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Pool Party


I was lying in the lawn chair by the pool with my eyes closed when I felt the handcuffs snap around my wrists. It sent a thrill through my body equal to the one three days ago.

It was Monday morning Marcy had told me that she had a surprise for me. It wasn't until later that I found out what she really meant.

Like today, we both had the day off from work and the kids were at camp all week. I had bid my vacation slot last year, intending to go somewhere with the family. We had written the wrong week on the calendar, and Marcy had scheduled the kids for camp, so we decided to make the best of it with a week at home.

We were talking about what to do with our day when Kelly called and invited us over to swim. Marcy hadn't known Kelly that long and I had never met her, but it was going to be a warm day and it sounded like fun.

We ate an early light lunch and got our gear together. As Marcy drove I admired the summer wrap she was wearing over her bikini. She still had a great body after two kids.

Kelly came out to greet us as we walked towards her house. She took my breath away. She had a sexy mischievous smile and sparkling inviting eyes surrounded by beautiful blonde shoulder length hair.

Marcy introduced us. I went to shake hands but Kelly stepped in and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

"It's nice to finally meet you, I've heard so much about you."

When she spoke her voice was gentle and firm.

"Dave was called in to work. He said he'd try and make it home early, but I don't expect him before five at the very earliest. "Come on around back."

Kelly led the way and we followed. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of Kelly's back and especially her ass. I quickly looked away and over at Marcy to see if she noticed I caught her staring at the same thing.

They had a nice house and a great back yard. The pool was at the center of it, with a Jacuzzi close by and several small buildings including one that looked like a sauna. There was a large square padded area near the pool for sunbathing or just sitting around the edges of the pool. There was a large covered patio next to the pool that led to the house. The patio furniture included several wooden heavy-duty lawn chairs with wheels and nice pads. We put our stuff on one of the tables.

The landscaping was beautiful, with trees and shrubs and fences and flowers.

"Your place is fantastic." I said.

"The landscaping is great. Did you say you two did most of the work?" added Marcy.

"Yes, Dave worked for a landscape business during summers in college. We designed it for privacy and sound-proofing as well as décor, and it does an excellent job. The neighbors occasionally have loud parties but we can barely hear a thing.

"We have plenty of snacks here so help your selves to anything. Dave felt bad about not being able to be here, so he whipped up a batch of his special drink and insisted I made sure you try it."

Kelly pushed a button on the blender for a few seconds and then poured three large glasses of what looked like a chocolate mile shake. I had a couple sips and that's what it tasted like too.

"This is good," Marcy said, "What do you call it?"

Kelly smiled and said, "Dave calls it a Brown Beaver. And with that, I'm going for a swim."

We both sipped our drinks and watched as Kelly took of her wrap to reveal a sexy bikini covering a great body. She had round breasts and a sexy ass and curves to match. I couldn't resist watching her all the way until she dove into the pool, and this time Marcy caught me.

"Do you like what you see?'

"I saw you looking at her earlier," I replied.

"I only want to see more of you," I said, put down my drink and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. We were both really turned on.

"That's enough you two. Come on in."

We disengaged and turned to see Kelly watching us with interest from the edge of the pool. "All right, we're on our way," Marcy said. She drained her drink and peeled off her wrap in a semi-strip tease and now it was her turn to be ogled. As she walked toward the pool I noticed Kelly was checking her out.

I finished my drink. As I was pulling off my T-shirt I realized I had a slight bulge developing. I didn't look down because I didn't want to draw attention to it. But I was enjoying the feeling, more so because the Brown Beaver was pretty powerful and I had a nice buzz going. The last thing I realized as I walked towards the pool was that both women were hanging to the side checking me out, especially my crotch.

I sprinted the last few steps and jumped over their heads into the pool. If I was showing I didn't want to be on display.

We cooled off in the pool for a while and that temporarily sobered us up. We swam around and underwater. Kelly brought out a rubber football. We took turns jumping off the diving board and trying to catch the ball which evolved into a game of keep away from me.

They were very effective at keeping the ball. Both girls were very athletic, but finally when Marcy had the ball I feinted towards her and then swam hard at Kelly when Marcy passed it. The ball landed between us and we both grabbed for it and we ended up tangled up, both of us grabbing the ball and laughing. We looked each other in the eyes and for a brief moment I wanted to kiss her and I knew she wanted me to, but I broke the spell by wresting the ball away from her. I decided to leave the pool before I did something I might regret.

I went to get some snacks and a beer 'to clear my head' and then lay down in a lounge chair in the sun with my sunglasses on. I was close enough to the pool to see Marcy and Kelly sitting very close together and talking conspiratorially, but not close enough to hear what they said.

I must have drifted in and out of a little nap. I was aware at one point of the girls getting out of the pool, but it was the feeling of metal around my wrists that woke me up.

