tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 61

Pool Boy Ch. 61


Our last night before Alexis left for Grenada we were lying in bed, side by side caressing each other and softly kissing. It was late and we had to leave early for the airport. As always, Alexis trembled through the caressing part before she became so horny she couldn't stand it anymore and we were off to the races again. She had already thought about how she wanted it and after jerking me off for a few minutes she turned over on her stomach with her face on the bed and lifted her hips to push a pillow underneath her. She pulled her legs in tight together and waggled her ass as she giggled.

There was no missing her signal. I straddled her thighs and leaned forward as I dragged my hard cock between her butt-cheeks. She rocked her hips back indicating she wanted my cock in her pussy and not her ass. I pushed my cock past her anus and slid it through her sopping wet pussy parting her labia as I went. I pushed my hips down and the ridge of my glans dragged across her clitoris pulling a load groan from her as her hips drove down and away from my cock.

I couldn't see Alexis' pussy in this position but I knew where it was and I pushed my cock to that location with my fingers and then pushed my glans inside to mutual groans in stereo. She adjusted her position on the pillow and arched her lower back to lift her hips slightly as I pushed my cock gently until my balls rested on her upper thighs. We both groaned again as I hit bottom.

At Alexis' urging I fucked her hard in that position. We had fucked in this position before but not often. The sensation was different with her thighs clamped tight. Alexis was constantly adjusting the position of her hips to change the pressure on my cock. She was moaning constantly, accented by a "Uunnggg" each time I pushed my cock into her depths.

When I pulled out to the ridge and began a fast paced motion with only a couple inches of cock, Alexis went nuts. I realized why when Alexis blurted out, "YES. YES. RIGHT THERE." I was fucking her "G-Spot". Her hips were working to maximize the contact and then she screamed hard, "OHHH MYYY GGAAWWDDD. I'M GONNA BLOOOOWWW."

Her pussy began clamping down on my cock and then the pressure grew and I pulled out. Her 'squirt' launched down into the bedding with such force that it splashed back up between her thighs like a geyser. She was screaming and screaming as she hips and ass vibrated from her orgasm.

When the geyser dropped and disappeared I leaned forward again and pushed my cock back in her pussy. She groaned hard as I pushed inside, "Jesus Baby. I'm on fire. Give it to me. Cum in me." Before she finished her plea, I was driving my cock into her. She screamed into the bedding as my cock grew harder as my orgasm built to a crescendo. My lungs seemed to pull into my throat as cum exploded into her vagina. She screamed as I groaned and finally was able to expel the air trapped in my lungs and gasped air in again only to expel it again. Alexis' pussy quaked on my spent cock as she mumbled over and over again, "Oh my God. Oh my God."

When she settled down and her pussy stopped quaking I eased my semi-hard cock from her and sat back on my heels. The bedding between her thighs was soaked beyond wet. Alexis' body randomly shuddered but otherwise didn't move except for her heaving torso as she gasped for oxygen.

After several minutes, our breathing started to return to normal. Alexis turned her head to the side and said, "Jesus Baby. That was awesome. I'll be using this memory with my little plastic friend for ten days." I laughed and bent forward and lightly bit her right butt-cheeks. She squealed and rolled quickly onto her back and extended her arms to me, motioning me to come down to her. I did and we kissed gently before they became passionate again.

It was late August and classes would start before Alexis got back from Grenada. We had already packed to return to the University and our luxurious apartment over Rachel's garage. We had arranged for her to fly out of the City Airport and return to the Airport near the University. I hated to see her walk through the security gates. She threw air-kisses until she was out of sight and I returned to the van with the deepest sadness I could remember.

I moped around the apartment and then the phone rang. It was Dee and she could tell right away that I was depressed. She said, "Can you do me a big favor? Please invite Mom to come over there and give you some company. I have to get my husband back."

I laughed at Dee's dilemma and said, "No problem." Dee reminded me that Alexis was only going to be gone ten days. Returning to classes in a few days would distract me. I called Emma's cell phone and invited her to come over and visit. She readily accepted and said that she'd cook dinner for me. I clarified my invitation and asked her to stay until I went back to College.

