tagIncest/TabooPool of Dreams

Pool of Dreams


I was packing my bags, anticipating this weekend's plans. My cousin Katie had invited me to spend the next few days over in her little town, about 100 miles from my house. She offered to let me stay in her home, since her parents were on a vacation to France for a month. I gladly accepted, just to do something besides hang around the house all day, but mainly just to see Katie. She was 19, just a year older than me, and probably the hottest girl I have ever seen. She had long, dark hair, nice golden skin, with an ass and tits well proportioned for her frame. I had so many jerk-off fantasies about her that it was ridiculous. I had everything in the car, got in and drove off. When I got to her house, I was impressed. Her parents were both doctors, and therefore had a large house and even an inground pool around back. A swim seemed like a very nice thing right now considering it was over 100 degrees. I knocked on the door and Katie answered. God, she was hot as ever. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and skin tight blue jeans.

"Well, well, well," she said, "Little Tyler decided to show up after all."

"You knew I would Kat," I replied.

"Little Tyler" was a nickname given to me at a very young age, by a grandmother who called everybody "little". Katie heard it and it has stuck with her ever since. She smiled and we embraced.

"I'm so glad you invited me! I've been waiting for a chance to have some fun."

She gave me a small frown. "What is it, school to hard?"

"Kinda, but its also the store I'm working at. There is no time for myself."

She smiled again. "Well, don't worry, there is so much to do out here, you'll forget what school and work is." I walked in the house and brought my things in.

"Some of my friends are here too, some you know, so we'll have company for a while." At that moment, Katie's friends walked in. I knew all of them, and was quite happy to see them. Tracie was tall, had dark hair down to her shoulder blades, very thin, and a helluva nice set of tits. Susan was blonde, petite, with small titties, but she was so cute it was sexy. Anna also had dark hair, a nicely shaped ass, and a figure to die for. All of them were 18. I know this because we were all in the same grade during junior high. For the next two hours we all catched up on current events. I learned Katie was still single, but about to attend college in a few months. The others, like me, were still in high school but were graduating this year. Finally Katie wrapped it up.

"Why don't we all go for a swim in the pool out back. Since its so hot, we could use the water." We all agreed and the girls went to change. I went to my bags and pulled out my swimming trunks. I slid them on and walked out to the pool. The sun was blazing and the heat burned my bare chest. I got in the water and swam a little until the rest came out. I just stood there stunned. All girls were wearing bright colored bikinis that barely covered their essentials. I have honestly never seen anybody sexier than these 4 girls in front of me. They got in and swam towards me.

"You're looking handsome there Ty," Anna said.

"We can't be calling you little Tyler anymore," said Susan.

"I'm flattered," I said sarcastically, and splashed water at them. They screamed and chased after me. I swam to the deep end, went under and came up behind Tracie. I wrapped my hands around her waist and surprised her.

"You're it!"

"You ass!" she screamed.

We all continued this for about 30 minutes until we were exhausted. I got out of the pool and and layed on the towel. A minute later, the girls came and all sat next ot me, surrounding me in fact. Katie started rubbing her hands over my chest.

"You're so handsome Ty, you must fight the girls off with a stick."

I blushed a little and said "No, not really."

"How many girlfriends do you have?" asked Tracie.

"None." They all looked shocked.

"What happened, why did they stop seeing you?" asked Anna.

"Actually, I haven't had any girlfriends at all." They all looked astounded now.

"You mean you never even had sex before?" asked Susan.

"No," I said blushing. Now I was uncomfortable. I was about to get up until Katie stopped me.

"Well, we'll just have to fix that."

Then, as if on cue, they all reached behind and untied their tops, and pulled them off. Eight magnificent titties stared me in the face and my cock started to stiffen.

Katie go between my legs and said "Just relax and let me do all the work". I was so shocked at what was happening, I couldn't speak or move. She grabbed my shorts and pulled them off. My ten inch cock sprang free, fully erect in all its glory. Katie tossed my shorts into the pool. Then she hovered her head over my dick.

