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Pool Hall Playtime


My wife, Shari is an incredibly sexy woman. She is learning to respect the fact that she has a natural smoldering sexuality she exudes and men pick up on instantly! She is in her mid forties; she has the legs of a dancer, the body of a playmate and the face of an innocent schoolteacher. Her blue/green eyes and sensual full lips draw you in and her full breasts and curvy figure capture you as you try to drink in her complete package.

When we first met, Shari was a conservative dresser, loose blouses, slacks and conservative skirts. Now that she has learned to appreciate her fabulously sexy body and the attention it brings her; she is wearing provocative, sexy clothing that I have bought her to wear. She looks hot; she is now my "Hot Wife" and loves the attention her short skirts, low-cut tops and exposed toned legs bring her where ever we go. We have had almost eight years of sexual bliss and lots of growth in our physical relationship. Shari has gone from conservative sex to enjoying massive multiple orgasms from oral sex, from conservative clothing to cowl neck dresses that plunge past her navel and barely cover her cheeks and pussy. Shari now loves getting naked where ever possible, tanning naked under the approach way for the airport, giving me a blowjob as the planes pass over a few hundred feet above us. She enjoys 'accidentally" exposing her G-string to strangers in a bar, having her picture taken with other men and women with her breasts or pussy exposed (they don't know but she does as she poses for me) and often she'll ask them to take pictures of us and she'll give them an incredible show while they try to stay composed as they take the pictures. It's funny how they always want to take five or six more, from lower and closer angles! We take turns having nights out where one of us dictates what is worn (by both of us) what we do and where we go. So we always take a small digital camera where ever we go. You never know what you'll get a picture of!

Tonight was my night to decide what we did. I dressed Shari in a sexy short dress that had a low scoop-neck front, three inches of hem below her ass cheeks and was loose enough to slide up and down easily over her hips. She wore a sheer lime green bra and matching
G-string underneath and 4 inch pumps on her sexy feet. She wore smoky dark eye make-up, intense lip color and looked like the perfect "Hot Wife"!

To that point, we went out one night to a pool hall to enjoy a few games and a few more drinks. When Shari drinks tequila, Shari gets wild! She lets her exhibitionist side come out to play. So when we arrived at the pool hall, we ordered drinks; two Cabo Wabo shots and she followed it with a double margarita and I had a beer.

We wandered down through the tables and picked a table where we were not completely surrounded by other groups of people. We set our drinks on the table and I racked the balls. Before we decided who breaks, I introduced my new fun game to the evening's fun. If you win the game you must pull a sealed prize ticket from a flannel bag and do exactly what the ticket says, if you scratch on your shot you have to take a drink or draw a ticket. I explained the tickets to Shari and she won the toss and broke. She sank a low ball off the break and took her first shot. As she leaned over to shoot, her dress rode right up over her ass, exposing her cheeks and lime green thong to the couple at the table behind her.

The guy noticed right away and nudged his girlfriend to take a look. I knew exactly what they could see; Shari's lime green gauze covered pussy and her tight sweet cheeks framing that pair of freshly shaved pussy lips! Shari wear Wicked Weasel G-strings; they are very sheer and wrap tightly around only her pussy lips and cover nothing else. Her clit and labia are easily visible through the sheer fabric. I wasn't sure if Shari knew they were watching until she took her shot and then gave me a sly wink as she wiggled her ass and then stood up. I then realized that she was aware and that she had also sunk the shot. Shari moved casually around the table, sizing up her next shot. She lined it up in front of me this time; I was afforded the same view that the couple just had. Shari's pussy was fully exposed, her G-string was visibly wet down the center seam and her lips were moist! What an erotic sight! I pulled out the camera, looked around to see who was watching and snapped a great shot of her pussy and cheeks. My cock was getting hard and my attention span was completely gone and focused on her pussy.

"I scratched, so now what do I do Terry?" Shari was standing there, looking sensually at me as she slowly stroked her cue up and down the shaft.

"You must draw a prize ticket, open it and do exactly what it tells you to do. Here you go, pull one out and read out to me."

