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Pool Party Plus


I'm not much of a party guy, but everyone said it was supposed to be a great party. Okay, why not. John was a friend of mine, and he always seemed to attract more than his share of hot looking women.

Maybe a dozen people were at John's house that night, but all the women were good looking. I did not regret taking time to stop by. Most of the people were down by the pool, and I got a drink from the bar up on the deck and headed that way too.

John's girl friend, Sherry, stopped me on the way "Hey, you can't go swimming like that. Get those clothes off!"

She was wearing a skimpy, light-blue bikini that I couldn't look at without starting to drool. I was just about to retort with something like, "Well, I will if you will," which I figured would get laughed off at the same time it so accurately reflected my lust to see the rest of her body.

Before I had a chance, she continued, "There's extra bathing suits in the dressing room by the pool if you're shy."

That stopped me for a moment. "If I was shy?" Not exactly, but if I wasn't mistaken, that was an even better innuendo than the one I had planned. Nudeness would have been nice, but I wasn't certain that it was the uniform of the day, or the evening either. Since the other guests around the pool were in swim wear, I picked out a suit in the dressing room and joined them.

The drinks flowed freely, the conversations rolled along, and I was having a good time. I noticed some of the guests had paired up, and a few of the women had shed their tops. My cock started to notice too, so I tried to keep my eyes away from the display of bouncing charms and concentrate on being suave and casual about the nudity.

I decided a swim in the pool would help cool me off a bit. Swimming under water from the deep end towards the shallow end, I bumped into someone which startled me into surfacing.

"Oh, hi Sherry. Sorry about running into you. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"No problem. Here, have a drink and talk with me a bit."

She was standing in the pool, but had a drink in her hand. As I stood up, she waved to someone at the bar. By the time I was finished spluttering around, wiping the water from my face, and catching my breath, she had an extra drink waiting.

Sherry was a lot of fun to talk with and the time and the drinks went quickly as we leaned against the side of the pool. In no time, she waved at the bar again. Mike brought over a couple of fresh drinks and sat down on the edge of the pool by Sherry with his own drink and joined the conversation.

The rest of the party had definitely gotten a lot looser. Almost all the women were topless, and a few of the guests had shed their suits completely. Several couples were engaged in closer encounters, too, but I tried not to watch for fear of getting too aroused.

While we talked, Mike casually rested his hand on Sherry's shoulder then slowly began to rub. He pushed down the strap of her bikini and rubbed over her shoulders, and she turned to face me and let him rub her back more directly. We continued to talk our jobs, but I was losing interest in that topic. Mike had slipped the other shoulder strap down her arm and was now using both hands to alternately rub and massage her back and neck.

Occasionally, his hands would sweep across her upper chest below her shoulders. Finally he took his hands off her shoulders and unfastened the back of her bikini top and laid it aside on the deck around the pool.

She stretched her arms up to help him and said, "Ah, that's better, Mike. Thanks."

I was transfixed by the sight of her beautiful breasts. Having been surreptitiously watching her chest all night, the reality of her revealed flesh was even more attractive than I had imagined. For a moment I was speechless, but she continued on nonchalantly with the conversation.

Nervously I glanced around to see if my friend John had noticed and might object to me ogling his girl friend. John, however, was sitting on the side of the pool and his attention was focused on the naked young girl who was sucking on his cock. Oh.

Mike continued to rub Sherry's back and shoulders, but now his hands also wandered to her breasts. Although I tried not to stare at her nipples, they fascinated me. They were much browner than her skin, and they stood out in contrast to the untanned skin around them. At first they were relaxed with just a hint of a round bump in the center. As Mike continued to rub, gradually the central portions of her nipples became better defined and soon began to crinkle up in erection. I could feel my own erection starting in response as I watched her growing excitement. She stood facing me, allowing me to see her body as Mike sat behind her on the edge of the pool and rubbed her to excitement.

Suddenly I was startled by hands on my own body from behind. I turned to see Judy, another friend — a very naked friend — as she started to tug on my swim suit.

"Come on. Get this off! Every body else is getting naked. Don't be the only one dressed."

I let Judy pull my suit off, but it was Sherry who held my attention. She was responding more and more to Mike's caresses, but she focused on me. Mike's hands were on her bikini bottoms, pulling them down. Sherry stepped out of them, and he laid them on the deck beside her top.

Judy didn't stop with my suit. She stood behind me while I faced Sherry and reached around to feel for my cock. By this time I was fully erect. Sherry was gloriously nude in front of me, and Mike continued caress her.

Judy stroked my cock and pushed me a step forward. Now my chest was only inches from Sherry's taut nipples. She finally stopped talking about her job and just stood there while we stared at each other.

Finally I leaned forward and kissed her gently. We held the kiss for some time. I could feel Judy's hand gently stroking my cock while her other hand probed between my ass cheeks. Mike's hands were busy on Sherry and I could feel her breathing deeply.

Once again Judy nudged me from behind, and I could feel her position my cock against Sherry's pubic hair. Judy rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth a little and the roughness of the hair was noticeable and welcome extra stimulation.

I could feel Sherry shift position, and Judy pushed my cock between her thighs where it became trapped in the soft warmth. Judy removed her hand from my cock, and I felt her finger slip into my ass hole and push forward. With another small shift in position, I felt my cock enter the warm wetness of Sherry's cunt.

At that point I could stand the gradual approach no longer and I put my arms around Sherry and shifted position until I could begin a true fucking motion in her cunt.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around me, "I've been wanting you all night. Make me come with your cock." She raised her left leg a little to make my motion easier and deeper.

She closed her eyes as my strokes built. I could feel her muscles clenching and relaxing around my cock as it thrust back and forth. As her tension continued to build, she began to sigh softly. When her breath started to catch in her throat, I new she must be near orgasm and I increased my tempo slightly.

My own excitement rose with hers. Judy continued to probe my ass with her finger while she whispered in my ear an excited commentary about how much my fucking Sherry was turing her on. I hadn't noticed exactly when it had happened, but Mike was now behind Judy, and I could feel her body nudge against me while he thrust into her from behind.

Sherry stiffened as her orgasm surged through her. That was enough to set me off as well. I could feel my cock spasm as it spurted inside her.

Gradually, my pace slowed. I slipped my cock out of her, but continued to rub her with my hands. I held her close against my chest while I reached between us to stoke her mons gently.

"That was so good. I haven't cum like that for ages. Do you think you could do me again, or are you done for the night?"

All around us party conversations had evolved into gentle sighs of communal love making with naked bodies entwined in a multitude of couplings. I smiled to myself and and felt my cock began to rise again as I thought of the night ahead.

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