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Pool Party


Christine was a friend, and I also knew her husband. I always knew that they were very sexually active.

One afternoon were at a party and she had had a bit to drink so she was tipsy. I was in the pool and everyone had gone inside to eat, but I didn't want to because it was too hot.

I was just swimming about in the pool when Christine and her husband came running out, her in a bikini and him in his board shorts.

She leapt out into the water and landed on me but I caught her, undoing her ties on her bikini top in the process. She called me naughty and that I just wanted to see her tits, that I've always stared at them, and it makes her nipples hard.

Her husband told me to cover her tits with my hands while he fetched her bikini top. I didn't want to disappoint and the way she was looking at me, I was so turned on. She wrapped her thighs around me and pulled herself closer to me and says that she needs cock so bad, grinding her pelvis on me as she said it. Her husband came up behind her and told me to hold her while he tries to tie the bikini on. She said that this is what she has always wanted, to be sandwiched by two men.

I can't help it anymore and I lick her nipple as she kissed her husband behind her, with her still humping against me, faster, and then she says a bit too loudly, that she needs both of our cocks. I carry her to the shallow end of the pool and she drops to her knees and unfastens my shorts and forcefully pulls them down and takes my cock in her mouth hungrily.

I bent over and take her around the waist and pick her up, pivoting her on my cock, carrying her upside down out of the water to a picnic table, I lay her down on it and she continues to suck my dick expertly while her husband rips off her bikini bottoms and slides right in. We are now both fucking her from opposite sides and her body is fucking us right back.

She then pulled me out of her mouth and tells us that she needs my cock inside her and wants me to fuck her hard and fast. I don't need to be told twice so I tell her husband to swap and I positioned myself between her legs and slid just the head in and she hooks my hips with her heels and slams me in as she tells me not to fuck around and fuck her hard.

Some other guys have now come out and they have crowded around the table and while she's sucking her husband, she's unfastening more shorts until she has a dick in each hand, rotating them with her husband's so they can all experience her expert blowjob skills.

A couple of the girls tried to get in on the action, with one licking her nipples, another one recording it on her phone and the sexual energy that Christine was generating was amazing. It was like she couldn't get enough. I had hold of her hips and I was fucking her as hard and fast as I could, feeling my orgasm building. Christine looks up at me and sees that I'm on the verge and pulls me back into her, holding as I cum. While I'm still cumming she pushes me out of her, and she flips over on the table and takes my still-spurting cock into her mouth, moaning. One of the guys next to her husband sees his opportunity with her still creamy pussy in front of him and drives it in and Christine cums with her lips around my dick. It was so erotic.

What was amazing was her sexual appetite, that she just needed more at that time. She wanted to be fucked, wanted more cock, and I lost count of how often she came. A couple of the other girls got in on it but I was done at that point.

She took at least six guys so not a huge gangbang, but Tim and a couple of the other guys went back for seconds. I watched for a bit, amazed at her fervour, got hard again but I didn't want to get amongst them all. Some of the other girls were blowing some of the guys to get them up again.

To be absolutely honest, I didn't want to slide back in where another guy had cum. It was a turn on watching her and I was aroused by her stamina, her body still responding to the guys and fucking them back in every way that she could, plus, she wasn't quiet and the guys had gotten quite rowdy. One of her friends came up and was a bit put out that Christine was hogging all of the guys, and we ended up fucking. I couldn't get the image of Christine out of my head for days though, filled with cock and loving it.

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