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Pool Party


"How does this one look?" Kathy inquired as she posed in a yellow and blue bikini. It was the fourth bathing suit she'd tried on and she was becoming frustrated.

"It looks good, Honey," I responded. "I like that one just as much as the others."

"Oh, damn," she sighed. "You're missing the point! Everyone is going to be at that pool party—I have to look spectacular, not just good."

It's easy for Kathy to look good; at the time she was 23, but looked even younger with her long blonde hair, smoky blue-gray eyes and a firm 34C-23-33 figure that attracts stares everywhere she goes. At 5'2 103, she's the kind of petite woman that men just seem to adore.

"Hmm, I wonder?" she pondered as she reached into the back of her drawer for yet another bikini. Walking into the dressing area of our bedroom, she slid off the blue and yellow bikini and started to put on the white one she'd just drawn from the drawer.

The new bikini bottom was a tiny thong that barely covered her shaved pussy and perfectly framed her taunt, tanned ass. The top piece struggled to contain her firm, plump tits and it looked like only a piece of string connected the two cups. It was the most reveling bikini I had ever seen and I was surprised she even owned it, let alone was contemplating wearing it to a pool party with our friends and co-workers

"Oh, yes!" She squealed excitedly, "This is the one! I had forgotten I had it, I only wore it a few times when I was in Mexico!"

"In Mexico?" I questioned. "I don't recall you wearing that on our honeymoon."

"Not on our honeymoon, Silly," she responded. "You've never seen it. I wore it last summer when I went to Cozumel with Amy and Beth." She got a dreamy look in her eyes and I wondered what past event she was recalling.

"Well, I don't care where you wore it before, I'm not sure it's appropriate for this kind of pool party," I proclaimed. "All the guys I work with, including my boss, will see you like that."

"Oh, don't be an old prude," Kathy retorted gaily. "I have the body for it, so why shouldn't I wear it? Aren't you proud of me? Don't you want the other guys to know what a prize you have? They'll think I'm the hottest little officer in the entire Air Force, and besides, there will be no enlisted personnel there, just other officers. I'll bet Amy and Beth wear little bikinis too, and you know I can't have them show me up."

"Well, okay," I reluctantly gave in. "I g-g-guess it's alright to wear it, but don't you have a top or something that you can drape over yourself when we're not out by the pool?"

"Of course, I do, you goof," Kathy answered as she pulled out a wispy white wrap. "This goes over the bikini and covers up a good bit of me, doesn't it? It was part of the set."

While it did indeed drape down past her tight ass, the wrap was practically see-through and the outline of Kathy's hot body was obvious even under the filmy white material. I didn't argue the point though...I'd end up losing as usual.

Twenty to thirty people were already by the pool and scattered throughout the large house by the time Kathy and I arrived at Steve's. Steve was an Air Force major and my immediate boss. He was also the best pilot in the squadron and never had any problems getting women. As a matter of fact, I had overheard Kathy, on more than a few occasions, make references about Steve to her gal pals and a few others, which led me to believe Kathy had been one of his many conquests. Today, however, he had his arm around Kathy's best friend Amy, who was indeed wearing a tiny pink and green bikini just as Kathy had predicted. Amy is another petite dirty-blonde, 5'3 and 110 pounds, with 34 B tits and a tight ass. She's almost as pretty as Kathy, and was easily one of the sexiest women on base.

"I didn't know they were seeing each other," I whispered to Kathy as we walked through the door out to the pool.

"Yep, started last week," Kathy responded. "They're really just fuck buddies, both of them are too wild to be exclusives. Amy just can't get enough of his big cock!"

I was a bit surprised that Amy and Kathy would be talking about my boss that way, but I knew that Kathy had been a pretty wild during her ROTC days at Colorado State, and I was discovering more and more about that almost every day. Marriage had slowed her down a bit, although, from time to time, she engaged in some discrete "dating" with select guys. Kathy did the selecting, mostly guys she worked with or met out dancing, and then filled me in on the details of what supposedly happened afterwards.

