tagLoving WivesPool Hall Playtime Continued

Pool Hall Playtime Continued


Shari and I had no idea what we were about to experience with Tom & Lisa. At this point, I don't think Shari really cared! I'd seen her practically having sex with a stranger in a public place, watched her taste another woman's nectar and listened to her as she really got off on being watched by a group of strangers having sex in public! The Guess Who song "She's come undone" crossed my mind, but in an erotic way.

"Let's stop at this liquor store and buy some tequila and beer, we don't have much to drink in the room." Tom suggested and we all entered the liquor store to do some shopping.

Lisa and Shari wandered off on their own, giggling about something as they disappeared down an aisle. Tom went to the coolers and I grabbed a couple of bottles of Cabo Wabo tequila. As Tom and I were waiting in line at the till, we heard a hoot and a loud laugh making us turn and look towards the back of the store. There we saw Shari and Lisa both flashing their asses towards the front of the store. They were a very hot sight and all for the two of us as well as the five other guys in line around us.

A round of wolf-whistles and cheers for them echoed through the store and then chants of "More, More show us your tits!!" started and we walked out the door as the girls came up to the front of the store, walking like sex-crazed models, giggling as they opened their coats and flashed their breasts at the line of mostly male customers as they headed out the front door. They were acting like over-sexed teenagers and having a blast!

We all turned up the street and headed to the hotel, properly equipped with enough alcohol and beer to get all of us very drunk.

The girls each carried a bottle of tequila; we each carried a case of beer. One quick stop at the corner store for limes and snacks and we were about to walk into a new and different situation for us.

We all joked and laughed about the pool hall escapades and the liquor store as we headed up in the elevator to their room. They were on the top floor of the hotel in a very large suite! As we entered the room, we took in the lay-out; one bedroom on each side of the living room area, a massive balcony with couches and chaises, a whirlpool in the main room area and two en suite bathrooms!

"What the hell do you do Tom, to afford this room? Shari asked as she walked out onto the deck. The view of Vancouver harbor was incredible and the deck was really private.

"I own my own company; I'm in the oil business in Calgary." Tom answered as he opened the beers and passed them around. "Let's get a round of shooters going and play some cards. Terry it's time to get these girls naked again and teach them a lesson on how to play cards!"

"If I remember correctly; the girls each had one article of clothing left and it was our turn to play, so we'll call the game and deal first. Girls, time to strip down to where you were before we left the pool hall."

"I'm okay with that are you Shari?" Lisa smiled as she stood up and took off her shoes, top, skirt and bra; leaving her in her little thong.

"Absolutely!" Shari stood up and stripped off her dress and bra and stepped out of her shoes and lay down on the couch to wait for her cards. Her G-string was soaked and she made no attempt to hide the fact.

We pulled the two loveseats up to the coffee table and Tom shuffled the cards. The girls sat across from us and were whispering in each others ears.

"We're playing 31, everyone know how? For each round you lose, you can choose between taking a shooter of tequila, taking off an article of clothing or opening a ticket from the bag. Each round will have three losers and one winner so each loser can pick their fate, agreed?"

Everyone agreed and Tom dealt the cards. The first round went to Tom. I took off my shoes and socks, Shari and Lisa each did a shot of tequila. Round two Lisa won and I took off my shirt, Tom took off his shirt and Shari opened a ticket.

It read: Hers: She must pose for an erotic session of photos where ever he wishes to have her pose, dressed in what ever he directs her to wear.

"So who is "he" in this situation and when will "he" wish this session to take place?" Shari was blushing and her thighs were squeezing her pussy in anticipation!

"Well, speaking for the "He's" in the room; I'm going to propose that the erotic posing session has to be tonight and it has to be here in the room!" I eagerly suggested and both Tom and Lisa agreed.

"I could have drawn that one and I'd pose for the pictures tonight!" Lisa said with a devilish grin on her face.

"Alright then; will it be now or after we finish the game of 31?" Shari conceded as she took another shot of tequila.

"NOW" resounded from Tom and myself and the vote was cast.

"Come on Shari; let's go get you made-up in the bathroom and ready to pose." Lisa grabbed her hand they disappeared to the bathroom. It was a very erotic sight; to watch the two of them walk into the bedroom, hand in hand, dressed only in their thongs! They both had great asses and their breasts swayed with their drunken walk.

Tom and I turned to each other and smiled broadly. "They're both such hot women, we are very lucky men! And if we play our cards right tonight, we'll be even luckier!" Tom grinned and we both broke out in laughter.

The thought of swapping wives was really turning me on and I wondered what was going through Shari's mind right now. I was still fantasizing about watching Lisa and Shari sucking each other's fingers and tasting their respective nectars!

"So if Shari is comfortable with it, we can share the photographer role and each take pictures of her, deal?"

"Absofuckinglutely!" Tom beamed in agreement.

So I was thinking we'd use the deck and the extra bedroom. You can start the photo shoot on the deck and I'll finish in the bedroom, okay?" I knew Tom would be fine with it and this way Shari would loosen up in front of him and then perhaps become a little wilder for me in the bedroom. "We'll use Lisa as our assistant and get her to fix Shari's hair or what ever and get some pictures of the two of them, who knows where that might go? Are you okay with that?"

"Absofuckinglutely!" Tom beamed again in agreement.

"So we drink until the return of our models! Cheers!" I hoisted a shot glass and we drank to our evening of eroticism.