Emma giggled and said, "I get it. Dee called, didn't she? I'll pack a bag and be there in an hour to cook you dinner." An hour and a half later she knocked on my door and she held up a big bag containing our dinner as she pushed past me into the foyer. I picked up her suitcase and carried it to the spare bedroom and set it on the bed.

Emma was spreading our dinner out on the dining room table when I returned. As I watched her work, I thought about how important Emma has been in my life. I have always valued her counsel. We've been comfortable with each other since day one. Behind Alexis and my parents, I loved Emma the most.

Emma broke my reverie as she said, "Well. Don't just stand there. Get some utensils from the kitchen. I hate eating with plastic forks and knives." I hustled to the kitchen to comply.

I set my depression aside as Emma and I talked as we ate the City's best version of barbecued chicken and ribs and French fries. They were delicious but not as good as the ribs place that Rachel had introduced us to. We sat in the living room after we cleaned up from dinner.

Emma had heard from Olivia and Sophia about their pregnancies soon after they told us. Emma asked how I felt about it and I didn't answer her question right away as I tried to put my feelings into words. One thing I was sure about, I was ecstatic for them. They had endured horrible marriages to horrible men who didn't want any children and that was acceptable to Olivia and Sophia at the time. They were young and they eagerly traded unknown, future children for an immediate life of wealth and leisure. Their clocks weren't ticking at the time. No problem. Little did they know how things would turn out? I loved Olivia and Sophia right in there behind Emma.

As for how I felt about my involvement? I trusted Olivia's and Sophia's conclusions that I was the father. I was okay with it, I guess. We had yet to discuss what my involvement would be and Alexis had as much to say about that as anyone. The four of us needed to sit down and discuss it. I was twenty years old and being a father seemed daunting but I had a good example to learn from. My dad had been and still was a great father and in that moment, as I endeavored to answer Emma's question, I realized how important a father or at least a father figure is to a child.

My answer to Emma was, "I'm thrilled for Olivia and Sophia. I'm okay with whatever they want from me and I'm worried that Alexis will obsess about this." Emma looked at me for a moment as her eyes suddenly glistened with tears. She looked at me for several moments and then just nodded.

I told Emma about Alexis throwing her BC pills in the trash the day Olivia and Sophia told us. She asked how I felt about that. I was honest and said that I was apprehensive about having a full time child of our own. Emma smiled and said, "Most men are. They don't have that ticking clock to worry about. If couples didn't have children until they were comfortable about being able to take care of them, there wouldn't be any children. Your dad has been a wonderful father who raised a wonderful son. I'm certain that you'll be a wonderful father too." I smiled at her compliments and she continued, "I know I advised that you two should wait so you can enjoy your youth. With your resources you have more options than other young couples. If Alexis feels this strongly about it you can't ignore it."

It was getting late and we retired to our respective bedrooms. I undressed and turned on the shower. I readied for bed and then stepped into the hot water. I lathered myself up with body gel and was vigorously washing my hair. I didn't hear the shower door open. I wasn't surprised when Emma pressed her body to my back. Her hands went to my pectorals and then down my oblique muscles to my abs. Her fingers traced every contour before dropping to my rapidly hardening cock. She kissed my shoulder blades as she stroked my cock from glans to balls.

She moved around to my front and kissed my hardening nipples as I cupped her huge breasts in my hands. Her nipples were as hard as mine. She looked up at me as water cascaded down her face. The sultry look told me she wasn't here for a shower and she wasn't going to wait until we got into bed.

Emma released her lips from my nipple and slid her tits down my body. She held my cock to my stomach as she kissed down my shaft to my balls. She inhaled one testicle and then the other before her tongue lapped along my shaft on the way back up to the velvet knob. She watched my reaction the entire time. She kissed my glans, grinned up at me and struggled her lips over it. She flicked her tongue around the ridge and then concentrated on the 'spot'. She giggled again at my reaction and then pushed her mouth slowly down my shaft and my glans slipped into her throat. Her lips were thin white lines surrounding my fatty. Her cheeks took suction and then she pulled back, hollowing her cheeks as she came up my shaft. At the top, she released the suction and flicked her tongue on the 'spot' again. Jesus, it was tender and my hips trembled.