Being a bit of a voyeuristic pervert, I allowed Kathy to indulge her insatiable appetite for sex as long as: she told me about it in advance, she was very discrete, she limited the number of partners (in order to protect her reputation), and she told me all the details following her "dates." Consequently, she'd told me about a number of her sexual encounters (both before and during our marriage) in the year since we had been married, but, except for those I had personally witnessed between her and my ex-roommate, I was never really sure if her stories were true or just well-plotted inventions designed to feed my fetish.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Kathy's other close pal, Beth already surrounded by a knot of our male co-workers and friends. Beth is tall, about 5-9, and darker and more voluptuous (almost plump) than Kathy and Amy. With 36D tits and curves in all the right places, Beth attracts almost as much attention as Kathy. Beth, too, was wearing a small bikini, but like Amy's, it covered a lot more flesh than did Kathy's.

"See?" Kathy pouted, "I don't stand out at all; this bikini is perfectly appropriate! "Besides," she continued with a teasing, twinkle in her eyes. "Maybe a few of the guys here have seen me in a lot less! You know, when they were fucking my little brains out!"

Kathy's "hint" that perhaps one or two of the guys at the party had already sampled her hot body, greatly excited me, so I didn't bother pointing out that 98 % of her smooth tanned skin was on display; maybe I was being a bit of a prude after all. I decided to relax a bit and not worry about what my sexy wife was barely wearing.

The day was extremely hot—temperatures approaching 95 degrees with high humidity. For that reason, the pool was popular and many of the guests congregated around the water, talking and laughing. The beer and wine was flowing freely as the afternoon wore on, and I noticed Kathy had removed her wrap from around her shoulders. I also noticed that she was drawing numerous appraising glances from many of the men as they took in her tight ass, slender body, and big firm tits. Her wine glass was never empty, as men continually brought her drinks for the opportunity to look down her creamy cleavage dotted with small drops of sweat.

As Kathy chatted with her friends, I took the opportunity to talk to some of my fellow squadron-mates. Wandering around Steve's large house and yard, I realized I was already getting buzzed and it was only 4 PM! Steve's parties were notorious for dragging on long into the night and for turning somewhat raunchy as the evening wore on. I'd noticed that Kathy, along with everyone else, had been drinking steadily and I was already dreading the collective hangover we are all sure to have the next day. From Kathy's loud laughs and giggles, I could tell she was getting pretty tipsy and having a great time doing so.

After a few hours of circulating, talking to friends and co-workers, I glanced back over toward the pool area, it was almost 6:30 but the sun was still blazing and, now, just a few couples were clustered around chairs and mats, laughing and enjoying the heat. Most everybody else had made for the air-conditioned confines of the house or were seated on the shaded deck to one side of the yard, and so I was a bit surprised to see Kathy, laying a little ways off from most of the others, on a mat next to the pool allowing Roger, one of our new pilots, to rub sunscreen on her back.

Kathy had met Roger only three weeks before during happy hour at the Officer's Club. She'd danced with him a few times, but didn't seem to like him all that well. She commented to me on the way home that he was a bit too arrogant and that she really didn't like guys who looked like they spent too much time in the gym--showed a lack of intellect, she said. At 6'2 220, Roger looked like he spent lots of time in the gym.

Liberally squeezing the gooey liquid on to my wife's back, Roger slowly slid his hands down over the colorful butterfly tattoo (another surprise from Cozumel) on the small of her back; he was coming dangerously close to rubbing his hands against her perfectly rounded asscheeks.

No one appeared to be paying any attention to Kathy and Roger, and I watched closely as Kathy turned her head to Roger, giggled, and pointed to her curvy butt. Roger grinned back and I watched in amazement as he started to rub sunscreen all over Kathy's tiny, shapely ass. Her teeny thong covered nothing, so Roger had full entrée to mold and fondle her firm buttcheeks with his slippery hands.

My mouth went dry as I saw Kathy spread her legs to give Roger even greater access. Soon every inch of her bronzed ass was glistening under a fine sheen of sweat and sunscreen as Kathy humped her tight butt slowly up and down. As I watched in shock, I could tell by the huge bulge tenting the front of Roger's board shorts that he was getting aroused rubbing Kathy's sexy, humping little ass.

I wasn't the only one who noticed. Standing next to Steve, about 10 feet away from me, Amy observed smugly, "Looks like Kathy's made a new friend. Or maybe I should say, looks like Kathy's ass has made a new friend!"

With a giggle, she looked over at me and grinned broadly. I acted like I wasn't interested and walked inside the house where most of the partygoers had congregated to escape the heat and mosquitoes.