The girls had been in the bathroom for half an hour and when they emerged, Shari was dressed in something that was definitely not hers! She was wearing a pair of thigh high stockings, a loose sheer top and her G-string. She slipped on her pumps and did a models turn in the middle of the room for all of us. "So where do you want me and who is my photographer?"

"Out on the deck and Tom will get you posed as he's shooting first, if that's okay with you" I said as I led Shari out onto the deck over to a couch near the railing. The background was the skyline and the couch was bleached white cotton, perfect for Shari to pose on.

"Okay, Shari lay down on the couch and put one leg up over the back of the couch and look into the camera."


"Good, now draw your other leg up and spread your knees apart and hold your eyes on the lens.


Good, now unbutton the top and expose your breasts and enjoy how they feel in your hands!" Shari easily opened the top and started to caress her breasts as we watched the session get going. She then rolled down the thigh highs and caressed her bare thighs.


Shari slowly slid her hand down between her thighs and started to play with her pussy through her very wet G-string. "Is this okay?" Shari asked, coyly as she stroked her fleshy mound.

"Perfect, now slowly slip your hand into your G-string and part your lips and slip a finger into your pussy."


"That's so hot, now taste yourself and coat your nipples with your honey."


Shari was now thrusting her pussy against her hand as she re-coated her fingers to finish her task of coating her nipples and tasting her sweet nectar (several times). Lisa seemed to be squirming a lot as she played with her breasts on the other couch while watching Shari enjoy herself as she was being photographed. Shari was really riding her fingers hard and stroking her clit, I could tell she was ready to come. Her thighs were quivering and her stomach was arched as her orgasm took over her body!


'Good, nice orgasm Shari! Now I want Lisa to fix your hair that's fallen into your face, don't move your hands, hold the pose. Lisa, Lisa! Please go and fix Shari's hair adjust her top so that it isn't covering her right nipple."

Lisa got up and brushed Shari's hair back and then slipped the top off her right breast exposing her hard glistening nipple.

"Good, now squeeze Shari's nipples and get them erect."


"Hey, you took pictures of me playing with Shari's nipples!" Lisa was squirming but she didn't stop caressing Shari's breasts or even turn around to look at us. "Anything else you wan tm e to do before I get out of the set?"

"Yes, taste her nipples and clean off her fingers for us, they seem a little shiny!" Tom smiled at me as we watched Lisa lean over and suck on Shari's erect nipples. Shari was moaning as Lisa sucked on her breasts and she started rubbing her clit as Lisa explored her full breasts from nipple to nipple and back again several times!

Then Lisa slipped down on her knees and moved down to Shari's busy fingers and soaked pussy. She slipped Shari's one hand from her G-string and sucked her glistening wet fingers into her hungry mouth. It was like watching a woman suck on a small cock, the way Lisa cleaned off Shari's fingers so erotically.


Then Lisa slipped her hand up Shari's thigh, opened her legs and slipped in between her quivering thighs.


Lisa just sat and watched Shari stroke her clit and finger her pussy for what seemed like an eternity! Then she reached up and took Shari's hand from her pussy and sucked her fingers clean again as she slipped her own hand up under the waist band of Shari's G-string and tugged it over her hips. They both stopped momentarily as Lisa slipped off Shari's G-string, and then they resumed playing. Lisa's hands were exploring Shari's thighs and pussy while Shari caressed her own full breasts.


Lisa then kissed Shari's knee and started kissing her way up Shari's thighs to her oozing sex. As Lisa mouth covered Shari's pussy with kisses, Shari started moaning loudly.


Shari peeled her lips back with both hands as Lisa licked and sucked at her swollen clit and slowly fingered her glazed pussy.


Shari exploded in orgasm as Lisa licked her hard nub and stroked her G-spot with two practiced fingers. Shari's pussy started gushing, like never before, it was evident Lisa knew how to make a G-spot work!


"That's a wrap! Girls, we're moving into the bedroom for Terry's turn behind the camera, okay?"

Lisa looked up from between Shari's thighs and caught Shari looking down at her. "Want to continue this on the bed Shari?"

"Umm, sure, if Terry and Tom don't mind, watching that is!" They both broke out laughing at the situation and the redundant remark!

"But I need some water, more tequila for Lisa and I really need the bathroom first! Are you coming with me Lisa?"

"I'd say I'm coming after, based on the way you coated my face and hands just now!" The tension was completely gone between the two girls. I know it was Shari's first girl/girl experience, but it didn't appear to be Lisa's first. They wandered into the suite and off to the bathroom. It would probably be another half hour before we saw them again.

"So is Lisa bi-sexual?"

"No, but she likes to enjoy pleasure, however it comes! It appears they both enjoyed each other so far and they want to continue." Tom seemed comfortable with the night so far. "What about Shari?"

"It's a first for her, as far as I know. I never expected the night to turn out like this!' I replied, wondering what the final outcome would be. "We've never tried swinging or three ways or anything other than a lot of public sex and Shari flashing me and posing naked in public places before tonight."

"We've done the Hedonism II holidays, naked everywhere, sex in public, in front of others in the hot tub, but we've never swapped or had a three way either. The pictures in public sounds like fun. And that game we are playing gets things raunchy, pretty quick! We thought you two were the wild ones!" Tom passed me another cold beer and we drank in silence, pondering our respective wives and what was going on!

"SO Terry, what do you have in mind for your session with Shari?" Tom smiled like the devil himself as he looked at me.

To be continued...

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