Shari reached into the bag and pulled out a ticket and opened it up. "Her: She must pose for at least ten flashing/explicit photos in public, while posing with a stranger. So does that mean I must do these poses right now, tonight?"

"Yes, you must. So think about whom and where you want to pose for those ten pictures while I take my shot." I lined up the cue ball and sunk my next ball while I watched Shari look around the pool hall and size things up. There were probably twenty five guys scattered around the hall along with two other couples including the two beside us. "So, what have you figured out Shari? Who gets to pose with you first?"

"Never mind for now, just keep shooting, I'll let you know by the end of the game!"

I sunk three more balls and then it was Shari's turn. She walked around the table sensually, her hips were sashaying as she looked over the table. When she was right in front of the girl behind us, she bent way over the table and completely exposed her ass as she sized up a shot. Her position was perfect for the guy to get a full view of her ass and pussy without his girl realizing it. Shari then slipped hand back between her thighs and "adjusted" her thong; she slipped up between her pussy lips and stroked her smooth velvety skin for what seemed like an eternity. The guy's mouth was hanging open as he watched Shari work her lips with her fingers! She stood up and called her shot as she adjusted her hemline back down.

"Four ball in the corner pocket" Shari sunk the shot and walked around the table to take her next shot. "Seven ball side pocket." Shari leaned into the shot and flashed her pussy at me. Wow what a sight, her lips were wrapped completely around her G-string; leaving a green string showing above her rosebud and a patch of green over her tuft at the top of her mound.

"Oops, I scratched again, pass the bag Terry!"

Shari pulled out her second ticket and opened it excitedly! Hers: She must remove an article of clothing, of his choice, right now and give it to him. So what do I take off?" Shari was blushing and excited all at once.

"Take off the bra."

Shari walked over to me and turned around. "Undo me please."

I squeezed her clasp and her bra came undone. The couple at the next table was now watching us quite intensely. They seemed very intrigued by our little game.

Shari reached into her dress and slipped her straps off her shoulders and slipped her bra out from under her hemline and tossed it to me.

"Take a shot, Terry, it's your turn. What are you staring at, pay attention to the game. By the way, I'm doubling the bet for the game. You are ahead three balls and I'm still going to beat you. So if I win the game, I only draw one ticket and I get my bra back, deal?"

"Hold on here, if I win then you have to draw two tickets and you have to do another shooter, then you have a deal!" I replied and Shari accepted.

I took my shot and sunk it. I had one more ball and the eight ball to win. I looked down the table to line up my shot and was staring right down the top of Shari's dress (so was the couple who were behind me watching us and not even playing now). Her full 36DD breasts hung there on full display; her erect nipples in full view to all three of us!

"Not fair!" Then I turned to the couple and asked, "Is that fair? I can't concentrate with her breasts in front of me like that, could you?" I looked at the guy and he blushed deeply while his girlfriend never took her eyes off of Shari's breasts to look at me.

"Um, no! No way is that fair, I'd never sink a shot with those staring right at me!" he was still staring at Shari's fully exposed breasts as he stuttered his response.

"Hurry up and shoot Terry, time is a wasting!" Shari teased as she shook her breasts with hands.

I shot and missed, of course. Shari walked back down the table and we went over to the couple and introduced ourselves.

"Hi, we're Terry and Shari. How are you enjoying Shari's little show tonight?" We all broke out in laughter and shook hands with them.

"We're Tom and Lisa and the show is really hot, so is the game, how do you play it?" Tom inquired as we finished shaking hands.

"Beats me, it's the first time we've played it, ask Terry as he created it." Shari quipped as she finished her drink. "I'm going to the Ladies' room, want to come along Lisa?"

"Sure, let's go, Tom order me another drink please. On second thought, I'll have what Shari is drinking. A shot of tequila and a...."

"A double margarita ..." Shari finished the sentence and they both started laughing as they headed off to the washroom.

"You have one hot wife there Terry! Wow!" Tom was looking down at Shari's bra lying on the table as he gulped his beer.

"She sure is and I love all the more for her quiet church mouse personality!" I roared as I finished saying that, it was impossible to keep a straight face.