After about 10 minutes, I glanced outside to see if Kathy was coming in soon. It was obvious she had no intention of joining the rest of us in the house and had instead rolled over onto her back so that Roger could now applying sunscreen to her stomach and shoulders. I was dumbfounded as Roger's hands worked their way closer towards her tits and then rubbed the upper swells of Kathy's big rack. Quickly glancing all around, Kathy noticed that no one was paying any attention to Roger as he oiled up her glistening, bronzed body. She spoke a few unheard words, and Roger deftly slid his hands under her bikini top and rubbed his gooey hands all over her big firm tits. Kathy covered his hands with hers and opened her mouth in a silent moan.

Inside the house, Susan, a good friend from work, came up and started to ask me about my last trip, drawing me away from the window. I talked pleasantly to her and forget about Kathy for a few minutes. But after a bit, my curiosity got the better of me, and I finally hazarded another peek out at the pool area.

Kathy had rolled back onto her flat tummy and Roger had his hands all over her oily butt again. This time however, Kathy's slender legs were spread in a shallow v-shape and she was rapidly hunching her tiny ass back and forth. From a distance, it appeared that one of Roger's hands was moving rhythmically between her firm assmounds. Not quite believing my eyes, I blinked a few times for a clearer view, but there could be no doubt; Roger was driving at least one thick finger in and out of Kathy's creamy cunt; he was finger fucking her in full view of anyone who happened to be looking over that way!

My knees buckled and I felt like I've been socked in the stomach. Suddenly, I was too hot and felt like I might pass out at any minute. I stumbled into the kitchen to splash water on my face, but, as I neared the sink, I saw two guys I didn't know looking out the window towards the pool.

"Fuck look at that! The taller one said. "Remember that hot little blonde we saw in that barely-there bikini; Kathy, I think? That dude is out there finger fucking her pussy like crazy."

"Fuck, no way!" Responded the other. "Let me look! Oh man, you aren't kidding...he's definitely got his fingers all up in that cunt. Bang it, dude, bang that pussy hard," he laughingly encouraged.

From their vantage point, they could clearly see Kathy spreading her legs even wider to allow Roger's fingers unimpeded access to her slippery pussy.

"Look at that bitch hump that little fucking ass," laughed the second guy. "She wants those fingers in her bad!"

"Who the fuck is she?" Asked the first guy. "She looks like a fucking porn star, I'd love to be the one fingering that cunt. Then fucking her little tanned ass. Did she come here with anyone?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone pointed out her husband, and that ain't him out there," smirked the second man. "Fuck I'd hate to be that poor bastard! Can you imagine being married to something that fucking sexy and hot? You'd need to watch her all the time, or your buddies would be putting it to her every time your back was turned."

"Only if the slut let them," pointed out the taller of the two. "And from what I've heard from some of the guys around here tonight, that bitch will! Rumor has it more than few guys have tagged her ass while her hubby wasn't looking."

With their laughs ringing in my ears, I quickly retreated from the kitchen before I was seen, and made my way to one of Steve's bathrooms. My knees were knocking and I was dismayed to find that my cock was already rock hard. Seeing Kathy's bald cunt being fingerbanged, and hearing other men comment on it, had me hotter than I'd been in weeks. Despite all the stories Kathy had told me, I had never actually seen a man, other than my ex-roomie, do anything sexual with her. The sight of her being fingered, combined with the fact that other men were referring to her as a "slut" and "bitch," had me on the verge of cumming in my pants.

I splashed cold water on my face, and after the swelling in my shorts went down I ventured back out into the main part of the house. Afraid to look outside right away, I headed over to a group of folks gathered around the pool table watching a lively game of 8-ball.

"Hey, Troy," inquired Beth with a smirk, "Seen Kathy, lately?

I was about to respond that I had not seen her in a while, when suddenly I heard her voice call out, "Here I am," as she grabbed onto my arm and flashed a knowing smile at Beth. Her face was deeply flushed and she wore a sheepish grin. A few moments later, Roger slipped in from the back patio, and I realized that Kathy must have rebuked his obvious advance and was coming to me for protection. I was a bit perturbed with him for trying to take advantage of my drunken wife, but realized that the large amount of alcohol he had consumed was probably making him act out of character.

