her sex. She screamed from my vigorous attack and grabbed the back of my head to steady herself.

Even though I wasn't fucking Olivia's pussy, she was the first to have a vaginal orgasm and she dropped her head out of Alexis' pussy again to scream out, "I'MMM CUUMMMINNGGG." Her head dropped to the bed as she gasped for air. Alexis lowered her body to Olivia's face because she was close too and she wasn't going to allow Olivia, even if she was out of control in her orgasm, deny her of her climax. Olivia got the message and she resumed her attack and clenched through her orgasm at the same time.

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