Pool Boy Gets Dressed Up Ch. 01


"Oh baby we are going to play all day long. I am going to show you new ways to make you scream out in pleasure. Do you trust me baby? You know I won't do anything you don't want or that will hurt you don't you baby?"

My back was arching up as waves of pleasure shot through my nipples down to my aching little cock, "God yes Miss Debra, I trust you. I want to be your little sissy slut please, oh god yes please."

Debra was talking softly in my ear, lightly kissing me all over my neck and face, always playing with my nipples "Call me Mistress, baby that makes me so hot."

I wanted to cry out in ecstasy, my body was writhing from side to side, "Yes Mistress."

Debra told me to put my arms over my head and to trust her. She then got on her knees and walked up to the side of my head and grabbed my left hand and pulled it towards the top of the bed, as she did this she looked at me "You trust me don't you baby? Are you ready to feel the most intense pleasure you've ever experienced?"

"Yes Mistress I trust you, I want to make you happy." I pleaded back at her in response.

Debra reached over me and I felt the padded handcuffs tighten around my wrist. She quickly grabbed my right wrist and secured it the same way. I could move my arms a little so I wasn't being stretched out, and if I scooted up a bit more I could bend my elbows and put my hands behind my head. I knew I wasn't going anywhere, nor did I want to.

Debra then swung her right leg over my face so that she was facing the foot of the bed. Her robe swung around me like a cape that softly landed around my head allowing a quick peak up into her pussy before I was plunged into darkness by the robe. The robe parted open a bit as Debra brought her hand to her pussy, and with the little bit of light I could see her pussy lips open up with her fingers.

Debra lowered herself onto my face, "Eat me slut. Make your Mistress happy and lick her pussy. Show your Mistress how much you like being her sissy slut."

My tongue darted out and searched out her warm pussy. MMMM, it was so good, she smelled so sweet, and her pussy was so wet and hot. She must have had on a G string, or something, because I kept feeling the strap rub against my face as I ate her pussy. Debra rocked up and down on my face and I eagerly ate, licked, and sucked her pussy until finally I was rewarded by her orgasm as it flooded into my mouth. I loved eating her pussy and drinking her pussy juices.

Debra lifted off of me, spun back around, and started to clean my face of any juice that I missed, "Mmmm, that was so fucking awesome. You eat my pussy better than any man or woman I've been with."

I felt a huge sense of pride and was really turned on to the fact that she has been with men and women, "Thank you Mistress, I love eating your pussy and drinking your sweet pussy juice."

Debra placed her hand on my cheek, "You make such a pretty sissy slut. My turn to make one of your dreams come true baby, tell your Mistress what makes you happy, hmmm?"

To be continued.....

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by Anonymous

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by marriedsissy11/23/17


Ohh my little clitty is straining to get out of its cage. This story makes me want stroke and cum but i can’t.

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by Anonymous09/20/17

Brandy is ready

I would love to clean Debra's pool everyday.

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