I opened my mouth in surprise and Marcy took that opportunity to bend over me and kiss me deeply. I was confused and aroused and kissed her back aggressively. When I felt a hand on my shorts I convulsed with excitement and pleasure.

Marcy broke off the kiss and said in a soft voice, "Remember that fantasy we talked about? Today it's going to happen."

It was not a question but I said, "All right."

She kissed me deeply again and stroked my chest and this time when she broke it off Kelly slipped a gag into my open mouth. Marcy and I had many fantasies and acted a lot of them out including bondage and teasing. One of hers was having sex with another woman.

When she brought it up again recently I told her that it was all right if she wanted to do that with another woman, that I didn't consider that being unfaithful, but that I wanted to share the experience by watching. A few nights later she asked if I would be willing to be tied up during it. I didn't think she was serious about going through with anything and said yes. When she added that I would be naked I pretended to reluctantly agree, suppressing the sexual thrill coursing through my body.

We had great sex that night. Now what I thought was a just a fantasy was coming true.

Marcy crawled up on the chair and started kissing my chest and nipples. She edged her way down and I felt her drag her chest across my crotch and she kissed my belly. At the same time I felt my ankles being secured to the base of the chair.

Marcy got down to my swim trunks and was kissing the bulge and gently teething it as her hands worked their way down so she was grabbing the sides of my shorts. She took her time and I felt one hand released from the handcuff and secured with a gentler bond and then the other.

When that was done Marcy slowly lifted her mouth away from me and when I arched my back in response she yanked my trunks down and caught my dick in her mouth and went to town on me.

I looked over at Kelly and saw her off to the side watching in fascination and that sent me towards the edge. Marcy stopped and squeezed the base of my penis hard and my budding orgasm stopped.

The two of them worked in tandem to release my ankles long enough to completely remove my swimming suit, brushing against my hard-on a couple times in the process. They both stood up and Marcy turned towards Kelly and kissed her with a full embrace.

It was indescribable to see them kissing each other, their hands frantically but expertly roaming each other's bodies. Kelly was tasting the flavor of my cock in Marcy's mouth. They were both in frenzy, exploring each other's bodies. Marcy found Kelly's bikini clasp and undid it as she sunk to her knees. Kelly's top loosened and Marcy pulled it away.

Kelly's breasts were more fantastic than I had imagined. They were real – the curves were perfect. Marcy sucked on her large erect nipples while her hands went to Kelly's ass and started to squeeze it. She slid her hands around to Kelly's crotch and then took off her bottoms too. Kelly lifted Marcy up and undressed her. Even though Kelly was a woman, I was still thrilled and jealous that another person was seeing my wife naked and touching her, and I couldn't do anything about it. I briefly tested my bonds. They were tight. That made my cock throb even more.

Marcy led Kelly over to the padded area and laid her back with her feet on the floor. Then Marcy buried her face in Kelly's pussy.

Marcy had told me she always wanted to lick another woman's pussy to see what it was like. She was also sure she could do a better job than a guy. Her hands were on Kelly's nipples, gently massaging them and twisting them.

Marcy knew what she was doing. Kelly came quickly. I heard a few quick gasps and intakes of breath and then she was thrashing and saying,"Oh God, Yes!"

I was so turned on my dick was pulsing with a life of its own. My hands instinctively reached for it, only to be frustrated.

Kelly subsided and lay still for a few moments. She suddenly sprung to life, catching both of us off guard. She led Marcy over to a lounge chair making sure it was in my view. She laid her down and then walked behind her and secured her hands to the top of the chair. Marcy was a little surprised by this but I think she was as turned on as I was.

We were now in the power of a Kelly. Kelly brought out a blindfold and secured it over Marcy's eyes. I didn't think I could get any more turned on.

Kelly took her time with Marcy. She hovered over her body, alternately kissing or licking her in different places. She got two large cups of water, one cold from the pool and the other warm from the Jacuzzi, and dripped a few drops on Marcy's thighs and torso every so often. Marcy gasped with each new touch.

Kelly got up again and got a couple of grapes and ice cubes from the table. On her way back to Marcy I felt her test my bonds. She made her way back to Marcy and inserted the grapes in her pussy, and then slowly licked and sucked them out. Marcy was going crazy with pleasure. She alternated touching the ice cubes to random spots all over Marcy.

After a while, Kelly got more serious, keeping constant contact. Then she began to focus more on Marcy's nipples and vagina, bringing her hands into play. Marcy was desperate for more, arching her back to get more pressure on her crotch. Finally Kelly settled in between Marcy's legs, going to work on her pussy while her hands fondled Marcy's breasts.