I knew she wasn't trying to suck a load out of me. She was just enjoying herself. She had other plans for me. She pulled her lips up my shaft and a loud 'pop' resonated over the sound of the shower. She giggled and stood up beside me. She took the shower gel and lathered me up from head to toe and ran her hands through the slippery foam. I gave her whatever access she wanted. I had to chuckle at the lascivious look on her face. She moaned as she slid her sex along my right thigh. My foamy cock was bouncing high above horizontal but Emma just ignored it. The look on her face told me she was struggling to keep her orgasm at bay. I hadn't even touched her sex yet.

She rinsed me off front and back and then handed the shower gel to me. I put it back on the shelf and picked up Alexis' personal shower gel named 'Sex' and lathered Emma up with it. When she got a whiff of the scent she spoke for the first time, "Oh my God. What is this? The scent is...erotic is the only words to describe it. Where did you get it? What's the name?"

I washed her breasts and moved down to her sex. "Alexis designed it in Monte Carlo at a perfume factory. She named it 'Sex'. It's her personal fragrance. It drives me nuts. It's having the same affect on you, I see." Emma's body was trembling and her hips snapped forward when my foam covered fingers slid between her labia on their way to her anus. She grabbed my hand and pulled it back so my fingers were on her pussy. With eyes closed and lips parted over clenched teeth she proceeded to grind her clitoris on my hand. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and found her 'G-Spot'. The texture of the skin there was different than the slick passage elsewhere. She groaned hard and muttered, "Fuck me Hunter. I need you now."

I smiled at her. I had already figured that we wouldn't make it to the bed. She pulled my cock down toward her sex and with a sense of urgency tried to get on it. There was no way possible that was going to happen. Either I had to go down or she had to come up. I chose the latter option and picked her up by her armpits until she could maneuver her sex onto my cock. She was frantic as she gasped for air. Her eyes were wide and wild as she looked down between our bodies as she slid her pussy onto my knob. She looked back up at me with a sultry grin on her face and then swung her legs around me and locked her ankles on my thighs and pulled herself to the bottom of my shaft with a scream of pain along the way. Her head dropped onto my chest as she was breathing heavily. With the sound of the shower, I almost missed her whispers, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God."

I pushed her ass to the tiled wall and powered my hips forward and back as she alternated screams and groans with her forehead on my chest. I knew she wouldn't last long and she didn't. She was nearly there before we started. One minute after we started, Emma's face flew back from my chest with eyes wide and mouth open in a scream as her body began to flail so hard I almost couldn't hold her. Her legs flailed from behind my thighs and went straight out behind me for a moment and then pulled back so her feet were against the tile wall I had her pinned to. Her fingers clawed my back as she continued to scream. I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock. I wasn't anywhere close to an orgasm as I continued to pummel her. She lifted her head and I kissed her on her open mouth. She didn't reciprocate.

She slowly descended from her orgasm and hung from my arms like a rag doll. I slowed my pace but I kept rocking my hips driving my cock in and out, more for my pleasure than hers. She was done and I wasn't. Then suddenly, she wasn't done either. She looked up at me with a pleading look on her face and said, "Oh fuck. Here comes another one," as her body tensed again and she screamed out, "Oh my God. I'm gonna squirt."

Her vagina grabbed my cock and then the pressure built quickly. I pulled my cock back and a fire-hose stream of clear liquid launched from her sex. She was bucking her hips as if to provide momentum for her squirt. I controlled her slide down the tile wall to her butt. She spread her legs and pulled on her clitoris as the stream changed into a wide spray and back to a stream when she released it. Her squirt lasted several seconds and then diminished to a dribble before another less powerful stream erupted. Each one was less powerful until she was done. I was covered from my waist down so I washed myself and finished washing Emma as she sat on the floor in a heap.

I turned off the water which had grown steadily cooler and sat down beside her against the tiled wall and lifted her into my lap and cradled her in my arms just like she had taught me to hold baby Adele. She rested her head on my shoulder and cuddled into my neck. She kissed me there several times. Not a word was spoken. Eventually, our breathing returned to normal and we got up and dried each other off.

I was surprised when Emma went to her bedroom across the hall. I slipped between the sheets and turned the light out and was gone moments after my head hit the pillow. My cock had softened while we sat in the shower and it was soft when I fell asleep. In the middle of the night it was hard again and Emma was sucking on it. I lifted the covers to look and in the dim illumination of the city lights saw Emma holding my glans in her teeth as she grinned at me. She pulled off and said, "I was having a horny dream." She pushed her lips back on again and began bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

I pushed my head back into the pillow and let out a groan as Emma drove my glans into her throat and began her signature throat-job. She knew I wouldn't last long like that and she stopped and pulled her lips up my shaft and 'popped' the glans from her lips.