Kathy clung to my side for the next half hour or so and I was proud of the admiring glances she was still receiving from all of the men and even some of the women. At one point though, I saw the two men from the kitchen clearly ogling her nearly naked body and chuckling. My face turned red as they smiled knowingly at me.

From time to time, I saw Kathy and Roger exchange glances; I was sure Kathy was shooting him daggers for his earlier outlandish behavior. I had my doubts though when, while Kathy and I were talking to Amy, Roger jerked his head in a "over there" motion which appeared to be directed at Kathy. Kathy kept talking for a few minutes and then she and Amy said they were going to circulate for a while. Kathy gave me a quick kiss and told me to behave myself.

I wandered into Steve's living room and grabbed another beer on the way; a few folks were playing a drunken game of boggle and invited me to join in. I looked up to see Roger stick his head in the room, look at me, and then duck out. I figured he was looking for Kathy to apologize. After about ten minutes I realized I had not seen Kathy for a while, so I begged off the next round of boggle and went looking for my missing wife.

After looking for Kathy unsuccessfully in the kitchen, the recreation room, the den, and even out by the pool, I began to get a little anxious. I noticed that Roger seemed to have disappeared as well.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Beth coming in from what appeared to be the door to the basement. She immediately went straight over to Amy and they hugged and collapsed into peals of laughter.

Curious, I waited until they turned their backs and became otherwise occupied with other activities. I then quietly slipped into the door that Beth had just exited. Cautiously, I made my way down the flight of stairs and, when I reached the bottom, made a right turn. Straight ahead, a cracked-open door led into another room. A tiny sliver of light escaped from the second room and lit up part of the darkened first room. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in the outer room, I could make out faint moaning and groaning sounds coming from beyond the door.

Fearful of what I might find, I nonetheless crept quietly towards the slightly open door. As I neared the door, I clearly heard a man groan, "Ohhh yes, that's it, Baby, suck that cock good. Suck on that big cock for me." Answering feminine moans let the man know that the cocksucker was doing her best to accommodate his request.

Even though I dreaded discovering the obvious, I took the final few steps towards the door and peered in through a two or three inch crack. There, to my thrilled horror, was Kathy on her knees sucking Roger's huge cock. Her tiny bikini top was shoved in a thin line beneath her tits and her golden-haired head was bobbing back and forth in perfect cocksucking tempo as she moaned all over Roger's pulsating dick. Her heavy tits wobbled erratically on her heaving chest as she filled her mouth over and over with thick hot cock.

My pulse pounded in my ears and an enormous rushing sound filled my head. Staggering back a step or two, I blinked back the hot tears that had sprung to my eyes. She was breaking the rules! She did not tell me in advance that she was going to do anything with Roger, and this was not discrete at all! From their behavior upstairs, it was now obvious to me that both Beth and Amy knew Kathy was on her knees in the basement with her mouth full of cock. So much for protecting her reputation!

Fearful of being discovered, I quickly looked all around to make sure I was alone. Heaving a heavy sigh of gratitude, I realized there was no one there to share my shame. Dazed and confused, I was uncertain what to do next: barge in and demand an explanation for this flagrant violation of our arrangement, or just leave and pretend I had seen nothing. Helplessly, I returned to the door and again peered in through the small opening.

Roger had reached a hand behind Kathy's head and was guiding her pretty face back and forth along the length of his thick cock. Her long blonde hair flew wildly around her face as she sucked in huge mouthfuls of steel hard prick. I could hear "Chock, chock, chock" over and over as Roger's cock repeatedly slammed against the back of her throat. Despite the formidable length and girth of Roger's powerful cock, Kathy was intent on getting it all down.

Twin strands of drool ran out of the corners of Kathy's mouth and flowed down to her heaving tits, wetting them obscenely. Despite my ire at being left out of the loop, the sight of Kathy's wet face and tits excited me greatly, and I realized that spying on my lying, cheating wife had given me a painfully hard erection. My balls swelled with cum and began to ache as I watched my kneeling wife stuff her face with another man's cock.

Moaning and sighing with what sounded like contentment, Kathy stared adoringly into Roger's eyes as he fed her his massive cockmeat. Opening her mouth widely, wider than I thought possible, she crammed his big dick further and further down her mouth. I watched in amazement as 5, 6, 7 inches of stone-hard cock speared into Kathy's tight little throat.

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