I was getting so turned on that I struggled with my bonds again, and was shocked to find them loosen slightly. Kelly and Marcy were going into high gear, and the sight of that made me work frantically at the bonds, quickly loosening my hands and then untying my ankles. I briefly wondered what Kelly was up to, but I had other things on my mind.

Marcy was close now; I knew the signs that she was approaching the edge. I got off the chair and walked over behind Kelly to get a better view. I saw Marcy's face clenched in concentration and pleasure, and then I looked down and saw Kelly's ass in front of me, her pussy swaying slightly as she concentrated on my wife. Before I knew what I was doing I was holding my dick in my hand and slowly rubbing the head of it against the lips of Kelly's vagina. It felt fantastic to both of us. She was so wet that the head slipped in a couple of times, and then I had to plunge it all the way in, but slowly so as not to break her concentration. I pulled it out slowly and felt a slight shudder from Kelly. I put my hands firmly on Kelly's hips I worked my way in again, feeling every inch and then again on the way out.

After the third stroke I felt Kelly shudder. While I was wondering if she came I looked up at Marcy's face to make sure the blindfold was secure, and I saw she was about to go over the top. The look on her face went straight to my brain and I wanted so badly to go wild on Kelly but restrained myself, pulled out and stepped back at the same time Marcy had the Queen of all orgasms.

She was thrashing and bouncing against her bonds while Kelly rode her pussy with her face like a bucking bull rider, licking her hard with long full strokes of her tongue. Marcy let out a series of guttural yells and finally bucked so hard that Kelly surrendered and watched the results of her efforts, gently stroking various parts of Marcy's body while she finished climaxing and slowly came down with a blissful look on her face.

Kelly stepped away as Marcy's breathing slowly returned to normal. She didn't look at me but she must have known how built up I was because after a reasonable pause she said to Marcy,"There is someone here who wants to fuck you badly."

Marcy perked right up at this, but to both our surprises she said, "I want to taste him first."

I looked at Kelly in a panic – even in her state Marcy would have to notice the taste of Kelly's pussy on my dick. Kelly grabbed the two glasses of water that were both still about half full and quickly washed my dick off with them. Then Kelly grabbed my hips and put me in her mouth, locking her lips around the base of my shaft and dried me as she silently pulled away. She nodded at me and I knelt beside Marcy's chair, my erection poking her in the cheek until she turned her head and took me in her mouth.

I was sure I was going to come right away, but instead I went to a new level. I had cheated my first orgasm and now I had new life. Every contact with my skin was feeling fantastic.

I caressed Marcy's breasts with my hands and then I pulled myself out of her and climbed on her chair. I rubbed myself on her pussy lips just as I had done to Kelly and she started up again. Her breathing quickened. She panted as she almost begged me to fuck her.

I teased her a little bit longer until I thought she was going to ask me again and then I quickly and firmly plunged into her. She came immediately, something that had never happened before. After the first quick plunge I drew things out, making long slow strokes into her as she came again. This was so different from our normal fucking. Usually I didn't last forever and she only came some of the time.

I knew Kelly must be watching from somewhere, but didn't think about it until I felt her grab my by the hips. She was on the chair behind me, and she started to guide my movements and speed as I fucked Marcy. She must have been able to read Marcy's face because she built her up quickly to another long orgasm. As Kelly got more involved, I felt her body against the back of mine. We moved together and it was like my cock was Kelly's and she was fucking Marcy.

This was something I never dreamed of and I wanted it to last forever. Marcy was rocking with us as best she could, unaware that there was a third person involved. Kelly brought her back up again, but this time steadily and gradually as she had done when she licked her. I looked at Marcy's face and it was scrunched up in pleasure and anticipation and desire for release and that triggered me inside and I felt the inevitable climax building. I nestled myself against Kelly a little more and felt her breasts and nipples against my back and her crotch against my ass, almost as if she was fucking me, and then I felt my balls start to tighten and Marcy started over the top and Kelly let go with one hand and cupped my balls and felt them convulse and I was yelling uncontrollably with pleasure in unison with Marcy as Kelly backed away and I rammed myself into Marcy, tearing her blindfold off after a few seconds and looking into her eyes as we both rode our waves of pleasure until I collapsed against her and Kelly came over and loosened her so she could embrace me.

As I was coming down from the high I felt the world creeping back in. You do things when you are that excited you don't normally do, just like when you've had too much to drink. We had been turned on this had been like chugging a six-pack.

We cleaned up a little bit and dressed quickly. I could tell Marcy was slightly uncomfortable also, but Kelly was relaxed and just threw her wrap back on before she cleaned up.

"What time are you expecting Dave?" Marcy asked.

"Not for at least another hour;" Kelly replied.

The conversation faded. She politely refused our offer to help clean up, sensing our discomfort, and we said our goodbyes and drove home.

To Be Continued...

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