"My, my, we really can't call you little anymore." She grabbed the base and I jumped a little. Tracie grabbed my hand and told me to relax.

"Don't worry sexy, it'll feel great. Katie's the best cocksucker in the world."

Katie lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the tip. I raised my hips off the ground. The sensation was so intense! I squeezed Tracie's hand as hard as I could.

Anna giggled as my eyes rolled back. "I think he likes it."

Katie started sliding up and down the shaft, all the while massaging the tip with her lips and tongue. My balls were tightening and I tried to tell her I was gonna cum, but Tracie beat me to it.

"He's gonna shoot Kat!"

She just sucked harder, causing me to explode in her mouth. I shot nearly a gallon of sperm down her throat, and believe it or not she swallowed every drop. When I stopped shooting, she released my dick.

"How was that?" she asked.

All I could do was nod. I actually felt light headed. I didn't know I could possibly cum that much.

"So you like it when girls suck on your penis?" asked Susan.

"Y-yes," I managed to say.

Tracie, Susan, and Anna had already removed their bottoms. Anna say on my stomach. She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits. I pulled them off quickly, feeling dirty, but she put them back on her tits and held them there.

"Have you ever touched breasts before?" she asked. I shook my head.

"How do they feel?"

I managed to speak, "Great." They did. Soft, yet firm, they sent shivers down my spine. Just knowing I was holding her most intimate objects in my hands sent me over the edge and had my cock throbbing.

"Go ahead, play with them." So I did. I fondled them, licked them, kissed them, and massaged them. Tracie and Susan were watching my cock behind Anna's ass.

Tracie said "So you like touching girls, huh?"


Anna got off and Susan hovered over my dick.

"I wanna be his his first." she said.

She lowered herself and my cock entered her. She was so tight. Only one inch in and I didn't think it would go any further. Slowly she slid all the way down. The tip hit her cervix and slid through it. I was all the way in her stomach. She started sliding up and down, while the pleasure almost made me pass out. So this is what sex was like! Susan was moaning.

"Oh God he's so big!"

I reached up and grabbed her small tits. I started driving in her as fast as I could.

"OH GOD, HE'S GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!" She wrapped her arms around me and let out a bloodcurling scream. The other girls covered their ears cause it was so loud. I could feel her juices running down my cock and her pussy clamped down on my dick. It was too much and I shot deep inside her. She screamed even louder with every shot of sperm I sent into her womb. When my cock finally stopped shooting my swimmers into her belly, she collapsed on top of me. I could feel a numbness in my groin, maybe from exhaustion, but they weren't letting up. Tracie was licking my ball sac while my dick was still in Susan. She go off of me, and my cock was already throbbing again from Tracie's tongue. Anna came over and started to sit on my cock.

"My turn now," she said.

She sank slowly on my penis, her tightness overwhelming me. When she was completely on me, it felt like my cock was in a vise grip. Before we started fucking, Tracie laid me flat on my back and positioned her pussy over my face. Her pussy was sopping wet! And waxed bare too! She plopped it down on my mouth and I ate away. First I ran my tongue over the soft lips, bringing her wetness into my mouth. She tasted so fucking good! Like sweet sugar nectar, or honey from a beehive from which I was extracting.