She moved up my body between my spread legs and dropped her hips on mine trapping my granite hard cock between our stomachs. She pulled herself higher and kissed me hard on the lips. Her huge breasts pressed against my chest. Then she reached between us and slid her body back down and my cock pushed into her pussy. We both groaned hard as my cock buried itself in her sex.

I rocked my hips back and forth to help as Emma fucked me through an incredible climax and two for herself. She didn't return to her room. When all was quiet, she rolled off me and cuddled up to my side with her head on my chest and her hand on my gooey, spent cock.

I woke at daybreak in the same position but her hand was now resting on my sticky morning woody. My arm, which was around Emma cradling her left breast, was asleep and pain throbbed as I tried to flex my muscles to get blood flowing in it again. The movement woke her and she mumbled something and rolled away from me. Her hand on my stiff cock went with her.

Emma and I spent two days talking and fucking before I had to leave for college. Alexis called each night to relate her experiences at the photo shoot. She raved about how beautiful the supermodels were. She was learning a lot from them as they helped her with her poses when it was her turn in front of the cameras. She had worried that the crew would be frustrated with her lack of experience, but they had been wonderful to her. We ended each call with phone sex; Alexis with her vibrating plastic friend and Emma giving me a blow-job. We said our good-nights with "I miss you's" and air-kisses. I would hang up and look down at Emma with my cock still in her mouth lashing the underside with her tongue and a big grin on her face.

I loaded our pre-packed luggage into the van and put Emma's small bag in her car and then hugged and kissed for a long time beside her car. Then she drove back to Dee's house and I got on the road headed in the opposite direction. On the drive I thought about my decision not to play football this year. I had agonized over whether to play or not. I would miss the guys but not the pain. The coach had really but the guilt trip on me when I told him.

Alexis had signed up for more art classes and some business administration courses too, but not enough to gain a degree. I called her that night from the 'palace'. She'd had a great day. Everyone seemed thrilled with her shoots so she was thrilled too. She raved about how beautiful the beaches in Grenada were. I told her I was starting classes the next day. I would pick her up at the local airport on Saturday. I told her that I loved her and missed her and she said how much she would be glad to be home for some real sex. Our call concluded with the usual phone sex. I could hear her dildo in the background. She asked if I had anyone with me and I told her I was alone and jerking myself off. She said, "Poor baby. You should have Rachel or Mitch there with you." I laughed and told her that I was saving myself for her. I was counting the hours.

I eased into the first day of junior year Engineering classes. I still had to get texts for some of the courses. By the end of the week we were in full swing. I visited with Rachel one evening. Mitch was out on a date and Rachel thought this might be serious. She hadn't met the guy so she reserved further comment until then. She made us drinks. John, her Butler and Lover, was gone. The more she drank the more randy she got. By the fourth drink, she moved over beside me and rubbed her hand on my crotch through my pants. As hard as I tried to ignore her, I couldn't prevent my cock from growing at her persistent touch and it pushed back hard on her hand. She pulled her hand back and leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back. She smiled and said, "You're trying hard to save yourself for Alexis when she gets home aren't you?"

I kissed her again and smiled back. "I'm trying and you're making it very difficult." She leaned back away from me and moved back to her chair. The flushing on her face had moved to her neck and her upper chest. I could see her nipples pushing hard on her bra and silk blouse. I said, "I see that this is difficult for you too." She gulped hard and nodded and then picked up her drink and gulped it down. I could have easily tongue-fucked her to orgasm to give her some relief but I knew it wouldn't end there. I finished my beer and figured that I should go. She understood and tenderly kissed me goodnight. When I got to the other end of her long foyer and opened the door to our apartment, I looked back and Rachel was leaning against the wall by the study with her hands up under her skirt with legs spread wide. She threw me an air-kiss and pulled her skirt up to show me her pussy with fingers spreading her labia. I threw her an air-kiss and closed the door behind me. My cock was so hard. I hadn't even jerked off for two days and I was beyond horny.

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