"You have to teach me this game; it looks like a real hot game."

"I'll wait until the girls return, then I'll explain it. After that, if Shari agrees, you two can join in and play. We'll play guys against girls, okay? We kind of have to based on the way the questions work."

"Cool, let's do it!"

We made small talk until Shari and Lisa returned to our table. As soon as they had seated themselves, Shari popped up and said, "Hey let's take some pictures and then I'll explain this crazy game to you two. Grab the camera Terry and get a couple of pictures of the three of us."

I grabbed the camera and Shari slipped into the middle of Tom and Lisa and put her arms around their shoulders and pulled them in. I framed the picture and pressed the shutter. Just as I went to press the shutter, Shari parted her knees and flashed her pussy at me. I looked up at her and she just smiled as she readied herself for another picture. I framed the shot and she slipped each of her thighs up onto their legs, spreading her wide open for the picture. There was no missing her G-string stuffed up between her pussy lips!

"There Terry, you now have two of the ten pictures I have to pose for. You guys; I scratched on a shot and drew a ticket that said I have to pose for ten flashing or explicit pictures with strangers in public tonight! That's why I just did that; hope it didn't offend you two?"

"Are you kidding, let's show him a couple of better poses right after we do these shooters!" Lisa seemed completely turned on by what was happening. She was wearing a denim skirt and tight cotton t-shirt and a pair of very sexy sling back heels. Lisa had a very toned body, it was obvious she was into fitness. Her breasts were above average in size and her legs were quite muscular. She and Shari looked good beside each other!

The girls stood up and downed their shooters. Before Tom and I could get ours, they downed them too!

"Now that I've got my courage, let's show these guys some women that know how to pose!" Lisa grabbed Shari and sat her on a bar stool, pulled another over beside her and hopped onto it. "Too bad there isn't a pole here in the bar; I'd show you a few tricks I learned in my pole dancing classes! Come on Terry get that camera and get your pictures!" Lisa leaned over and kissed Shari on the mouth and Shari kissed her back! The tequila was definitely in control now!

I grabbed the camera as they both turned towards me and spread their thighs apart. I framed the picture and then realized that Lisa wasn't wearing a thong or G-string! Her bare shave pussy was staring back at me. Then I realized Shari wasn't either! I now realized they both had probably agreed to take them off in the washroom, prior to returning to the table.

What a shot! Then Lisa stood up on her stool and turned around to pose with her ass facing the camera. Shari followed her lead and as I framed that pose, they both slipped their hems up over their hips, exposing their asses and pussies. It was a very hot pose! I looked around to see if we were attracting any or too much attention. Tom seemed comfortable with everything as we seemed to be quite comfortable with each other.

"Tom, get over there between them, I'll get a picture of your face between two pussies!"

Tom eagerly moved between the girls and placed a hand on each bare ass as he smiled for the picture. Five pictures to go, but I knew we'd be taking lots more than ten! As I framed the shot, both girls shifted their hips in towards Tom and sandwiched his face between their bare cheeks; it looked like a wide smile framed in two matching shaved pussies, very hot picture!

"So you want to play with us do you?" Shari beamed as she pulled down her dress. Lisa was smoothing her skirt as Tom kissed fully on her mouth, somebody is getting turned on!

"We sure do, and can we play with you two?" Lisa answered eagerly. "How about teams; girls versus guys? We're going to kick your asses tonight!"

"Fine with me," Tom responded "But if we re-rack this game then you and I have to each draw a ticket and follow the instructions Lisa, agreed?"

"Done, re-rack them Terry while we each read our tickets." Lisa reached in and drew a ticket then Shari passed the bag towards Tom for him to pick one too. "You go first Tom."

Tom read aloud, "His: She must remove an article of clothing, of his choice, right now and give it to him. Well! Lisa I want you to give me your bra!"