"Oh Ty it feels so good, Please don't stop!" Like I was gonna stop and see the happiness on her face. I found her tiny clit and nibbled on it. At the same time I reached up and fondled Tracie's melons, squeezing each globe like they were scrunchies. And all this time, Anna was bouncing up and down mercilessy on my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my 18 year old body. I concentrated harder on Tracie's clit, flicking it with my tongue, then sucking on it like it was a straw. Each time I touched it, Tracie's hips jerked uncontrollably and she cried out. Anna screamed every time my cock ripped past her cervix. I felt like I was gaining control, so I plunged my tongue into Tracie's pussy as far as I could, while at the same time I pushed my hips upward to meet Anna's rhythm. Both girls screamed out so loud it hurt my ears, even when they were muffled by Tracie's thighs. Suddenly Tracie's juices were pouring out like a faucet. I lapped her sex honey as best as I could, while the rest ran down my face and dripped off the back of my neck. That did it for me and my cock erupted inside Anna's pussy, spraying her womb with my thick sperm. Tracie moved off me to the side and Anna collapsed on my chest. I could see she was crying cause she had cum so hard. I almost felt the same. I kissd Anna and moved her off me. I crawled over to Tracie who was still moaning from her orgasm. Before I could do anything, Susan came over and wrapped her hand around my cock. I rolled onto my back. She looked at me so innocently and I just smiled. She wasted no time and started sucking me off. She gave a steady rhythm, with my cock hitting the back of her throat each time she went down. She released my dick and started licking my nut sac. She ran her tongue over every inch and placed both balls in her mouth. She rolled both balls around in her mouth like they were candy and I was dripping pre cum already. I pulled Susan up and kissed her full on the lips.

"That was great babe, but she needs me over there," I said, motioning to Tracie, "it's here turn."

Susan smiled and said "Go get her tiger." I went to Tracie and kneeled between her legs.

God, she was so hot. You know how you see a really hot girl, so hot that you think about what if would be like to have sex with her. Well here I was and I was about to do it, with one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. I wasted no time and placed my cock head on her slit. She cooed at me and begged me to continue. I slowly pushed in until it was buried to the hilt. I started thrusting in and out as fast as I could, determined to make her pussy overflow with my semen. I reached down and grabbed her soccer balls, massaging and kissing the wonderful tit flesh.


Her pussy clamped down on my dick and I felt myself cum. Waves of pleasure shot through me as my cock spilled its contents into her fertility. She dug her fingernails into my back until my cock subsided. I pulled out of her and grinned. Over on the towel, Katie was masturbating. I got up, walked over and got behind her. She got on her hands and knees and raised her ass. I positioned my cock to her cunt and pushed in. She was so tight, I thought I was gonna rip her open if I went further than halfway. I managed to go all the way in, and started driving in and out like there was no tomorrow. Katie was already screaming as the painful pleasure ran through her supple young body. I reached around and cupped her beautiful coconuts. My balls clenched tight as me and Katie were about to cum.

"Hurry up you two," said Anna.

The other girls already had their bikinis back on. I held Katie close as we both came. Her pussy contracted around my cock as my young sperm shot into her fertile womb, searching for their prize. I pulled out and layed flat on the deck. exhausted. The girls came over and smiled. Katie was in her bikini again.

"Oh I think he had a really good time." They all agreed with that. My dick had softened now and probably would not get hard for another month. I could barely move, but my senses came too when I heard the front door open.

"Katie, I'm home," yelled Uncle Shone.

Uh oh, if he saw me out here like this, naked with his daughter, he wouldn't kill me, he would torture me.

"Quick, get dressed," Katie whispered.

"My shorts," I said as I looked around for them. Then I saw them floating in the middle of the pool.

Oh shit, I thought.

"Quick, get over the fence!" yelled Tracie.

Without thinking, I climbed the wooden post fence and landed on the other side just before her dad opened the glass doors to the pool. I heard them converse but couldn't make out what they were saying. He seemed calm though, so he probably didn't see me. Hopefully, he won't see my floating shorts either. then I realized I was out in the open naked. I was at the back of the house, but there were people in the distance. I heard a low growl and turned to see Katie's rottweiler bareing its teeth at me. Then it charged at me. Fearing for my life, I took off down the street like a cheetah. My dong was flopping every possible way and I made no move to cover it. What if it caught me? What if it went for my dick? It did stick out after all. I ran down the middle of the street, causing cars to stop abruptly for me. I ran and climbed over a fence into somebody's backyard. I fell onto my back and tried to breathe. I turned my head and saw 8 hot bikini-clad college girls sitting on lounge chairs.

One of them said "It looks like we got our wish after all," as they all stared at my ten inches...

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