"Hang on here while I read mine. Hers: He must kiss her, passionately for three minutes, right now while he caresses her body as he desires. No holds barred! Wow, come here and kiss big boy and get me all hot and bothered with those talented hands. Terry, get your camera ready because I want to see these later!" Lisa sat down on the padded bench seat and Tom sat beside and kissed her passionately as she unhooked her bra and slid it out under her t-shirt. Her cotton shirt was quite sheer and her hard nipples and dark pink aureoles were clearly visible through her t-shirt! Tom caressed her breasts as he continued his sexual assault on her mouth. Lisa was moaning and squirming as Tom stroked her breasts and then slipped his hand up under her skirt and stroked her pussy.

I was snapping pictures as fast as the camera would process them and Shari sat down on the other side of Lisa and started posing for me too. She spread her legs and started playing with her exposed pussy, knowing that Tom and Lisa were far too busy to see what see was doing. She dipped two fingers into her gooey lips and pulled them out completely coated with sweet honey. As she brought them up to her mouth to suck them clean, I snapped a picture with a thin silver thread of honey connected between her pussy and her fingers. It was a very erotic shot!

Just then Lisa turned towards Shari and realized what she was doing and grabbed her hand and slipped Shari's fingers into her waiting mouth and sucked Shari's fingers clean.

"Mmmm, yummy; you taste really good. I always wanted to taste another woman's nectar to see if it tasted like me. It doesn't, you are much sweeter." Lisa seemed quite intent on savoring Shari's honey. Then she slipped her fingers into her own pussy and tasted her nectar from her other hand. "Yup, yours does taste like honey, sweeter than mine, want a taste?"

"Sure!" Shari slipped her fingers into Lisa's pussy and drew them out coated with creamy white nectar. She licked her fingers and then she squirmed as she slid her whole finger into mouth and sucked it clean. "Oh, you do taste different but I like it. This could be a fun night Terry, you better be careful with us from now on!"

"Actually, we should maybe cool it a bit and start playing pool for a while until all the other guys in here stop staring at your erotic show!" I put down the camera and picked up my cue as the girls recomposed themselves and stood up to play too.

"Ladies first" I called and Lisa broke with a solid break, sinking three balls off the break!

"Looks like we're stripes, I sunk two plus one solid ball. You guys want to up the wager; do you two have any balls with your betting?" Lisa was issuing a challenge we couldn't resist!

"Tom, what do you say if we also play for an extra shooter to be drank by the losers and the losers also have to loose a piece of clothing." I looked at Shari as I said this because she was down to a dress and shoes, at least Lisa had a top and skirt and shoes.

"I agree, girls what do you say?" Tom was grinning as he posed the bet to the girls.

"Shari responded, "absolutely it's a deal and the winners get to take five pictures of the losers posed as they want them! As well, what ever the ticket says must be done with each other's partner!" This could be a dangerous bet for all!

Lisa shot again and sunk two more balls before missing. Tom was next and he was a lot better than me; he sunk four in a row before missing and we were ahead by a ball that quickly. Shari was next and she sunk a ball to even things up. I moved over to the table to look for my shot. As I looked down the table, both Shari and Lisa stood at the edge of the table with their hemlines lifted, exposing their smooth bare pussies, it was too much for me! I looked over to Tom and he winked at me as he snuck up behind them. He reached up under both of their asses and slipped his hands onto their pussies; causing them both to jump in surprise.

"Nicely done partner, eleven in the corner pocket" I sunk the shot, leaving the fifteen and then the eight ball. I lined up the fifteen and sunk it in the side pocket; leaving me in perfect shape for the eight ball in the nearest corner. "Now about that bet, please go order the shots as this game is almost over!" I lined up the shot and dropped the eight in the corner. "That's the game, girls! Now get drinking and undressing!"

Shari slipped off her shoes as did Lisa; they had fooled us this time, but now they had to down two shots each and we drew a ticket.

I opened the ticket and beamed widely as I read it out loud, "His: She must kiss him, passionately for three minutes, right now, while he caresses her body as he desires. No holds barred! Well Lisa you better get over here and get ready." As I said that Shari sat down on Tom's lap, spread eagled, facing him and started to kiss him.

"Hang on Lisa, I want pictures of this for my part of the win and Tom can get us when it's my turn to play with your body."

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